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  1. diggi


    well, I can't seem to adjust the AX8's LCD contrast. I read the manual and followed the instruction to find this function, but no joy. I can't even get to the "option" to adjust contrast (or brightness for that matter) Can anyone test this on their own AX8 and let me know if you succeed?
  2. diggi

    Communication failure

    Make SURE you have v11 (not v11b) running. That's what fixed it for me, instantly.
  3. diggi

    Communication failure

    Yep, ensuring I had 11 (not 11b) installed fixed it. Crash log told me so!! Feeexed!!
  4. diggi

    Communication failure

    Me too, on MC Pro - latest version of ML. No hub....
  5. diggi

    AxeCabManager - a new utility for Axe-FX II users

    Guys, make a donation. While I don't think it's good for other companies to come here announcing and advertising (for sale) their goods and wares, this was donated to us without expectation of financial compensation - and that always gets my instant respect. Thanks for NOT trolling for dollars...
  6. diggi

    Want to buy a Computer to use with the Axe Fx II?

    I build Mac clones for friends and FAS users/ forum members- not laptops however :(
  7. diggi

    NL12 Neolight ( 17lb ) are in stock ready for shipping

    More info available at: NL12 Neolight Cab :: Matrix My best regards Matt Is this your company and product?
  8. diggi

    Tips for "Growly" Bass?

    I use this and love it.
  9. diggi

    KrK monitors & EQ

    Start by making several of these: http://youtu.be/iyYUpkpL0gwhttp://youtu.be/iyYUpkpL0gw Put as many as you can in your vertical corners (horizontal corners are good too) Let me know if I can help you (or anyone else) with room issues. I'm happy to help!
  10. diggi

    High Gainers - safe to move from 9.02 - 11?

    Thanks guys. Again, I'm not interested in v10 at the moment - just wanted to see if anyone had gone from v9.02 - straight to v11 without losing that "something" v9.02 had for high gain rhythms. Excellent feed back gents!
  11. diggi

    High Gainers - safe to move from 9.02 - 11?

    I dialed back to 9.02 after I tried v10. The sounds I achieved in 9.02 were just more to my liking at the time, especially for chunky, tight rhythm sounds (and feel). Has anyone made the jump from 9.02 to 11 whilst bypassing 10 all together? I know there will be many who'd like to...
  12. diggi

    Why all the Metal??????

    In all seriousness, I ate a ritz cracker.
  13. diggi

    Logic Pro X released today. I knew it was coming.

    For $200.00 this is a STEAL (for new users). Space Designer and Delay Designer are easily worth twice that on their own. Too bad you can only use them in Logic. For the prosumer however (who's been waiting 4 years for this release), it is an unabashed slap in the face. PT10, then PT11.
  14. diggi

    My name is Burgs. I am a newbie. I need help with PT aggregate setup, please.

    Make sure the output on your Axe is set to USB (if that wasn't mentioned already) :)
  15. diggi

    Oh what an Idiot I am

  16. diggi

    Holy Sh*t! Fredrik Thordendal AXE-FX II Rythm Sound

    Have you looked at Steve Morse's picking technique? I don't give a FUCK how someone holds a pick or a pair of tongs, if it works, I won't be the snob to say it's not right.... Give me a god damn break.
  17. diggi

    So you're only allowed one amp sim!!

    All of 'em!
  18. diggi

    Wicked Game -- Update for V10.09

    This has a special place in my heart ;)
  19. diggi

    How does the REVERB in Axe II compare to Eventide, Bricasti, TC...?

    Bricasti is in another class altogether IMO. It's...well, you have to hear it. Love the verbs in the axe2 for guitar, but the Bricasti is just a whole, bigger amazing animal for VOX.
  20. diggi

    Can anyone tell me what vocal microphone this is???

