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    Matchless Chieftan Quantum Tone - Ambient

    clip was great. thanks for sharing!
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    quantum, now cab backups = message timeout

    Me too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wow, that was great. Probably a little too much gain for my purpose...but, I did download the patch and learned how well the amp responds to the guitar's volume knob. Thanks for pointing me in that direction. Thanks Thomas. Would you leave the Input and Master knobs at around 5? I'm just...
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    Thanks for the above info and suggestions. Dblue, I'm liking both of the drive combinations. Also, I'm definitely taking a little presence out. Thanks! Just a little more context. I like to run my presets with the same amp on both X and Y of the amp block. X is a clean amp tone and Y is the...
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    Hello I just starting using the Lodestar (TX Star clean) for a big, thick clean tone. I have input drive at 4.8, master at 6.77 and everything else at default values. Cab is TX Star 121 from Cab Pack 10. I love the cleans I'm getting...one of my favorite in the whole box. So good! Here's...
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    My Attempt at Mysterious Ways A3 for Axe-Fx II

    Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing!
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    My problem is getting worse

    I can relate as I had a similar experience yesterday. Halfway through a prominent, repeating guitar line, my MFC/Axe went into tuner mode for no reason...silence. Argh! So frustrating.
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    Badger 30 and tremolo

    Yeah, that's cool. Killer tone!
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    Looper Control

    Thanks for your reply. I'm running FW 10.0 and 2.15 respectively. When I hit the button on the Axe front panel and go to metronome, it is turned off. When I turn the knob to on, I hear the metronome as expected. I would have thought that the button on the MFC would be able to turn it on and...
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    Looper Control

    Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.
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    Looper Control

    Hello, In Looper Control mode on the MFC, I can't figure out how to make the "metronome" switch (#10) turn the metronome on and off. Is that what it's supposed to do? Also, if I hit the tempo switch ( #5 ), the MFC behave like it would outside of Looper Control (in may case, switches me to...
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    Country Amp suggestions

    Hmmm, gotta try this...
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    Yes, I actually tested this and noticed I have better (not great) results without the USB plugged in. I'm going to try to lower the CPU % to see if I can correct it completely. Thanks everyone.
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    Country Amp suggestions

    This, plus a pedal compressor and a little slap back delay is a perfect chicken pickin set up.
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    Swart AST is right on, thanks Cliff

    I really enjoying this amp as well...great addition to the Axe!
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    The CPU is running fairly high, about 90%. But if that was the cause, wouldn't it be apparent all the time...not just when switching scenes. Or, does switching scenes cause an increased load on the CPU? Thanks!
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    Thanks for the reply. I was finally able to spend more time testing this out tonight. Yes, I'm 100% sure I'm switch scenes, not presets. Right now it is not happening every time I switch scenes...maybe 10% (not scientific). It's not as bad as it was the other night. But, when it happens, it's a...
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    Hello Absolutely loving FW10. Amazing tone and feel. Loving AC30, Nuclear, 59 Bassman, ODS, Vibrolux...mostly clean-ish amps (and Plexi !) right now. No complaints at all. Great job Fractal! However, I do have a question. I skipped FW 9 and this is my first experience with scenes. I've seen...
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    V10 Update

    Perfect. Thanks for working so hard to continually raise the bar.
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    Yep, me too.
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    Sudden CPU Spike. WTF?!

    I had the same thing happen awhile back. Then I realized my computer was using the AxeFx as a sound card. I changed this and everything was back to normal...even with the USB plugged in.
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    Version 10.0 Sample

    That was cool ! Sounded amazing. Thank you!
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    Gigging users vs. non-gigging users?

    6-8 times per month
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    SoCal Axe Users Meeting?

    South OC...definitely interested. Great idea!
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    Tone Match Attempt - Brad Paisley

    Yeah, you're right. After recording the clip. I took out some gain and some low end...much better/closer now. Thanks! One thing I've noticed about this particular match is that it only sounds useable with the guitar I used for the original match. Other guitars (particularly with humbuckers)...
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    Tone Match Attempt - Brad Paisley

    Thanks everyone. I attached the patch in the original post.
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    Tone Match Attempt - Brad Paisley

    Thanks. I'll post the patch later tonight when I get home.
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    Tone Match Attempt - Brad Paisley

    Hello, Here is my first Tone Match attempt. I've tried to match Brad Paisley's tone on the track She's Everything (Live) from the record Hits Alive. To get the reference, I played about 10 seconds of the beginning of the track from my iTunes to the Axe Fx via USB. The amp block is a Mr Z 38...
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    Tuner Jitter

    I've had the same experience with the low E string...jumps all over the place. 12th fret harmonic is the only way I can tune it.
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    Who here got rid of ALL of their pedals for Axe-Fx?

