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  1. Clickonce


    Love that song.. thanks for posting, sounded great.
  2. Clickonce

    What amp did the Axe-Fx III make you discover and fall in love with?

    I love the ac-20 and dirty shirley.
  3. Clickonce

    What you top 5 fav Amps in the Box at the moment ?

    Dirty Shirley AC-20 EF86 Bass Deluxe Verb Vibrato I need to explore more.. but those three are my favorites and what I use 99% of the time.
  4. Clickonce

    Black Sabbath’s “Children of the Grave” Live

    My favorite Sabbath tune.. loved it.
  5. Clickonce

    Vibrolux + P90s

    Very cool.. reminded me of Eminence Front by The Who.
  6. Clickonce

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta #2

    I like the authentic controls.. thanks!
  7. Clickonce

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 2.05 Public Beta

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Cliff.
  8. Clickonce

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.15 Beta

    +1 for spdif metronome output
  9. Clickonce

    Issue with disconnects (solved)

    I was having issue with disconnects or axe-edit would get very slow and eventually disconnect. The issue was my usb hub. Plugging the axefx directly into the usb port on my mac solved the problem. Just bringing it up in case anyone else runs into similar issue. Has been working great ever since!
  10. Clickonce

    AustinBuddy Naked Amps Tone Pack (still) Rules! ... New Website up...FM3...coming soon(ish)

    @austinbuddy I got your collection for the axefx2 and just upgraded to the 3... will I be able to get the update you are working on for the axefx3 through my account? Is it full cost or discounted at all? Excellent pack and thanks.
  11. Clickonce

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Not sure when I signed up for the waitlist.. want to say Feb sometime. Got the invite last week and ordered next day. Unit is on the way and should be here Wed by end of day. Looking forward to it!
  12. Clickonce

    Austin Buddy Looks Good, But What Else Do You Recommend?

    Does the naked amps collection from AustinBuddy use all default cabs?
  13. Clickonce

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.04 Firmware Release

    Link for the Mark II version doesn't seem to be working for me... anyone have an alternative link? This site can’t be reached www.fractalaudio.com refused to connect. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
  14. Clickonce

    Gig video- The Ultimate Sin

    Do you guys ever get to Austin? Would love to see this live.
  15. Clickonce

    SKID ROW - The Threat cover video

    My favorite song by those guys.. great job!
  16. Clickonce

    Fractal Cab pack recommendations

    I mostly use these amps and the factory cabs in parens: * Plexi 50W Hi1 - (4x12 pre-rola 55 M160(ML)) * Plexi 100W 1970 - (4x12 pre-rola 55 M160(ML)) * Dirty Shirley - (4x12 Fractal GB M160 && 4x12 Fractal V30 AT4047) * Matchless (Boutique 1) - (2x12 class-a mix) * Double Verb - (2x12 double...
  17. Clickonce

    List Your Main Amps

    Plexi 100W 1970 - easily the #1 for me Dirty Shirley - been a favorite for a while Matchless (Boutique 1) - lovely cleans IMO I've been liking the Hook 1a as well with a BB in front.
  18. Clickonce

    Molossus - Hans Zimmer - Batman Begins - Cinematic Rock Cover - Ownhammer Cabs

    Great job! Would love to see some stuff from The Dark Knight album.. my favorite Zimmer work for sure.
  19. Clickonce

    "Flying High Again" Guitar Cover

    My favorite RR solo.. nicely done sir!
  20. Clickonce

    Iron Maiden - Powerslave Dave Murray solo 1

    That's always been one of my favorite solos, well done sir.
  21. Clickonce

    Fallout 4 Metal cover

    Nice.. my kids got me this game for xmas (which is akin to me getting my wife a guitar), but I haven't played it yet. But this cover made me want to.. well done :)
  22. Clickonce

    What happened to volume control on soundcloud clips?

