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  1. Warrior

    Zoom Lessons - Axe - DAW - Improving The Experience

    The Canon M50 /Sigma 16mm sounds like a fantastic rig. I’m hoping to get by with my Panasonic G85, iPhone 11 Pro & Logitech webcam until I can save for the Canon. I still notice latency in my video using my G85 via CamLink 4K with Ecamm when viewing in real-time. Haven’t tested yet to see how...
  2. Warrior

    Zoom Lessons - Axe - DAW - Improving The Experience

    That's great, thanks. I've downloaded Ecamm and Loopback trial versions for now and I'm experimenting with them. Do you use the "Standard" or "Pro" version of Ecamm?
  3. Warrior

    Zoom Lessons - Axe - DAW - Improving The Experience

    Looking forward to seeing this! Appreciate all the help.
  4. Warrior

    Zoom Lessons - Axe - DAW - Improving The Experience

    Thanks for sharing this, Sukh. What Mac do you have? Mine is a late 2012 Mac-Mini. I was told by Elgato/CamLink support that my graphics card is on the older side but should still be ok.
  5. Warrior

    Humanscale Freedom Chair - Not Impressed - Seeking Alternatives

    Do you recall where the remanufactured one is from?
  6. Warrior

    Zoom Lessons - Axe - DAW - Improving The Experience

    I'm using Zoom to conduct lessons with my students. I'm working towards improving the experience and I've purchased an Elgato CamLink 4k so I can use my Panasonic G85 as a webcam along with my Logitech webcam. The problem is the video latency is terrible. I'm working with Elgato support to...
  7. Warrior

    Humanscale Freedom Chair - Not Impressed - Seeking Alternatives

    Just thought I would provide an update on my chair search - in case it may help someone else in the future. I purchased 2 different chairs looking for the right one. Chair #1 I ordered a "Humanscale Freedom Task Chair" (No headrest) from Madison Seating. It was an "open box" - which as they...
  8. Warrior

    Humanscale Freedom Chair - Not Impressed - Seeking Alternatives

    Do you guy's think the remanufactured Steelcases are good quality?
  9. Warrior

    Humanscale Freedom Chair - Not Impressed - Seeking Alternatives

    Looking at pictures of that chair, it seems like the armrests would get in the way of playing guitar.
  10. Warrior

    Humanscale Freedom Chair - Not Impressed - Seeking Alternatives

    I've been considering a new chair for over a year. After multiple marathon sessions of looking at reviews, considering costs, etc., I finally settled on a Humanscale Freedom Task Chair (No headrest and has arms that can be adjusted and lowered out of the way). It's only been one day since...
  11. Warrior

    Drive Pedal Heaven

    +1 !!!
  12. Warrior

    How wonderful the Mesa Triple Crown is? [Preset inside]

    Great tone, Frank. We're you able to share this preset?
  13. Warrior

    Linseed Oil

    My luthier (Master Luthier David Collins) uses and recommends "Howard Feed-N-Wax" on fretboards.
  14. Warrior

    Concrete Patio Question - Any Experts Here? (Northeastern USA - Cold Weather Climate)

    Thanks, everyone for your opinions and advice. We've decided to spend a little more and hire a contractor that pulls a permit, who's workmanship looks much better and who will pin the slab to the wall if we want - but doesn't recommend. We are not pinning it to the wall. He said he knows of...
  15. Warrior

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.10

    Would this be an actual bullhorn or a modeled bullhorn, and if a modeled bullhorn, when can we expect the next update? Asking for a friend.
  16. Warrior

    Concrete Patio Question - Any Experts Here? (Northeastern USA - Cold Weather Climate)

    Great advice folks. I'm in southeastern Michigan (Near Ann Arbor) so we have cold winters. The contractor works for a company doing the same thing for his day-job and has been doing his own work on the side. He told me he is considering going full-time on his own. He did my next-door...
  17. Warrior

    Concrete Patio Question - Any Experts Here? (Northeastern USA - Cold Weather Climate)

    We are looking to have a patio built on our newly constructed home (We closed in February). This is a new sub and lots of people are getting cement work done right now. One of the "contractors" has poured about 5 patios here that I'm aware of. He is very reputable around this neighborhood and...
  18. Warrior

    Why I already love FM3 in 30 short minutes

    Oh... so now "FM3" is Dad's favorite! Well, "Father's Day" is coming up and I (Axe-FX III) was going to get you a new Anderson so we could spend some time together. But not now! Go ahead and hang out with your little FM3 and see if I care!!
  19. Warrior

