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    Is there a way to trigger the Looper display using midi?

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    Axe-Edit III 1.06.07

    Should End be 100% instead of 95%?
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    Wish Developers....Naming....Let's talk

    https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/please-allow-naming-of-global-blocks-pretty-please.160539/ https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/name-the-channels.158753/
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    Cabs USB Output Blocks

    Out 1 defaults to Computer Inputs 1+2 Out 2 defaults to Computer Inputs 3+4 The defaults can be changed via: USB OUTPUT MAPPING at SETUP : I/O : Audio Page 20 in the manual.
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    Cabs USB Output Blocks

    Doesn't look like Out 3 or Out 4 are available via USB, only Out 1 and Out 2 are -- from my reading of page 20 in the manual.
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    Dummies Questions about SS Power Amp!

    What does PL stand for?
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    How to manually change param under Modifier (MIDI CC) control?

    If you are on windows, you could use the Control Panel (View | Control Panel) in MIDI-Ox to send arbitrary CC values.
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    Which output to use on the Axe 3

    @ZipGun68 Are you using normal cabs or FRFR with the GT1000fx? If normal cabs, on the advanced page of the Amp block, do you use FRFR or SS?
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    FR SS, cake and eat

    Just trying to understand: are you saying that out 1 and out 4 react to the FRFR/SS setting differently? I know that out 3/4 are for unity gain applications, but I thought if you boosted them, they could function the same as out 1/2.
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    How to use Axe FX 3 for Zoom/ Skype lessons without standalone interface

    No first-hand experience with this, but I just learned about a 3rd-party solution: https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/banana.htm
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    Axe-Edit III 1.06.02

    Well, that's it: office players are worse -- you with all your ideas for improving things. sheesh...
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    Axe-Edit III 1.06.02

    Wow, you nailed it. Fractal would be so better off without the bedroom players as customers.
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    Vocal chain and Axe-Fx III

    Consider using scenes within a song rather than changing presets. Change presets between songs.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.10

    Flawless production and performance does also not equal quality communication.
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    Imitate vibrato arm in a single move? Down, back up + a little vibrato at the end

    As always, nice work from Bakerman! Sounds like a Trans-Trem. Bakerman, do you have a website?
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    MIDI Bypass state of blocks doesn't change after setting scene

    I don't remember -- I have to assume it was because I can't imagine why I would have done it that way to start with. But maybe with more current versions of the firmware it is not necessary. Here's one way to find out -- try without a delay. I never got around to it. Now you can do it...
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    MIDI Bypass state of blocks doesn't change after setting scene

    0x21 --> x/y state changed or scene changed. Sync at some point after you get that -- I queue a sync for 20ms after receipt of 0x21.
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    RSS feeds for updates

    For people that use RSS, here are some updated feeds (some are new / some old, reworked due to FAS website changes). firmware and presets: feed43.com/fractal_audio_downloads.xml Fractal Audio Systems Firmware and Preset Downloads usb drivers: feed43.com/fractal_audio_drivers.xml...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.04 Released

    The problem is that there are two links for each product -- for Original/Mark I the text link is correct but the download button link is incorrect.
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    Wondering if it's possible to use a PC as a midi controller

    mTroll (see previous post) can increment through all Axe-Fx presets: press Mode select Manual Program Change to set the channel, press buttons for channel number, then press A to set the channel press 1, then press C to send the program change (program 1) then just press E to increment from that...
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    Wondering if it's possible to use a PC as a midi controller

    mTroll is part of a hybrid system but you can use it without any input hardware at all: mTroll | SourceForge.net You don't program it - it reads a text configuration file. So you essentially program it by writing xml. There is a default basic config file for the Axe-Fx II. More info here...
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    mTroll: Open source PC-based MIDI controller

    The current monome serial protocol is documented here: tech:serial [monome] I've seen forks that support multiple LED colors. A bunch of Arduino clones are listed at: tech:ports:arduino [monome]. It looks like the arduionomes are based on the old generation firmware and protocol.
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    mTroll: Open source PC-based MIDI controller