    I know the old forum had this... Is there a way on my end to enable this? Thanks.
  23. Clickonce

    Axe-FX II, Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, iMac 27 and SPDIF help needed

    Yeah.. I'm on OSX (latest prior to Yosemite) with a saffire pro 40. I use spdif out from axe to the saffire. Saffire is my main audio device. Axe has to be the master. I never got spdif in to axe from saffire to work... I remember trying to do this for re-amping.
  24. Clickonce

    Raiding the Rock Vault

    Yea I was looking for the familiar green glow at this show but didnt see any... Looked like they had a lot of marshal's mic'd up. Seems like a no-brainer for that kind of show. I'll look for 'Yellow Brick Road' next time I'm there... thanks for the tip!
  25. Clickonce

    Raiding the Rock Vault

    So I've been in Vegas the last few days.. lost a lot of money up and down the strip, but I did see a cool show called "Raiding the Rock Vault" at Tropicana. If you guys get to Vegas and find yourself with an open evening... I recommend checking it out. Had a really good time, Tracii Guns is...
  26. Clickonce

    I'm concerned that updates are getting a bit out of control

    Should have a sticky post containing links to every post on forum like this one. Should be about 2-5 per firmware release. Make reading a few of those a requirement to forum registration. Bonus points: Add post submission validation.. anything resembling a "too many fw updates" type post...
  27. Clickonce

    Windows 10 Kills For Audio

    My saffire pro 40 stopped working after update to win10. Seems there is a known issue with some firewire chipsets they are working on. So heads up... wish I'd seen this before upgrading. Windows 10 Compatibility | Focusrite "We have become aware of a connectivity issue running Saffire units...
  28. Clickonce

    Played at a Ozzfest Tribute concert last night in Columbus...

    Fantastic line-up.. would loved to have seen that.
  29. Clickonce

    FW 19 Shirley

    Thanks man.. I used the dirty shirley for clean.. lead is just with SDD in front. Clean was... Dirty Shirley: input drive: 4 B/M/T: 3.6 / 7 / 2.65 presence: 3 depth: 5 master: 6 Cabs (low cut=120 high cut=8k): CK brit tv R121 C1 CK brit tv SM57 C1 stereo tape = 380ms @ 14% mix reverb = med...
  30. Clickonce

    FW 19 Shirley

    Playing around with the ditto looper. I really like the Shirley... probably my favorite amp atm.
  31. Clickonce

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Released

    The 5F8 + new 4x12 Rumble EV12 sound really good together. Great update!
  32. Clickonce

    Saturation switch and scenes

    Thank you sir.
  33. Clickonce

    Saturation switch and scenes

    Is it meant to be settable per scene? It's not working for me. Just checking if it's by design or user error. Thanks.
  34. Clickonce

    Pink Floyd's Animals. Several Axes (two guitars and bass)

    That was just excellent. Huge PF fan...
  35. Clickonce

    Your favorite Amp/Cabs?

    I've been stuck on Shirley with the new factory cabs 60&61. I love the breakup of that model.
  36. Clickonce

    Firmware 11 download?

    edit: removed .. Al has it covered.
  37. Clickonce

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    Oh hell yea!
  38. Clickonce

    Help! Thinking of purchasing an axe fx ii this weekend

    Both of the groups with the sound you are "going for" use (and recorded with) the axe-fx.. at least to my knowledge. So I'm pretty sure you can get those (and pretty much any other tone you are looking for).
  39. Clickonce


    Is this guy with the SG playing without a strap or am I just not seeing it? Cool song anyway.. just thought it was odd.
  40. Clickonce

    New Axe FX Owner

    No experience with the monitors, but I use the Saffire.. works great. I can't think of any consumer purchases (houses/cars/guitars/amps/tvs/...) I've ever made that I was completely satisfied with years later... except for the Axe-FX II.
  41. Clickonce

    just got back from navy boot camp..what have i missed in 2 months?

