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  1. blackadder

    [Moke's Custom Presets] Axe-Fx III Master Thread - (Partially) Updated to 4.03/6.03/14.00! New 'Triple-Gain' Versions

    Moke, I tried to update the Detroit Rock City but the patch appears empty. Very well could be doing something wrong.
  2. blackadder

    Heart - “Barracuda” cover video

    Sounds great! 100 internet points for the Arfcom T-shirt !!
  3. blackadder

    VH Modded Marshall

    Sounds great!!
  4. blackadder

    Atomic CLR ... Waiting No More!

    Got it. Packed well, which is good because the box took a little abuse. Normal stuff for UPS. Haven't plugged it up yet, try tonite!!
  5. blackadder

    Atomic CLR ... Waiting No More!

    Boom!!! Shipped! Be here Tuesday !!
  6. blackadder

    Atomic CLR ... Waiting No More!

    Waiting on mine also. Received tracking number quickly but is for label only. Will give them a few more days and see what's what.....
  7. blackadder

    Black Sabbath - Fairies Wear Boots

    Nice! Do you have an updated version for the III ? 🤘
  8. blackadder

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.03

    Thanks Cliff ! Always exceeding expectations!
  9. blackadder

    Shimmer Verb: Chris Isaak "Wicked Game" intro *UPDATE - w/PRESET*

    Thanks for preset! Also, using for some Robert Plant - Big Log.....
  10. blackadder

    Hot Wired (Tele 72 Custom, Ownhammer GNR M25)

    I really enjoyed that. I need to practice.....lol
  11. blackadder

    [Moke's Custom Presets] 'AX8' Thread - Updated to Q9.04/10.01 -New presets, Videos, Huge Discounts

    Awesome, that was one of my suggestions......lol Any chance to hear a snippet? I have been using your acoustic / plexi for this song.
  12. blackadder

    Van Halen - "I'm The One" (New OwnHammer IRs)

    Ironically, I think the hardest part of that song is the rhythm. Very well done!!!
  13. blackadder

    Lead patch with synth drones

    Thanks for your work and making this patch available. It's a lot of fun. I was going to try and make a Pink Floyd sorrow version. May be beyond my abilities but worth a shot. Thanks again!
  14. blackadder

    Anyone notice notes choking when using Wireless??

    Noticed similar issues last nite at a concert. Guitar player for "All that remains" was having issues. He was running wireless. He had notes dropping off, volume issues, and signal cutting in and out. I know he was frustrated. They seemed to be using Ableton or something also, so maybe some...
  15. blackadder

    Have I messed up my MFC ?

    The sysex was the issue. Thank you everyone! I appreciate you taking the time to help!!
  16. blackadder

    Have I messed up my MFC ?

    The defaults on the MFC are 16 and 17 respectively. Don't know if Axe Fx settings would effect? Is there an Axe menu item I need to look at?
  17. blackadder

    Have I messed up my MFC ?

    Gave it a shot. Same results. It reset 16 and 17 to tempo and tuner but neither worked. Switched to other effects and works fine with those....lol. I must have thrown the software for a loop. Switches work and function properly but will not return to the old tempo and tuner function.
  18. blackadder

    Have I messed up my MFC ?

    Update..... I did manage to switch the IA switches to Filter and Rotary . So they operate as additional switches which is kinda what I wanted but when I try to convert back to original tuner and tempo......nada
  19. blackadder

    Have I messed up my MFC ?

    I have an MFC 101 mk 3. While playing around with the MFC-edit , I tried to change switch 16 and 17 to another setting. I found out later that those are permanent designations for those switches?! Now 16 (tempo) doesn't work at all and 17 when engaged says searching for tuner (which does...
  20. blackadder

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    Just wanted to chime in and say the New Firmware rocks. Best so far!
  21. blackadder

    Comfortably numb - live cover

    I like how the dude with the red guitar looks over every once in awhile. He just has that look of happiness when you know your bandmate is killing it....lol.
  22. blackadder

    AxeFX Sighting - Taylor Swift @ Grammy Museum

    I'm a fan also. For my age and hard rock roots, I really don't know how it happened.......lol
  23. blackadder

    Singtall Superpack of presets are ready!

