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    Suhr Reactive Load & Axe FX Question

    Yes, of course. I was not clear in my signal chain, but yes, the DI line out of the Suhr into the input of the Fractal... -PJ
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    Suhr Reactive Load & Axe FX Question

    In my home studio I normally use my Axe FX to track guitars with clients, but sometimes they want to use an amp head. I've been using the Suhr Loadbox with IR plugins on the DAW, but to save some DSP processing, I was thinking of using the Axe FX cab block only. Has anyone else tried this? My...
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    New YouTube channel and my first mix tutorial video!

    Checking it out now. Supporting a fellow AxeFX member \m/ BTW, I love Steven Slate's stuff! Excellent!!! -PJ
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    Axe fx 2 and wireless units front vs rear input

    Been using my wireless live using the back input for years. Never made a difference to me. -PJ
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    Best practices when setting up for a gig

    Bring a DI box. If there's no soundguy, whoever is adjusting the levels for the main vocal mic should be able to add another mic level channel. Just flatline the EQ and you're set! -PJ
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    Using the Axe with In Ear Monitors?

    Awesome! Would love to see your signal path for it :) Are you using inputs 1-8 for your INS and 9-16 as your OUTS?
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    Using the Axe with In Ear Monitors?

    You're using the X32 as the splitter or have a separate mic split (like the ART)?
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    Queensrÿche - I Don't Believe In Love FULL COVER w/vocals [VIDEO]

    Vocals using an SM57? Awesome! Great job all around!!! \m/
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    IEMs + FOH and use of Reverb?

    We use the X32Rack as a split monitor. Dry signal to the FOH, and the X32 reverbs to my ears. Sounds great! -PJ
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    Logic Keeps Scanning Audio Units

    I have my X32 hooked up as my audio interface in Logic and I want to have the Axe FX hooked up to the same computer, but only so I can use Axe Edit, not as an audio interface. A window keeps popping up in Logic that it finds the Axe FX as an audio device and ask me if I want to use it. When I...
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    Hans van Andel (Vafam Sound, Rack Panels)

    I ordered quite a few panels from him. Always top quality and service. Prayers to his family. -PJ
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    With Quantum Still Boosting FRFR

    Are people still using the PEQ boost for FRFR with the new firmware? Been using it since day one, along with the 'clean boost' OD block before the amp but noticed I don't need the OD anymore and will probably remove the PEQ block if I have to. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    X32 mixer and in ears

    For those using android tablets the Mix Station app lets you pan. I'm using an IXM unit and using the headphones out of the X32 Rack. My "mix" is really the main mix so I use a Google Nexus 7 to mix my in ears. The drummer has a P16 and the rest are using the iPhone app. Works great so far...
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    X32 mixer and in ears

    This is a great thread for those who use in-ears on stage. Currently I'm using stereo out to my ears, and originally I had the panning similar to where the other musicians are onstage (got this tip from JamHub guys). However, lately I've been mixing more like an "engineer" (which I am totally...
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    Help choosing Bare Knuckle pickups.

    I have the Painkillers installed on my Les Paul. I also emailed them years back (about 4-5 years ago) and they recommended the Painkillers. Never looked back; love them! PJ
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    X32 mixer and in ears

    Are you miking the drums at all (or at least in your in-ears)? We have a similar setup and just pop one mic by the drums just to get him on our ears. A bit more of a setup (especially when sharing the stage with other bands and setup time is limited), but never really tried it w/o miking...
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    JamHub opinions?

    How do you send your signals to FOH without a splitter snake? We have the same setup for our show, but use a splitter snake. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FW18 @ Gramercy Theater, NYC

    Thanks! We used the house sound guy.
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    FW18 @ Gramercy Theater, NYC

    Here's a video from the show. All Axe FX, no cabs. The guitarist to the right hasn't updated his firmware yet.
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    FW18 @ Gramercy Theater, NYC

    Here's a better picture. Photography by Mark Doyle Photography -PJ
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    FW18 @ Gramercy Theater, NYC

    Last night I used the latest firmware, opening for RED and 3 Years Hollow, and it sounded amazing! No cabs, either. If you guys are still unsure on using it live, I would def recommend it. I don't use a lot of presets so it was easier for me to upgrade. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Programming MIDI preset changes with Ableton Live

    I'm trying to use Ableton Live to change my presets and was able to configure it. The only problem I'm noticing is the lag in changes. I know that using scenes helps with this lag, but running into problems configuring scene changes. Has anyone done this before? Any tips is appreciated \m/ -PJ
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    Is G3 worth risking my gig this weekend?

