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  1. cob666

    FM3 Forums Gone

    What happened to the FM3 forums?
  2. cob666

    FS Axe-FX II MK2 w / Voodoo Lab GCP

    Selling my Fractal Axe-FX II mk2, currently in a soft sided rack case, along with a Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro. Both are in excellent condition. Would like to sell locally in Nova Scotia if possible but will consider shipping. Asking $1750 CAD or best reasonable offer. Will consider trade...
  3. cob666

    Switching over to an AX8

    Now that Fractal has discontinued the MFC-101, just as I was considering retiring my Ground Control Pro for an MFC I was thinking about the possibility of just going all out with the AX8 thinking that in some ways it's the best of both worlds, top class modeling with the foot switches built...
  4. cob666


    I'm in NH for a week visiting family and was wondering when the Ax8 would be available to pick up in person. I know they haven't been officially released yet and they're not available in the online store but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  5. cob666

    Ground Control Pro

    Back when I owned an Ultra and before the MFC was available I purchased a Ground Control Pro. A little over a year ago I sold the Ultra and purchased a II. I haven't been in a gigging situation in a while so haven't hooked to GCP to the new AxeFx yet but I'm going to be playing with a group...
  6. cob666

    Mac OS & Logic Pro

    I in the process of hooking up my Axe FX to my Mac, replacing a Presonus. I installed the USB drivers, plug the Axe in and I'm using output 2 on the back of the Axe. In the I/O section I have the USB Out Source set to Output 2 but I get no sound unless I select copy Out1 to Out2. Also, the...
  7. cob666

    Axe II Coupon Expiration

    I've asked this question in another thread and even sent an email to Fractal Sales but haven't gotten a reply so here goes again. Seeing as the coupons are going out now it's only a matter of time before I get my coupon email and based on the number of coupons going out I estimate I have...
  8. cob666

    I have GAS again!

    I never thought it would happen but I have GAS again! I haven't had the urge to buy anything gear related (other than some guitar work here and there) since I bought my Ultra almost 2 years ago but since the Axe II was announced I feel the need. I'm quite happy with the sound of the Ultra...
  9. cob666

    Paypal Gift Option

    I can't believe that anybody is foolish enough to buy something using the Paypal gift option, forfeiting all buyer protection. I would like to see a forum rule that prohibits asking buyers to use the gift option when purchasing gear.
  10. cob666

    GCP and IA switches

    I got a Voodoo Lab GCP and have a question regarding the IA switches. I set the mode to 4/bank so I have the use of the 8 IA switches. I have a few patches that I would like to control the effects, some are on by default and some are off. If I set the global bypass in the IO menu then I don't...
  11. cob666

    Compressor Side Chain (How Soon is Now)

    I found a youtube vid that explained how to use a compressor side chain with a click track to get a tremolo sound like Marr's How Soon is Now sound. I tried using a synth square wave with a low frequency into a compressor side chain (SCSEL) and as soon as I select the line the synth is on I get...
  12. cob666

    Ground Control or Liquid Foot Jr

    I'm ready to pull the trigger (haha) on a controller for my Ultra and have it narrowed down to the Ground Control Pro or the Liquid Foot Jr. I've narrowed it down to these two based on reading posts and checking out the specs between the two units. The Liquid Foot Pro is just TOO much pedal...
  13. cob666

    White / Pink noise generator

    One of the songs we did with my last band was I Want You (She's So Heavy) by The Beatles and I designed a white/pink noise generator that I built into a volume pedal. This allows me to introduce white noise into my guitar sound for the end of the song. Is this something I can accomplish with...
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