    I just updated all the bad links I found. The device I used is now a much older generation - much of the monome site has changed in the last 7 years. At any rate, here are the relevant pages for the device I used, but they aren't applicable in the current world: the kit: tech:kits:40h_kit...
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    mTroll: Open source PC-based MIDI controller

    palygap, I used to obsessively follow the forum but it was eating up too much time - sorry for the delay in response. No, I haven't considered migrating mtroll. I recently picked up an inexpensive windows tablet (Dell Venue 8 Pro Buy Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet - 32GB - Microsoft Store ). Decent...
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    Comparing the II + Power Amp vs. the "Real Deal"

    I think I'm missing something - aren't those the differences that matter?
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    Emergency devices to load/back-up sounds live

    I have an old 7" asus eee pc with win7 that I bought on ebay several years ago. As far as USB goes, it's no different than my 'real' laptop or desktop.
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    What's so special about Matrix GT1000?

    Maybe some people use non-linear post-Axe-Fx amps because they are used to the sound of running reverb, etc, through a distorting guitar power amp? I don't know - just tossing it out there.
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    Bug? Reverse delay backwards/forwards

    Nice observation. Not the way most reverse delays handle feedback, but a change to the routing of the feedback would explain what's happening.
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    Experimental Preset

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    iaresee's Gig Patches Monster Post

    Make sure to be explicit about what range is tested - high range to you might mean something different than an audiologist (?) whose primary concern may be frequencies important for speech comprehension. Been there, done that - the test topped out at somewhere around 6-8K (I don't remember...
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    Thank you FAS/ Cliff, Recto1 is awesome as it was supposed to be!

    Confusing patch names with amp model names?
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    New Axe-Fx II Drivers v168

    I uninstalled 1.67 Driver and USB driver before installing the 168 exe. Afterwards, the Programs and Features control panel on windows 7 reports: Axe-Fx II Driver v.1.67.0 Axe-Fx II USB Driver 1.68
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    Is seamless X/Y switching with scenes possible when the amp changes entirely?

    You can change x/y on the inactive amp when you are using the other amp. That way you'll get four sets of settings in one patch using scenes without the x/y fade in/out. Scene 1: Amp 1 x (active) Amp 2 x (inactive) Scene 2: Amp 2 x (active) Amp 1 y (inactive) Scene 3: Amp 1 y (active) Amp 2...
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    Used 4CM at last nights gig - wow!

    Doesn't seem like a request for help with thump/feel/air/bounce belongs in the review section...
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    How loud are the fans in low volume situations? Would they be too loud for bedroom use?
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    Noise in output when using MIDI expression medal

    When controlling the wah with an expression pedal, frequent advice is to set damping to around 14ms to prevent a similar scratchy sound when using the pedal. See if playing with modifier damping affects the sound you hear when controlling volume.
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    Presets changing on their own

    Both times it went down one notch. If you were in recall mode, I would suspect an issue with the value knob.
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    Modifier curves - mathematics?

    That reads as if SYSEX_GET_GRAPH were documented somewhere where other people would know what it means. Quick search for SYSEX_GET_GRAPH shows 0 hits. Have an inside source?
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    Matrix GT800FX or GT1000FX?

    And how does the 1unit 1000 compare to the 2unit 1000 (as regards fan noise)?
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    Does anyone know why the Axe2 doesn't have midi toggle CCs?

    Yes if you are talking about the receiving end. No if you are talking about the sender.
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    Does anyone know why the Axe2 doesn't have midi toggle CCs?

    The point of a toggle command is that you don't have to know the current value. Your controller sends a command that tells the receiving device to flip the value that it has. The controller doesn't need to maintain the value.
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    sysex and modifiers and their assigned controls...

    You can get the state of the drive bypass but I don't think you can get the EXT1 state - so if user changes state of EXT1 via front panel, your controller may not reflect the current EXT1 state (it would be out of sync with what your controller thinks it is). But your controller can know if...
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    Great replacement fan

    Interesting - is there enough space (height-wise) for an adapter like that? Please update thread if you do try it out.
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    Hey Cliff, here's my patch

    Should probably post it to the original thread instead of creating a new one...
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    Looking For New Christmas Album Recommendations

    The Mermen just released a new album: "DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR" - a very MERMEN Christmas 3 piece instrumental takes on various traditional songs. The Mermen - psychedelic instrumental ocean music
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    newb: coil tap/split coil ignorance

    The Joe Barden pickups blog has an entry on tapping vs splitting also: Coil-Tapping vs Coil-Splitting | Joe Barden Pickups
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    Example of a preset with fx in parallel rows

    I had to delete the first 10 bytes yek's demo preset in order for Axe-Edit to recognize it.
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    our tuner is stuck.

