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  1. cob666

    Doing shows with the FM3, very specific question

    I've seen a few guitar players on stage with an angled cover over the top of their pedalboard and sides.
  2. cob666

    Robert Fripp (King Crimson) now using Axe-Fx!

    Sorry to revive the thread but I was watching a video of Indiscipline recorded in Mexico in 2017 and it looks like Fripp has 2 AxeFx units on top of his rig.
  3. cob666

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Received my invite today, going to order first thing Monday morning!
  4. cob666

    FM3 Now Shipping

    I received my FM3 Wait List confirmation from Fractal on April 23 @ 10:46 PM and I've yet to get my invite. I thought I registered pretty early too but I guess there were a LOT of people ahead of me.
  5. cob666

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    Were you also on the AX8 waitlist?
  6. cob666

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    I received my wait list confirmation April 23rd, still haven't received an invite yet.
  7. cob666

    What is this song?

    That isn’t ringing ANY bells, sorry...
  8. cob666

    New band for old-timers/Zeppelin fans: Greta van Fleet

    i would find them much more enjoyable if the singer did a little more than just yell! We get it kid, you got good pipes but if that’s all you can do, you aren’t going to last very long...
  9. cob666

    FM3 Forums Gone

    What happened to the FM3 forums?
  10. cob666

    Journey's "Who's Crying Now" using Mark Day's Journey preset Axe-Fx 3

    Sounds nice, great job. It was one of Mark's Ain't Talkin Bout Love videos that helped push me over the top to get a V1 Axe Fx Ultra. I wonder how many units have been sold just because of Mark's videos? I'd like to see someone post a poll for that.
  11. cob666

    (VID) Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water (Solo Cover)

    That sounded nice, good job. Is that your own preset?
  12. cob666

    "Red Barchetta" - Rush - Guitar and Bass with Axe-Fx III

    Really nice sounding - great job!
  13. cob666

    WTB Upgrading to the III? Sell me your XL

    If you're still looking, I have a pristine condition MKII that I will let you have for $1000. PM me if you're interested.
  14. cob666

    AX8 For Sale - Massachusetts

    How much are you asking. There’s a chance I may be in the Boston area next week. Could I pick this up in person?
  15. cob666

    SOLD :)

    I see that you would like to sell as a set but if you would consider selling the MFC separately, I will buy it.
  16. cob666

    FS Axe-FX II MK2 w / Voodoo Lab GCP

    Selling my Fractal Axe-FX II mk2, currently in a soft sided rack case, along with a Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro. Both are in excellent condition. Would like to sell locally in Nova Scotia if possible but will consider shipping. Asking $1750 CAD or best reasonable offer. Will consider trade...
  17. cob666

    Final Countdown

    Video blocked in Canada: This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
  18. cob666

    Iron Maiden Guitar Cover

    I got into Iron Maiden right after Number of the Beast came out, then Piece of Mind and Powerslave came out the next two years. That was an amazing run of great music! I bought Somewhere in Time when it came out but I didn't like it as much as the previous three albums.
  19. cob666

    Iron Maiden Guitar Cover

    Nice job - one of my favorite Maiden tunes!
  20. cob666

    I switched! Axe-Fx II to AX8

    I'm pretty much in the same position now, getting ready to pull the trigger on an AX8 and then sell my AxeFX II. In fact, I might finalize the purchase tomorrow.
  21. cob666

    Switching over to an AX8

    Now that Fractal has discontinued the MFC-101, just as I was considering retiring my Ground Control Pro for an MFC I was thinking about the possibility of just going all out with the AX8 thinking that in some ways it's the best of both worlds, top class modeling with the foot switches built...
  22. cob666

    Bryan Adams Tone FW Q10.01

    That sounds NICE!
  23. cob666

    The Star Spangled Banner on 25 guitars by Cooper Carter

    Another great video that not only showcases your insane talent but also gives us another look at what must be an incredibly MASSIVE t-shirt collection!
  24. cob666

    MFC 101: will it be discontinued AND buying used vs new/direct?

