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    Check out the new amp :)

    I am amazed at how well the matrix 800 fit inside this fender shell :)
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    Knob protector bar blocking button 3

    Does anyone else find that the bar that protects the knobs is completely in the way of button three? It makes it nearly impossible to step on that button in a live performance. I can only imagine on the AX8 where the bar is blocking buttons two through four would make that unit nearly unusable...
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    Wish Different Midi CC numbers for X and Y settings?

    Currently X/Y settings use the same CC number for example (Drive 1 X/Y is 108), If X could be 108 and Y could be 109 and one would turn off the other perhaps we could hook up a midi controller and switch between x and Y with out having to hold down the switch and still have it activate on the...
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    Bank up and down presets in scene mode?

    Is there any way to keep the FX8 in scene mode while using the bank up and down presets? Currently I have to take it out of scene mode and then put it in back in bank up and down presets mode and it's a pain. Thanks
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    Knob Protector Bar Mod

    The knob protector Bar is really in the way of button 3 would there be any way to make a new bar that goes over the knobs? the knobs would still be just as east to turn in my opinion.
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    How To: Copy/Paste an existing block?

    I would like to copy / paste the delay block to a new location. I am not using FX8 Edit. Im sure its in the manual but i didn't see it there. Thanks
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    Insufficient CPU

    I am getting when trying to add a reverb to this patch after the delay. Thoughts? Seems like i should be able to more than 4 effects?
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    ERROR on powering on?

    I got an error on powering on. Reason for concern?
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    Where can I download the FX8 editor for iPad?

    I want to try the fx8 at a gig tonight. I need the iPad editor for quick changes. Thanks
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    Global Input Impedance?

    Is there any way to set the input impedance globally? I really dislike the auto 1m setting for any preset or guitar. It seems to add thin sounding high end. Much better when set to 1m+cap
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    Tone Matching FFR? - Possibly a Dumb Question

    I was wondering if it would be possible to do tone matches of other FFR speakers. For example I have QSC K12 and would like to know if it would be possible to Tone match a CLR or something with more of a flat response. Seems like if possible that could be a great way to get people who...
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    PRS Custom 24 - Should I buy?

    Hello All, I have an opportunity to buy this PRS Custom 24 for 1k. Looks to be in perfect condition and comes with case. I'm not crazy about the gold hardware or it being red for that matter but it is really nice to play. I do not know much about PRS but they seem to get great reviews...
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    ACDC Cover - You Shook Me

    Here is a different approach to You Shook Me by ACDC. Its not what you are expecting trust me. lol https://soundcloud.com/bstoner/you-shook-me-cover
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    Sync Axe-FX 2 to Ableton Live 9 Midi Clock?

    Can someone please help me to Sync Axe-FX 2 to Ableton Live 9 Midi Clock? Do I just use the USB from the computer to the Axe or do I need to use a midi cable? What are the steps to get it working? Thank you
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    Using the Boss RC-300 Looper with the Axe-FX 2

    Does any one know how to sync the Boss RC-300 Looper with the Axe-FX 2? I would like to sync the tempo from the Boss RC-300 to the Axe-FX 2? Is this possible? I also want to add that i am using an MFC-101. Should I go out the midi out of the RC-300 to the midi in on the MFC-101? Are the...
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    Looper - Dub timing issues

    When using the looper and i dub a few parts all is fine. But when i stop the loop and restart it. the timing of the dubs is all over the place. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Thanks
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    Looper - record and play and stop

    Is there any way to move the looper record and play from the looper controls on the mfc to the IAs and have it work the same as it does on the looper controls? Thanks
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    Any love for the Factory 6 - 1x12 Black cab?

    Any one else like the Factory 6 - 1x12 Black? I use 2 QSC K12 and it seems every amp sounds great with that cab. That cab just seems to sound great through the K12's. b
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    FW 9 - Scene level bug?

    Bug? I notice that the Main Out volume slider does not work on scenes 2 through 8 using output 2. Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks
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    Ground Control Pro to change Scenes?

    Has anyone been able to figure out how to change Scenes with a ground control pro? possible? I have not been able to figure this out. Thanks for your help
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    MIDI Stomp Boxes?

    I have this idea for a midi controller stop boxes that i think would be pretty cool (see attached picture for overview). Do any companies make anything like this already? Would anyone else find these useful? I guess what i really miss about real stomp boxes is to be able to turn knobs on the...
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    MFC-101 Tuner when not in AXE-FX mode?

    How can I setup the MFC to still use the tuner and tap when not in Axe-FX mode? Thank you
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    Direct into Mesa Mark 5 combo power section?

    Has anyone tried going direct into a Mesa Mark 5 combo power section? Hows it sound? Would a QSC K12 a better choice?
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    RedWirez and OwnHammer IR's Live?

    The RedWirez and OwnHammer IR's seem to sound great for recording and at lower bedroom levels but in a live sitch to me they sound thin and fake. I find myself always going back to the factory IR's. Anyone one else getting this as well? For those of you using them live what is the secret...
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    Preset Mode - Patch Reordering?

    So in Preset mode can you not rearrange the patches? For example on button 1, I would like patch 11 and on button 2, I would like patch 5. I am struggling a bit with the MFC. thanks
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    8 Pin MiDI cable?

    I have an 8 pin midi cable from a mesa boogie footswitch. I was wondering if i removed the middle pins would that work to carry power from the axe to the mfc and work correctly? Or might that damage the axe or the mfc? thanks b
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    QSC K12 or QSC k10 ?

    Hi All, Which is a better choice for the Ultra the QSC K12 or QSC k10 ? I currently have the k10 but wonder if i should return it for the k12? Thanks
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    Ultra + QSC K10

    I just got my ultra a few days ago, I am using it with a QSC K10. My question is should I have the global Power Amp setting on or off and how about the default tonestk? Also on creating you your own patches, do you just save your new path in a location of an existing preset that you dont...
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