    59 Burst into Dumble ODS

    Who cares about the tone.... his conversation regarding Aerosmith took me back. Those were the albums and tour I saw as an 11-year old that made me want to start playing guitar!
  20. Warrior

    External SSD

    There's a long-time member on the Reaper user forum that has a lot of experience with Mac's. I've relied on his advice and feel it's been very good. His recommendation is to use your internal SSD for OS X, apps and sample libraries and to also record to. Use a separate drive (internal or...
  21. Warrior

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    3 week stay at home order just implemented in Michigan. Can only leave for essential goods/services (groceries, medicine, gas, medical attention, etc), exercise, walking pets.
  22. Warrior

    Devin Townsend’s “Quarantine Project”

    The bass sounds incredible on that first track. I wonder what he used?
  23. Warrior

    Fractal Stream - Live stream to fight agains Corona Virus

    We need more of this.
  24. Warrior

    Gigs canceled due to COVID-19?

    Papa Roach cancelled the rest of their European tour. I wonder how this is going to affect the Stones upcoming tour?
  25. Warrior

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Just from today: First 2 cases reported here in Michigan this morning. Michigan State University has suspended all in-person classes until further notice. The company I work for (which had previously suspended all travel globally) has now banned all visitors until further notice. Ford Motor...
  26. Warrior

    Wish Removing frameworks from Feed thru blocks in Editor (see Picture)

    I like the suggestion. Having the option in Axe-Edit would be great.
  27. Warrior

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Signed up and joined the team. My Mac-Mini fan is running at top speed right now.
  28. Warrior

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Some very interesting information here. Not sure of the accuracy but interesting nonetheless. https://multimedia.scmp.com/infographics/news/china/article/3047038/wuhan-virus/index.html?src=article-launcher
  29. Warrior

    Remote control consolidation??? (Roku, TV, Soundbar, etc...)

    I just had a new TV, soundbar installed and they set up a Harmony Elite to control them along with my Uverse box and Xbox. Works pretty good but I experience a few glitches most times. (Everything turns on except TV, for example). I'm trying to set it up so Alexa can control the channels, etc.
  30. Warrior

    David Byrne on SNL

    The performance was good but it was really..... the same as it ever was. Sorry.
  31. Warrior

    THIS thing WILL keep your guitar in tune

    My 2017 Fender American Professional Strat setup to Fender factory specs, including floating trem, stays in tune better than any guitar I've ever had. This includes multiple locking trem style guitars and fixed bridge. And this is with heavy trem use in both directions.
  32. Warrior

    Creating Failure guitar sounds with the AxeFX III

    Embarrassed to admit, this is my first time hearing Failure. You've got a new fan! Thanks for sharing this video!
  33. Warrior

    Anyone know Stock Market software (ThinkorSwim) procedures? Options Trading?

    I remember being on vacation in our RV in 1999 and I just had to make sure I ordered a generator sufficient enough to power my house because at 12:00 am on 1/1/1999, the computers were going to shut down and power grid was going to collapse. It could have happened, but it didn't. This kind of...
  34. Warrior

    Ruptured Finger Pulley - No Guitar for 2-3 Months!!

    Lots of wonderful comments here.... I appreciate it immensely. I've had my share of injuries and recovered - I'll do the same with this one. 1985 I cut 2 tendons and 90% of the nerves on my left (fretting) hand. Doctors said I would never play guitar again. It was a long road but here I am...
  35. Warrior

    Ruptured Finger Pulley - No Guitar for 2-3 Months!!

    Rookie!! LOL I've got a 34 yr old, a 22 yr old and 2 grandkids 11 & 12. You ain't seen NOTHIN' yet!! Hang on tight!!
  36. Warrior

    Ruptured Finger Pulley - No Guitar for 2-3 Months!!

    Thanks, M@. I greatly appreciated the well wishes. I will certainly be looking into diet and supp's. Appreciate it. I hope so. My follow up apt with the surgeon is in 2 months. Hopefully, that's overkill.
  37. Warrior

    Ruptured Finger Pulley - No Guitar for 2-3 Months!!

