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    IRs created with reference mics?

    I've searched around a bit, but maybe not deeply enough. From what I see, the cab packs look like they're all created with a variety of popular mics... but are any of them created with a flat/reference mic? I'm working on getting the amp-in-the-room sound... some of the IRs sound completely...
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    Output 1 level knob "lag" in V10

    This might not technically be a bug... I haven't noticed this in any of the earlier firmware versions, but the volume control with output 1 leve knob isn't as responsive as it was in previous firmware versions, and the volume adjustments aren't as smooth and are delayed after actually turning...
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    Guitar tech in the Baltimore/DC area?

    Can anyone recommend a great tech in the Baltimore/DC area? I'm looking for someone that's great at doing work other than the typical setup, since I can do that kind of thing myself... I've checked out the techs at Bill's Music and Chuck Levin's and don't really want to use either of those...
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    Ever notice it a "doubling" sound from the Axe-Fx?

    Not sure what's going on, or if my ears are just playing tricks on me... I've noticed that it sounds at times like I'm hearing a doubling of guitar. Something like a 5ms delayed signal mixed with my real signal... or a really short reverb. The patches that I have set up are just amp and cab...
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    Tone Challenge: Funeral for a Friend - Memory and Humanity

    Check out the clips on iTunes. Particularly track 12, "Ghosts". It's got probably the best riff for hearing the tone without a lot of other stuff going on. http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?i=293851309&id=293851211&s=143441 That's a link to the song, but definitely...
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    Very loud static/distorted pink? noise after updating

    I don't remember this happening on any other firmware, but after I upgraded to 7.0 and 7.03, before my Ultra resets itself, if I have it hooked up to my power amp and cabs, it emits and horrendous (and VERY LOUD) belch (the best way I can describe it) of noise, which sounds like static but also...
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    Using Axe-Fx for effects in a loop-less amp

    If you wanted to run your Axe-Fx in front of your amp for effects only, how would you go about doing it? Right now the guitar is going into the Axe-Fx front input, then Output 1 Left is plugged into the front of my amp. The patch I have right now is just all shunts. I am trying to get the...
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    One switch to toggle between two amps?

    I'm not sure if this has been covered already, but do you guys know of a way to have one switch toggle the bypass for two amp blocks, such that I can toggle one off and the other on, and vice versa? I know I could set up an expression pedal to fade between two amps (don't know HOW, but I know...
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