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  1. Clickonce

    Issue with disconnects (solved)

    I was having issue with disconnects or axe-edit would get very slow and eventually disconnect. The issue was my usb hub. Plugging the axefx directly into the usb port on my mac solved the problem. Just bringing it up in case anyone else runs into similar issue. Has been working great ever since!
  2. Clickonce

    Fractal Cab pack recommendations

    I mostly use these amps and the factory cabs in parens: * Plexi 50W Hi1 - (4x12 pre-rola 55 M160(ML)) * Plexi 100W 1970 - (4x12 pre-rola 55 M160(ML)) * Dirty Shirley - (4x12 Fractal GB M160 && 4x12 Fractal V30 AT4047) * Matchless (Boutique 1) - (2x12 class-a mix) * Double Verb - (2x12 double...
  3. Clickonce

    What happened to volume control on soundcloud clips?

    I know the old forum had this... Is there a way on my end to enable this? Thanks.
  4. Clickonce

    Raiding the Rock Vault

    So I've been in Vegas the last few days.. lost a lot of money up and down the strip, but I did see a cool show called "Raiding the Rock Vault" at Tropicana. If you guys get to Vegas and find yourself with an open evening... I recommend checking it out. Had a really good time, Tracii Guns is...
  5. Clickonce

    FW 19 Shirley

    Playing around with the ditto looper. I really like the Shirley... probably my favorite amp atm.
  6. Clickonce

    Saturation switch and scenes

    Is it meant to be settable per scene? It's not working for me. Just checking if it's by design or user error. Thanks.
  7. Clickonce


    Is this guy with the SG playing without a strap or am I just not seeing it? Cool song anyway.. just thought it was odd.
  8. Clickonce

    Loot thread

    So what'd everyone get? Wife got me the mo/fi blue headphones I've been wanting for a while. They sound great.. much better than my old semi-open cans in my somewhat noisy room. Off till the 5th and my fingers already hurt. Happy holidays and stay safe.
  9. Clickonce

    Marketplace.org interview with Gibson CEO

    Gibson CEO: We're so much more than guitars | Marketplace.org
  10. Clickonce

    Axe-Edit drag and drop

    After upgrading to latest axe-edit, I can't get drag and drop to work. I just get the circle with the slash through it. Is there a trick to making this work? I'm on windows 8.. I've tried running axe-edit as administrator. Do I need to run in compatibility mode or?? It worked before and...
  11. Clickonce


    Loving the changes so far. I'm wondering if anyone else has tried the /13 model yet? It seems bugged to me. The bass is extremely pronounced to the point of breakup while everything else is very quiet. I have to crank the input trim to 2.5 and MV to 10 to even hear it. I did do this on...
  12. Clickonce

    Your favorite amp

    If you had to pick just one amp model from the Axe.. which would it be? I'm curious to hear which amp you gravitate to more than any other. Also of interest would be the cab you use with it. For me it's the Suhr Badger. I use it with OwnHammer V32 cab (e906 mic). Thanks!
  13. Clickonce

    Windows 8 support in the next drop?

    Just got a new computer with windows 8 x64. Was unable to install the USB drivers and came across a post that said windows 8 was not supported. Wondering if the next drop will address that. Thanks.
  14. Clickonce


    I love this amp.. have had the II for 6 months and had never tried it. Saw a review of Trainwreck on Premier Guitar and decided to investigate. I love this box... I get to play amps I would never have otherwise been able to.
  15. Clickonce

    how to record unprocessed + processed stems

    So after a year of being on the fence, my II arrived yesterday and I couldn't be happier. Tone matching aside (which I really haven't even gotten into) the amps all sound fantastic. It's just an amazing unit. Historically I've used soft-sims for recording and I would always record raw input...
  16. Clickonce

    which input

    Hi all.. been reading up on the manual. My new unit should be here within hours, and I'm trying to figure out how best to configure it. Historically I've done .. guitar -> presonus channel strip -> maudio fw410 -> DAW With Axe it seems I can either go: guitar -> Axe -> DAW or...
  17. Clickonce

    Axe-FX II on the way, couple of questions for veteran users

    Really looking forward to it. Couple of questions though. 1. cables - I understand I need to pickup a usb cable (square)... anything else? 2. rack - do I need one? Is it ok to sit on a desk (from a cooling perspective). If so, any recommendations on a small form factor (inexpensive) rack...
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