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  1. kkolb71

    Global Effects Level Question

    I have been playing a lot of outdoor shows recently mixed in with the normal club shows and have been manually adjusting delay and reverb to fit both types of venues. I understand the global level for delay and reverb and linking them as global blocks but I still have a question. As an...
  2. kkolb71

    Lava Cable - Brent Mason Clinic

    I got the chance to visit the Lava Cable factory in Tulsa, Oklahoma this weekend and see Nashville studio master, Brent Mason for a 2 hour clinic. He was awesome and very personable. If you guys have not tried Lava Cable give them a shot. The CEO, Mark Stoddard and his team make really good...
  3. kkolb71

    Whammy Effect - Eruption?

    I usually play a Tele style guitar with a fixed bridge. I would like to end a set occasionally with Eruption but I would like to continue using the Tele style since I seem to struggle keeping a floyd on other guitars in tune when doing crazy stuff with it. Is there a possible setting on the...
  4. kkolb71

    Live Recording Equipment - Suggestions/Reviews

    I was curious if anyone here has explored recording live performances with one of the newer handheld recorders from Zoom (H4N, H6) or Tascam (DR-100MKII)? Our band has the presonus digital board and I am considering getting one of these units to record our live shows. These are multi-track...
  5. kkolb71

    Ratt In Concert last Night at House of Blues Houston

    I got see RATT last night in Houston with the original members plus Carlos Cavazo from Quiet Riot playing guitar along side Warren Demartini. It was a great show. Both of them were using Soldano amps through Marshall cabs. They sounded like they were still 20 something and had chops to spare...
  6. kkolb71

    Country Player needs some help from a Marshall Guy!

    I have good success with clean patches and low gain stuff from The AXE II but I am struggling on mid to high gain stuff that requires enough clarity for arpeggiated chords. I have attached a link to a song that I need some help selecting an amp model and settings. One clear spot to hear an...
  7. kkolb71

    Live Clips - Axe 2 and Tom Anderson Hollow T

    I thought I would share some live clips I spliced together that were recorded directly from our Presonus board. Sorry for the sloppy playing! and no post processing on the recording. It is a sample of some of the tones I have created with the latest firmware version on the Axe 2. I run direct...
  8. kkolb71

    SPDIF Connection for Wiring FX Loop

    Is it possible to use the SPDIF connections to route another digital processor in the Axe FX II effects loop? I assume if this were possible the signal quality would be superior as compared to the standard 1/4" cable method. Thanks in advance for any insight you can give me on this.
  9. kkolb71

    Excellent Tech Support Group

    I wanted to say thank you for the fast and responsive help I received from the tech support group at FAS. I had a defective LCD screen and sent my Axe 2 in on Monday via UPS Red. They fixed the unit and shipped back out to me so that I have my Axe back to today before lunch time. They...
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