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  1. J

    Amps in stereo (physical amps)

    I guess this question has an easy answer but I don't get it. To avoid ground loops and phase issues in a two amp configuration, something like the Radial Bigshot seems to solve that problem. But if I want to use the stereo outputs of my AX8 straight to the two inputs of the amps, do I need two...
  2. J

    Is there a mini expression pedal with toe switch?

    I'm looking for something like my Mission SP-1 to control vol and wah on my AX8 (and on my Boss MS-3), but smaller. Seems all the ones I'm looking at, like Dunlop, Valeton, AMT, etc, doesn't have a toe switch, so I must go to a different preset if I want to use the wah. Anyone knows if there's...
  3. J

    Is stereo useless when FRFR speakers are too close?

    This thread got me thinking: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/2x12-cab-stereo-or-mono.128641/ I found this article from Matrix saying that running FRFR in stereo is useless unless speakers are a few meters away, because tweeters would cancel each other, and there would be phasing issues...
  4. J

    Assign booster and delay to F3 switch (Not a Bug)

    Hi everybody! I just received my AX8 yesterday.:) I've been out of the Axe world for a long time (used the Standard for a few years when it came out), sometimes have borrowed a XL from a friend to do some recordings, but now, at last, I've got my AX8.:sunglasses: I've been trying to assign...
  5. J

    K10 without the vacuum cleaner?

    I've received the QSC K10, and I couldn't be more happy with its sound quality. At last I've found a frfr solution that satisfies me, it sounds incredible with Axe or with HD500, as well as with acoustic or keyboard. But the problem is as I turn on the K10, the fan gets started and almost never...
  6. J

    Yamaha MSR100 and MSR250

    Has anyone tried any of these? I need a monitor for keyboards, acoustic and Axe, so I was looking at these. They're lightweight and inexpensive. MSR100: YAMAHA MSR 100 - Thomann Cyberstore Español MSR250: YAMAHA MSR 250 - Thomann Cyberstore Español
  7. J

    Am I nuts for being happy with my Standard?

    Sure it must be great to have a Tyler, an Axe II, and going to bed every night with Megan Fox. But I'm perfectly happy with my Strat, my Standard, and my wife. I know what GAS it is, as every guitarist, and I'm not saying I'm completely free from consumerism, but I can't imagine needing much...
  8. J

    Power Engine + coaxial speaker as frfr solution?

    Has anyone tried this combination? I remember reading about someone who was satisfied with the results. I mean changing the internal speaker for a coaxial one, beyma or similar.
  9. J

    One more time: frfr vs amp old thing, sorry...

    I know this is have been asked many times, so I won't ask the same again. Or should I...? Seriously, I've been using Axe constantly for the last two years for recording and results have been great. I bought a couple of months ago a RCF ART 310a, and I can't say it sounds bad. It sounds very...
  10. J

    FRFR Speaker in EL84 combo?

    It may sounds crazy, but I’ll try to explain myself… :ugeek: I have a great amp, Koch Studiotone combo (20 LOUD watts, 2 EL84 valves). I’m very happy with it; Axe and GSP1101 sounds very good through its return loop. So, I’m using it as a poweramp + cab. I was thinking of changing the...
  11. J

    Electric/Acoustic Rig

    I can't carry much weight due to back problems, so I'm thinking of a unique electric/acoustic rig. That would be Strat and Yamaha SLG (great guitar, no joking) through axe to powered monitor. Simple and very versatile. But I prefer guitar cabs to frfr. So the impossible question is this: does...
  12. J

    FBT Verve or Jolly?

    Hi! First post here, I’m new to the Axe world. :P Simple question: is there a big difference between FBT Verve 8ma and FBT Jolly 8ra or 8ba? I mean in terms of sonic quality. The price of the Jolly is almost half of the Verve. My intention is for live use (maybe a couple of them, if one is...
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