    Look! someone already requested that in the wish-list section! http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-wish-list/43718-tuner-presets.html ;)
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    our tuner is stuck.

    You can have one set of offsets stored. Then you can enable or disable the offsets to switch between std and custom.
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    Blending between 2 amps w/ exp pedal.

    It was interesting looking at the different ways that people accomplish this: A) cross-fade two vol blocks before amps B) cross-fade two vol blocks after amps C) cross-fade two channels within a single mixer block after the amps And then the various curves used for the cross-fades: linear and...
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    Axe2 Preset building

    It looks like IAs can do the same but not in Axe-Fx mode. Alternatively, you can change an IA to 'general use' and then yes, those IAs will work the same as your XS. (From my reading of the manual; I don't have an MFC). Checkout the table in section 5.2.5 for results of Send w/ Preset On/Off...
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    Axe2 Preset building

    MFC manual section 8.2 - External Switch MIDI Functions where Type is set HDW? "In this mode, whenever a new preset is loaded, the switch state will be polled and the corresponding MIDI message sent. This allows “what you hear” to be kept in sync with “what you see” if the switch has an LED...
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    How are you choosing to use your expression pedals?

    Clarky, XP is expression pedal or external pedal, but XS is what? expression switch, external switch, expression pedal switch, excess switch?
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    Blending between 2 amps w/ exp pedal.

    That doesn't appear to be a continuous blend - amp1 is on, amp2 is off, no modifier on the vol block - at least so far as Axe-Edit 317 shows.
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    Blending between 2 amps w/ exp pedal.

    Offset and scale need to be fixed?
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    80mm fan in Axe FX II

    I thought they were 60mm fans. Is that a recent change or has the II always been 80mm?
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    Well, I finally have to say something . . .

    +1 on slowdown. I had experienced some hangs when moving blocks around in AE. Changing the move to two distinct operations has stopped the hangs: 1) click on the block (and release mouse). Wait for the settings area to update with the new controls and settings. 2) now safe to start the...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 7.00 Public Beta

    You mean besides this announcement? http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/56110-axe-fx-ii-firmware-version-7-00-available.html ;)
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    Lead Volume and Volume Leveling

    fletcher-munson. But I like the merkin effect - good one. I want to start a merkin museum in my old age.
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    Where is the "phase reverse" button of the delay ?

    It's on the Tone/Duck page.
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    Question About MFC, Patch switching/multiple changes

    Definitely hear the delay in your vid, but not saying that it is not normal. Are you switching between factory presets? If so, which ones?
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    Strange behavior using Axe Edit & Deconstructing User Presets

    Try using Axe-Manage to load the patch into the Axe-Fx and then use the front panel to see if the settings on the device match the settings you see when you open the same patch in Axe-Edit.
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    Basic MIDI and Controllers

    On the Axess FX-1, each IA switch could transmit up to 2 CC messages, 2 program change messages and 2 sysex messages. IA often refers to a switch whose function does not change when the bank on the foot controller changes. The functions that the switch controls are instantly available...
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    Basic MIDI and Controllers

    I believe that the first time I saw "IA" used as a foot controller feature was by Axess Electronics.
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    Quick patch jump

    Don't forget that in RECALL mode, the left and right NAV buttons increment and decrement preset number by 10.
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    My covers band patches

    Check out Simeon's albums too (since he doesn't plug them here on the forums, I will): Albums
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    Wish Modifiers not stored in global blocks

    That's the documented behavior. Page 120 of the user manual: "Modifier settings are NOT saved with Global Blocks, but blocks that have an X/Y switch (p. 36) will have all parameter settings for BOTH states saved in the Global Block." See wish list thread...
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    Slaving amp heads....

    Found the post I wrote about in my previous response: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/50217-disable-preamp-amp-block.html#post648712
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    Slaving amp heads....

