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    Anybody using the II with 4 cable method, I tried it tonight

    No, the difference is going into the front end, adding loads of gain to it, and into the loop. You can lower the noise floor by adjusting output boost/pad as far as it goes before loosing tone or clipping. If anyone wants to test whether theirs have the mod or not, they can try this: remove...
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    Need Low Noise Audio Interface for Re-amping

    ? What are you talking about, Steady? AD/DA stages used for audio HAS to use anti aliasing filters. All of them do, no exceptions.
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    How to tell if your Axe II has had the mod....???

    Just connect output 2 and output 1 to your audio interface, nothing in the grid, and record the "silence". Or measure it. If output 2 is noisier than output 1 it does not have the mod.
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    How to tell if your Axe II has had the mod....???

    No need to mod the Mark II. All models after a certain time, and prior to the Mark II, already have Output 2 done that way.
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    Since you're in Denmark, try Wimp instead. Didn't like the sponsored artist thing, and lack of artist info in Spotify. Wimp also does a much better job of selecting similar artists, at least from what I've experienced so far! They also pay artists a fair share more, as I understand it. It's...
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    No matter what they're up to?
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    Phantom Power +48v into AXE-FX2 MarkII XLR inputs - is it safe?

    No. According to Cliff the AxeFx II is protected from damage.
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    Reamping I got hiss

    How old is your unit? Output 2 on older units were too noisy in this application, but can be modded by Fractal or G66. The newer ones are "modded". Contact support.
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    Input Impedance

    Read the Cliff quote again: "I do not believe that input impedance affects feel in any way. This is simply impossible. I remember people saying they could feel the input "pushing back". Silly. It will, however, definitely affect the sound as the frequency response of the guitar will be...
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    I have GAS

    Yep. I don't quite get the "family" thing. Like riding a Harley Davidson or no bike at all 8) Buy what suits your ears and needs. The Kemper is a lovely unit.
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    Reamp Noise

    What kind of noise? Hum? Buzz? Is the cable ok? Is it TRS-TRS? If so, try disconnecting the shield on one end and try the cable in both directions.
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    Instrument cables

    Essentially, what you are saying is that everybody should use active pickups and dial in the flavor in the Axe ;) Not sure everybody will agree!
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    Any Country Music / Clean Picken /Chicken Recordings?

    I did a recording to demonstrate the compressor in the Axe. Meaning, there's a lot of compressor on this clip 8) It was done with a regular guitar cab, but it might still give you an idea. Not your typical chicken pickin' amp, the Deluxe...
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    Instrument cables

    I don't question the difference, I'm saying the difference is only capacitance. The cable business don't want to to know this since the dollars are in the "magic". Obviously, the cable should be of proper construction, shielding, termination...but even the cheap segment has that. Capacitance...
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    Instrument cables

    Then that cable has more capacitance than you desire (or it is faulty). However, one can not say that one cable sounds better than another in this context. It's completely dependant on guitar, amp, preferences etc etc. What you find bad might be perfect for the other guy. Again, it's just...
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    Instrument cables

    How would you describe this difference in "audio quality"?
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    Instrument cables

    That'll not tell you WHY you like one or another. The much better way is to take a note of how much total capacitance you like your cable to provide (when you find one you like, multiply the cable's length by the cable's pF/f) and then you can go shopping different lenghts and brands and have...
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    This is awesome

    Hah! Must be Jack Sparrow's amp 8)
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    Instrument cables

    Only things you need to consider is durability and total capacitance. The expensive cable business are the biggest bullshitters in the audio industry. And they know it.
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    Plexi 100 watts V10

    Juicy tone with the tubescreamer there!
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    Country Amp suggestions

    You'll have a hard time finding the twang there! ;-) Single coil bridge on a solid 25.5" guitar, somewhat thin strings, and without any kind of trem system. Then there's the right hand divin' in to make the twang 8)
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    1987x - why am i clipping?

    You're clipping the output. Turn down the level.
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    Global amp modelling version - any difference?

