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    Nightwish Cover, Ghost love Score

    Wow! Outstanding!!
  2. M

    80s-Style Thrash Riffing

    YAY .. full force ahead! Thumbs up.
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    Help, please: Axe-Edit says "Disconnected!" all the time

    I had this happen a lot, too, that my PC didn't recognize the AxeFx (-> USB). But, for me, this all happened with the change from Win7 to 10. With Win7, I installed the driver pack back then and could forget about it. Never anything like this happened. But with Win10 and it's 7684345 builds...
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    I Don't Care - Power Pop Rock Version

    That was very nice. Thanks for sharing.
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    USA LEAD & ML Sound Lab mesa trad ''EPIC'' MIX IR in ACTION!!!

    Extreme playing here, wow, thumbs up ... oh, and yea, belated happy B-Day.
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    Metallica - “Orion” cover

    Saugut! Thanks for sharing.
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    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Thanks for the update! Much appreciated. I'm on the fence, to be honest. Something in 2.0 sounds, as if some of the "balls" are missing, kinda thin-something. I'm not quite sure yet.
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    Sycamore Tree - Hall Of Mirrors

    Really nice song. Thanks for sharing.
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    What are you GASing for right now?

    Either a Suhr Classic HSS 3 tone sunburst with an rosewood fingerboard, or rather the maple one? ... errr I don't know ... or the Jackson Adrian Smith Sig. in snow white ... choices are a bit more rare when you're a lefty, but I still can't decide with what to fill my GAS'ing :dizzy::grimacing:
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    "Brothers In Arms" tone - Dire Straits

    That's really fantastic.
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    The Stampede Hans Zimmer Lion King ***Guitar Cover***

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing.
  12. M

    "Into The Blue"

    Phenomenal! Wow!
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    Unbearable noise... send help

    So if being pretty sure, this kind of noise comes from dirty electricity (like in my case), will/can something like a Furman P-1400 AR E or something like a Palmer PLI-01 help already?
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    Axe-Fx 2 XL USB computer communication problem

    Recently I'm having some issue like this, too. I'm having my XL for a few years now, but I never had to remove and/or re-install the driver package as often, as in recent times. I'm not sure if it's Ares related, tho, my guess would more point into the direction of WIN10 (audio/USB section)...
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    Thoughts about the FCs

    From all that I read so far, I get the impression, that the new FC's are very well catered to studios/studio musicians. With all the above mentioned, (the from/design/size, the extra power supply one would need when daisy chaining the FC's, the missing phantom power for mic's, multi functional...
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    New metal song with my new Axe III!

    This is fantastic. I love it!
  17. M

    Skid Row - "I Remember You" (full cover w/vocals)

    Simply amazing! Thanks for sharing.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.01 Beta

    Wellll ... now that was quick :laughing:
  19. M


    Such an amazing song ... and so amazingly played by you! Wow.!
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    AXE FX 11 xl factory reset

    Maybe the AxeFx' Wiki could be of interest for you. http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Reset_system_parameters
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    Land Down Under

    I love it! :D ... thanks for sharing.
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    Melodic prog metal

    You're very welcome, @hansenolsen and thank you, too.
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    Melodic prog metal

    What started here with a "lets see (hear) what this is", ended up as me having bought both of your albums and listening to them almost none stop for the whole weekend :laughing:
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    Friday Evening Tune

    Yay, that rawcks :D Thanks for sharing.
  25. M

    Melodic prog metal

    Niiice! Congratz! I really like it.
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    Valhallir.at's Meeeesa Doublewhoooper: It's out!

    Perhaps not everyones "thing", @axifist , but quite the brootalz sound :fearscream::grinning:. I love it. That cab (the IR's) really do cover a wide spectrum of sounds and genres.
  27. M

    Valhallir.at's Meeeesa Doublewhoooper: It's out!

    I never was that much of a Mesa fan really, but man, these clips and the teaser IR (Fremen) are really making me curious again.
  28. M

    Great Mesa IV sounds with the U87 IR UK from Valhall MB 412 Doublewhoooper

    Niiiice! Just when I thought I'm all set now, with IR's, this "Austrian thingy" comes along. I may have to write a notice to the Easter bunny ...
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    some 7 string fun...

    Such a thick (or should I say sick? =D ) sound! Great!!
  30. M

    Beneath Me - A late night Metal Fest

    Phaaattt!!! Very nice.:D
  31. M

    Original Metal Song with Vocals - Patches included in Thread!