    Just jumped on the singtall bandwagon! Sent donation through PP. Hope you have a great 4th!! John
  24. blackadder

    Difference in using scenes - vs - mfc for effects .... i.e. Drive Button

    Will check question 1 with the x/y but I rarely use that option. The 2 questions are really linked in that what the MFC says and what Axe Edit says are different. And..... I am wondering what the MFC is shutting of when I use it to kill the drive. I will crack open MFC edit and see which and...
  25. blackadder

    Difference in using scenes - vs - mfc for effects .... i.e. Drive Button

    Here's the scenario. I have an amp and put a drive in front of it. 2 options: 1) I select a scene 1 with drive on and scene 2 with drive off 2) or just using scene 1 with drive and manipulating the mfc to turn drive off 2 totally different sounds when trying to take the...
  26. blackadder

    Clicking noise / metronome type noise - not good

    I had switched the the realtime sysex to none after reading a similar thread. That had no effect. I will try a few other remedies listed on the previous thread. Thanks!
  27. blackadder

    Clicking noise / metronome type noise - not good

    I will check it out. I appreciate the ideas and answers. Any other things to check or ideas are welcome!!! Thanks, John
  28. blackadder

    Clicking noise / metronome type noise - not good

    It doesn't happen until I am about an hour into rehearsal. So I am hoping it is not things getting too hot ...... I would think there would be far stranger or worse repercussions. I am hoping it is just the presets I am using towards the latter end . Trying to run through in my head the...
  29. blackadder

    Clicking noise / metronome type noise - not good

    No , not with tempo. That is what I initially thought. I even updated the MFC and got rid of the tempo. It was rhythmic enough to make me think it was the tempo....
  30. blackadder

    Clicking noise / metronome type noise - not good

    Using volume hooked up to MFC expression port 1.
  31. blackadder

    Clicking noise / metronome type noise - not good

    I have noticed that my Axe Fx2 is producing a clicking noise. I have atomic clr, mfc 101, and fractal expression pedal for volume. The noise goes away with volume pedal off, so I figure its not the Atomic CLR. It goes away if I turn off the drive on the various settings. Now I didn't hear...
  32. blackadder

    Mr.Crowley Guitar Solo/Improv

    Nice, covered all the signature stuff and added a bit of your own. Well done!!
  33. blackadder

    Axe-Fx II (All Models) - Cliff's new Quantum 8 factory presets (Bank A)

    Much appreciated. You are a scholar and a gentleman!
  34. blackadder

    Vendor [Moke's Custom Presets] Axe-Fx II Thread - Updated to Q9.04/10.01 - New presets, Videos, & Discounts

    I was just thinking about this recently. Many of my presets have changed dramatically . Just this week I upgraded to the latest firmware and reset all of my presets to the stock amps and settings. I really appreciate you updating the presets.
  35. blackadder

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.00 Firmware Release

    Thank you for your hard work!!
  36. blackadder

    My never-ending homage to Black Sabbath...

    Sounded great! Really liked the Children of the Grave riff. The combination of the drums and guitar make it one of the best tunes they put out. On a side note.....anyone have the very beginning delay part on Fairies figured out. I was trying multi-delay and getting somewhat there but not as...
  37. blackadder

    If I set up my MFC to utilize song mode can I....

