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    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I was on the waitlist on Feb 6 at 4:06pm EST. I should see the invite soon!
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    Arch Echo - Hip Dipper (instrumental prog jams)

    I'll definitely be picking it up!
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    Arch Echo - Hip Dipper (instrumental prog jams)

    This is great stuff... I'd definitely buy an album of it!
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    ORS (Fuzzrock) first album released - Axe-FX II all along !

    This is pretty cool stuff. Is your singer influenced by Karnivool?
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    Fender Super Reverb '74...wow

    I've had the same experience. The Axe-Fx completely nails that tone. Have fun! :)
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    Glenn Fricker's Opinion.

    It's plain to see that he misses the point of the Axe-Fx and similar modelers while playing live... The control options, and the output options, and the consistency of the sound. It makes me sad to see someone put so much time and effort into telling someone else what to do or use on a...
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    Funk Fusion with the AXE FX II

    You wouldn't happen to be influenced at all (even just tonally?) by Greg Howe, would ya? :D
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    New from Marshall!!! It's a... phone?

    This is the best idea I've seen in a while. You could make your Fractal woman emulate any other woman. This sounds pretty clutch.
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    Never get a good sound with Axe FX II

    I didn't think the Sweet Child patch sounded bad. The KSE clip sounded like the EQ was set up for a pretty narrow band, like it was recorded from a phone speaker. What IR are you using?
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    Amp Speaker Page matched to cab?

    It may have been mentioned a while ago that the speaker tab is on the amp block because there isn't a good way for the blocks to communicate data to each other besides the input and output of the Axe-Fx's input signal. I didn't look for an actual quote though, I just vaguely remember someone...
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    Fryette Power Station tube power amp

    I have one here, but I haven't used it a lot, yet. Just with a Red Iron Amps T-Rex. Does a good job of attenuating, but I'm no expert on that kind of stuff. Seems to be very well-made, though!
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    IRs created with reference mics?

    Any mic will do that if the sample length is long enough, right? I don't want an IR like that for use on a recording, I just want it for my own enjoyment while I'm in my living room, playing through the Axe-Fx into a powered monitor. To get the amp-in-the-room sound, I am guessing (and...
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    IRs created with reference mics?

    I've searched around a bit, but maybe not deeply enough. From what I see, the cab packs look like they're all created with a variety of popular mics... but are any of them created with a flat/reference mic? I'm working on getting the amp-in-the-room sound... some of the IRs sound completely...
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    So I played through a Two Rock combo yesterday.....

    I get what you're saying and agree with getting the best out of whatever you're using. Use what works for you, it's not a competition. Regarding the part of your post I quoted, a powered monitor can fill a room just as well as a tube amp. They can sound very similar too, with the right cab IR.
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    So I played through a Two Rock combo yesterday.....

    I was at my guitar tech's shop last weekend and brought my Axe-Fx II and an FBT Verve 12ma and dialed it as close as I could to his 70s Super Reverb. We got the Axe-Fx to the point, without a lot of tweaking, that it sounded and reacted so close to the Super Reverb that I couldn't really tell...
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    Recording with/without FX

    Have you thought about reamping? It is the best of both worlds, to me. While you record you can monitor your playing with whatever amps/effects you want, but you set up Reaper/Cubase/etc to record the dry signal from your guitar. Then you can run that signal back through the Axe and record it...
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    low tuned melodic death metal

    Sounds like the vocalist on the track is influenced by Jeff Walker. :)
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    5153 tone test

    I would love to hear some more high-end on the guitars. I love the growl you're getting here!
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    Something Cool I've Been Working On

    When Jay released his initial far-field IRs I commented that they sounded boxy and weird, and he replied (I paraphrase) "Of course they sound boxy, speaker cabinets are boxes". I did not like his reply. I thought the IRs sounded pretty weird, myself. I don't use them...
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    My thoughts so far..

    You need an electric guitar.
  21. F


    I'm wondering why raising the master volume doesn't raise the "thunk" value. It might be difficult software-wise to implement it, but I'd think there would be parameters that shifted in value as the master volume is raised or lowered. Or in the case of sag, it's more noticeable at higher...
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    How it's Made: Dream Cars

    Sounds great! Always nice to hear some low-tuned stuff that's not "djent" once in a while. :)
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    Suhr guitars on the bright side?