    I'm getting ready to open for RED at Gramercy in NYC. Had final rehearsal last night with v18. I'm ready to go!
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    Tapatalk Popup Discussion

    That's why I was having trouble logging in today. Will look into ForumRunner. Thanks! -PJ
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    Hardware needed for preset changes...

    That looks like it can work! Since we're using 2 Axe FX we can daisy chain them, correct? Figuring out how to set it up on Ableton will be a discussion for another day! lol
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    Hardware needed for preset changes...

    We're running an 1/8" out of the laptop right now split L/R with the click on one side and the tracks on the other. Should we look into a small audio interface instead? Perhaps the sound quality will be better, no? Thanks for the input! -PJ
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    Hardware needed for preset changes...

    What hardware do I need to have Ableton Live 9 change my presets as we use backing tracks live. We have two guitars in the band. Looked around for some YouTube videos and found a few that shows how to program it on Ableton Live but not what type of hardware is used. Any help is appreciated...
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    A few words about live sound

    Best thread ever! Are you adding ambient reverb to the IEM or is the Room parameters enough to create space? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    HB/HBE. how much gain for live use

    Here is one from this year's Warped Tour. The audio is not the greatest, but the soundguy really enjoyed mixing us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUxkiHVHt08
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    HB/HBE. how much gain for live use

    Using the CK IRs. Always used his IRs. Sorry I didn't post a video. Will do that soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    HB/HBE. how much gain for live use

    I'll post some stuff when I'm in front of a computer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    HB/HBE. how much gain for live use

    I'm in an original hard rock band which this past year has shared the stage with Flyleaf, Powerman 5000, RED, and Saliva. We are a two guitar band who both use AFx and go cabless on stage. I use a Gibson Lea Paul with Bare Knuckle pups and .12 gauge strings, tuned to drop C#. The reason I'm...
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    Tapatalk issues?

  34. P

    anyone in Queens NY

    Thank you for the kind words and thanks for stopping by! We should def get something together at Soundworks and have an AXE FX Shootout in NYC. Weekends would work best for me. Let's see if we get enough interest! -PJ
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    anyone in Queens NY

    Maybe we can set up a "Fractal NYC" Meetup at Astoria Soundworks. Rent the studio for a couple of hours, bring our AXE FXs, and crank that sucker up! Maybe even bring our own personal monitor systems (I use the Matrix NL212) and have a sort of shootout. -PJ
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    anyone in Queens NY

    We’re out in NYC too. Playing Tammany Hall this Tuesday both of us using Axe FX. I'm interested in a NYC Meet Up. Will be using the Matrix NL212 onstage also.
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    Times Square Guitar Center

    A buddy of mine went today to see John Petrucci. Said he had an Axe in his rig. I might go this week just to check it out.
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    NAD: Port City Pearl 100w

    Looks awesome and I'm sure it sounds awesome too! I'm running it with a GT800FX. So your amp is essentially acting as a Matrix power amp, no? The routing is the same as using a Matrix? This is something I'm willing to try. Thanks!
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    Football/Soccer - Your bets here ;)

    Hoping: USA Betting: Argentina
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.00 Public Beta

    I use the same amp block live and when I updated I just bumped the gain a bit. Sounds great to me. I also stopped using a drive pedal and just bumped the mids to compensate. My preset is tweaked for live use. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Axe II Cases

    Would love to see pics of your setup :) -PJ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Recommend a line mixer for me

    To OP: I have the Rolls RM65B. Awesome mixer. I just got the PreSonus StudioLive so I'm not using it anymore. If you're interested, PM me and we can figure something out. -PJ
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    IEM Users: Cab Block Room Level, Reverb, or Both?