    I just came from an early am doctor's appointment for my finger. I ruptured a finger pulley Sunday lifting a safe! It’s a common injury amongst rock climbers. It looks as if no surgery is needed but I can’t lift anything heavy or play guitar for 2-3 months!! This article explains it well. Mine...
  38. Warrior

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    My dream gig. Seriously. To be able to live and gig in Hawaii....... wow.
  39. Warrior

    Ozzy’s “You Can’t Kill Rock and Roll” Live

    That sounded incredible!!
  40. Warrior

    Cool Rush tribute

    Such beautiful lyrics.
  41. Warrior

    Would you like to run Axe-Edit as a plug on you DAW?

    If I understand this correctly, having Axe-Edit as a plugin on my DAW would allow me to save the preset(s)/settings used for tracks in the session and easily pull them up, correct? If so, that would be magical!
  42. Warrior

    Home Studio's - Basement Studio In Progress - Ceiling Question

    Definitely. Thank you. I have been considering this as well. One thing I want to be able to do is install photo/video lighting and rigging and probably change things as needed. Having an open or drop ceiling would accommodate this. This is unavoidable for me but not bad. There's a bathroom...
  43. Warrior

    Home Studio's - Basement Studio In Progress - Ceiling Question

    I'm heading this advice, thank you. Admin M@, when you say "talk to an expert", are you referring to the folks at GIK Acoustics or Ready Acoustics or are you suggesting hiring a local professional?
  44. Warrior

    Home Studio's - Basement Studio In Progress - Ceiling Question

    When you say "proper acoustic ceiling", are you referring to a drop ceiling of acoustic panels or speaking in general terms to include drywall with proper treatments? I will definitely talk to an expert - good advice. Not "rockwool" necessarily but insulation such as the pink fluffy stuff...
  45. Warrior

    Home Studio's - Basement Studio In Progress - Ceiling Question

    I'm closing on a new house today and will be building my new home studio in the basement. The basement has 9' ceilings and we'll be finishing the entire basement. A portion will be my studio and I've started designing it and am working through that with advice from folks on the John Sayers...
  46. Warrior

    Mini LCD wish - bigger text or bold

    Doesn't this get confusing though? Would love to see a scenario of how you use this.
  47. Warrior

    Running the Axe-Fx III 24/7?

    Mine runs all the time as well. Curious if upgrading to a newer factory fan would allow it to only run when needed or is there more to it than that?
  48. Warrior

    Rick Beato on string gauge

    Used 10's for years. Switched to hybrid 9-46 and loved them for years. I started to feel like the 9 was a bit too loose so I went back to standard 10's and found them too stiff and realized how much I liked the feel of the 9 on the high E. I bought a set of 9.5-46 to try but haven't done so...
  49. Warrior

    DLR content... Sad

    Regarding DLR..... IMO, you can hear a lot of nuggets of goodness that, if he focused on, would make his vocal performance enjoyable and even do honor to his legacy. He tries to hit too many notes out of his range and then he even tries to make melodic runs within that over the top range. It...
  50. Warrior

    Mac OS X - Video and DAW Playback Stops When Axe-FX III is On

    It's a strange issue for sure. I hope someone gets it sorted out. I think it's likely on Apple's side of the fence.
  51. Warrior

    Mac OS X - Video and DAW Playback Stops When Axe-FX III is On

    This issue has been occurring randomly for many years - even when using my Axe-FX II. Sometimes I can go weeks or months without having this occur and sometimes it happens daily. Sometimes the video will play but no sound & sometimes the video doesn't play. If I turn the Axe-FX off, it starts...
  52. Warrior

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: VX30 212 BLUE

    I believe beta4 is the latest, correct?
  53. Warrior

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: VX30 212 BLUE

    Not sure why but when I import this preset into Manage Presets and save it, it doesn't show up in my presets.
  54. Warrior

    Question Regarding Using Expression Knobs

    Actually, your approach may work for me if I use "Channels" (for example) more effectively. Let's say I have the "Mix" for Channel "A" of the Delay Block set to a Min 9% / Max 25% on the min/max parameter of my Expression "Pedal". I realize during the gig that I would like to increase it to 15%...
  55. Warrior

    Suhr Modern

    Here's my Suhr Modern. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/considering-selling-my-suhr-custom-modern.151236/
  56. Warrior

    Question Regarding Using Expression Knobs

    A smaller version would be great. Not for what I want to do. An expression pedal gives you real-time control of a given parameter while still using both hands to play guitar. I don't want to use these knobs in the same context. Just to tweak a parameter without having to go into the Axe-FX...
  57. Warrior

    Question Regarding Using Expression Knobs

    Well, my example used delay but my question is in general really as this could apply to amp model level, etc. I currently have an expression pedal that I use for certain things like delay mix and I typically set it so at full-off it's at my preferred minimal mix level and at full-on it's at my...
  58. Warrior

    Question Regarding Using Expression Knobs

    I built a small box with 2 expression knobs based on Leon's thread/video and added it to my pedalboard as I like the idea of being able to quickly make an adjustment to parameters such as delay mix or feedback, etc. However, I'm having a little bit of trouble understanding how to best take...
  59. Warrior

    Mixer AUX Send to Atomic CLR - Are Atomic Inputs TRS?

    I want to send a monitor mix from the AUX send of a mixer to a single Atomic CLR. Do the CLR's have TRS input jacks?
  60. Warrior

    First Time Performing - Just Me and Backing Tracks - Need Rig Advice to Accompany My Axe-Fx III

    I was planning to use my Atomic CLR to monitor my Axe-FX III but maybe a better plan would be to use it as a monitor for the backing track and my Axe-FX. Cool, thanks. Either an iPad, iPhone or Macbook Pro.
  61. Warrior

    First Time Performing - Just Me and Backing Tracks - Need Rig Advice to Accompany My Axe-Fx III

    So I am thinking about picking up a cheap Behringer mixer and using it to connect my Axe-FX III and either my laptop audio jack out, my iPad or iPhone and then going from this mixer to the mixer of whatever venue I'm at. For really small places that I would like to just go and jam for fun, this...
  62. Warrior

    What is the next big modelling nut to crack?

    I was backstage at an all-star jam at NAMM around 1987. Eddie Van Halen's tech came walking through with Eddie's Marshall head. The back was off and he was carrying it by the end of the head - his fingers going into the open head. (Get the picture?) Everything else has been covered so I would...
  63. Warrior

    Lag when recording in Logic Pro X

    I would suggest downloading "Reaper" and try recording with it to see if you have the same issue. You can use the free trial so there's no cost to try it. If there's no issue, maybe that will help to pinpoint the issue within Logic?
  64. Warrior

    Some Brad Paisley Christmas music from rehearsal

    That was great! Killer tone and playing. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!
  65. Warrior

    Free HJ 4x12 RCA Cab Pack

    Thank you!
  66. Warrior

    Is Amazon Rigging the Ratings System?

    Could it be the 36% comes from only those ratings that are verified purchases?
  67. Warrior

    Am I missing something?

    Lots of good advice here so far..... BUT.... in my experience, the presets you listed should sound a lot better than that. Your's sounds muddy and a bit distorted. I experienced something similar recently and it turned out to be my guitar cable. I didn't strip back the black conductive PVC all...
  68. Warrior

    Question Regarding Auditioning and Saving

    That's why I can't figure out why the ones I did this with yesterday were no longer there but instead were the entire bank.
  69. Warrior

    Question Regarding Auditioning and Saving

    Here's a quick video illustrating how I auditioned the bank, selected favorites, dragged those to the right side and saved it.
  70. Warrior

    Question Regarding Auditioning and Saving

    Yes, I did drag them into the right section but only the ones I selected as favorites. Then I saved it.
  71. Warrior

    Question Regarding Auditioning and Saving

    I'm not sure what I did wrong but I..... 1) Dragged the fanctory bank A to my Manage Presets Browser. 2) Auditioned the presets and selected Favorite for the ones I wanted 3) Filter to show Favorite's only 4) Selected all of those and dragged them over to prestes 1-35 (for example) 5) Selected...
  72. Warrior

    So, convince me to sell my Kemper...

    I think it was obvious I was exaggerating to illustrate my opinion of the III. My current phone is an iPhone 6. Now, since first purchasing it, I'm really wanting to upgrade -primarily for the camera upgrades. Why? Because the difference between the camera's on the 6 & the 11 Pro are...
  73. Warrior

    So, convince me to sell my Kemper...

    The "II" is amazing. The "III" is life changing. I strongly encourage you to do whatever you can to hold out for a 3. It's so worth it!
  74. Warrior

    So, convince me to sell my Kemper...

    Chiming in just because I've always been curious about why some folks/artists have Kemper's instead of an Axe-FX. I assume most pro artists that use Kemper do so because it enables them to profile their favorite amp(s) and take a lighter, reproducible version of it on the road. It's well know...
  75. Warrior

    Bluesy CCV Preset

    Leon, Like many others, this preset was an immediate game changer for me. (Thank you for sharing!). I have a question: I just updated to v11.00 and, as expected, it did have an affect on the sound of the preset. IMO it became just a little darker and perhaps slightly more compressed. I'm...
  76. Warrior

    Mr. Mister - "Broken Wings"

    What a huge sound.... sounded fantastic! Looking forward to hearing the good news that your wife has beaten the cancer and her heart condition has been resolved. Much love to you and your wife as you deal with this.
  77. Warrior

    Cleaning Axe-FX III Front Panel, Display and Other Computer Displays?