    I don't think Suhr guitars are brighter than Fender guitars, as rule. I do think Suhrs have better string-to-string definition, which makes chords sound clearer, but that's a setup (and possibly bridge) issue. Suhr guitars are put on the plek before they go out, and as long as the intonation...
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    Help: Can’t connect to any websites but Google and Facebook

    See if you can access the sites by IP. If so, then it's probably just a DNS issue. Your ISP provides you with DNS servers, but you can also specify your own, and there are many DNS providers out there to use.
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    Output 1 level knob "lag" in V10

    This might not technically be a bug... I haven't noticed this in any of the earlier firmware versions, but the volume control with output 1 leve knob isn't as responsive as it was in previous firmware versions, and the volume adjustments aren't as smooth and are delayed after actually turning...
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    No midi CCs received until selection of other preset

    I think an issue that I've noticed with v10 is another symptom of the problem the OP reported... When I power on the Axe-Fx, the MFC has no effect., the Axe-Fx doesn't respond to it. If I unplug the ethernet cable, then plug it back in, the preset that the MFC was set to will be reselected, and...
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    "Perfect" - A few ideas, tell me what you think! (Axe-FX STNDRD, JP7, SD2.0)

    Man, that was awesome. Just... wow. Awesome!
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    East Coast AXE FEST ?

    I'm a bit south of Baltimore, MD. I'd be up for an Axe-Fest East.
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    Rocksmith game is awesome!

    I have that game, but I misplaced my analog connector for the PS3, so it's hooked up to my TV over HDMI. I can't work around the delay issues between when I play a note on the guitar and Rocksmith plays it back to me.. there's something like a 70ms delay or maybe even more. It's REALLY hard to...
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    Wanted: Amps to Model

    Cliff, are you interested in the Red Iron Amps T-Rex? It's in the style of a Trainwreck but the maker of the amp describes it more of a "Fender Champ on steroids" if I remember correctly. It's a pretty cool amp. 30w, baxandall EQ (treble and bass knobs) and a single volume knob. In a...
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    Wanted: Amps to Model

    I have one of these I could send him for modeling...
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    New Periphery Album

    Casey Sabol was AMAZING with Periphery. I really liked the stuff I heard with Casey on it. Spencer's singing from the first album was good, but I preferred Casey's singing, probably because that's what I heard first. On the new disc, Spencer's singing seems way better than his effort on the...
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    Tone Matching an Amp II

    The second part of the clip sounds more "saturated" to me. Sounds better... Hope that one is the Axe-Fx!
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    Jump Start (Greg Howe COVER) w/patch

    This is really good, great job!
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    The unofficial MODERATED waiting list

    I got a confirmation email of being added to the waiting list on 8/29/2011 at 14:29.
  36. F

    Guitar tech in the Baltimore/DC area?

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I'll check 'em out!
  37. F

    Guitar tech in the Baltimore/DC area?

    No recommendations? Are there not a lot of techs in the area or are you guys keeping them a secret? :)
  38. F

    Guitar tech in the Baltimore/DC area?

    Can anyone recommend a great tech in the Baltimore/DC area? I'm looking for someone that's great at doing work other than the typical setup, since I can do that kind of thing myself... I've checked out the techs at Bill's Music and Chuck Levin's and don't really want to use either of those...
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    Earthquake anyone?

    I live in MD and felt the earthquake today at work... I've never felt one before, so this was pretty strange. For about a half an hour I didn't feel safe being in the building, then that passed. Maybe I'm a wuss, but I don't like things that can threaten my life and I don't have any control...
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    Brand new Axe II arrives today, and I am freaking stuck in the ER

    I had my appendix out almost a year ago. It was the easiest thing I ever went through... Went to sleep, woke up a little sore with a couple tiny incisions... After the hospital released me I went home for a couple days, but I could play all the guitar I wanted. It really wasn't that bad at...
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    Stephen Carpenter, the JMP1, and Diamond Eyes

    Have you tried using the 4x12 German cab with the R121 mic sim? I would think that'd give you a lot of low-end, but maybe not enough in the 30hz range? Give it a shot!
  42. F

    Picture Thread! Post your Guitars!

