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  1. K

    Best way to boost output 2 in a scene?

    I would suggest you use the Output block. It has an output slider for each scene. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding the question.
  2. K

    Tuner: 1/4 step?

    Why not use the Amazing Slow Downer program. It's not super expensive and works great at that kind of stuff; change pitch of the original song to whatever you want and can also slow it down as desired.
  3. K

    Troubles with auto-engage on wah, what am I doing wrong?

    With your controller pedal in the wah off position, go to the modifier screen and make sure that PC Reset is ON. Make sure the wah is bypassed and save the preset. That should do it.
  4. K

    Can't Connect Axe-FX II XL to Windows 10

    Since it's a new PC, you need to load the Axe-FX drivers.
  5. K

    firmware question

    You'll be fine. That number (11.0) is a pre-Quantum version, which was quite a while back. Have fun.
  6. K

    Auto engage wah / scenes

    You should be able to use the PC Reset function in the modifier menu to make it do what you want. If you want to enter the preset knowing it will be off, and say you have the wah set to autoengage at 5% from heel down, just set PC Reset to ON and save the preset with the pedal in full heel down...
  7. K

    Lost preset

    I think you can use Axe-Edit, Axe Manage presets, then open the browser window, select the factory bank it was in, then just click and drag it to a preset slot on the Axe. This assumes you have the factory (or a backup) bank files on your computer.
  8. K

    Frustrating connection issue

    OP, you may want to go into your computer's device manager, usb ports, and simply disable some or all, then shutdown and restart the computer. This worked for me about a week ago with a similar issue to yours. Good luck.
  9. K

    Exit edit without saving + volume set won't save

    Robert, The question Chris asks is valid. If you 'click' save in Axe-Edit, the preset should save correctly, but if you are working directly with the Axe-FX, you must hit: Save, Enter, Enter.
  10. K

    Changing a modifier curve - Volume control

    Have you calibrated your pedal to the Axe FX? If it doesn't reach the full 127 (and most don't), that could cause a significant drop on first movement.
  11. K

    Volume zero when turning on Axe FX with volume pedal

    Put your pedal in the full volume position, save the preset, and also make sure PC Reset is set to ON.
  12. K

    Blade Guitars - Blade RH4

    Very nice guitar. I bought one when you could still get them from Musician's Friend. I still have it and play it every band job.
  13. K

    Would it be possible to open Axe-Fx II XL presets with Axe-Edit?

    There's a program out there called " AxeFXReporter" that will show you the preset information. Search this forum for that. Good luck.
  14. K

    No signal on fire up

    Try setting the pedal where you want it to be when the preset loads, then go into the modifier menu and set (at the bottom) PC RESET to ON, then resave the preset. I think that will work.
  15. K

    Turning Wah On / Off with Switch

    Do search for Mission Engineering SP-1 and axe-fx. You should find a video that EXACTLY demonstrates how this is done. Or just go here...
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