    I'm using OUTPUT 2 for my IEM and have the Cab block's room level set to 25%. I also have a Reverb block set to small room. For those that use in-ears, do you guys use either, both, or none? Looking for some suggestions as to your setup. BTW, the output to the FOH is completely dry (no room...
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    Using 2 Matrix NL212s Live

    After using them for about a month, I have to say that Matrix has really made a quality product and it's amazing! However, for my situation and my band's setup, I'm going back to using my IEM and running it FOH. Don't get me wrong, running them onstage was awesome, but it was an additional...
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    Using 2 Matrix NL212s Live

    Hey Mack, One thing I like to do onstage is face the cab w/ my guitar and get some feedback, and also the squeals too. Whenever the pickups hears "itself" it'll give you feedback. When I used tube amps it was a bit harder to "control" the feedback, so yeah, I think you're onto something here...
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    Using 2 Matrix NL212s Live

    Had the CLR and onstage it wasn't working for me. Since I'm still going direct to FOH, I wanted to have a cab onstage. So far so good. With the type of shows we play, I felt the 212 was the best fit. Hope this helps!
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    Using 2 Matrix NL212s Live

    On that show I was borrowing my other guitarist's GT800FX, and with the gain staging set up, had the Axe FX output to about 11 o'clock. Can't really remember, but I did turn it up a bit during the show. Now I'm using the 1000 but haven't used it live yet.
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    Axe Fx Live Gig ?

    Tuner Mute. It's easy to see from your pedalboard too if your unit is on tuner mode.
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    Using 2 Matrix NL212s Live

    Here's a shot of the NL212s onstage, but I'm kinda blocking them LOL Hopefully more pics (and a video) will soon come. Wasn't much room onstage, but the cabs were cutting through nicely and sounded really full! -PJ
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    Using 2 Matrix NL212s Live

    It was great! The cabs held up, sounded punchy. Had to turn them up a bit after our first song (at soundcheck the levels was fine, but it always gets louder when the show starts). So far so good... -PJ
  51. P

    Using 2 Matrix NL212s Live

    Cool! Tonight I get to "premiere" them at Irving Plaza in NYC opening for Lacuna Coil and Sick Puppies! Should be fun!!! -PJ
  52. P

    Using 2 Matrix NL212s Live

    Cab sims off.
  53. P

    Custom Sticker

    Thanks! I'll check it out! -PJ
  54. P

    Custom Sticker

    Anyone know of a company online that will make a custom band logo sticker, but just one? I want to cover my three space rack drawer with my band's logo. Thanks!
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    Cab block -- why 20K hi-cut?

    I used to cut that low too but with the new OH Ultra Res IRs and using the live modern cab I don't cut anymore. I "set it and forget it."
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    Using 2 Matrix NL212s Live

    Mainly for my own monitor onstage. Tried the CLR, but it didn't work for me. Still needed the amp/cab experience onstage and so far this setup has been working for me. Helps me with my feedback too.
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    Using 2 Matrix NL212s Live

    I never got a chance to try out the Port City actually. Almost bought it, but ended up going with the Matrix. Would love to have tried it. They look amazing and everyone says they sound great! But I couldn't resist going with Matrix; they never let me down! I prefer them to the MESAs: better...
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    Using 2 Matrix NL212s Live

    Thanks! Still going direct to FOH. Running the NL212 in stereo. For years I used a Dual Rectifier with a MESA 412 cab. Always used v30s. Fits our style of music. Almost got the Port City but couldn't resist the lightweight of these things!
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    Post Your Rig!

    Thanks! I got (from top to bottom): Monster Power Pro 2500 Conditioner Matrix GT1000FX (the 800 is showing now, but swapping it to the 1000 later today) Axe FX :) Shure PSM900 IEM and Shure SLX4 Wireless Rack Drawer (3 space) Rolls Six Channel Mixer (for my IEM) Shure IEM (for my singer) -PJ
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    Using 2 Matrix NL212s Live

    My new touring rig. Tested it at home (gig volume), will test during practice this weekend, and then I take it out on the road. After I spend some time with them I'll write a review based on my experience. So far, I'm loving them!!! -PJ
  61. P

    Post Your Rig!