    That spalt maple Tyler is amazingly beautiful! I love me some spalt maple. Thanks for posting that pic! :)
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    Clean and dirty clips of my new ViK custom 7-string

    I think it's the player, not the patch :)
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    The K10

    I would love to know similar information regarding the FBT Verve 12ma, but I lack the knowledge and experience to do it myself. I'll have to google around a bit to see if anyone has looked into that speaker. I know one of the users here created an IR to flatten out the FBT Verve, but his unit...
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    Hiwatt Sims

    I didn't really do anything special to get the swirl out of the HIPOWER sim... I have a Red Iron Amps T-Rex that when turned up loud swirls a whole lot, it was amp that made me say, "Oh, that's what swirl is...". The HIPOWER does the swirl thing with the master volume turned up.
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    AxeFx II (vs. Ultra) - has anybody actually heard it?

    With all due respect, Mr. Chase, the Axe-Fx Standard/Ultra did the "swirl" thing, at least on the HIPOWER sims... :D
  47. F

    Another Day

    Sounds great man! Tone and chops alike!
  48. F

    Firmware Version 10.03 Up

    I've had an Axe-Fx since somewhere in the 2.0 or 3.0 version of the firmware, I can't remember... and updated with every version up 'til 10.0, then didn't install 10.01 or 10.02. I know there were some changes in there affecting the high frequencies, but quite frankly, my Axe-Fx has never...
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    Ever notice it a "doubling" sound from the Axe-Fx?

    DNW is right... I'm running mono into my Verve 12ma, and that's it.. nothing else is hooked up to the Axe-Fx except for my guitar. I really have to see if I can capture what I'm talking about in a recording.
  50. F

    Ever notice it a "doubling" sound from the Axe-Fx?

    Thanks for the responses, all... What I'm talking about isn't the acoustic sound of my guitar... It sounds like a doubling of the guitar coming out of my monitor, and it makes it sound very fake. It literally sounds like there's a second signal going through the AxeFx on a very short delay...
  51. F

    Ever notice it a "doubling" sound from the Axe-Fx?

    Not sure what's going on, or if my ears are just playing tricks on me... I've noticed that it sounds at times like I'm hearing a doubling of guitar. Something like a 5ms delayed signal mixed with my real signal... or a really short reverb. The patches that I have set up are just amp and cab...
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    Recto Orange and tele

    Ah ok. Sounds nice and thick. Great playing too. I don't know if you've been listening to Opeth a lot lately, but I kept hearing the influence in there!
  53. F

    Recto Orange and tele

    What pickups do you have in that thar tele, Mr. Crunk?
  54. F


    I think Cliff posted to the forum directly from his Axe-Fx.
  55. F

    Marsha clip

    OK, thanks. I was wondering if you had branched out into other IRs or if you were using stock. Looks like you're sticking with the stock ones for now. Sounds great!
  56. F

    Marsha clip

    Which cab sim are you going through, and do you have any EQing going on or is it pretty much a straight-up preset?
  57. F

    Cool synth sound.

    I love your law blog, man.
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    so my front input broke after 2 months!!!!!!

    This is exactly what happened to mine... seems like a common problem, especially with vibration during shipping. No biggie. Just make sure if you're gigging, you have a screwdriver handy so you can open it up and stick the connector back on if you have to. it'd be nice if it used a clip to...
  59. F

    so my front input broke after 2 months!!!!!!

    I had this happen when I received my Ultra. No sound from the front input... Talked to Cliff and he recommended I check the connector from the front input to where it connects to the "motherboard" and sure enough, it was almost off the pins, from shipping most likely. Not sure how you have...
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    10.01 Ultra Shiva Lead Clip

    Right... which is why I said something like the "brootalz" filter trick, but messing with the initial volume and eq instead of just the low-end. :D
  61. F

    10.01 Ultra Shiva Lead Clip

    I haven't listened to your clip Scott, so my comment wasn't directed at what you recorded. It was a comment made from my own experience with my Axe-Fx. I'd call the Axe-Fx dynamic... it reacts well to how hard you pick. I just haven't been able to figure out how to get the attack to soften...
  62. F

    10.01 Ultra Shiva Lead Clip

    I know what "Marshall amp" is talking about with the stiff attack. There are some tones on albums that have a softer attack to the riffing, it sounds like there's more give there than when I try to get similar tones with my Axe-Fx. A couple of examples.. Momento Mori from Flyleaf, or Memory...
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    MFC 101 update ?

