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  1. Wolfenstein98k

    Pre EQ Vs Post EQ

    Both!! Boost mids and cut bass on the way in..... cut mids and boost bass on the way out. A much better result than either on their own!!
  2. Wolfenstein98k

    You Knew Etsy Would Ruin Reverb

    If you cannot specify actionable goals, and you cannot explain to people that they are reliably indemnified from the sins of others, then you are not adding anything by saying this. What is to be done with this? People would love to redress grievances and historical injusticies (let alone...
  3. Wolfenstein98k

    Testosterone Replacement Therapy - What dose does your doc prescribe?

    Are you sure it wasn't the bacon? Or the daily sunlight? Or the endocrine disruptors in the lining of the tin cans? Or cooking your meat on a dry heat instead of poaching it or going vegan (and boiling all the veggies)? TRT can do wonders for a lot of (particularly older) men and seriously...
  4. Wolfenstein98k

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    15% death rate? Even Italy is only 12% (and their cases are probably much higher). Are you weighting places like India & Indo heavily, or?
  5. Wolfenstein98k

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Italy has a few issues: 1) A lot of direct trade (and human movement) directly with Wuhan due to leather trade. They had mass exposure early on, before anything was understood outside China (and while China was still lying to WHO and the outside world about it being transmissible). 2) A very...
  6. Wolfenstein98k

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    I'll take that bet. I bet deaths won't be a quarter of that, at least in the US (in relative terms). The rates are rising due to increased testing. The numbers are skewed by the fact that it was probably much more numerous months ago, and wasn't known to be - it's both more contagious and less...
  7. Wolfenstein98k

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    I wouldn't trust a thing China says. They were lying to the WHO in January, they were destroying evidence and samples and research in December. They expelled American journalists days before beginning to announce they had stopped having new cases. Don't trust a peep from the CCP.
  8. Wolfenstein98k

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Yeah, but as a result it's fallacious to 'predict' or even really discuss (as possible) the worst-case scenario, isn't it? At least without qualifying it by its unlikelihood given severe measures ARE being put in place.
  9. Wolfenstein98k

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    The response is staggering - major shutdowns will prevent this being anywhere near the worst-case you're hearing about. I would be worrying more about the economic (and small business particularly) impacts more than the infection and death rate at this point. The projections of millions of...
  10. Wolfenstein98k

    Rick Beato on string gauge

    Makes perfect sense - Gibsons are shorter scale, aka lower tension, so a gauge higher string set roughly balances out.
  11. Wolfenstein98k

    New BluGuitar Amp X - Holy $#!%

    Interesting. Is there any evidence of aliasing from the AF2 or 3? I would call that a problem already solved, from where we stand. I'm open to counter-evidence though.
  12. Wolfenstein98k

    New BluGuitar Amp X - Holy $#!%

    I'm not sure what problem modelers have that this solves. It appears to be "new" based on buzzwords (and maybe even actually is new based on new tech), but I don't see what problem that solves. You could always paint your Axe-Fx if the feeling of "new" is what you're after...
  13. Wolfenstein98k

    Wish Polyphonic Tuner

    Patented like all the amps and pedals and other things that are modeled are patented? If it's patent US8334449B2, I would think that's sufficiently tied to the hardware that it can't just cover every tuner that detects (and shows) more than one note at a time... If it covers the actual results...
  14. Wolfenstein98k

    Free HJ 4x12 RCA Cab Pack

    Can these be used with the Axe 2?
  15. Wolfenstein98k

    IR Length

    Yeah, I get that. I'm assuming that sound waves travel directionally though - ie the only reflections that hit the mic are those that bounced off a surface and then into the mic, which would be almost none of the emanating waves. On top of that, surely the waves caught in any modern IR are...
  16. Wolfenstein98k

    IR Length

    That's why I said "an oval + pointed to the sky". Unless the volume has to be particularly loud?
  17. Wolfenstein98k

    IR Length

    Why don't IR producers hire out a large enough hall (or aeroplane hangar...) to capture a long sample free of reflections or impurities? I understand the cost involved is probably prohibitive, but surely you could even just do it on an oval or something. pointed towards the sky?
  18. Wolfenstein98k

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Note that this is not on the official website in the download section - that's still pointing to 1.03
  19. Wolfenstein98k

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    Patently false - the tipping point of world population is already pinned at 11b max, and most Western nations have built their retirement systems on a Ponzi scheme that requires a growing population. Here in Australia, our birthrate has been below replacement (aka shrinking population) for...
  20. Wolfenstein98k

    5153 - blue 50w. Help !!

    Ragnarok is great. Try the Red model instead of Blue, for tight metal. Eddie plays the Blue channel with the gain on 10 for his hard rock / classic heavy metal tone, you want more than that. Use the Cut switch.
  21. Wolfenstein98k

    Price Increases Possible

    And rest assured, the tariff battle will wrap up soon. Trump has already got there with Canada and Mexico, Japan is soon, and China will fall once all eyes are on them (after everyone else made deals). Hold tight, it's temporary. Things may be significantly better after it, too.
  22. Wolfenstein98k

    Price Increases Possible

    Quick note on taxation etc: Australia does not have quite the same competitive federalism approach America does. As an Americanophile, I mourn that... but there's one advantage we have. Our Federal govt levies the sales tax, effectively making it a uniform tax (monetarily and in regulatory...
  23. Wolfenstein98k

    Price Increases Possible

    Not many, but it obviously depends on their margins (and all sorts of competing pressures). I think this is a sensible choice because I don't think the tariffs will be an issue for much longer - they're certainly not a long-term policy. Very courageous move by FAS though.
  24. Wolfenstein98k

    Anymore Firmware updates?

    There's at least one more coming, as Cliff dropped a "Soon." regarding a new amp for the Axe 2. But think about it this way - what's the Axe 2 missing? If it didn't get another update, it certainly wouldn't get "worse"... and when I think about it, if it stopped being updated two years ago, I'd...
  25. Wolfenstein98k

    Price Increases Possible

    >The more tax you pay, the more tax you save when there's a tax cut Wow, who could've predicted that
  26. Wolfenstein98k

    Price Increases Possible

    I'm going to respect the wishes of the owner of this forum, and not delve into politics. I'll just offer to you that there's plenty of economic analysts who note China is in a much more precarious position than you may think, particularly surrounding their debt and its serviceability going...
  27. