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    Wish III SE

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    John Petrucci Favorite Riffs

    It's certainly cheaper, but John has mentioned in interviews that he enjoys messing around and trying new pedals in his rig. The soundcheck time when he gets to mess with the rig is his favorite part of the day.
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    Vendor NGW : Ibanez JPM100 P1 - Dream Theater cover

    What pickups are in the RGR5220?
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    How many FC controllers?

    Or another way to view it "approximately one third of The Edge's floorboard"
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    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    It's also a very poor analogy that's going around. The virus is carried in the droplets you breath or spit out. Masks are meant to catch those before they can dry out, break down and turn the virus into smaller particles. It's not a chain link fence designed to keep out mosquitos, it's a...
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    Most desired tones that you don't already have?

    Yup I still haven't created something I'm happy with for Lifeson for both Grace Under Pressure and Power Windows.
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    JC-120 authenticity

    A real JC120 doesn't have actual tubes in it. For the Axe modelling, something needs to be plugged in to that spot as a placeholder so.. virtual tubes.
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    JC-120 authenticity

    Guessing "virtual tubes" as it's a solid state amp?
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    Blue MoFi headphones ear cushions

    So I'm not the only one with pads that are breaking apart?
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    That's just not fair

    He probably took the thimble idea from Bumblefoot (Ron Thal) who's been using that for a long time.
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    FC-12 doesn't load defaults after Firmware

    Yup. IIRC layout 1 which was my preset selection was fine, but any other layout showed blank because they all had that Per-Preset override PP#1 set for every button.
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    FC-12 doesn't load defaults after Firmware

    My FC-6 did this with latest update. I just had to go to each button and turn off the override option and my original settings were there.
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    Free Preset of the week - MF A-Class 15

    This is crazy good. Thanks!
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    The Elusive "Tube-ry Feel" of Axe-Fx III

    The OP feels like nothing gives the tube feel that his Helix does, but why is this part being overlooked? "On the other hand, when plugging my Helix into the power section of a Tube amp, I find that feel is there. " He's not getting the tube feel from the Helix, he's getting it from an actual...
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    Wish New FRIEDMAN Models and amp models

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    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

    Wow that looks pretty sweet!
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    Gallien Krueger 250RL/ML Tone match Patch

    It's the Rush Power Windows amp too :D
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    Where are the videos?

    I want to know what desk he has
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    How I use the 3 foot switches in my FM3

    Thank you very much for this! I'm using an FC6 with the III and this hold for layout -/+ and MLM has helped me make my setup more efficient.
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    Petrucci Rig Demo Track Breakdown

    Do you program your drums through the click-click for each note of the piano editor?
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.00

    One Pinnngggg only
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    Three Scenes from Two Switches

    This small tweak is fantastic! I have one layout I use for scenes. By setting up the bottom row like this, and two of the top buttons with Matt's original idea, I can now get 7 of my 8 scenes.
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    Let’s see those guitars

    My #1
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    Dream Marshall Rig

    "I'm not looking for setup tips, but want to hear what people who have bent the rules have done" oooookay
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    Hold SWITCH UP not working for me

    It switches right away. I'm watching on Edit and the front panel. But.. after some thought sparked by Chris' question... I am stupid :D So yeah I copied the tap values to the hold for my scenes and the hold function switch works as you would expect a hold function to work :-/
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    Hold SWITCH UP not working for me

    I’ve made the confit change following Leon’s video but my hold is still switching scenes as soon as I press and hold. My scene buttons are set to unassigned on hold functions. Do I need to double set the tap and hold values for a scene change? I have latest Axe fw and fc 1.08.
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    Trilogy Suite Patch

    I'm surprised he could even see them. When Yngwie was on the G3 tour, there was so much smoke the rest of the band was invisible. Any time the drummer started to appear again the machines would kick back on.
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    EV-2 Availability

    Is there any word on when the EV-2's will be in stock again? I've been monitoring the page daily for what feels like forever.
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    Queensryche - I Don't Believe In Love (intro)

    What amp/cab did you use as a starting point?
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    Vendor Pink Floyd presets pack - Fremen

    Loved all the cell phones coming out :D :D :D
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    Dream Theater - "Fatal Tragedy" solo with preset

    I think you missed a note :P J/K that was awesome and thanks for sharing!
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    Live AX8: Alice In Chains

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.03

    There have been some production releases in the past that had bugs in them. The past track record you keep referring to would also show you that Cliff and co. are always on top of squashing them very quickly.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.03

    Nobody forces you to install all of the updates. It's your choice to wait things out for bugs or to install and play.
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    Live AX8: Alice In Chains

    Ty for the info! That tone was awesome.
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    Live AX8: Alice In Chains

    What amp(s) did you use for your tone?
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    First gig with Axe-Fx III @ House of Blues Houston

    Gatdamn! Bark at the Moon was killer.
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    Fire Romo - Please NFL

    Best color commentator in the game. Disagree with how often he's wrong.
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    Alex Lifeson Rush 80´s sound on Ax8

    I believe with Axe Edit 3 you can go into the Tools -> Preset Manager. Then right click on the preset and export it to a file. Then just attach it to a forum post.
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    Alex Lifeson Rush 80´s sound on Ax8

    Awesome video. Any chance you have a patch or two you could share that shows what you use for Signals/Permanent Waves/Power Windows tunes?
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    Display screen all white, can’t see any display

    My sound still works. The screen just suddenly melted while mine was on but everything else is still cool. I can switching things around with Axe Edit. Got my RMA info already and will be sending back today for repairs. Support response is awesome as always :)
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    Display screen all white, can’t see any display

    Ahhh mine just did this :(
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    Axe-Fx III - Echo-Plexo

    Are the empty preset issues a version mismatch?
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    ADA MP-1