    Here is my updated rig, now using 2 NL212s live:
  62. P

    A question or two about the Matrix NL12

    I'm in NYC and have two NL212 if you wanna check it out. PM me.
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    Power Conditioner Alternative?

    Would that ISO Tripp Lite protect the gear from venues with shoddy electrical the same as the Monster Power Pro 2500 (which is what I currently have). From what I read it looks like it does, but just wanted to double-check. If so, then I'm def ditching the Monster Pro and getting this (I saw a...
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    Hey John, thanks so much!!! I really appreciate it, it really means alot to us. Will def share...

    Hey John, thanks so much!!! I really appreciate it, it really means alot to us. Will def share your comment to the rest of the band at practice tomorrow!!! \m/ \m/ -PJ
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    NL212 vs Port City 2x12 OS

    I send the new OH Ultra Res to the FOH and the NL212 onstage, so far I'm loving it. I don't worry about making them sound similar, as long as both sound good I'm happy.
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    NL212 vs Port City 2x12 OS

    Just picked up the NL212 and initial impression: Wow! Amazing! Haven't used it at rehearsal or on stage yet, but so far it's everything I've been hoping for.
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    Any AXF2 users in Queens NY ?

    I'm in the Bronx but rehearse with my band at Astoria Soundworks. A buddy of mine from Long Island also has one and we're going to get together soon to have a kinda monitor shootout. He has a Xitone wedge and I got the NL212. I also use IEM onstage. PM me and we can set something up.
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    Going back to cable... Suggestions?

    After ten years of playing with a wireless, I'm going back to using a cable onstage. Any suggestions on what brand you found goes well with an Axe? What is the length before the tone is affected? I've read it's about 18'. Any truth to this? Thanks!
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    Power Conditioner Alternative?

    Thanks guys! Some really good suggestions! Will look into them. -PJ
  70. P

    Power Conditioner Alternative?

    Trying to fit everything to a 4U space rack but really can't, unless I use a 6U. So, of all the things I currently have, my power conditioner could be the one thing I can "take out." What are some alternatives to plugging everything on a rack? Was thinking of getting a power strip and drill it...
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    My band live video

    That was awesome!!! How do you monitor yourself onstage? Are you using IEM, your own wedge monitor, or do you just go through the house's monitor wedge? -PJ
  72. P

    FW 13. 01 and Gigging

    Awesome! Have a killer set \m/ \m/ -PJ
  73. P

    is there a good place on the forums that can teach me how to use annd install hi res

    I used Fractal Bot to install the new IR. I picked an empty preset.
  74. P

    FW 13. 01 and Gigging

    I played last night with 12.04. No issues. I say do it!!! -PJ
  75. P

    UltraRes IR - Sum L+R and Stereo Question

    Since I run direct to FOH (in mono), on page 2 of the Cab Block under Input Select the default is Stereo. Should I just leave it or switch it to Sum L+R (one one Output goes to the soundguy and I run everything in mono). I don't remember seeing that in the normal IRs, only the LoRes, HiRes...
  76. P

    In-ear Monitor suggestions?

    I use IEM. I'm currently running a Behringer X32 rack mixer and using an ART S8 mic splitter to split vocals, other guitarist, bass, kick, and snare. I give the soundguy my tails, which are labeled, and the rest of the band plugs into the snake. There's a few other guys here who are running IEM...
  77. P

    Behringer x32 Rack for IEMs

    I'm still learning how to use this thing (btw: their message board is awesome!), but for me I used mixbus 1 and 2 and link them for stereo (that's my IEM) out. On the phone app I can pan each channel how I wish (bass pan a bit to the left, etc). As far as doing a virtual soundcheck, I know it...
  78. P

    Behringer x32 Rack for IEMs

    What?! I just paid $1,500 for it!!! Gonna email them and see what they can do for me. This sucks! -PJ
  79. P

    Messing about with Brit 800 +TS808

    Southpaw! \m/
  80. P

    Behringer x32 Rack for IEMs

    I got it! Man, this thing is complicated! Gotta spend some time learning all the instructions and outs. Having trouble with the effects and how to route.
  81. P

    Super Bowl smok'n fans sound off!

