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    Song/set mode requests

    - The song names are too short. Can we have 16 character name. You've got a 20 character screen, you should be able to figure out a way to add and edit 16 character names. - Have an option to show the song name instead of the first preset. When I'm switching through songs I would really...
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    Wish Replace LEDs with LCD RGB Displays and add 2-line Main LCD

    - It would be really nice to have a unit that had the display features of the Liquid Foot Pro+ with a 2 line main screen and individual LCDs for each button. - The two line main screen would be nice for song/set mode so that you could show the name of the song/set and the current preset...
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    First Rehearsal with Ultra

    I got my Ultra Tuesday evening and was able to spend a couple of hours with it. The first thing I did was upgrade to 7.00 firmware. It was very easy and went without a hitch. Next I started previewing presets. I just used headphones while sitting on my bed. It took me over an hour to go...
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    Where to get a manual for the Liquid Foot

    I just ordered and Ultra and I'm looking at getting a new foot controller. Right now I'm using an FCB1010. It doesn't sound like Fractal is going to have their foot controller out anytime soon and so I was looking at the Liquid Foot. Does anybody know where I can get a copy of the users...
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