    I also noticed a bunch of used controllers on eBay that are going for well above the cost of a new unit direct from Fractal. Most of the high priced controllers appear to be from sellers in Japan. I also live in Canada and I'm thinking about getting and MFC 101 in the next few months and the...
  25. cob666

    Stone In Love — live Journey cover

    That's part of the new construction they did around Fan Pier a while ago. That part of Boston has improved a lot over the last 20+ years.
  26. cob666

    Stone In Love — live Journey cover

    Sounds nice - where in Boston was the gig?
  27. cob666

    Kemper Profile - Orange RV50 + TS9 - Axe Preset Included

    The Kemper recording sounds like it has a little more sizzle to it, or crispness in the attack. By themselves though, they are both nice sounding patches.
  28. cob666

    Leonard Cohen Hallelujah ( instrumental cover)

    First, nice production. With that out of the way, I never really liked this song to begin with but I never realized how boring and monotonous it is without lyrics.
  29. cob666

    No Powered version?

    I'm OK with no powered version.
  30. cob666

    Hotel California solo cover!

    I'm getting the same error message...
  31. cob666

    Jimmy Page Royal Albert Hall prest ?

    https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/hiwatt-custom-50-and-100-jimmy-page.87617/ This has been on the wish list for several years now...
  32. cob666

    Fuck you Gibson

    One of my favorite guitars was a mid 90s Les Paul Classic 60s. The headstock snapped like that and I had it repaired by Jim Mouradian when his shop was in Cambridge. Never had a problem with it after that.
  33. cob666

    IRON MAIDEN "2 Minutes To Midnight" COVER

    I remember taking the train to Boston to buy that album when it came out. Great song, nice job...
  34. cob666

    Fair warning preset

    Sounds good but the missing flanging is VERY noticeable.
  35. cob666

    Over the Mountain Cover

    I was in high school when the first few solo albums were released, that song has always been my favorite solo Ozzy tune.
  36. cob666

    Another Brick in the Wall

    Sounds nice, a little dry to my ears but the tone is very nice. Good job! Are you using one of the many already existing ABITW patches or did you brew this one up yourself?
  37. cob666

    Is the Axe FX 2 the Real Deal?

    There are plenty of great examples in this forum to give you an idea as to how it sounds. If in doubt, you can buy one and simply return it if it doesn't live up to your expectations.
  38. cob666

    Pink Floyd Pompeii (several songs)

    That was very cool and a great performance. Live at Pompeii is one of my two all time favorite concert videos. Would have been funny if you cut in a scene with the band eating at a diner, getting ready for the show!
  39. cob666

    Streets w Axe FX II

    Interesting, I'm using Safari and I just see a picture of your MFC. Looking at the HTML I see that the picture is indeed a YouTube link embedded in an iframe. Not sure why it isn't rendering properly but I was able to get the link to work. Thanks
  40. cob666

    Streets w Axe FX II

    I was expecting to find a video or some type of audio in the OP...
  41. cob666

    "Flying High Again" Guitar Cover

    +1 - sounds great. I think Randy's sound is thin when isolated but its amazing how well it fits in the mix.
  42. cob666

    Iron Maiden - Powerslave Dave Murray solo 2

    Sounds fantastic, nice job!
  43. cob666

    Bloodstone - Judas Priest Cover

    Nice - one of my favorite Priest tunes.
  44. cob666

    Def Leppard - "Foolin'" Preset Added!

    WOW - That is insanely awesome.
  45. cob666

    My take on Tom sawyer by rush

    Sounds good but I agree that the rhythm guitar is a bit buried.
  46. cob666

    Q1.06 Van Halen

    Yikes - that's slow
  47. cob666

    Enjoy The Silence (with Fremen's preset in advice...)

    I'm more of a Depeche Mode fan than most new metal and as a rough mix, I liked that a lot.
  48. cob666


    First of all, I was only in NH for a few days so wasn't REALLY being serious. But, Fractal employees DO read the forums... You clearly don't remember when the AxeFX II was released, line breaking was allowed if you paid the full price and there were a LOT of people on the wait list that were...
  49. cob666


    Doesn't hurt to ask, stranger things have happened.
  50. cob666


    Yes, I would expect a PM in response o_O
  51. cob666


    I'm in NH for a week visiting family and was wondering when the Ax8 would be available to pick up in person. I know they haven't been officially released yet and they're not available in the online store but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  52. cob666