    Die hard Giants fan but rooting for Denver. Hope Peyton gets his second.
  82. P

    Behringer x32 Rack for IEMs

    I just pulled the trigger and picked one up. Looking forward to it. Next up... upgrading my in-ear buds. Looking at 1964 Ears (the V6 Stage models). -PJ
  83. P

    Fractal just started buzzing !

    I think the same thing happened to mine. Will open it up later and check it out.
  84. P

    Metal Amp Models - What do you use?

    I don't play metal but modern hard rock, and my main amp is the Friedman HBE with the 808 in front as a clean boost.
  85. P

    Hey you nice guys out there! I'm going to New York

    Get the Hop Stop app on your phone and use the subway to get around. Cabs are expensive. Also, don't stop to look at the map when on the subway, dead giveaway! If you're coming in the spring Union Square is a cool spot to hang out. Def stroll through Central Park too. The MoMa museum is cool...
  86. P

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    Would love to see a preset just for the layout. Dual mono amps sounds interesting!
  87. P

    Going to try FRFR again at a gig, but why is everything sounding so harsh?

    What has worked for me is getting the stems from our last EP. At home with my IEM I mute the main guitar track from the album, and tweak the AXE until it sits in the mix well. Since the in-ears are pretty flat, they translate well at live volume. Still, I've done the same thing: take everything...
  88. P

    Going to try FRFR again at a gig, but why is everything sounding so harsh?

    I got an AXE mainly for live use. Not much of a tweaker, but have spent some time in the studio trying to get a good tone at gig volume. When I realized that the tone sounded good in the mix with the rest of band, I was happy. Whenever I played alone, it sounded okay, but not great. But that's...
  89. P

    ART S8 Splitter Part 2, with a DI Box

    For the bass, should I place the DI Box before the signal gets split with the ART S8, or should I let the soundguy use his DI box and put it after we give him our tails (send out)? We have a DI box so we can easily place it before it hits our ART S8 Mic Splitter, but don't know exactly how that...
  90. P

    Using PEQ's after cab block for Front of House

    After getting the new mix OH IRs, I stopped lo/hi cutting. Feel like it sits better in the mix, especially in my IEM. I let the FOH guy mix and cut as necessary. -PJ
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    Going to try FRFR again at a gig, but why is everything sounding so harsh?

    After getting the new OH IR's Mix set, I stopped cutting the lo/hi from the Cab Block. Sounds much better at gig volume and sits well in the mix. What convinced me on FRFR was not so much how my guitar sounded through them, but how they blended with the rest of the band. Once I heard how well...
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    ART S8 Mic Splitter (and other splitter) Question

    I'm running an IEM rig with our own mixer and giving the soundguy our XLR tails for the FOH. We're pretty much splitting the main vocals, bass, kick, and snare using an ART S8 MIc Splitter rack. My question is which of the two OUTS should we give the soundguy: the Direct Out or the ISO...
  93. P

    In ear monitors

    If you search for the Jamhub manual online they have a section that explains why panning instruments makes a huge difference! It's a good read.
  94. P

    Routing Output 2 To Mixer

    Output 1 left to FOH and Output 1 right to IEM using the XLR connections. Sorry for the confusion.
  95. P

    Clark Kent's Gift to Mankind

    Let me download it again and check.
  96. P

    One Shot From Your Last Gig - Bar/Club/Hall/Stadium/Bedroom

    Look left (other guitarist also uses an AXE FX). -PJ
  97. P

    Routing Output 2 To Mixer

    I'm using Output 1 LEFT XLR to the FOH (running Mono) and currently using Output 2 RIGHT to my IEM mixer. However, I wanted to add some reverb to my in-ears mix only (the mixer doesn't have built-in effects). If I were to run Output 2 LEFT 1/4" unbalanced to the mixer's 1/4" input, will the...
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