    Best to ask that question here: www.gearsluts.com Someone will know instantly.... Peace!
  21. diggi

    Axe-Edit Developer's Diary, Jun 13 2013

    Happy ~
  22. diggi

    Firmware Version 10.06 Now Available

    "Fix" as in back to v9.02 kinda awesomeness?
  23. diggi

    Raining Bloooood! (Slayer cover. JCM 800 + OwnHammer V32)

    Where'd you get the vocal track?
  24. diggi

    Dick Lovgren's Bass Sound - Meshuggah

    VERY exciting M@!!!
  25. diggi

    The IRS needs Gibsons money to pay off the debt! LOL.

    The "fact" is, Gibson didn't break any laws... and are not Guilty of any crime - regardless which news outlet (and there are many with opposing political slants) reports the story. The Government of the United States has conceded this by deciding NOT to prosecute them.
  26. diggi

    The IRS needs Gibsons money to pay off the debt! LOL.

    No offence but I looked that site over - it's some sort of extreme right-wing, anti-government conspiracy site. Not exactly a reliable source of information. I'm not American, but from what I can tell, Gibson broke the law and deserved it's punishment. They got a pretty mild fine and everyone...
  27. diggi

    What in the world is XiTone up to now??????

    These aren't items "for sale" to the public, right?
  28. diggi

    Very unexpected TV moment...

    I want my 2:00 back.
  29. diggi

    PVH 6160 METAL \m/

    I rather like this song idea. It reminds me a bit of older and newer thrash (combined). That might not be what you were going for, but it sounds like a good start to me;) Sure, the mix could use some tweaking, but it's the song idea that grabs me more than anything else. Let me know how I can...
  30. diggi

    Roll back or not? Undecided

    Is there a place to download the original 9.02 firmware, link? Obviously you can go back to 9.xx with v10, but I wondered of there is a direct link to 9.02 - anywhere?
  31. diggi

    Just got back from a concert...

    ...and the Blues from the Pentatonic scale which originated in China.... :)
  32. diggi

    Axe Fx is making selected track pan automatically in Logic 9.

    I can tell you that in my experience with Logic 9, there are weird quirks and "illogical" things that this DAW does when you don't want it to :(
  33. diggi

    Thunk !

    I'd love it more if you could eq it .... But I really like it as is!!
  34. diggi

    Axe Fx ll as only PT interface....

    Just went back here to mention the same thing (as I discovered whilst fiddling:) Thanks Bakerman!
  35. diggi

    Axe Fx ll as only PT interface....

    Hey! I had a chance to try this and though I understand why it would work, it isn't. I'm not sure where I went wrong? - added FXL to the end of the signal chain (changed nothing in the default parameters) - Aggregate device is instantiated with AXE ll (sound) IN and OUT Thoughts?
  36. diggi

    Axe Fx ll as only PT interface....

    Marcus, thank you. That is what I "kinda" suspected would be the answer/key. I wasn't in front of the 2 at the time of posting and didn't want to forget my question, but couldn't test it :) Say, are you noticing any demonstrable latency in monitoring that way? (perhaps not with Low Latency...
  37. diggi

    Axe Fx ll as only PT interface....

    I'm curious about something - Is there a way to use the "ll" as a sole interface with Pro Tools (10), and monitor the guitar input / output solely (just) in an armed audio track? (not direct from Axe ll to speakers) I've got the system set up now to record and play-back in PT, with my VI's...
  38. diggi

    Any Guesses for V11?

    Maybe a few more Bass Amp models...
  39. diggi

    grounding noise after palm mute?

    Could be the patch. Can you post it?
  40. diggi

    "Fizz is Good"

    Is Cab Modeling/Sim "on" in your Global settings?
  41. diggi

    I have $1600 to spend on an acoustic

    An older, used Tacoma might be a consideration. I love my old Jumbo and the build, etc is unbelievable for the amount I paid in the "pre-owned" market. I've had Martin, Ovation, etc and this is by far the best sounding, most "playable" acoustic I've ever owned. $0.02
  42. diggi

    Had some djenty fun with Ableton Live 9

    THAT was really fun to listen to, and the guitar sound was perfect for the feel. The drums are a touch compressed for my tastes, but they sound good with that guitar sound and the overall feel of the riff. Fun! Say, is that your own preset, or perhaps one you found elsewhere? Cheers !
  43. diggi

    "Jambi" by Tool Tonematch

    That is a really good tone match!!
  44. diggi

    Best site for used strats?

