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  1. blackadder

    Have I messed up my MFC ?

    I have an MFC 101 mk 3. While playing around with the MFC-edit , I tried to change switch 16 and 17 to another setting. I found out later that those are permanent designations for those switches?! Now 16 (tempo) doesn't work at all and 17 when engaged says searching for tuner (which does...
  2. blackadder

    Difference in using scenes - vs - mfc for effects .... i.e. Drive Button

    Here's the scenario. I have an amp and put a drive in front of it. 2 options: 1) I select a scene 1 with drive on and scene 2 with drive off 2) or just using scene 1 with drive and manipulating the mfc to turn drive off 2 totally different sounds when trying to take the...
  3. blackadder

    Clicking noise / metronome type noise - not good

    I have noticed that my Axe Fx2 is producing a clicking noise. I have atomic clr, mfc 101, and fractal expression pedal for volume. The noise goes away with volume pedal off, so I figure its not the Atomic CLR. It goes away if I turn off the drive on the various settings. Now I didn't hear...
  4. blackadder

    If I set up my MFC to utilize song mode can I....

    Under one song use my expression pedal as a wah and if I switch to a different song, have the expression set up as a volume control. So in other words can each song have a different control setting for the pedal? Thanks!
  5. blackadder

    Newb Question on opening program

    I have downloaded program but cannot open. Downloaded latest java environment. What am I missing? Nothing I am finding opens this program...... should have downloaded to my macbook. I hate computers.....lol Any ideas?
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