    Yes. Coming from 8, 10 is much darker and more compressed on the patches I used the most (Vox)(Try switching between 8/10 modeling on a Vox...8 is much louder, but the noise/single coil buzz is the same.). The darkness is ok, I can control that, but there's also a more pronounced "pop/plopp" to...
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    Looking for a rack bag in the EU? Your search could be over...

    Those were pretty cheap! Are they water resistant? I do like the one I have from Warwick though.
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    AxeFXII to Poweramp Cable Length?? Humbuster?

    Yes, humbuster cables between Axe>power amp. But I'd rather put the power amp in the house and get some long speaker cables instead.
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    Axe-Fx Norge

    Joda, du skal legge til 25%. 4 deler + 1 del moms, dvs 5 deler til sammen. Hvis du vil gjøre det andre veien må du isåfall dele på 0,8. Ved å dele på 0,75 legger du til 33,3% :ugeek
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    Axe-Fx Norge

    Det er sånn de regner moms på Sunnmøre 8)
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    Just know I preferred the second ones. More lush, spacey, less warbling.
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    Reamping I got hiss

    No, but I've used it 4 CM. The hiss problem was only on Out 2, not 1. I bet applying a bunch of clean gain to the dry track within the Axe helps a lot. Did boost/pad not help?
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    Reamping I got hiss

    For problem seeking...record a dry track using output 1 to see if it betters the noise floor. You don't even have to play, just compare the hiss from two silent files played back to the Axe.
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    Reamping I got hiss

    Did you set boost/pad for the dry output as high as possible (before tone loss and internal clipping)? That'll improve the s/n ratio by the amount you add. But, I repeat...a dry guitar signal is weak, and the s/n ratio on output 2 is low. There's no way around added hiss in that scenario...
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    Reamping I got hiss

    Unless you "modded" output 2, it has bad s/n ratio. Try recording the dry track from output 1 and compare hiss amount.... Better yet, add some 20+ dB to the dry signal within the Axe and reduce it by the same amount when sending it back.
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    AXE FX 2 with Matrix GT1000FX

    Since the slight distortion goes away when you turn power amp modeling off, that's where it happens. Turn down master volume in the amp block (MSTR on the PWR tab) and compensate with LEVEL right next to it.
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    AXE FX 2 with Matrix GT1000FX

    You should keep power amp modeling on. Reduce gain and master volume, compensate with level.
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    Analog vs Digital 101 -Thanks FAS!!!

    The writer of that article thinks he knows something but has little clue ;)
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    Advice needed on using the XLR D/A ouputs, into XLR A/D inputs of interface

    Do you have adjustable gain for the line inputs though? If so, set it to 0 dB. Set the reference level to +4 dBU. If full output from the Axe is too much, lower it as needed.
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    Advice needed on using the XLR D/A ouputs, into XLR A/D inputs of interface

    Forget about clock jitter. Unless it's some suspect converter from the mid 80's it is not audible.
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    Name 7 guitar players you really like...

    Derek surpassed his teacher already as a kid 8)
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    Truth about Tonematching? Help Getting quality TM presets.

    As long as the mp3 sounds good it doesn't matter. The fault lies elsewhere.
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    Name 7 guitar players you really like...

    Oh man, get ready for the most wonderful slide player ever! ;)
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    Long humbuster cable runs and signal loss?

    There's no humbusting on the inputs 8)
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    Long humbuster cable runs and signal loss?

    A cable is not "balanced". It is how the signal is sent/received that makes it balanced, or not. The tone loss you're referring to only applies to high z signals, e.g. from a passive guitar pickup.
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    Atomic Active Cab vs. Matrix Q12a

    Not sure we're talking about the same thing. I'm just saying that these frequency charts only tell som much. Two microphones with close to identical frequency response charts may sound radically different. It seems that some people think the frequency graphs presented here is all there is to it...
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    Atomic Active Cab vs. Matrix Q12a

    Are we now judging speakers by frequency charts? If frequency charts told the whole truth, chosing speakers and other audio eqipment would be easy, eh! 8)
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    My hottest guitars don't hit the red

    It's not a per preset setting, it's a configuration setting. If you changed the input settings, it'll stay that way for all presets until you change it back.
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    Noise gates on dual chains

    How about taking a look at the "layout" gate and adjust it? ;) Why do you need the gate at the end? For a "chopping" efx/extremely quick note release efx?
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    Using Multiband Compressor to bring out lower notes

    I'd really try working on the guitar (pickup pole adjustment, string type/gauge, height etc) instead. Trying to fix such an issue with a multiband compressor seems a bit like a lost cause. The fundamental frequency of the low E/B is about 41/65 Hz. So much of what you hear is various harmonics...
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    What is the Palmer PDI-03 Speaker Simulator used for?

