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    Bug? Display gone blank

    Hi, As title says, the display in my MFC-101 Mark III is blank. Initially it displayed some random characters but know shows nothing, yet it still back lit. The switches don´t do anything either. I was using it via a CAT5 cable but I tried disconnecting it and powering it with the supplied PSU...
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    Baritone Post Rock - Plexi 50W, Brit 800, Zilla and new ML Bass cab pack in Drop A

    TBH, I appreciate when not every PR song sounds like it's the end of the world or something. May I ask you what pu's are those? Stock ones don't work for me and I'm looking into replace them.
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    Baritone Post Rock - Plexi 50W, Brit 800, Zilla and new ML Bass cab pack in Drop A

    Definitely sounds like Post Rock to me, maybe not as "epic" as some others, but great song nonetheless. Is that a Baritone Special Jag in your avatar? Did you use it for this track?
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    VooDoo Labs GCPro and Axe-Fx Scenes

    BTW, have you seen this: Ground Control Pro Editor Basically a web based editor for the GCP. It´s quite useful if you need to rearrange presets, edit and so on.
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    VooDoo Labs GCPro and Axe-Fx Scenes

    I just tried this and works perfect for me. Many thanks for sharing.
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    Axe FX II, POD HD 500X, Variax

    I've done exactly what you mention, but it's not a perfect system, mostly because of the palm muting issues in the variax, which made it loose a lot of the flexibility. I removed the guts of a variax guitar and put them in short of a pedal enclousure, which I could control manually or just...
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    Axe Edit all of a sudden will not connect

    I´m experiencing the same problem. Last night I updated to 18.12 and worked just fine, now it just doesn´t connect. Update: I uploaded the Firmware again and after selecting the appropriate ports in Axe edit (I also did this before and didn´t work) it works again.
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    I used the previous version on an iPad 2 and it ran flawlessly in case it helps.
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    This is fantastic news. I'll be back home on Thursday and can't wait to have this working again.
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    Axe for Lemur v3.00 ready for prime time

    "Escondido" is spanish for hidden, so it makes sense. Enviado desde mi iPhone con Tapatalk
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    Axe for Lemur v3.00 ready for prime time

    I know this has been asked many times but, isn't there any one around who would be willing to do this for a certain amount of money that we could cover among all the users interested in this project?
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    Axe for Lemur v3.00 ready for prime time

    Yes, this was such a fantastic tool.
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    Omega Massif sludge/doom tones?

    One of the first (and actually one of the few) tone matches I ever did was from the track Arcanum from their EP Geisterstadt, basically because it has kind of an isolated guitar track in the intro. I can't remember what amp I used for the preset but I'm pretty sure it was one of the high...
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    You are not alone, doomers!!
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    If you could have any two 4x12 cabs, what would they be?

    That would probably be my choice too.
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    Heads up on Alberto Barrero

    I just Pm'ed him in another Spanish forum, he might chime in and clear some doubts.
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    I think Marshall are getting nervous..

    And then the world implodes...
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    Schecter KM7

    I bought a Blackjack ATX c7 a couple of months ago. I wish my pot scratched too, haha.
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    Hendrix - you've never heard THIS before!

    Cool track, it's always great to listen something "new" from Hendrix. Are those multitracks available anyware?
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    FW15b: Herbert ch3 prob

    That's one of the greatest thing about Axefxland, isn't it?
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    Axe FX in a sludge/post-metal context...

    It sounds awesome, glad to see some of this stuff around here.
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    AOTW 4 Friedman (H)BE

    It´s also my favourite amp for hi-gainish tones, perfect balance between old school and modern type amp IMO.
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    Another shreddy solo with my new Schecter

    I bought a Schecter Blackjack from Amazon a couple of months ago and it came with no case, it was shipped in a carboard box. Great playing but the way, pero eso ya lo sabes!
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    FAS and Artists

    Actually the Axe Fx was designed for me, other artists have to adapt to that.
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    Vangelis - Blade Runner

    I made a couple of gigs behind the monitor desk for a dodgy covers act some fifteen years ago and when we got back to the wharehouse where the sound company stored the equipment I spotted this huge flightcase. When I asked about it, I was told it was keeping some old, useless, heavy synth that I...
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    Doom/Stoner Metal Presets And Tone Matches

    Bring on the doom!!!
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    High output PU´s and the Axe

    Yes, you´re right. Actually I´m myself experimenting with the various controls to improve clarity. The reason why I started this thread is because I recall reading a comment made by Cliff stating he favoured lowish output pickups, as the tone was more focused while using these. I know next to...
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    High output PU´s and the Axe

    Thanks for the answers. I understand that the AXE offers a few ways to adjust the levels, it´s extremely flexible. My question was more about changing the pick ups and trying weaker ones, as there are always lots of gain available afterwards.
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    High output PU´s and the Axe

    I know this has been somehow discussed before, but I didn´t find an specific thread about it. I´ve been using high output pickups for the last years, (SD SH-6 Distortion, Lace´s Drop and gain) basically because I favoured the sound of not so gainy amps driven hard (800 and so) rather than the...
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    Dis anyone have problems...