    Under one song use my expression pedal as a wah and if I switch to a different song, have the expression set up as a volume control. So in other words can each song have a different control setting for the pedal? Thanks!
  38. blackadder

    Newb Question on opening program

    resolved. Windows 7 is a bit fickle with the Java operations.
  39. blackadder

    Newb Question on opening program

    I have downloaded program but cannot open. Downloaded latest java environment. What am I missing? Nothing I am finding opens this program...... should have downloaded to my macbook. I hate computers.....lol Any ideas?
  40. blackadder

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.02 Firmware Released

    Thank you for a great product and your relentless pursuit of excellence!! Have a wonderful Christmas and know that the world sounds better because of you!
  41. blackadder

    Legacy Firmware Solution

    Cliff, Thank you! You have truly spoiled us. I want you to know you are greatly appreciated by me and this community.
  42. blackadder

    VAN HALEN plexi [updated patch-fw11.03]---free download

    Yes!!! I wonder what this would sound like in Quantum!
  43. blackadder

    Octave Fuzz into Vibroverb

    Nice riff! Great sound. Obviously no issues with me watching....lol. On a Mac also....
  44. blackadder

    Axe II XL > Mac (Garageband) - Do I even need my Apogee One?

    Good information. May play with it tomorrow. Another Alabama owner here!!
  45. blackadder

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    Brown sound is very snappy and well.......brown...... NIce!
  46. blackadder

    The Solo Series ep.3 - Rosanna

    Great playing! The lens on the camera gave me googly eyes :shock Guitar looks very short and fat....lol
  47. blackadder

    White Lion's Hungry Intro and Rhythm 5153 FW19

    Very nice! Jealous, smooth and effortless....at least looks that way! I got songs mixed up and was expecting a different song.........found it, "All join our hands" Would love to see you at least do the opening!
  48. blackadder

    Plexi 50 - 1971 Les Paul Makeover

    Would be interested if you ever got rid of guitar or the original pups, if you still have them ......lol. The Norlin les pauls kinda have a bad rap but I love them. Definitely a different vibe than a strat though. Sounds great but just depends what sound you have in your head that you are...
  49. blackadder

    Semi Broken Up Brit 800 G3 FW18 Mark Day

    I know I am not the only one checking the forums multiple times daily waiting for FW18 to drop. I am loving all of the clips that are being posted!! And I blame Mark for making buy the Axe Fx........ I feel I should say "Thank You Sir!!" Best piece of equipment I have ever purchased outside...
  50. blackadder

    Axe-Fx II: Blue On Black - Kenny Wayne Shepherd

    Love that song and that was great!!
  51. blackadder

    Van Halen Cathedral Delay Settings

    Thanks! I will check those out. I almost have it down but my frickin hand/wrist can't handle the massive amount of movement currently necessary.
  52. blackadder

    Van Halen Cathedral Delay Settings

    Hey ancient thread but I was wondering if anyone could clue me in to a more functional use of the volume knob for the swell. It appears that when I watch eddie play he does not rotate the knob to the extent necessary on any guitar that I have used. Is there a certain pot that makes it...
  53. blackadder

    Disruption, datruption, Eruption.

    Nice run down on the Brown sound and great playing. I am currently on a Van Halen kick myself right now. The axe fx really does cover a lot of ground and supply you with everything you would ever want or need. I just need to keep trying to get the phrasing and swing of Eddie, much harder than...
  54. blackadder

    16.05 Test

    Did Cliff let loose with the preset for this? Since 17.0 is out I would like to tinker with this but it would be awesome to start with this preset. Oh and Cliff thanks for the last update in axe edit and the axe fx 2!!!!!
  55. blackadder

    SRV Tribute Band Texas Flood - Gonna get a taste of the Fractal

    he looks kinda like stevie.seems like he plays the songs in a hurry Sounds great but probably excited, slowed down a little would give it a little better feel, but he's got it.
  56. blackadder

    Randy Rhoads 2014 Masterclass (Teaser)

    Interested and Subscribed!
  57. blackadder

    noob question, i apologize

    Awesome! I found myself struggling with the same exact question. I was seeing people replacing whole banks of presets and downloading individual patches and it freaked me out that I had to get rid of one of the stock sounds. Granted I won't use some of these at all, but the hoarder mentality...
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