    Outstanding! ... and your playing is just incredible!
  32. M

    A new tune with the KM7 and AxefX

    Amazing work! I love it. Thanks for creating and sharing.
  33. M

    Progmetal tune

    This is great! Thanks for sharing.
  34. M

    Valhallir.at has opened its gates

    I honestly have to say, that you, the guys at Valhallir.at and of course the guys from cabIr.eu, really have set a new standard, when it comes to IR's. Outstanding job(s) there!
  35. M

    FW 4.0 Van Halen ´79 1959 SLP - CabIR CB 71 M02 SM 57-57 I Speaker B

    The soundcloud bit is "here" for me, too ... just took ages to show up/load. Great playing, Hubi :D
  36. M

    Rock & Metal Bass Guitar Tips!

    I love this stuff. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks :D
  37. M

    A couple tracks off my new album

    I really like it. Well done! For the 1st song, I immediately had to think about Savatage, which, in my case, is a good thing. Since I love them =D.
  38. M

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Recto1 and Recto2 (Mesa Dual Rectifier, 2-ch and 3-ch)

    I have to admit, I wasn't really lucky enough yet, to get a tone out of the recent FW Rectos, that really let me stay with them. Mostly preferred the FAS Modern III, which really was/is more than just a great alternative for me.
  39. M

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Euro Uber (Bogner Uberschall)

    I love this amp sim. in the Axe Fx. It is, well .. was my go-to amp, before re-discovering the Savage models in FW 2.04. The Überschall is such a beast :D
  40. M

    Exchange rates are kinda horrible!

    Also, don't forget PayPal sacking in some extra cash as their "service", for being able to pay in different currencies. It's like when I pay something in US$, while I'm in €. They (PP) always lowers the actual exchange rate by about 0,03. So if €1 would be $1.13, they make it 1.10 instead and...
  41. M

    Fallen ENGL's.... Q2.01, OH ENG 4x12 and 8-string guitar

    Amazing! What cabs (or cab combination) out of OH's Engl package did you use, for this recording, please?
  42. M

    Maiden Powerslave Cover

    Wow!!! Excellent cover. Outstanding work.
  43. M

    FAS Crunch amp model - BLIMEY!!

    Yes! +1 for trying out the FAS Models. Beside the FAS Modern III, I'm totally digging the "Brootalz" these days. A killer high gain amp!
  44. M

    Reset Mesa II C+ preset, still problematic

    Just a different approach ... did you ever try the FAS Modern III ? .. IMO it's great amp and a more than adequate Recto alternative, to the dedicated Mesa amp sims in the Axe.
  45. M

    It Begins.. Quantum 2.01 test

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  46. M

    Switching between amps

    Another option could be what Cooper Carter shows in this tutorial video: Live Blending Clean and Lead Tone in the Axe Fx II
  47. M

    Can Someone Give Me a LowDown of all their Favorite High Gain Models Added in the Last year?

    Most certainly not. But that's what I totally appreciate (and love) about the AxeFx .. you choose an amp and it is w/o much of a hassle ready to go from the start.
  48. M

    Suhr "Doug Aldrich" pu's. Mr.Z 38 and Anands Sig-Mix OR412

    Amazing. Thanks for sharing this lil gem.
  49. M

    Can Someone Give Me a LowDown of all their Favorite High Gain Models Added in the Last year?

    The Euro Uber (Bogner Uberschall) is quite a beast, too, imo (perhaps the "Depth" maybe needs a bit of an adjustment tho, from it's default settings )
  50. M

    3 Amps (default settings) + Orange 4x12 by CabIR :) incl preset

    Beside the outstanding guitar work, it shows how versatile this Cab-Pack really is. W0w.
  51. M

    CABIR.EU/Orange_Friedman HB

    Very nicely done.
  52. M

    What IR Cabs do you swear by for Rock/Metal

    For the last 4 or 5 months or so, I was, and still am, totally owned by cabIR.eu's 4x12" Marshall 1960AX, loaded with Celestion G12M25 Greenbacks. Now, that they released this Orange beast, I miiiiight find something new to hang on to =)
  53. M

    Assignig more than one effect to a switch?

    I see now. The possibilities are great on that "thing". I just need to wrap my head around it =) .. Thanks a bunch for the help.
  54. M

    Assignig more than one effect to a switch?

    Allow me another, perhaps st0opid noob-question, about Midi and all that, since I'm all new to this. I come from these "all-in-one" fx-boards by Boss and/or Line6 etc ... One feature I had with my previous board was, I could assign 2 or even more effects to one switch alone. So I could...
  55. M

    Using the MFC on Presets >384?

    Understood. Thanks for the help and advices! Much appreciated.
  56. M

    Using the MFC on Presets >384?

    I'm a very new owner of an Axe Fx XL and an MFC 101, and even tho both are pretty much straight forward and intuitive to handle, it still can be overwhelming at parts. One thing I didn't figure out yet is, how do I set up the MFC, so that I can use presets >384 with it? I thought of letting...
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