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    Hello I just starting using the Lodestar (TX Star clean) for a big, thick clean tone. I have input drive at 4.8, master at 6.77 and everything else at default values. Cab is TX Star 121 from Cab Pack 10. I love the cleans I'm getting...one of my favorite in the whole box. So good! Here's...
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    Looper Control

    Hello, In Looper Control mode on the MFC, I can't figure out how to make the "metronome" switch (#10) turn the metronome on and off. Is that what it's supposed to do? Also, if I hit the tempo switch ( #5 ), the MFC behave like it would outside of Looper Control (in may case, switches me to...
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    Hello Absolutely loving FW10. Amazing tone and feel. Loving AC30, Nuclear, 59 Bassman, ODS, Vibrolux...mostly clean-ish amps (and Plexi !) right now. No complaints at all. Great job Fractal! However, I do have a question. I skipped FW 9 and this is my first experience with scenes. I've seen...
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    Tone Match Attempt - Brad Paisley

    Hello, Here is my first Tone Match attempt. I've tried to match Brad Paisley's tone on the track She's Everything (Live) from the record Hits Alive. To get the reference, I played about 10 seconds of the beginning of the track from my iTunes to the Axe Fx via USB. The amp block is a Mr Z 38...
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    Excess CPU Usage all of a sudden

    Please delete - Solved. Excess CPU Usage all of a sudden solved
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    AC-30 TB

    Wow... Just wanted to say I'm really loving this amp. That's all...
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    High end fizz...is this normal?

    Hello I'm hearing something across all my patches (with the exception of squeaky clean tones) that I can't stop focusing on. It's driving me crazy. It is a high end buzz/fizz/fuzz on anything amp block that is "breaking up". For lack of a better description, it's almost like it's floating...
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    New User - Dr Z model

    Hi everyone Brand new Axe-Fx II user...upgraded from a standard. I've spent a few hours with the box and I'm just beginning to dig in. Going to be fun! So here is my question, I noticed right out of the gates that the Dr. Z model is very different...not in a positive way (to my ears). This...
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