    The Palmer can be used with your guitar cab AND send a speaker simulated line level signal at the same time. Good uses would be for WDW and in amps without fx loop. He actually use it as his only feed to the console? I bet the audience also hears his loud amps from the stage, so it may...
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    I don't mind music from any styles and genres....as long as it meets my musical criterias 8) It may be hard, soft, old, new or anything in between. Core musicality has no genre borders. It must tickle my musical sensors. It must somehow surprise me, or not be obvious (be it harmonically...
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    Is there a noise gate feature on Axe-Fx? Annoying "hiss" on my favorite presets~~~

    If the noise gate isn't able to remove all the hiss, the rest likely comes from bad gain staging. Where's your Axe's output at? Set it between 12 - 2 o'clock and adjust the K12's to get desired loudness. EDIT: "It sounds somewhat similar to single coil hums with tube amps. How do I get rid of...
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    Rear and Front Inputs not the same?

    That's not my experience. With a Strat with some crisp single coils there was several dB's of high end attenuation already from 8 kHz. Using humbuckers and distorted sounds, you likely won't hear it. It is very apparent to me though. The presets I have now were made using the front input...if I...
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    Cable length for 4cm

    Depends on the loop, and on the guitar. If the loop is buffered, cable lenght in the loop doesn't matter that much. If it is not, it matters a lot. If the guitar has active pickups, cable lenght from guitar to Axe doesn't matter. If it has passive pickups, cable lenght/capacity shapes the...
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    Reamping I got hiss

    And there's no hiss on the dry guitar track? At what level does it peak in your DAW?
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    Sonic Signature?

    Yes, I think it does. There's something in the attack and/or clipping/distortion character that I find typical for the Axe. Also, the front input has its own character. That's mostly an eq thing though (try comparing front and rear inputs, they sound quite different), but when playing a...
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    Dumble update?

    Yeah, I would have expected a pic of the Dumbo surrounded by smiley faces by now! :ugeek
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    48 hrs with the axe, and I am loosing my patience

    Same goes for most firmware updates on both Axe's. People are funny creatures 8)
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    Axe-Fx Norge

    Joda! 8)
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    Cool combination of Ipad apps = fun for hours

    Do you have the latest generation iPad? Seems that they recommend the latest generation as this combination is pretty resource hungry...
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    Comparison of real amp, AXE-FX and KEMPER preamps!!

    It's not really that. It's first of all the psychoacoustic encoding. There are all kinds of tricks and whatnot to be calculated when reducing the file size, and some are worse than others 8) In addition, you'll often have files encoded more than once....that's a gurantee for disaster. E.g. when...
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    CLR Question

    You come to that conclusion based on those vague statements? The original poster was thinking nearfield monitoring. 12" woofer + horn is no ideal solution, to say the least.
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    Optimizing volumes - device by device

    With the Axe's output level at full, it will deliver a maximum of +20 dBu. Your distorted presets are likely/hopefully somewhat lower than full tilt though.... You can play one of your loud and distorted presets while increasing the gain slider for the output you're using (on the Global page)...
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    CLR Question

    The designer would advice to use these as nearfield monitors for mixing and mastering purposes? I'd like to hear that from the man himself...They are designed with a certain (loud) purpose(s) in mind, and it certainly is not as nearfields. A big ol' 12" woofer + horn! Also, there are too many...
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    CLR Question

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    Apogee Users: +4dBu or -10dBv

    If +4 dBu sounds thinner than -10 dBV you're doing something wrong. They should sound pretty much the same. What "mixer" are you talking about? I would connect the Axe with XLR to +4 dBu. Leave the Axe output at full (no attenuation). This way the Axe will be set the exact same way every time...
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    Just wondering how many people leave the plastic left on?