    Just sold my old, (new - in the case) EJ strat, one of the first produced - to a fellow AxeFx gent. I miss it, though I never played it :(
  45. diggi

    Djent ambient sound

    Pretty - and I mean that sincerely. Nice :)
  46. diggi

    Guess What Amp I Just Bought

    Just waiting for this thread to eventually devolve into the mush that longer threads tend to end up as....
  47. diggi

    Best Head Phones for Axe Fx II?

    All of 'em.
  48. diggi

    Performing Allan Holdsworth's "Funnels" with the Axe II

    Very nice job! Looks effortless, just like Holdsworth:)
  49. diggi

    I'm diggin' "Shred Spread" by Brainworx

    ....wonder if the Axe ll could do the same :) http://www.brainworx-music.de/en/plugins/bx_shredspread
  50. diggi

    crackling Bacon sorta sound on clean patches

    Are you monitoring through speakers attached to your DAW?
  51. diggi

    My AFXII lost its balls

    Thanks for serving brother!!
  52. diggi

    Special project for a young man stricken with terminal cancer

    Beautiful. I wish Zach all the love in the world, and hope things can turn around for him. You're kind to do this for him.
  53. diggi

    Included power supply with MFC -

    Was there ever a time in the last year where the MFC did not ship with a 9V power supply? I was discussing this with a friend who (like me) did not receive a power supply with their MFC purchase (Mark l model) Thank you, Joel
  54. diggi

    Forum member: "Webb" - clear out your inbox. I can't answer your PM.

    Forum member: "Webb" - clear out your inbox. I can't answer your PM.
  55. diggi

    OwnHammer Speaker Cabinets Public Beta (free stuff inside)

    Kev, Thanks for your hard work.... and MUCH respect. I'll be buying from y'all.
  56. diggi

    FAS Modern?

    I've always loved the FAS Modern, but have not used it as much as others because of the seemingly higher noise floor - noise after palm muting, etc. I'd use it almost exclusively if it was quieter with higher gain settings. That said, I LOVE my other recording and live performance patches which...
  57. diggi

    Wah stays engaged (at one frequency) when not in use...

    Got it figured out. In the end, my second TRS was not inserted properly into the heel location input of the SP-1 (which is why it wouldn't come out of bypass mode when the toe was "clicked") It's always something simple and perhaps overlooked :) Thanks y'all for your help!
  58. diggi

    Wah stays engaged (at one frequency) when not in use...

    When I forgo the wah, (bypass it on the Axe Fx), it no longer works. I'd like it to work when I click the pedal on. I just don't want to hear that lingering hyped frequency once I click to turn the wah off.
  59. diggi

    Wah stays engaged (at one frequency) when not in use...

    I have a Wah block instantiated just before the amp block and I am using a Mission pedal to control it. I have it calibrated the way I want and it sounds great when the pedal is depressed, (clicked "on") and in use. However, when I click the pedal "off" in this preset (pushing down until the...
  60. diggi

    How do you pan stereo guitar tracks...

