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    Hold SWITCH UP not working for me

    I’ve made the confit change following Leon’s video but my hold is still switching scenes as soon as I press and hold. My scene buttons are set to unassigned on hold functions. Do I need to double set the tap and hold values for a scene change? I have latest Axe fw and fc 1.08.
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    EV-2 Availability

    Is there any word on when the EV-2's will be in stock again? I've been monitoring the page daily for what feels like forever.
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    Output meters maxed with no sound

    I'm not sure what's caused this, but pretty sure I had it happening before updating to 1.16 final (I did not install the betas). Any outputs I have in a preset show a maxed output meter - full red, and there is no sound. This happens for all presets. The FAS ones light up one meter, but when...
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    Rite of Passage - Petrucci rhythm sound

    After a little tweaking and some input on another forum I think it's ok to post this now. Please, I know the playing isn't correct and sloppy, this was done more just for working on the sound so be gentle :lol: I did two passes, on each pass I sent both left and right outputs of the Axe-FX...
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