    Mine are all long gone! +1 on the Klon... ...Doubling my money made it a little easier though.
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    Excess CPU Usage all of a sudden

    Rex, thanks for the reply. It turns out that my DAW (Logic) was using the Axe USB as output...thus, driving up the CPU usage. Switched it back to my audio interface and problem solved.
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    Excess CPU Usage all of a sudden

    Please delete - Solved. Excess CPU Usage all of a sudden solved
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    AC-30 TB

    For my basic, slight break up tone, I've left Bass-Mid-Treb at 5, a little High Cut, put MV at 10 and Drive at 4.54. I'm pairing with the 2x12 Top Boost Blue (RW). Sounds great to my ears.
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    AC-30 TB

    Wow... Just wanted to say I'm really loving this amp. That's all...
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    High end fizz...is this normal?

    yeah, cool!
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    What has your Axe II replaced?

    Nice amps. Boutique pedals. A million george L connectors. Everything. ...actually, I kept my volume pedal to use as an expression pedal. Not looking back...at all.
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    High end fizz...is this normal?

    Thanks everyone. The recent posts have been very helpful and insightful.
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    High end fizz...is this normal?

    Okay, thanks. That's helpful info. Guess I was wrong about not posting on this anymore!
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    High end fizz...is this normal?

    Yesterday, before posting the plexi (again, poor discernment on my part by using the plexi as an example), other users said they hear what I hear on my clips from the top boost and Mr Z. Suggestions were fret buzz, output levels etc., but folks acknowledged there was something. Now, it seems...
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    High end fizz...is this normal?

    Thanks everyone for chiming in. I really appreciate the thoughts. Maybe the plexi was a poor example due to the nature of the amp itself. I want to make sure I'm communicating it correctly. I am not referring to the core tone of each of the samples I posted...those amps' tones are amazing as...
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    High end fizz...is this normal?

    Okay, sample #3. This is now the STOCK Plexi Normal. I bypassed the delay and reverb and LOWERED THE LEVEL in the amp block to -20.9dB. The preset defaults to -9.5dB. Also, I turned the output level knob on the front of the box to under 10 o'clock (about 1/3 of the way up). Again, first...
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    High end fizz...is this normal?

    Haha. Yes, you are right! I confused myself for a bit as I have done both setups. These recordings were USB straight in. I did do a XLR to the apogee Duet 2 into Logic. I was coming into Logic at -16 to -12. But, this was NOT how the clips were recorded. Sorry for the confusion.
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    High end fizz...is this normal?

    Thanks for the reply. I'll check the output level/buffers tonight. I'm pretty sure it's not the input level at the interface (apogee duet) because I'm coming in between -16 and -12. Thanks
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    High end fizz...is this normal?

    Here is another short sample with a different Stock preset (Mr. Z) with delay and reverb bypassed. This was recorded with a different guitar (Tele - single coil bridge, no fret buzz). The first part of the clip has the amp block bypassed. When the amp block turns on, you can hear the fizz...
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    High end fizz...is this normal?

    Thanks for the replies so far. It's not a fret buzz as it doesn't matter what guitar I'm playing. Also, the first part of the clip with the amp block bypassed shows that there is no buzz. Then, when I turn the amp block on, the buzz starts. The preset is the stock "Top Boost" in bank A...but...
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    High end fizz...is this normal?

    Hello I'm hearing something across all my patches (with the exception of squeaky clean tones) that I can't stop focusing on. It's driving me crazy. It is a high end buzz/fizz/fuzz on anything amp block that is "breaking up". For lack of a better description, it's almost like it's floating...
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    New User - Dr Z model

    Thanks or the replies. Looking forward to the update!
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    New User - Dr Z model

    Hi everyone Brand new Axe-Fx II user...upgraded from a standard. I've spent a few hours with the box and I'm just beginning to dig in. Going to be fun! So here is my question, I noticed right out of the gates that the Dr. Z model is very different...not in a positive way (to my ears). This...
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    Keith Urban 'Til Summer Comes Along Preset

    This patch is great. Played with it a bunch last night and really digging it. Thanks for sharing!
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    May have to wait just a bit longer

    Week of June 6th and plenty of units...pretty much sums up all I need to know. Cool.
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    What is your live set-up with the Axe look / sound like?

    I usually have my standard in a rack case hidden right behind a wedge monitor on the floor. Between me and the axe is the mfc. I go straight to the board from stereo balanced outs. From the board back to the wedge monitors.
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    El Capistan attempt

    Wow. Love this. Thanks for sharing!!!
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    Brad Paisley / Keith Urban Patches

    I agree. It's the only reason I immediately bonded with the box. The maz is my go to amp model.
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    Standard and MFC101 or Ultra...

    I love my standard. So, no brainer for me to recommend that route.
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