    Or 1 stereo track and: http://www.brainworx-music.de/en/plugins/bx_shredspread
  61. diggi

    Meshuggah - Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion (preset inside)

    Is the neck as thin and fast as the 2228?
  62. diggi

    Meshuggah - Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion (preset inside)

    Cool guitar! How's the neck on the DC800?
  63. diggi

    Studio Monitor Issue

    Studio Monitors will never sound the same as headphones. You could however reproduce the sound of headphones (to some degree), by placing your studio monitors on the ground (facing each other) and put your head in between them. Before you do this however, straddle a thick pillow over the...
  64. diggi

    Beta testers needed: iPad controller for the Axe-FX

    I think you should charge whatever amount facilitates you being able to expand, upgrade, update, and tightly control quality. Whatever price that is, people will pay. Good luck in your cool venture. I'll be buying that app when it is available!
  65. diggi

    5.04b love

    This post was # 666 for you! \^^/!!!!!
  66. diggi

    What is to be gained? USB source NOT selectable??? Bogus!!!

    The thing everyone here seems to ignore is that Branchinelli's (on Long Island) has the best white pizza anywhere.
  67. diggi

    Axe II Global EQ, I just notched-out the entire 1K band and I liked it (duck)

    Dimebag scooped his mids like no other, and it really worked for their sound and vibe. If that's the sound your going for, then you might be on your way to a really cool sound! You could post a snippet of a song or just some playing to get reactions from other Axe users (here), in different...
  68. diggi

    Re-Amping with protools help??

    Oops, yes. Mac here as well. Yes, Black Lion mod, and some other tweaks.
  69. diggi

    Re-Amping with protools help??

    No problems using the AXE II as an audio interface, I'd just rather use the modded 002 we have in this room. Still not sure how to make this work :(
  70. diggi

    Re-Amping with protools help??

    Quick question: Do you need to use the AXE FX as your audio device for this, or can you use a 002 as your main sound source (to monitors)?
  71. diggi

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 4.01 Up

    I just tried the link as well, and it is indeed broken.
  72. diggi

    Heavy Metal Mix Test Clip - Axe-Fx II - No GTR Processing

    If you're using Axe Edit, you should be able to save the preset (with a new name, etc) and then find it in your Fractal Presets folder - and upload. By the way, the CLEAN sound on "GROOVE" is outstanding!! Any chance you'd post that patch as well? Sounds good man!
  73. diggi

    Help chosing studio monitors

    This may be a bit more than you asked for, but....... If possible, try to make sure your room is acoustically treated before you audition studio monitors. For critical listening, this can mean the difference between an accurate determination in your overall sound, or not. Treating your...
  74. diggi

    Can the Axe-FX II record into PT 9 via USB?

    I love Pro Tools 10. Loading an entire session (audio and all) into ram is fantastic, sharp and immediately responsive. I also like the 32bit floating point option. My $.02
  75. diggi

    DTP last night with AxeFx ll in St. Paul :

    GREAT "first" show of this tour. Devin was spot-on, and his Fractals were well represented. His guitars sounded amazing. The band was great too. See DTP on this tour...I think you'll have a GREAT time. Great job last night Devin!!!
  76. diggi

    Fan is changing speed and noisy

    Just got my new Axe 2 - noisy fan and all. It rattles, and makes a loud, annoying - whining sound. I emailed FAS last week - no reply.
  77. diggi

    Dick Lovgren's Bass Sound - Meshuggah

    Thanks for posting this patch and IR! Hey, did you create this on an Axe II by chance? I can't seem to load either of them on my Ultra :(
  78. diggi

    Stephen Carpenter, the JMP1, and Diamond Eyes

    And remember that Chris Lord Alge mixed this record, and likely eq'd it to help bring out the frequencies mentioned in your OP. I've seen Deftones live, and (as you might guess), the tone you mentioned did not match the recorded tone. (FYI - I don't believe Carpenter was using an AxeFx at that...
  79. diggi

    Prince Of A Thousand Enemies (Arabic Metal)

    One of my favorite Arabic Metal performances.
  80. diggi

    Clean and dirty clips of my new ViK custom 7-string

    Great Stuff Nolly :)
  81. diggi

    Axe-Fx II HIGH GAIN patches - PVH 6160 and Cameron

    Sounds really good. For this patch, it might be a tiny bit "fizzy" (just a tiny bit to my ears), but as a whole, I think it sounds dynamite :) Is the S2.0 kit a Fredrik preset? Cheers to great tones man!
  82. diggi