    OT from a foreigner...Would "leave the plastic left on" be a proper english phrase? Just curious!
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    AC30 questions

    Yeah...not sure if we're talking about the same thing, but it's like a couple of additional layers of distortion/harmonics...a sweetness and harmonic excitement in the top end of the "clean" part of the sound (could be much of it is in the attack)...or something like that :razz, that I yet can't...
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    Axe II vs Kemper for this tone...which is better

    So, processors have a "sound"? Seriously? :geek
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    Just wondering how many people leave the plastic left on?

    And what would that plastic thing protect the screen from? Screen eating ninjas? Or do you put the Axe in your pocket? And why not leave it in the cardboard box and just drill some holes in it for cables etc? :razz
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    What do you set as your output level on the front panel?

    Unless it's attenuating before 10 o'clock, I'd turn that trim all the way down! Bad gain staging to attenuate in the Axe and apply gain in the next stage.
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    What do you set as your output level on the front panel?

    You're using a tube amp, and it's supposed to take the output of a tube preamp. All preamp stages in my tube amps deliver more than the Axe can take or give. So, you can safely max your Axe..or not. Whatever sounds best to you. With a completely clean patch, do you get any unwanted distortion...
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    Input/Output issues....

    No, the output knob doesn't add anything. I'm guessing you mix it up with the fact that 0 dBFS = +20 dBU with the output knob at full. That's just a calibration thing, the voltage the Axe will provide at the point of digital maximum.
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    Input/Output issues....

    Huh? Both Out 1 and 2 will be unity gain from input to output with the output controls at full. Out 1 and 2 do not add gain, they only attenuate. Obviously, if the signal is modified within the Axe digitally you may have something completely different at the output than input. E.g. adding amp...
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    Best Head Phones for Axe Fx II?

    If you're concerned about loudness, you need to know the sensitivity (SPL/mW) of the headphones. It's not just an impedance thing. I've got a pair of Sennheiser HD600's and Beyerdynamic DT 150's, both delivering 97 dB @ 1 mW (300 Ohm and 250 Ohm respectively), and they are certainly loud enough...
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    Which Pick Do You Pick

    Bought some V-picks due to the hype a while ago. Strongly disliked them. Both shape and sound.
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    Output 2 volume clipping

    Didn't you just say you had 'copy output 1 to 2' activated? If Output 2 is clipping, you are sending audio to it. Just lower its output the same as you did for Output 1.
  76. T

    Output 2 volume clipping

    Isn't your output 2 level set 5 dB higher?
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    Boss FV-500H crapping out

    I'd try cleaning the pot with appropriate CRC electronic cleaning spraythingy or sumthin'...and if it doesn't work, maybe you need a new potentiometer. No difference between them as expression pedals.
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    Does this sound right to you..?

    I'm not sure if people are commenting on the same things here...There's the sizzly distortion on the first 3 amps (I'm guessing some confuse this with fret buzz. It is definitely not.) I hear nothing wrong with that. Then there's the wobbly low end on the 800...that one sounds weird, to me. Does...
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    Which Pick Do You Pick

    Used to use Dunlop Jazz's, but they sound a bit wimpy on acoustic guitar. So, when I the acoustic part of me got more serious, I searched new picks and ended up with Wegen Big City 1.8mm. Perfect for both acoustic and electric, to me. Angled tip fpr very smooth action. The weird part is that the...
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    Does this sound right to you..?

    That was some weird wobbling in that 800 indeed...I'm not not sure if I've even tried the 800 since I got the Axe. Didn't like it much. I'll check if it does the same thing here when I get the time. Doesn't sound like a guitar issue at all to me.
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    Sharing tracks over the internet?

    Beware that mp3's add silence at the beginning. The wav file you send back will be slightly ahead of time when imported into the original project. Brainfart edit: it will be slightly behind, obviously!
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    How 'fast' does your distortion sound??