    Someone in another thread reported mixed results by using 2 amps: disable power amp simulation in the first (by setting sag to 0) and setting up the second with neutral preamp settings so that you effectively have amp1 preamp into amp2 power-amp.
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    WISH: Update Subscription

    This was discussed a little bit over in this thread: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-bugs/45670-small-text-bug-drive-block-treble-boost-pic-inside.html Here's an RSS feed for the downloads page: Fractal Audio Systems Support Downloads And a separate feed for Axe-Edit updates...
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    MFC Alternatives Feature Comparison

    Mastermind GT is in development. When released it will be Group 1: RJM Music Technology, Inc. Mastermind GT MIDI Foot Controller
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    Global Blocks..either always ON or always OFF in a preset.

    Even with global blocks some state IS per preset: modifier/controller settings.
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    Differences between the Axefx Ultra and Axefx2 midi formats?

    My recollection is that at least in earlier firmware versions, the II would not respond to ill-formed firmware version requests. It wanted the checksum: F0 00 01 74 03 08 0A 04 F7
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    Why is 'Edit' light always on?

    The light indicates that it HAS changed, not that it IS changing. A single change turns on the light.
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    Wah settings for Dunlop Crybaby?

    Maybe this one: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-preset-exchange/47389-mamas-back-mother-all-pedal-effect-emulations-thread-axe-fx-ii.html
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    Version 6.00 Preview

    If Tone Match settings are saved in a Tone Match block, then you would want to X/Y them with the Amp block X/Y, no?
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    Version 6.00 Preview

    Does Tone Match have X/Y capability?
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    Technical Question

    In your testing, what value did you use for Input Impedance? And were you using active or passive pickups?
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    Recto New Orange KUDOS

    Triaxis v2 - is yours with the original recto board or with the later phat mod?
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    advanced looping/delay settings. Help needed.

    Looks like 2 H3500s, 1 Eclipse and 2 H8000s.
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    Getting a weird clicking noise when using the leggy sim. Please help

    As far as the USB goes, does simply having it plugged in use CPU or is it a matter of how you are using it (audio vs only midi)?
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    Cliff Please!!!

    Appreciate the definitive response.
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    Very cool new product. 3 expression pedals from 1!

    As did the nearly 20 year old digitech pmc10.
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    V5 Preset Banks? Did I miss something?

    Here's an rss feed for the downloads: Fractal Audio Systems Support Downloads
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    Using an iPad to control your Axe-FX - Step by step

    Interesting device announced today that would be applicable: Griffin Studio Connect, Midi Connect hands-on (video) -- Engadget
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    Carvin AC120S

    Yeah, that's another nice feature. Every so often the glow in the dark of the voltage readout on my furman makes me think I left something on in the room...
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    Carvin AC120S

    Individual on/off switches for each outlet - nice feature.
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    Small text bug in Drive block: Treble boost (pic inside)

    And another for Axe-Edit updates: Axe-Edit Downloads
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    Small text bug in Drive block: Treble boost (pic inside)

    I've setup an rss feed for the downloads page: Fractal Audio Systems Support Downloads
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    Small text bug in Drive block: Treble boost (pic inside)

    Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, my tinfoil hat keeps me off fb.
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    Small text bug in Drive block: Treble boost (pic inside)

    It's a shame there isn't a way to automatically be notified of updates to the firmware and Axe-Edit. In the pre-Axe Fx II days, you could subscribe to the news forum, but updates are no longer news. Is everyone constantly patrolling the forums to learn of updates or is there a notification...
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    AXEFX2 thin sounding through poweramp...any suggestions.

    I'd echo the recommendation to try power amp sims on (leaving cabs off).
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    What is the SysEx Message for GET_PRESET_NAME in the Axe2?

    See AxeFxManager::ReceivePresetEffectsV2() in the same file.
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    What is the SysEx Message for GET_PRESET_NAME in the Axe2?

    Update the model number and include a checksum in the request: F0 00 01 74 03 0f 09 F7 See AxeFxManager::RequestPresetName() in SourceForge: mtroll/mTroll: Engine/AxeFxManager.cpp@eef2c1f3b273
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    Bug? Preset changes on its own

    Are you using a MIDI controller? If so, which one and does it happen if you disconnect the Axe MIDI input?
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    Volume Knob noise & unwanted octave effect??? Fan noise in signal?

    Problem 1 kind of sounds like fan warble - weird that only happens when turning the knob... Problem 2 kind of sounds like a ring modulator.
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    LF + AFX2 X/Y

    Does the MFC controller work that way?
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