    Not here, using either Google Chrome on XP or Safari in 10.6.8.
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    Cab Lab Won't Install on New Mac Pro - Get Failure

    Same here, it was indeed installed even if I had the failed install message.
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    The Following tv series, can it get any worse?

    That's absolutly impossible.
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    Stratocaster - SSS Pickup Config - Maple or Rosewood Board?

    I was all about a maple strat and ended up buying a rosewood one. I think it all depends on the particular guitar. Still I think I'll get a maple one soon.
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    POD HD500: Control Presets, Scenes and Looper

    First of all, thank you very much for your help here. I tried your patch and works well for me. I had to adjust some more of the CC# that you listed, but actually that's probably becauseI programmed my HD500 a while ago and some of the CC# had already been changed by me, but since I haven't...
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    POD HD500: Control Presets, Scenes and Looper

    Hi,*thanks again, it's seems like it's online again.
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    Anyone notice the new welcome page?

    Yes, please!!!!
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    Use Tonematch to Make One Guitar Sound Like Another! (And Other Unorthodox Uses)

    Some guys around here have been into tonematching guitars just like you did, but apparently it didn´t work out as well as expected.
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    POD HD500: Control Presets, Scenes and Looper

    I know it´s probably me but...I can get to your preset page but when I try to download it redirects me to the general site-
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    POD HD500: Control Presets, Scenes and Looper

    Hi, could you please upload the preset again? Seems like it's not in the website anymore.
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    Matrix Amplification

    It´s hard to say. I have a GT1000FX and don´t miss tubes at all, but some guys are very attached to their equipment and feel like they just can´t replace the feel or sound they used to have. I would say that if you are willing to trade part of your sound/feel/you name it for something slightly...
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    This guy's playing is incredible

    I know they did some of them sometime ago, I tried one once.
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    What's so special about Matrix GT1000?

    Ok, I see. English is not my first language, as you can see.
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    What's so special about Matrix GT1000?

    Hmm, He says it's worth noting, not nothing.
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    Understanding Power Tube Bias

    Interesting, I´m learning more about tube amps since I dumped them in favour of the Axe FX.
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    We all need a guitar tech as great as this guy.

    And not exactly light ones.
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    METALLICA Chooses Fractal Audio Axe-Fx IIs for Silent Antarctica Concert

    AFAIK they don't stomp switches anymore, their techs do it for them.
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    How to achieve this kind of effect on FRFR?

    It sounds like an e-bow, but I remember Adam Jones stating he never used one in any recording, who knows.
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    METALLICA Chooses Fractal Audio Axe-Fx IIs for Silent Antarctica Concert

    To be honest, I'm not surprised at all. What else would do a better job?
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    Matrix GT 1000 FX or GT 1600 FX? Is the matrix GT 1600 FX too powerful?

    That setup is working very well for a few guys that I know, and it's quite affordable if you live in Spain. Tienes un privado
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    Matrix GT 1000 FX or GT 1600 FX? Is the matrix GT 1600 FX too powerful?

    I have a GT1000 and a Harley Benton with 12GA50's and it's loud as hell, I don't think you're really going to need more than that. Vamos, que vas a ir sobrado.
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    Matrix FR212 (passive & active)

    So, have you tested both to see if there is much of a difference between the two solutions, GT1000FX + passive VS. active? I would rather keep my GT1000FX so I could use another cab if I need to, but then I wonder if I´d be loosing something.
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    Matrix FR212 (passive & active)

    The active version is announced to be eqquiped with a GM100 module, which according to Matrix is an overpowered GM50 with some DSP processing to flatten the response. I wonder how much correction do the dsp´s on the GM100 apply to the signal and how would it be compared to amplify one of the...
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    Axe fx en español??

    Alguno que otro hay por aquí.
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    Matrix Neolight NL212 traditional cab

    No way, it has to be horizontal!!! Hahaha
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    Matrix Neolight NL212 traditional cab

    Don´t you know that soon is quite a doomed word around here?
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    Matrix Neolight NL212 traditional cab

    13,5 kg is quite impressive for a 2X12 cab. Now, any news on the 2X12 FRFR? Come on, make us happy...
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    I´ve been a SH-6 user for a few years, but I recently dicovered Lace´s Drop and Gain pu´s and gone that route with three of my guitars so far. The Duncans worked well for me but the Laces seem to help me with the slighty harsh tone I got even in my LP.
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    Well, at least the singer knows how to auto-delay himself.
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    which is the real thing?

    No idea, mi arma.
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    Anyone dialled in a Neurosis/Isis sound?

