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  1. guitarcal

    OD Pedal suggestions?

    All, For years I have used my trusty Boss OD-3 as a clean boost with my strat into a plexi style amp. I’ve just switched over my pedal board to the FC controller and am trying to replicate this pedal. I run tone and level at noon, and drive at 0, so it acts solely as a clean boost. Any...
  2. guitarcal

    Wish Add ability to assign a modifier to tempo

    I would like the ability to add a modifier to the tempo parameter in the delay block. For example, this would allow me to switch between a dotted 1/8 note to 1/4 tempo, without the need for multiple delay blocks and a control switch modifying the bypass state of each block. This solution is...
  3. guitarcal

    Need some scene / channel help!

    All, I currently have a few patches with 5 or 6 scenes, all use the same delay set to dotted 8th which is in channel 1. Some songs we play require I set the delay to a straight 8th timing which is in channel 2. In a live moment, is there a quick way to apply this to all scenes? I can...
  4. guitarcal

    Utility Function Amp Level No Save

    There might be a better way around this, but... Would there be any value to adding a new utility function to toggle the amp block level +/- 2db without automatically saving? My idea is to use this for a quick solo boost. Might be nice to have an option to target a specific effect block as...
  5. guitarcal

    "MLM Switch Combo" Options

    Received my FC-12 yesterday, very impressed so far! It is very well thought out and very easy to use. Quick questions and / or possible wish list items: Is it possible to assign the "MLM Switch Combo" to a different set of switches? For example, if I wanted to place on the left side of my...
  6. guitarcal

    [Not a bug] Potential Bug?

    I noticed a potential bug today. I created a custom patch utilizing scenes and channels. It also includes a tone match block and uses IRs that I captured myself. The patch is stored in bank 401. If I change banks and move back to this patch, I get a high pitched squeal when I play. It almost...
  7. guitarcal

    Setting input levels?

    Just curious...on the Axe Fx II, when the input level "tickled" red, that means you were 6db below clipping. From the manual... "Adjust according to the level of input source material until “hot” signals “tickle” the red LEDs on the front panel INPUT meters. The red LED lights at -6 dB (below...
  8. guitarcal

    Tone Matching and Amp Matching in the III

    Has the process changed to capture tone matches and amp matches, or are they captured using the same methods and parameters available in the axe fx ii? If different, can FAS or beta testers highlight the differences / improvements? Are there additional parameters available to better capture...
  9. guitarcal

    2 Step Amp Match Process?

    @FractalAudio , I am researching on how to get the most accurate tone match with using a sine sweep. I found the following Wish List thread dating all the way back to 2012. With the help of @Morphosis I was able to figure out a good starter for the basic sine sweep method. In one of your...
  10. guitarcal

    Potential Bug, unable to rename EMPTY IRs

    I captured around 40 IRs last night with the goal of renaming them using Axe-Edit. Under cab manager, if I right click and select to rename, the rename box is greyed out. I searched the forum and found a few other threads, but no one seemed to have a good solution. I tried exporting...
  11. guitarcal

    Gain with Plexi style amps

    Quick question for you guys! I own a few real plexi amps including a '71 50 watt, Prs HxDa (similar to a late 60s plexi), plus a few others. I pair with a 4x12 loaded with greenbacks. What I have noticed is in the Axe Fx, if the gain knob is set similar to my real amps, the Axe Fx amp model...
  12. guitarcal

    Signal Chain / Mic Pre Recommendations

    Needing some advice / recommendations! I'm looking to incorporate the effects (reverb and delay) from the axe fx into my real amp rig. The goal would be to use these effects last in the signal chain as my amp doesn't have an effects loop. I believe the signal chain would look like this...
  13. guitarcal

    Closest amp model to a Two Rock Custom Reverb 50

    I am currently babysitting my buddy's Custom Reverb 50w Version 1. It has 2 6L6 tubes and a solid state rectifier and sounds killer. I figured while I had the amp, I would do my best to match it's clean tone in the Axe FX. I captured the 2x12 IR and am now running through amps to find the...
  14. guitarcal

    Question Regarding the Variac

    Hi all, I faithfully utilize the variac feature in the amp block on most of my Plexi style patches in the Axe FX. I really like the extra squish / sag. Usually I run anywhere between 75% and 85%. A few months ago, (not sure which firmware it first started, but I am currently running Quantum...
  15. guitarcal

    Studio Reference Monitors

    Cliff / Fractal Team, What studio reference monitors do you use to listen to and test the Axe FX? I am curious to the setup used to dial in Fractal products when tweaking/fine tuning values for firmware updates. Thanks
  16. guitarcal

    Axe FX II vs PRS HX/DA

    Hello everyone! I had some free time this afternoon, so I decided to record a comparison between my PRS HX/DA amp, Hendrix mode, variac’d at 90 watts and the Axe FX II @ v18.12. The goal was to take my normal HX/DA tone and copy with the Axe FX WITHOUT using tone match. As far as I can...
  17. guitarcal

    1976 Marshall Cab Impulse

    Hey everyone, I'm venturing into the world of capturing custom IRs and was hoping for your expert opinion on this one: It's of a 1976 Marshall slant cab, bottom left Celestion Greenback 25w speaker mic'd with a Shure Beta 57a off-axis. The mic is very similar to an SM57, it just seems...
  18. guitarcal

    New Axe FX Owner

    Well, I saved up all last year, and finally pulled the trigger on an Axe FX II XL this morning. This is replacing my Avid Eleven Rack, and from what I read and hear, the difference will be night and day. Super pumped to join this forum and looking forward to reading all of your wisdom...
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