    I've been on the waiting list for 24 months, and I haven't gotten an email from Fractal. If he's only been waiting 19 months... well, I don't believe him.
  64. F

    MFC 101 update ?

    I've been on the list since July 2, 2008... almost two years. I hope I'm near the top! I have a nice chunk of money set aside.. It's been set aside since the thing was announced!
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    Video: Scar Symmetry solo cover! (Shred lead tone)

    Sounds real good man. Have you been taking lessons? :P
  66. F

    Euro 2 clip, Redwirez Uberkab V30

    I like logging in to the forum and seeing new posts from you, Mr. Crunk. Nice clip!
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    First gig with the Axe FX and my original band

    It's good to be nervous! That means you really care about it. If you weren't nervous or excited to play, that's when I'd start to worry...
  68. F

    First gig with the Axe FX and my original band

    Oh hamburgers! Congrats on your gig going over so well man!
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    Getting a "better" sound

    When you made the patch at home, did you have the volume at the same level that you were listening to it at rehearsal? If you create patches at bedroom level, usually they'll sound like they have too much bass and treble at loud(er) volumes.
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    New Electro-metal track by my band Red Seas Fire!

    You need to snag this guy before someone else does. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZsBL4d1Eus
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    Comparing 2 bluesy lead clips

    Both tones are indeed great! I like the Trainwreck with the Tube Driver tone better. The single coil tone comes through more on the Trainwreck, and I like how the bottom end sounds a little better than the US Lead 1 and UKGC30. All IMHO, of course. :)
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    Lexicon MPX R1

    I'll try giving Lexicon a call on Saturday to see what they say. It really isn't too bad, it has only really screwed up on me once while rehearsing, but I never ended up gigging with that band, and haven't used the MPX-R1 on a gig... I'd be too scared to take it to a gig, but luckily I don't...
  73. F

    Lexicon MPX R1

    I wonder if Lexicon would replace all the switches for a reasonable cost. I just do NOT feel like putting the money and time into it since I'm getting rid of it when the Fractal controller is available.
  74. F

    Lexicon MPX R1

    Sure, I'd like to see the info. I heard that it was a pain to replace the switches, with soldering and all. If I do anything to replace the switches, I'd like to upgrade them to something that won't just flake out again in a few years...
  75. F

    Lexicon MPX R1

    My MPX-R1 is also in need of new switches. They all work, but they're quirky. I will be selling it (along with my MPX-G2) as soon as Fractal Audio sends me my MFC101 :)
  76. F

    Periphery Album News and Sampler Clip!!

    No really, you're right.. I don't drink the same toilet water, and we do have different fathers... I'm drinking Anne Arundel toilet water and they're drinking Montgomery toilet water (I think?)... Maybe I should move...
  77. F

    Periphery Album News and Sampler Clip!!

    I live in MD but I am in no way approaching the level of musicianship those "other" guys have. :)
  78. F

    Some mocha fuze syrup on Steely Dan - patch critique please

    Wow Scott! How about giving us all a gift for the holiday season and post that patch!? :)
  79. F

    Recto New clip

    Radley on the forum here started a thread on using the parametric EQ for doing pretty much exactly what you're talking about. Check this out: http://www.fractalaudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=12374&start=0
  80. F

    AFX clean tones

    It doesn't seem to matter what gear I use, I can never find a clean tone that I like. A couple of my favorite recorded clean tones are the cleans on Opeth's Blackwater Park, or Andy Timmons' Resolution. I just can't seem to dial the tones in to sound similar though. It seems I really don't...
  81. F

    Patch critique needed - HAD again

    I think this is your best tone with the Axe-Fx yet Scott. However, it's missing a little bit of the chirp that you had on (I think?) Bad Milk. Of course, you were going for the horn thing, and horns don't chirp. I like the tone here, but I'd like to hear a bit more of the pick out in front of...
  82. F

    Dumble Shmumble Bossa Clip - Remix uploaded

    Re: Dumble Shmumble Bossa Clip - New Patch tweaks This sounds great Scott. I dialed in the settings from your Bad Milk patch, and played for about two hours. It was a huge difference (and improvement) from the default settings on that HAD ODS 1 sim. What other changes did you make for this...
  83. F

    Rippin' new Dumble patch track. (new) Patch settings posted!