    Yngwie Malmsteen Plexi [w/ patch]

    That sounds nice and the playing isn't bad either ;) Anyway would could give us some screenshots of the amp settings for those of us that don't have an XL? Also, isn't there a way now to export the patch settings into a text file?
  53. cob666

    Cathode Squish

    I'm asking because I'm not a big fan of rectifier sag. I'll have to play with a few presets and see how I like it. I really appreciate Cliff and the guys at Fractal taking the time to explain how some of the more obscure parameters work!
  54. cob666

    Cathode Squish

    I am by no means an expert on the inner workings of a guitar amplifier so excuse the naivety of the following question: Can you explain how this differs from the sag and bloom produced by a tube rectifier?
  55. cob666

    **Help Needed** pulled the cord out of the plug--what goes where?

    The screws should be two different colors, one silver and one brass. The white wire goes on the silver one and the black on the brass. As unix-guy pointed out it really shouldn't make a difference but swapping the wires will reverse the phase (polarity) of the power which could introduce some...
  56. cob666

    FRFR sounds terrible to my ears compared to poweramp/cab. What am I doing wrong?

    Do you have power amp modeling turned off in the global settings to play through your amp? If you don't turn this back on when playing through FRFR it will not sound like how you described.
  57. cob666

    Axe changing preset Values on its own???

    Have you tried running through the songs without using the RJM? It sounds like the Axe is getting sent MIDI signals and if the only device you have hooked up is the Mastermind then that should be where you start diagnostics.
  58. cob666

    My little musical effort for world peace.

    How did you come to that conclusion from my response?
  59. cob666

    My little musical effort for world peace.

    I think you should have picked a less politically polar song. IBTL
  60. cob666

    gain boost from digital recorder problem

    Sounds like the Axe-FX is line level output while the Boss recorder is Mic level input.
  61. cob666

    Kid Charlemagen - Larry Carlton/Steely dan w/Preset

    WOW, that's a nice meaty sounding patch. I rarely ask this but could you post some screen shots of the amp settings and more importantly, which IR are you using? EDIT: I see you actually did mention which IR you used, not sure how I missed that!
  62. cob666

    Squishy kind of compression on top 2 strings when high gain?

    Sounds like sag, very common with amps that have a tube rectifier.
  63. cob666

    Additional Out To A Half Stack Amp?

    Tell him the truth - This is far too complex of a problem to solve in one day. You could ask the FOH for a guitar only feed from the board and plug THAT into the Marshall FX return. Tell the sound guy he can have total control over the amp volume, might score you a few points.
  64. cob666

    Weird new bug (FW 19b3) [NOT A BUG]

    In software development that's called a 'breaking change'
  65. cob666

    The Trooper....on stage...

    I couldn't listen, too much clipping
  66. cob666

    Ground Control Pro

    Back when I owned an Ultra and before the MFC was available I purchased a Ground Control Pro. A little over a year ago I sold the Ultra and purchased a II. I haven't been in a gigging situation in a while so haven't hooked to GCP to the new AxeFx yet but I'm going to be playing with a group...
  67. cob666

    Styx Grand Illusion Solo

    That's a killer sound!
  68. cob666

    Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here album (AxeFx)

    That was absolutely fantastic. The lead guitar sound for Have A Cigar is KILLER. I know this is your bread and butter but if you could share just one preset, it should be that one!
  69. cob666

    Another Maiden solo cover

    Sounds great, you pretty much nailed the tone. That was such a great album and a gem of a song.
  70. cob666

    Steve Vai - Big Trouble - Tab and Preset

    Yeah, but that's only on the XL. Non XL factory slots end with 132. I just used a hires 4x12 with green backs and it sounds great.
  71. cob666

    Steve Vai - Big Trouble - Tab and Preset

    Thanks for the screen shots but I have a couple of questions. Can you provide the settings for the delay and reverb? Also, where did you get the cab. Is it from one of the cab pacs? If not then what would a nice equivalent be?
  72. cob666

    Sound of Silence on Stick

    That's very interesting the way you have the reverb set up. I would have thought there was a synth pad going on if you hadn't said it was done using reverb. I'm going to try that on some of my more 'airy' patches.
  73. cob666

    Mike And The Mechanics "Silent Running" Moody Floyd Rose Solo FW18

    Every 80's movie montage just flashed before my eyes.
  74. cob666

    I feel like my wife...I can't decide which one I want! Help!