    Hmm when I transfer this it results in an empty preset? The IR works fine but I'm getting weirdness with the actual preset. I've tried through Fractal Bot and AE3.
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    Output meters maxed with no sound

    Doh! I did not see that before updating.
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    Output meters maxed with no sound

    I'm not sure what's caused this, but pretty sure I had it happening before updating to 1.16 final (I did not install the betas). Any outputs I have in a preset show a maxed output meter - full red, and there is no sound. This happens for all presets. The FAS ones light up one meter, but when...
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    Price Increases Possible

    This makes me a sad panda :( Gotta get stuff sold quick!
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    Slash “Appetite for Destruction”

    TYVM for sharing these!
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    AX8 80's Clean Presets

    Holy hell these are unreal
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    Edge of Breakup Presets - Lone Star & More

    Thank you! And thank you Leon!
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    Edge of Breakup Presets - Lone Star & More

    I'm not seeing a link in the description. Is it working for anyone else?
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    “Don't Tell Me You Love Me”

    Effortless as always
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    "Pull Me Under" - Petrucci Rig Preset

    They went out of business which sucks. I have songs purchased that I can't get to now. Edit: Hmm I may have finally found a tool to export the stems from purchased files.
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    "Pull Me Under" - Petrucci Rig Preset

    I got most of the scenes set up based on what was there. TYVM! It doesn't have the clean amp but I can throw something together on Y from another JP preset I have.
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    Axe FX III: Reverb Block (Part 1)

    Thank you for all of these videos that you've been posting!
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    "Pull Me Under" - Petrucci Rig Preset

    I want to do both :D The III is going to be some time down the road.
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    "Pull Me Under" - Petrucci Rig Preset

    Is there an actual Petrucci Rig preset on the II or just the Petrucci Rhythm one?
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    Racer X - Scarified cover

    LOL you nailed it.
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    Racer X - Scarified cover

    Dude, you totally missed a note in that one spot :P
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    JP-2C TM W/Quantum 9.04 - PRESET ADDED!

    Thank you for posting! I was going to try to TM this exact part later today lol
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    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    This is the result of everyone telling Mark Day he needs to use more gain.
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    Jake E. Lee era Ozzy- Killer of Giants (Live)

    TY for sharing the preset!
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    Some Dream Theater covers played live with AX8.

    TY TY TY for sharing the patch!
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    Some Dream Theater covers played live with AX8.

    Nice! Your singer f'ng killed it too!
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    Whitesnake with Adrian Smith preset

    Wait... WHAT Adrian Smith preset??
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    #PresetADay - Your Vote... **Silent Underground

    Aaaaahhhh got so caught up with stuff I missed the download for the USA IIC/Dizzy :( :( :(
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    Legacy Firmware Solution

    Does that mean we can now get the Klon? I kid! I kid! Hey.. someone had to :D :D :D
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

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    Slash's Sound on Royer Labs website

    That sounds glorious
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    Iron Maiden Concert

    Indeed. I watched a Periscope broadcast of their opening night and Adrian's solo alone during Tears of a Clown was amazing and worth dealing with the crappy phone stream. Bruce sounded in top form too.
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    Nice Guy Dave Mustaine

    No we don't need to know and no we don't need to cut him some slack. This is completely unprofessional.
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    Hangar 18 solos - JVM

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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.01 Public Beta (1)

    "Added “Dephase” control to Cabinet block. This parameter controls a sophisticated process that removes the “phasiness” from IRs and can yield a more “in the room” experience. Note that the processing required is extreme and the control can have some lag and this will also add slightly to preset...
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    Axe FX II, wsill it be obselete?

    Someone get rid of the troll please. This is nothing more than trying to stir up more crap around here.
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    how long until next firmware update?

    When it's ready
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    AX8 - Any Updates?

    He wants it to float and carry the rest of your gear for you.
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    Queensryche Patches

    If I remember right from the magazine interviews at that time they achieved it by going to lower wattage amps with a small speaker for recording.
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    What will M@'s avatar look in the future?

    Different from what it is today?
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    Mesa IIC+ G3 Vintage Petrucci Sound

    The dropbox bundle had images for the amp and cab blocks.
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    Eddie Van Halen working on new 'Plexi on Steroids'

    As long as it's balls haven't shrunk you're probably still safe.
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    10 Guitar Solos in 1 | Andre Antunes | (Plexi 100w high)

    I think the Flight of the Bumblebee part was too slow.. you could still hear the notes (at least based on the other YT vids I've seen :P)
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    John Petrucci - Scarred - Tab and Preset

    XL only Noooooooo! *cries*
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    Firmware v18.03 - Lines of Code

    Unfortunately yes lol.. Took an AI class and it was a whole semester of nothing but LISP. Ugh..
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    Firmware v18.03 - Lines of Code

    This made me cry
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    Seventh Son tone

    Nice! I've been using your previous patch quite happily to play along with this album and it sounds awesome. Can't wait to check this one out.
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    Chasing Somewhere in Time tone

    Thanks! The previous version also worked well with 7th Son songs too :D
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    FW18 Very Wet 80's Clean Tone

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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    This is why it's called a Beta. It's not done yet.
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    None of the amps I use in my main amps are converted yet lol I happen to have picked the couple Mesa and Marshalls that aren't done quite yet.. the odds lol Time to make new presets!
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    Marshall Jcm 800 2203 ZW (Zakk Wylde) Signature Head?

    Does the amp have a pinch harmonic control?
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    Semi Broken Up Brit 800 G3 FW18 Mark Day

    That is totally not how VH plays Unchained
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    FW18 "Unchained" EVH

    People are saying "so awesome" because it is a really cool tone and we understood from the start that his intent wasn't to recreate Van Halen.
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