    Axe-Fx II HIGH GAIN patches - PVH 6160 and Cameron

    bkrumme: your tones sound great! I bet they meld well with some Superior or Slate drums behind them. Really like these tones brother!
  83. diggi

    New Powermad song "Souls Descending" featuring the AxeFx Ultra -

    He is indeed, and we're thankful to have him as a Member of Powermad! Thanks for all your great replies gents!
  84. diggi

    New Powermad song "Souls Descending" featuring the AxeFx Ultra -

    Thank you Ashyx74, jb70, guitarzpt, FUNERAL and banjoze!!! We appreciate your support very much! We'll post some clips as we progress!
  85. diggi

    New Powermad song "Souls Descending" featuring the AxeFx Ultra -

    Thanks a lot you guys! Thank you again for your great feedback We tracked the song at Assembly Line Studios in VA with Kevin Gutierrez, and Jeff Juliano mixed it. We used an AxeFx Ultra for the main guitar sound, DI bass through a Distressor, and I used a U87 mic through 8 Distressors (in...
  86. diggi

    New Powermad song "Souls Descending" featuring the AxeFx Ultra -

    Check it out here: Powermad Cheers!
  87. diggi

    What's the best deal you ever got on music gear?

    Wolf Hoffmann (from Accept) gave me his old Warwick Bass a while back. That was pretty sweet.
  88. diggi

    2 of my songs. Recorded my new Seymour Duncan Blackouts AHB-3

    Isn't that quote from Misha Monsoor? (however with a "t" at the end of "though")
  89. diggi

    Uploaded some album demos, checky plz?

    ...and if no one is willing to scream and/or sing "cleanly" for you, you jus' lets me knows..... :-)
  90. diggi

    Uploaded some album demos, checky plz?

    PLEASE leave the guitars as they are! If you manipulate them more, decrease your perception of fizziness, etc - I fear you'll end up sounding like other djenty-style, ambient artists. Your sound, as it is RIGHT now is what enables me to KNOW it's you when I listen. And that my friend is RARE...
  91. diggi

    Axe Fx and Atomic reactor monoblock recording...

    Cool Ola! I'll be buying that CD if its available in the states. What kind of camera did you use for this video? Peace and Horns!
  92. diggi

    Total reworked patches 10.3 live video w Zoom Q3hd

    +1 Absolutely BEAUTIFUL sound - BEAUTIFUL. And your playing...? Can I please borrow some of your talent, just for an hour? Wow!
  93. diggi

    Ultra and PC background noise

    Is there an image of how this is done (for reference only)?
  94. diggi

    The sound of my Axe fx Ultra has become worse over time.

    Recheck your session recording bit rates / if you recorded (previously) at 48/24 and that has changed in recent sessions, that "could" make a difference in your sound with the AxeFx and your DAW setup.
  95. diggi

    Some djenty goodness I'm working on.

    It's far cleaner than some of the other djent attempts I've heard, and my ears REALLY like the way you represent this with your mix. I think many, many guys out there could be greatly helped by you. So many are trying to instantiate their music versions of this genre, and some insight into how...
  96. diggi


    I read the OP as "Rectalmetal" at first - and blew soda out my nose! And I VERY much dug the song and sound. Nice work!
  97. diggi

    DIVINITY new video in GUITAR WORLD

    I wasn't asking for the OP's "opinion" of his own song.
  98. diggi

    DIVINITY new video in GUITAR WORLD

    That would mean a whole lotta songs should not be posted or discussed on forums.
  99. diggi

    DIVINITY new video in GUITAR WORLD

    OK, so why are there references to 9/11 in the song? As you intimated: I can develop my own "interpretation" of the song just as anyone else can and may, but lyrics aren't generally "arbitrary" - these don't seem to be arbitrary, and there was a conscious decision to include references to 9/11 -...
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