    I'd download the latest firmware and just peruse the release notes. Then ask specific questions about changes you are curious about.. I think they do a great job of documenting changes. And thanks for your service!
  42. Clickonce

    Comfortably NOW!

    Loved the tone and improv. Such a great chord progression.
  43. Clickonce

    Ableton Live as a looper?

    I used it as a looper with an fcb1010... It's definitely not limiting. But there was (for me) a steep learning curve if you are using an unsupported controller like I was. Took some time to find the midi script for the controller, but it worked great once I found one (and made some tweaks to...
  44. Clickonce

    Tim Pierce - session maestro using Axefx

    I like his playing as well.. 28:52 where he talks about recording with small amps and not dialing in the room. Cool stuff.
  45. Clickonce

    Loot thread

    Those look fun... but wow is that a pricy pedal.
  46. Clickonce

    Loot thread

    So what'd everyone get? Wife got me the mo/fi blue headphones I've been wanting for a while. They sound great.. much better than my old semi-open cans in my somewhat noisy room. Off till the 5th and my fingers already hurt. Happy holidays and stay safe.
  47. Clickonce

    Marketplace.org interview with Gibson CEO

    yea they seem to be getting into a lot of stuff
  48. Clickonce

    Marketplace.org interview with Gibson CEO

    Gibson CEO: We're so much more than guitars | Marketplace.org
  49. Clickonce

    CLASS-A 30W HOT(based on Vox AC-30 HW)

    The 4x12 Beatle Mix sounds fantastic with it IMO. I believe Cliff posted that free to one of the threads here.
  50. Clickonce

    Iron Maiden - Wrathchild - Split Screen Cover

    Up the irons! Well played sirs. Can't go wrong with IM.
  51. Clickonce

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 16.04.1 Released

    Sweet! One question.. the cab: 4x12 Pre-Rola GB C414 C_XL ... Is that meant only for the XL model? Or XL mean something else?
  52. Clickonce

    MASTODON on Letterman

    That was awesome.
  53. Clickonce

    New Reverb Demo

    Cool thanks.. great playing and tone. Twin sounds really good with those cabs. Cheers!
  54. Clickonce

    New Reverb Demo

    What happens today if you use ultra-res in the a single cab block as stereo? Does it just ignore the ultra-res part of the IR?
  55. Clickonce

    IRs: How to avoid overkill and time suck?

    IR makers are starting to provide "mixes" of cabs... such 2 or 3 mics blended on a cab that they believe sounds "good". I love these. I don't want to spend hours trying every combination of mic position. I don't know why they don't also provide a list of amps that they think work well with...
  56. Clickonce

    Journey Tones - My First Gig With Axe-Fx II

    Really good man... Whole band sounded great.
  57. Clickonce

    When does Beta end

    damn.. you beta me to it.
  58. Clickonce

    Dialing in patches for the Beyer DT 880 Pro 250Ohm

    I'm due for another pair, mine are almost worn out. They are the most comfortable headphones I've ever had... and they sound great. I typically just dial in with something similar to what I'm looking for playing in the background. I think that works for basically any headphones. But the room...
  59. Clickonce

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.00 Public Beta

    The DC30 sounds great. The non-MV amps seem to have more sustain.
  60. Clickonce

    Wanted to share a FW 14.04 Beta improvement (Audio Clip)

    Or a knob to control age of battery in effects.
  61. Clickonce

    CAB PACK 4 (UltraRes) Universal Noise Storage

    Is it the same to use two cabs each with a different IR.. vs. using a single cab using the same two IRs that were mixed together? (assuming the cab params are the same) Just curious.
  62. Clickonce

    Axe-Edit drag and drop

    Absolutely. 1. Tools -> Axe-manage cabs 2. Open windows explorer and go to directory Ultrares samples... drag 1x12 TweedVerb R121.syx into a slot in the axe-manage cabs window. 3. I tried dragging a preset to "Axe-manage presets" and that didn't work either. In each case I get a circle with...
  63. Clickonce