    Re: Rippin' new Dumble patch track. Remixed! Try to convince Tag. :P
  84. F

    Rippin' new Dumble patch track. (new) Patch settings posted!

    Re: Rippin' new Dumble patch track. Best one yet? I think he means tips for tweaking the HAD ODS 1, Spec OD 1 and Spec OD 2 sims... :)
  85. F

    Rippin' new Dumble patch track. (new) Patch settings posted!

    Re: Rippin' new Dumble patch track. Best one yet? Some of the best tone I've heard from you, but also absolutely the best playing I've heard from you! Well, all your playing is good, but this one is more up my alley. Definitely rippin'!
  86. F

    Another Axe Dumble Clip - Funk Fusion Wankery

    Sounds like you played differently on this clip Scott... either the tones or the Carruthers must've been inspiring! :) There's some really cool stuff going on in the clip, and I think the tone is pretty awesome. I like the amount of gain. I need to hook the laptop up to the stereo so I can...
  87. F

    Finally did an Axe clip. Dumble model with tweaks.

    How are you getting your guitar out there Scott? Having it shipped or carrying on to the plane?
  88. F

    Finally did an Axe clip. Dumble model with tweaks.

    This sounds great Scott! I don't know what it sounded like in the room, but on the recording I think this sounds a lot like your real amps. Did you try hooking it up to a SS power amp and playing through one of your cabs? I'd be interested in hearing what tweaks you made to the model... And...
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    D20 - Rickets (With Vocals)

    I thought it was a good take, but it sounds like there were parts on the screams where you were forcing it a little too much and it sounded too strained. Also I think it'd sound better if the screams had more range to them, they were a bit monotone. A good starting point though! All this is...
  90. F

    Euro 1 clip

    I'll have to mess around trying to come up with something similar. I have no problem dialing crunch/heavier tones with the almost any gear, but I can never get clean tones that I like... probably because I spend 95% of my time playing dirty and never mess around much with clean tones... As far...
  91. F

    Updating Firmware Should Not Be...

    Re: Updated Firmware Should Not Be... I use a Presonus Firebox with MidiOx, and with the settings that are (or were?) in the files that come with the firmware, I've installed every single firmware update on first try, for over two years now. I know this doesn't help the OP out much, but I...
  92. F

    Euro 1 clip

    What's the deal with the clean tone? It's very nice! What amp, effects, settings did you use?
  93. F

    Marco Sfogli got his Ultra...

    Yes, he said he put the patch on Axechange...
  94. F

    Who has removed the display protector?

    For some reason, I still have the plastic on my Ultra's display. I remove them from everything else, but not the Ultra. Not sure why...
  95. F

    D20-Deftones Cover

    Around the Fur is such a great album, probably my favorite of theirs. I like all their stuff, but that album was the first one I bought from them, and I guess I'm partial to it because that's what hooked me on them. Definitely repost when you put vocals on it, I'd like to hear it.
  96. F

    D20-Deftones Cover

    Sounds spot on during the intro/chorus sections! I was waiting to hear the phone ring, but it sounds like you didn't get that part. :)
  97. F

    Confession of a Luddite

    Simple solution? Buy a second Axe-Fx, and tweak at your leisure with the new firmware... :lol:
  98. F

    MFC-101 Videos

    It's stepped though, so even if the spacing is narrow, you really only have to worry about side-to-side spacing. Should be ok unless your feet are really wide. My Lexicon MPX-G2 feels narrow to me but I can still manage to hit the buttons on it, although it'd be easier if it was stepped. I so...
  99. F

    AXE FAILED ME??on debut

    You sure about that? I think I remember from math class if you divide an infinite number by a finite number, the remainder is infinite...
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