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  1. diggi


    well, I can't seem to adjust the AX8's LCD contrast. I read the manual and followed the instruction to find this function, but no joy. I can't even get to the "option" to adjust contrast (or brightness for that matter) Can anyone test this on their own AX8 and let me know if you succeed?
  2. diggi

    High Gainers - safe to move from 9.02 - 11?

    I dialed back to 9.02 after I tried v10. The sounds I achieved in 9.02 were just more to my liking at the time, especially for chunky, tight rhythm sounds (and feel). Has anyone made the jump from 9.02 to 11 whilst bypassing 10 all together? I know there will be many who'd like to...
  3. diggi

    Axe Fx ll as only PT interface....

    I'm curious about something - Is there a way to use the "ll" as a sole interface with Pro Tools (10), and monitor the guitar input / output solely (just) in an armed audio track? (not direct from Axe ll to speakers) I've got the system set up now to record and play-back in PT, with my VI's...
  4. diggi

    I'm diggin' "Shred Spread" by Brainworx

    ....wonder if the Axe ll could do the same :) http://www.brainworx-music.de/en/plugins/bx_shredspread
  5. diggi

    Included power supply with MFC -

    Was there ever a time in the last year where the MFC did not ship with a 9V power supply? I was discussing this with a friend who (like me) did not receive a power supply with their MFC purchase (Mark l model) Thank you, Joel
  6. diggi

    Forum member: "Webb" - clear out your inbox. I can't answer your PM.

    Forum member: "Webb" - clear out your inbox. I can't answer your PM.
  7. diggi

    Wah stays engaged (at one frequency) when not in use...

    I have a Wah block instantiated just before the amp block and I am using a Mission pedal to control it. I have it calibrated the way I want and it sounds great when the pedal is depressed, (clicked "on") and in use. However, when I click the pedal "off" in this preset (pushing down until the...
  8. diggi

    DTP last night with AxeFx ll in St. Paul :

    GREAT "first" show of this tour. Devin was spot-on, and his Fractals were well represented. His guitars sounded amazing. The band was great too. See DTP on this tour...I think you'll have a GREAT time. Great job last night Devin!!!
  9. diggi

    New Powermad song "Souls Descending" featuring the AxeFx Ultra -

    Check it out here: Powermad Cheers!
  10. diggi

    2+ AxeFx Club

    I am blessed to have received my second AxeFx Ultra, and am stoked at the immense sonic possibilities of using more than one for stage, recording or just jamming with others. With so many questions on how to switch between the two, to controlling both with a single midi foot controller to...
  11. diggi


    Here's our rendition of the classic "Kashmir" : http://www.basstraps.net/kashmir.mp3 This is a music project called "Jacker". It features me and Jacques Soubra (well known at the ToonTrack forum) Please forgive my "whiny" voice in some (most) spots :-) ~ Joel
  12. diggi

    Pearce - G1 and/or G2r

    ....I've had three of these amps, and now - I miss them. That Holdsworth tone was just as easy as you can image to get with those amps. Yes, I know the AxeFx can get that tone to some degree, but......the Pearce amps were something very, very special IMO.
  13. diggi

    Re: NOISE ISSUE - audio clip included -UPDATE # 2

    (sound clip below) I just saw another post about noise when using the Axe Fx (Ultra in my case), and I'd been meaning to post my noise issue as well - here it is: I can't figure out what it is yet and have tried unplugging various things in my little studio to determine the cause. The only...
  14. diggi

    Can't wait to buy ANOTHER AxeFx Ultra!...but...

    ...i'm hoping the one with USB or FW, plus a headphone jack and super-sonic pizza making capabilities (not to mention the ability to materialize in front of me-no matter where I am) will come along sooner than later? :D Did I miss any "must-have" features? :D Joel Powermad...
  15. diggi

    Doom, Brootalzz and Pizza!!

    Very Short clip, 9.00 on AFX - http://www.powermadness.com/01%20an%20i ... %20day.mp3 Drums - mish mosh of TT kits Bass - Warwick, Di with Avalon DI Guits - AxeFx - simple patch double tracked at LOW gain, w/ RG2228 w/ BKP Black ....somethin' er other..... Vox - RE20 - Neve 5012 to PT 8...
  16. diggi

    Fortin Marshall Mod

    Hooked you up with Mike Fortin some time ago, and haven't heard a peep since. Fortin AMP and Marshall Mods are killer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opxcniXR3hw
  17. diggi


    I've been listening to a lot of clips featuring FORTIN Amps, and FORTIN modded amps. The tone, sustain and growl of these amps is incredible in my opinion, and each features a specific sound that distinguishes these amps (and mods) from others in a very unique way. For metal rhythm sounds, I...
  18. diggi

    Dick Lovgren's Bass Sound - Meshuggah

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOR0hUIGb4Y Man, that is raunchy! Anyone wanna take a stab at that? ---------------------------------- I'm trying to have a go now, but am a little slooooooooowwwwwwww :-) ~ J
  19. diggi

    Trying to nail Dick Lovgren's Bass Sound

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOR0hUIGb4Y Man, that is raunchy! Anyone wanna take a stab at that?
  20. diggi

    If you LOVE CHEESE, then this song is for you -

    Yeah, all Axe Fx 'cept the drums (penciled in to midi, OI!) The best part about this recording, is not listening to it. BUT, if you're going to - you MUST post what you believe to be the CHEESIEST part of the whole thing - and I am SURE there will be a GENERAL CONCENSUS...
  21. diggi

    I Sold almost ALL of this, AFTER I got my Ultra:

    I sold nearly all of this soon after I received my Ultra. Now I just need one more for the car............
  22. diggi

    Anyone got a good Rock "Bass Guitar" Patch?

    I'm going to upload some - and wondered if others might have some to share as well? Joel
  23. diggi

    Anyone have a really good Acoustic Guitar Patch?

    I tried to download one on the forum, but it is no longer there. PEACE Joel
  24. diggi

    Looper Question: How are you facilitating your loops & spill

    I did a search for this, and could not find it. I am certain this has been asked before, but I was unable to locate an answer. peace - Joel
  25. diggi

    Piano sim/ Preset - Patch

    I didn't see this "sound" / feature request elsewhere, and I am not sure it can be produced - reproduced. But, given how well my brand new Axe Fx Ultra tracks on synth style patches, I'm thinking we might be off to a good start with a Piano sound as well? Thoughts?
  26. diggi

    Question before purchase of the Ultra

    Hey there, I am close to grabbing this awesome unit up for one of our studios. The reviews of the product and customer service have been phenomenal and I applaud your "no excuses" way of doing business. Bravo! Questions: - Is "spill over" of effects available for delay, reverb, synth and...
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