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  1. Tone_Loc

    controlling scene changes from a DAW

    what is the most efficient way to control scene/program changes on AX8 with a DAW like abelton for example? We plan to use a laptop running Win 10 and use Abelton to run a few tracks to our UI24 mixer and was wondering if its possible to setup a midi track that sends control/scene changes to...
  2. Tone_Loc

    Backing Tracks - How to....advice

    Been playing with a 5 piece band for a while now and have always used BTs to support our repertoire. We've had a typical basic setup where we use Bandhelper to play an MP3, which has the audio panned left and click panned right. Although rather inflexible, this method however has served us well...
  3. Tone_Loc

    Mixer block..

    Was starting to post this in the Wish thread but it kind of deviated into a user question so... Is there a reason the mixer block is excluded? I used the LF+ controller on my Ultra and I used the Mixer block to route a path to rows 1 or 2 by assigning an on/off toggle, that way I can use my...
  4. Tone_Loc

    Is it normal...

    ...for the reverb block to disengage when you access the tuner? I setup a patch that was on the cusp of CPU usage (around 80%) and was fully functional however the reverb disengaged when I engaged the tuner. I've also noticed the reverb block disengages at different CPU % values. Is that...
  5. Tone_Loc

    Preset help and advice sought..

    Greetings All, Had my first rehearsal with AX8 last night and I am at a loss as to how to approach this current dilemma. Firstly, the attached preset uses the 50w Plexi Amp and utilises Scenes 1-5 to produce crunch to leads. Now when I play this at home thru a JBL PRX712, it sounds really good...
  6. Tone_Loc

    Wow...just wow

    I know this has been repeated ad nauseam, but this thing is special. To say I've upgraded from the Ultra is an understatement. I've had, or what I thought I had till now, usable presets for live gigs and its served me well but this is taking my guitar playing to the next level. So many usable...
  7. Tone_Loc

    Overall volume dropping during play.

    Wondering if any one has experienced a drop in volume during a performance? I've been playing at this particular venue regularly over the the past 2 years and at last Saturdays gig, I had a very strange experience midway through the 3rd set where the overall sound volume dropped...
  8. Tone_Loc

    LF+ Looper setup

    Can someone please point me to ways of setting up the Looper function on the LF+? What specifically do I need to put in the programming lines? Ive tried setting up IA's with the corresponding CC# to the particular function, with on off values but nothing I've tried seems to work. I know...
  9. Tone_Loc

    LF+ jr+ Users - advice required

    Firstly, can any LF+ users confirm this: Background: I have programmed preset holders to buttons 2 & 3 utilising both short and long press. i.e button 2 short = preset holder #1, button 2 long press = preset holder #2 etc. So each bank has a total of 4 presets. The rest are taken up with...
  10. Tone_Loc

    LF+ JR+ - Need a basic guide

    Can someone please give me a basic explanation of what are "songs" and "setlists", inparticular on how they would be used in a live situation? The FAMC site is woefully inadequate in explaining it. Their videos go into far too much detail on how to access and navigate the menus etc. and I've...
  11. Tone_Loc

    Controlling the auto-engage function.

    The Search engine is your friend. :)
  12. Tone_Loc

    X15 Ultrafoot question

    For those that use the X15 Ultrafoot, im just wondering if its at all possible to program it to split say the bottom row for patch change and the top row for stomp box mode? (i.e. without using the mode switch) Thanks in advance.
  13. Tone_Loc

    X15 Ultrafoot pedal assignment

    Apologies for any gibberish that I might write as my head is about to explode. I've had my Axe Ultra for 2 days now and I've been on a massive learning curve! For those that use the X15 Ultrafoot, how do I set the right pedal for wah and left for volume? A simple step by step instruction...
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