    Yeah, know what you mean...unless you mean something else! Getting into preamp distortion only would be the speedy kind. The combined clipping from various stages can somehow result in what sounds like a new, more coarse soft clipping shape made on top. Resulting in e.g. RRRRRRR instead of...
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    Sharing tracks over the internet?

    Yep, Dropbox for file transfer. That was not really your question though. As mentioned, just bounce your mix to a wav-file (from the very start of your project) and send that file to your collaborator. He then bounces his recording(s) from the very start and send that back to you. Everything...
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    Axe-FX II - Noisy Output 2 (Digital and Crackle Pops)

    It's gonna end up in a &%$&%"%! 8) Just contact Fractal or G66, depending on where you are.
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    Axe-FX II - Noisy Output 2 (Digital and Crackle Pops)

    I must still strongly disagree with that claim. I believe new units have the proper filtering in place.
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    Help me decide here

    Listening on studio monitors. Much preferred #1. #2 is clearer, but this might be tweaked into #1 with some eq if desired. What can not be tweaked out is the compressed, wimpy attack in #2. IMHO of course 8) Only considering amp tone here. Trying to disregard efx/reverb.
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    Hiss when using Effects Loop?

    Get Output 2 "modded". It will then have a noise floor as low, or lower than Output 1. They will do it for free, but you may have to cover shipping.
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    "Pick Attack Issues" thread deleted?

    Yes, this is exactly what I find. I think it's related to the cab block though. I notice when turning cab sims on/off (into a guitar cab) that, in addition to the obvious freq filtering, the attack curve seems to change. Like you say, feels like inserting a compressor.
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    Hiss when using Effects Loop?

    Huh? Hiss is not related to cables, and there's no point in using "balanced" cables with equipment that is not balanced. He may use humbuster cables, but that's for hum-problems.
  90. T

    Hiss when using Effects Loop?

    Merry Christmas! 8) http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/61004-way-much-hiss-my-loop-my-axe2.html
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    You tube recordings

    Yeah, I was waiting for this one to go into production but it doesn't seem to happen... Using an iPad as monitor would also have been neat, although not always practical.
  92. T

    All Access and FV 500 problem

    Indeed! I didn't think that would result in just a narrower range, but it sure did. Reversing polarity fixed it. Thanks :)
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    You tube recordings

    What kind of videos do you want to make with the camera? For filmic quality, narrow field of depth etc...there's nothing like the DSLR's for video. They completely slay the video cameras. Problem is, you have to use the lcd on the back as viewfinder....so it's hard to move around, adjust focus...
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    All Access and FV 500 problem

    Yep. As soon as I go slightly clockwise all I get is 127 through the whole range... @Mission. Yeah, I read posts by people having funny behaviour with this setup....but that seemed different from the simple "bad range" that I have. I'll solder a cable to check this anyway! Thanks for the...
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    All Access and FV 500 problem

    Anybody using Boss FV 500 with the AA? Can you get these pedals to register the full range, 0-127? Just got myself a couple og FV 500's, one H and one L model. The AA's pedal inputs can't be calibrated and both these pedals go no lower than 80...so I have 80-127 from heel to toe. The Axe can be...
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    HELP! Please suggest budget FRFR headphones for patch tweaking with Axe Fx

    It's impossible to suggest headphones that will translate to your live setup. Too many variables...I can however suggest some extremely comfortable, good sounding phones that I use myself for listening pleasure and reference/editing mixes: Sennheiser HD 600. 8)
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    Having a lot of trouble getting a TRS to TS cable

    So, do you actually have a hum problem connecting a regular TS-TS from Out 2, compared to XLR from Out 1? If you want to use a TRS - TRS, just shortcut R and S at the mixer end.
  98. T

    Recommended power amps for Fractal Amp Fx II

    I find that I get most out of the Axe by using a SS amp. A tube head might be the ticket for a particular sound, but they often have a definite color and you'd have to play loud to get that juice....which is kinda what I want the modelerer to do at any volume. I got a Matrix, mostly decided...
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    Axe-FX II: SPDIF, AES/EBU and general digital I/O idiocy

    You sure about that? Having an S/PDIF input...surely one must be able to select it as sync source?
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