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    [FIXED] Change Preset via MFC-101 selecting Scene 2 as well

    Hi all, I'm looking to figure out what I'm doing wrong with setting up my MFC101 to work with the III over MIDI (or if I found a bug). I'm running firmware 1.09 Beta and MFC firmware 3.08. My MFC is set to have bank size = 5, so that the bottom 5 switches change presets. I've set up those...
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    MFC-101 Mk III and AxeFx II XL+ (Firmware 18) Name Timeout SOLVED!

    Hi everyone, Just FYI in case you have a problem like I just worked with Charlie at Fractal to overcome. I was running into the AxeFx Name Timeout issue with my brand new XL+ running Firmware 18 and a new MFC101 running Firmware 3.06. Bottom line was that the MFC 101 requires firmware version...
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