    From what I understand, there isn't a problem with the screen other than the one they were using the XL is no longer available so they had to use a different screen. The new screen required a programming change so Cliff thought it would be easier to change the model name so there was no...
  75. cob666

    For those struggling with FW18 - my own experience...

    Looks like AMT expression pedals AMT EX-50 - Mini Expression Pedal
  76. cob666

    Midi over USB

    I have a Yamaha USB MIDI device (I believe it's a Yamaha UX-16) that I use with my Mac. The original Axe-FX Ultra required MIDI connectivity to connect to Axe Edit and it was possible to send MIDI commands FROM my recording software to the Axe-FX to change patches. I'm not sure why you would...
  77. cob666

    Direct to iPhone 6

    Wow, I didn't know you could do that. Pretty awesome.
  78. cob666

    Request for critique...

    I really liked the first track, it has an 80's hard rock feel to it. Second track, I didn't like it.
  79. cob666

    Closer to the Heart (Cover)

    That was nicely done.
  80. cob666

    An instrumental "Heavy Rock" experiment with the Big Pi and SV bass.

    I have a pair of them myself and I think they're pretty good for the money. I don't see people using them very often so was wondering how you like them.
  81. cob666

    An instrumental "Heavy Rock" experiment with the Big Pi and SV bass.

    Nice sound. Are those M-Audio reference speakers you're using, how do you like them?
  82. cob666

    Axe FX Dalek

    I was expecting a vocoder patch
  83. cob666


    Sounds nice, has a nice growl to it. Guitar is wicked out of tune :)
  84. cob666

    FW 16 SLO-100 Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears Solo (PRESET INSIDE)

    I've never been a big fan of that song but that's a NICE sounding patch, better than Zakk's sound if you ask me.
  85. cob666

    A word to the wise concerning the Axe FX USB port!

    Fuses and breakers offer no protection to lightning strikes.
  86. cob666

    How to Make Axe Edit larger on screen??

    Short term work-around: Just change your screen resolution to something closer to the full size of Axe-Edit and it will be full screen (or close enough). Of course, it might not look GREAT depending on the native resolution of your monitor.
  87. cob666

    feedback issues, can you have a look see?

    You're getting that feedback from Lace Alumitone pups? You should contact Lace about that and see if they have any suggestions as those pickups shouldn't be microphonic. For the record, I use Lace Alumitones (not that model but the pickup design is the same) in most of my guitars and have...
  88. cob666

    167 or 168 for Mac OS Users?

    I'm using 167 and only see 167 available on the support site. The only 168 I see is for the Windows drivers.
  89. cob666

    Communication failure

    10.8.4 here as well. This error doesn't seem to cause any functional problems but I haven't been doing any real patch building or tweaking. It's more a nuisance issue for me at this time. Maybe there's a log or output file that's generated when the program runs that might help Fractal debug...
  90. cob666

    Communication failure

    Had this happen to me both times I've used AxeEdit, opened AE while the AFX turned on and connected. If I turn off the AFX, wait a second and then turn it back on, AE automatically connects and everything seems to work fine.
  91. cob666

    Tease me please me Scorps TM 1st attempt

    It's been my experience that a patch designed to run into a tube amp through guitar speakers isn't going to sound very good through an FRFR setup. Just sayin'
  92. cob666

    Turn AXE-FXII ON/OFF using a Power Conditioner.

    Sage advice indeed
  93. cob666

    Trip-Tik - Kid Charlemagne Solo

    That's a NICE sounding patch.
  94. cob666

    The kinks - you really got me' tone test

    Have you every actually listened to the Kinks' version of You Really Got Me?
  95. cob666

    QSC K10 vs Atomic CLR

    Scott, at one point I thought you were really digging the qsc. When did you switch over and what specifically made you jump?
  96. cob666

    Experience with Sonos for home audio?

    Another +1 on the Sonos system. I've been a Sonos user for around 10 years and have had no issues at all with them. I love having the ability to group zones when we have a party. I also picked up a Play:3 zone player and I'm loving the portability of it. I can plug it into a portable power...
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