    AxeFXSend : A tiny tool for auditioning IRs or presets

    Thanks for this.. much faster than anything else.
  64. Clickonce

    Axe-Edit drag and drop

    Ok, well it's happening again. If I uninstall and reinstall it works for a while. A "while" seems to vary.. it just seems to randomly stop working. Sometimes within a session of axe-edit.. other times if I close axe-edit and re-open.. it just stops working. I'm using the windows 8 specific...
  65. Clickonce

    AMP OF THE WEEK. Week 1 Fender 59' Bassman

    Here's another I redid today using same settings.
  66. Clickonce

    AMP OF THE WEEK. Week 1 Fender 59' Bassman

    Thank you Mike. Sorry I meant to mention the settings. Here is the patch.. It's basically as austinbuddy said.. bass 5, mid 10, treb 10. Little delay and reverb. Will need to change the cab tho manually... I was using TAF UKRox+BWMar Mix. 59 Bassman.syx Have a good one!
  67. Clickonce

    AMP OF THE WEEK. Week 1 Fender 59' Bassman

    Ok, here is something I did a while back (maybe v10) using 59 bassman.. re-did it this morning using fw14 w/ TAF UKRox+BWMar. Cheers!
  68. Clickonce

    Axe-Edit drag and drop

    I manually uninstalled and installed with win7 compatibility mode and it's working again. Not sure which of those fixed the issue. THanks!
  69. Clickonce

    TAF "The Legends" UltraRes IR OUT NOW!

    Thanks, I manually uninstalled. Installed with win7 compatibility mode and now it's working again. Not sure which of those fixed it. Sorry for the derail.
  70. Clickonce

    TAF "The Legends" UltraRes IR OUT NOW!

    What is everyone using to audition cabs? fractal-bot or axe-edit or?? Wondering if there is a one click solution so I can quickly go through them.. as opposed to (from axe-edit cab manager): 1. right click on the slot and choose import 2. find the right folder 3. scroll through 300 syx files...
  71. Clickonce

    Axe-Edit drag and drop

    After upgrading to latest axe-edit, I can't get drag and drop to work. I just get the circle with the slash through it. Is there a trick to making this work? I'm on windows 8.. I've tried running axe-edit as administrator. Do I need to run in compatibility mode or?? It worked before and...
  72. Clickonce

    Axe-Fx II fw14 Released!

    I can't wait to try the Lonestar clean... awesome update.
  73. Clickonce

    Axe II passed my blind Brit Floyd challenge

    Going to see them May 19th in Austin.. Looking forward to it.
  74. Clickonce

    Hot For Teacher solo cover

    Sounding good man.
  75. Clickonce

    VAN HALEN - 5150 (1986) video w/patch

    Favorite intro and rhythm of all the VH collection. You nailed it.. Great Job.
  76. Clickonce

    "USA Rhythm" Amp model and Fender Strat

    Nice song man.. enjoyed that.
  77. Clickonce

    Vintage stripped down sounding amps

    This.. DIV/13 FT37 LO has become my favorite amp for that kind of sound. Love this amp. edit: you asked for settings... this works for me.. I dial in volume with guitar on 8 to give room to dirty. Chain is: esoteric RCB -> div/13 ftr lo -> cab -> delay -> reverb RCB: drive - 0 tone - 5.80...
  78. Clickonce

    Coming Soon: The Amp Factory IRs

    Have heard good things about TAF... looking forward to trying them out.
  79. Clickonce

    VAN HALEN - Girl Gone Bad video ***fw 13.02 w/ OH UltraRes Cabs***

    Looking forward to it.. thank you for sharing!
  80. Clickonce

    VAN HALEN - Girl Gone Bad video ***fw 13.02 w/ OH UltraRes Cabs***

    LOL, that was my first thought as well. Sounded amazing.
  81. Clickonce

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 13.02 Released

    Loving the new axe-manage and the new IRs sound great. Thanks!
  82. Clickonce

    I constantly feel like I'm guessing with my Axe FX II

    Subscribed for more videos.. great job Danny.
  83. Clickonce

    WIKI Drive Block Update

    I can't answer any of your questions, but thank you for your efforts.
  84. Clickonce

