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    FC Setlist and Song modes

    Same here. I got on the wait list for the Axe Fx III when it first came out and bought one the day I got the invite in the mail. I had planned to do the same for the FC-12. I had reserved an FC-12 and FC-6 and had special plans for what I wanted to do with them. I got on the wait list and I...
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    Questions: Effects Trails and Setlists

    Concerning setlists: I was all ready to buy FC-12 and FC-6, but when I found out that it had no setlist functionality, I decided to wait. It never happened so I ended up getting an RJM Mastermind GT/22. Works really well and was very intuitive to setup. Has a great editor for creating songs...
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    FC Series Controllers Waitlist

    I got my invite for the FC12 today after almost a year of waiting. Still no setlist mode implemented. I use setlist, exclusively, for doing gigs and I'm not really interested in taking a step backwards. I bought a Mastermind GT/22 early last fall so I could have something to use while I...
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    FC Series Controllers Waitlist

    I just got a GT/22 a couple of weeks ago. Works great with the Axe-Fx III and scenes. Love the interface. Very easy to setup and use. Great controller. You can't use a 3 pin XLR cable for data and power, but they do have a 6 pin XLR option to do bidirectional communication and supply...
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    RJM Mastermind GT/22 Compatibility?

    So are you going to just keep a thumb drive that has the setup for the Axe-Fx II and the Axe-FX III and just upload the one you need or are you going to try to do it with one setup? The GT is pretty deep. Doesn't bother me, though. I just extend the boom on my mic another 4 inches and I...
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    RJM Mastermind GT/22 Compatibility?

    I just got my GT/22 a week or so ago. I got everything setup the way I want to use it and realized I could do everything I want live with a GT/16 because of the scenes feature and the extra RJM foot switches and pedals I added. However, I like having the extra buttons and scribble strips for...
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    FC12 timeline?

    I agree that there are other good options. I bought the Axe-FX III quite a while ago. One of the things I really like is the FC12 idea and having that all integrated into the Axe-FX III. One editor that updates both the Axe and the FC12 is really nice, as well. I have been continuing to use...
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    Who's Planning To "Eventually" Move Up To The III?

    I am definitely getting this when my confirmation email comes. I would get it now if I could. I love the foot pedal design and the fact that it's all edited from the AXE box. I want one PC-12 and one PC-6. I love that it's two rows of foot switches instead of 4. Much easier to manage in a...
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    Song/set mode requests

    I've done that before, too, but I have a lot of songs that use the same preset and I want to reuse the the presets so as not to waste preset slots and so if I need to tweak the preset I don't have to do it in 20 different places. I may have to go back to doing it this way because I think this...
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    Song/set mode requests

    Yes, I did that and it works OK except it doesn't auto load the preset for me. I can live with that. It's just a pain to try and fit unique song names into 7 characters. For example, our band does "Money for Nothin" and "Money" so I have to call "Money for Nothin" something like "MoneyFo" or...
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    Song/set mode requests

    - The song names are too short. Can we have 16 character name. You've got a 20 character screen, you should be able to figure out a way to add and edit 16 character names. - Have an option to show the song name instead of the first preset. When I'm switching through songs I would really...
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    XL first impressions

    I got my Axe FX II XL and MFC101 Mark III last week. I currently have an Ultra that I've had for almost 6 years. The presets all sound better to me on the XL. I don't know exactly what is different but it sounds and feels better to me. Especially with the clean presets. I have never...
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    Wish Replace LEDs with LCD RGB Displays and add 2-line Main LCD

    - It would be really nice to have a unit that had the display features of the Liquid Foot Pro+ with a 2 line main screen and individual LCDs for each button. - The two line main screen would be nice for song/set mode so that you could show the name of the song/set and the current preset...
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    Ideal ground controller of my dreams for A-FX...

    I like the 1U MIDI knob controller idea. I was thinking of this very thing last week. If for no other reason, it would make tweaking without the editor easier.
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    First Rehearsal with Ultra

    I have been really happy with the Ultra. To be honest I haven't even touched my roadster since I got it. I have used the Ultra at every practice. I haven't played live with it yet, so I can't tell you how that will be. I haven't really tried to match the roadster yet, either. I've mainly...
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    First ULTRA gig! Wow!

    That's exactly what I do. Mine's on the left because I'm on the left of the stage as I face the audience. I do it so I can see the tuner and the preset names and just in case I need to tweek something really fast.
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    First Rehearsal with Ultra

    I got my Ultra Tuesday evening and was able to spend a couple of hours with it. The first thing I did was upgrade to 7.00 firmware. It was very easy and went without a hitch. Next I started previewing presets. I just used headphones while sitting on my bed. It took me over an hour to go...
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    FCB1010 expression pedal programming

    You can't do the stomp box stuff without the uno, but the preset section still works similarly. You should be able to just set up the CC numbers in the Editor for the expression pedals and then let the AXE FX learn them. I am doing the same thing with my setup. I will have a WAH on the left...
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    FCB1010 expression pedal programming

    Try this. I just did mine this weekend. I changed my setup slightly from voes, but this is a very helpful site.
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    Where to get a manual for the Liquid Foot

    I just ordered and Ultra and I'm looking at getting a new foot controller. Right now I'm using an FCB1010. It doesn't sound like Fractal is going to have their foot controller out anytime soon and so I was looking at the Liquid Foot. Does anybody know where I can get a copy of the users...
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