    In case it helps, here are some links to and old interview in Guitarplayer magazine and a picture of Steve Von Till's rig during the sessions for Honour found in decay. I've seen them live a few times and the equipment they were using matched more or less to what it's depicted in the article...
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    Axe for Lemur v3.00 ready for prime time

    I just installed it yesterday and haven't had much time to play with it but so far it's worked flawlessly for me. 20$ seems like a steal to me for all the features it provides. Just give us the preset managment capability and I'll send my fx a few meters away.
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    Learned something with FRFR recording today.

    I remember Cliff himself comenting on how important was the interaction between the speakers and the pickups in your guitar to achieve a good guitar sound.
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    emergency axe won't boot at soundcheck

    Glad to hear everything went fine at the end. I even thought of super gluing the ribbon cable after finding out the problem was there in my unit, but the fact that it doesn't even feel loose made me change my mind as it could just make things worse.
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    emergency axe won't boot at soundcheck

    Also, try detaching usb cable before powering up.
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    emergency axe won't boot at soundcheck

    That same thing happened to me once while attempting to power up. It eventually powered up with no more problems. My unit had a problem where the ribbon cable was loose and the lcd kind of flickered, don't know if it's related but after assuring the ribbon cable none of the problems showed up again.
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    Will spare no expense.

    +1 on this and about the A7X.
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    Roland GR 55?

    I had a lot of trouble with the gr-55, tracking was simply terrible and I got lots of ghost notes all over the place. It was so bad that I decided to get rid of it. Then I realiced I had installed the pick up upside down. Yeah, I know, you don't have to tell me.
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    Using Axe-II in projects with 44.1kHz instrument samples

    Once you have mixed down on 48 khz you´ll have to bring the final file down to 44,1 khz if you want to release it on cd, that´s for sure. But that can be done by you, by the mastering engineer or whoever is in charge of providing the final master for duplication. BUT you can work on whatever...
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    Using Axe-II in projects with 44.1kHz instrument samples

    BFD2 will definitely work in 48khz straight away. I have some pre-Axe projects in which BFD2 was used in 44.1khz that have been now converted auromatically to 48khz to accommodate Axe´s clock and there´s no problem with that. Haven´t used any of the others you mention, but I would be surprised...
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    Using Axe-II in projects with 44.1kHz instrument samples

    Ok, libraries, I knew I was missing something. Still some software will allow for upsampling as Stillbruch says or even will switch automatically to the new frecuency without any hassle. If you could give us some more details about the software you´re using maybe there´s a way you can use your...
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    Using Axe-II in projects with 44.1kHz instrument samples

    I'm afraid you can't use it in any project locked to 44,1khz, but you should be able to convert the project to 48khz and then use it. What I don't really understand is what you mean by virtual instruments using 44,1khz, usually this instruments will use the selected sample rate in the sequencer...
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    Who has sold 4x12 cabs after go fr/fr ?

    I did sell my 4X12 a while ago when I turned FRFR, but I would definetly give it some time before getting rid of the cabs, because even if I never looked back, I know of a few others whio did.
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    Sitar Tone Nailed!!

    Nailed indeed!!! Please, please, please.....
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    Axe-FX II: Hendrix - Voodoo Chile Blues + SRV Little wing

    Sounds great, curious about the amp.
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    One Tattoo?

    I got one tatoo that has been expanded twice so far, how does that count?
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    U2 Heartland attempt

    100% Agree, great cover also!
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    Axe FX en español

    Alguno hay, sí.
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    No difference that I can spot with my (not so cheap and nasty) computer speakers.
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    M13 as midi controller (possibly silly question)

    Another interesting option is using an HD500 to control the Axe, I know it sounds overkill, but it has all the features of the M13 + improved midi control. It works perfect for me because I also use variax guitars and sometimes I need to throw in some quick stomp type effects in. I was able to...
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    M13 as midi controller (possibly silly question)

    I used my M13 with an ultra for a while. The main issue is that it's quite limited control wise as you cannot change the number assigned to each preset in it, so if you're only target is to change programs it can be ok, but don't ask much more to it.
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    Speaker Resonance Controls

    Actually I would say that as you are not commited to a particular speaker but have the chance to elect from the list of virtual ones, it´s even more useful, isn´t it?
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    Axe-Fx II Technical Questions Thread

    Hi, I was wondering if in the AXE II if you use both inputs at the same time the two paths don´t get mixed when using some effect blocks like drivers or compressors or if there´s anyway to isolate both paths completly. Thanks.
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    Best power amp for the $$$

    Just imagine how wrong can opinions be due to lack of knowledge.
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    Guitar solo... No.

    Ha, ha, Great!!!
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    FCB 1010 Chop Job

    I thought that I would buy one if I coud do that to it, now I have no excuse!!!
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