    Just curious what any experts on this forum say regarding cleaning Axe-FX III Front Panel, Display and Other Computer Displays? Reading online and Apple says to use a soft cloth dampened with water to clean their displays.
  78. Warrior

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00 Public Beta

    If there was an option that said "Update everything Cliff implements upon boot up", I would select it. I totally respect anyone's wish/desire/concern to hold onto their presets current state. That being said, I think 99.99% (dare I say 100% ?) of people would like those same presets as much or...
  79. Warrior

    Feeling the FC-6 love!

    Do you use "per preset" a lot, M@? Curious how your primary preset and FC functionality might look.
  80. Warrior

    A big thanks to Leon Todd (2112)!

    Definitely appreciate what Leon does. Helps me in so many ways. Thanks Leon!
  81. Warrior

    Let’s see those guitars

    Tobacco Sunburst Stainless definitely feels "different" to me but it's hard to say how much it contributes to the change in feel on my LP. Reason being, the frets were so low from the factory that anything else would feel different regardless of the material. I wouldn't hesitate to go...
  82. Warrior

    Let’s see those guitars

    1979 Les Paul K.M. Original owner. My Dad and brother bought it for me (brand new) 1980 at Wonderland Music in Dearborn, Michigan. I was 15 years old and, after seeing how serious I was about guitar over the last 3 years, they wanted to get me a good guitar to support my dreams. It's had...
  83. Warrior

    A little live video (covers band)

    That was fantastic! I smiled the entire time watching it. Like M@ said, that is a very cool looking venue. You guys sounded incredible, were obviously having fun and loving what you do and it shows in the video and I'm certain the crowd picked up on it. The camera angles and stellar audio...
  84. Warrior

    How is your live rig? Post your phone videos here.

    Following this thread like a hawk on a mouse!
  85. Warrior

    Axe-Fx Live Tips

    Peter, Curious if using the Supremo cab in this context is just to feed the CLR or does it go to FOH as well? I have a certain tone that I "prefer" while in my studio and I'm wondering if that translates well to FOH. Are you suggesting to use the Supremo in all presets for live use to both CLR...
  86. Warrior

    First Time Performing - Just Me and Backing Tracks - Need Rig Advice to Accompany My Axe-Fx III

    Are you connecting to the mixer with the iPad via the headphone jack? Are you connecting the Axe-FX via XLR?
  87. Warrior

    First Time Performing - Just Me and Backing Tracks - Need Rig Advice to Accompany My Axe-Fx III

    Preparing for some open mic night and small gigs where I would be playing along with backing tracks. Not sure what the easiest and most reliable way to set up would be. Two scenarios: 1) Using house PA. 2) Using single FRFR (very small rooms) Never done this before so not sure if I need to...
  88. Warrior

    Have you ever been embarrassed for an artist?

    The series of EVH videos from NAMM 2003 go beyond embarrassment to heartbreaking, for me. Certainly a dark time for Eddie and I'm glad he was able to move beyond it.
  89. Warrior

    Sleep-deprived: thanks, Fractal!

    Dang, I already own and Axe-FX III and this review makes me want to buy another one!
  90. Warrior

    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    According to the instructions for the StewMac kit, you shield the coils and replace the wiring, etc. That's why I was asking about it. "Wrap the coil with a strip of black electrician's tape. Start in the area of the two lugs on the lower bobbin plate and be sure to overlap the tape at least...
  91. Warrior

    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    I've been considering shielding my Strat cavity with copper. I don't like the idea of possibly losing the highs from wrapping my single coils. Is it a wasted effort if I only shield the cavity?
  92. Warrior

    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    Would this be outside or are you referring to items inside the home?
  93. Warrior

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    Finally completed my new Temple Audio board build.
  94. Warrior

    Building Axe-Fx III rig - sell or keep the following?

    I would say keep them all. That way you'll have several options for stacking them depending how you want to view your Axe-FX III. That will save you the trouble of buying a stand for the Axe-FX III.
  95. Warrior

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.0 Public Beta

    Are you using the SVT8x10 ir with the Friedman Small Box?
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