    I/O Compromise for Single coil and Humbucker guitars

    I switch between an EJ strat and a 2013 LP standard. I could never tickle the red with the strat so prior to getting the LP the Instr-In was always 100%. With the LP I have it at 75.3. I used to just flip back and forth between that and 100% when I changed instruments.. now I just leave it at...
  85. Clickonce

    AxeFxII via SPDIF to Saffire Pro 40

    I use Saffire Pro 40 w/ spdif and have had no issues. I would double check your cables.. make sure [saffire out] -> [axe spdif in] and [saffire in] -> [axe spdif out] edit: I'm using the latest mix-control (v3.3), available here: Downloads | Focusrite...
  86. Clickonce

    Drive Block

  87. Clickonce

    Beta 5 New amps quick demo

    CabLab Ownhammer IRs (all of them) FCB1010 2013 LP Standard (desert burst... have wanted one for as long as I can remember.. finally pulled the trigger) Saffire Pro 40 Ditto looper Polytune II
  88. Clickonce

    Who Wants to Test Some New Firmware? (12.03 Beta 5 UPDATE)

    Disagree with all of that. I think you are confusing beta with QA. "New features are thoroughly tested" - QA test plan "Old features are verified" - QA regression test plan "formal reporting process and a tight schedule" - Dev/QA methodology/process "lot of hard and boring work" - Yes...
  89. Clickonce

    Massive Poll: Which amps do you use?

    Bogner xtc blue (all around favorite amp) Carr (new favorite clean) Twin Trainwreck Badger 18/30
  90. Clickonce

    Internal Controllers Overview - Video

    That was really helpful Simeon.. Thanks!
  91. Clickonce

    Master volume - A little experiment.

    I think the first has more range (less compressed).. I would think the second is the higher MV. I prefer the first.
  92. Clickonce

    My quest for a new start and my discovery that may help others

    I'm not what you would call an "amp guy"... lacking the $$ for exposure to a lot of different amps. I would just make the best of what I had. That being said, I tend to pick an amp/cab (on the axefx) quickly and just stick with it making minor adjustments over time. I gravitated to the...
  93. Clickonce

    Axe-Fx II Firmware V12.00 Up

    Great update FAS team.. thank you! A few beers into the start of a 4 day weekend. The stars have aligned :)
  94. Clickonce

    which parameters open up the amp sound?

    I seem to recall a post by Cliff talking about a common mistake he sees is running MV amps with the MV to high. I believe he recommended starting at 3-4 MV (to find sweet spot for power amp compression) and use block mixer-level to increase volume. I'll try to find the post.. I'm sure I...
  95. Clickonce

    Les Paul

    The last 10 years I've been strat only and have presets I've happy with. I've always wanted an LP and finally broke down and got one since the strat was away on repairs for a week. I got the 2013 standard desert burst and love the feel of it. High gain to low gain leads have come pretty easy...
  96. Clickonce

    Friedman BE - Plus a Strat

    Would love to see a patch from you with this amp. The twin patch you made is my goto clean. I'm using a strat as well and while I love the way the BE cuts and feels, I've never been able to quite dial it in. Cheers!
  97. Clickonce

    Ownhammer/Amp Legend?

    What I do is look at the standard speaker used for a given amp here: AMP (block): list - Axe-Fx II Wiki For instance, 5153: Speakers: G12-EVH (G12H30) Then I look for that speaker: Own Hammer - Mix IR's Mix Bundles - Modern/Vintage - The Gear Page I really hate the OH naming convention. But...
  98. Clickonce

    Cleanning up Twin Reverb model

    Thanks for the patch, I'm really liking it.
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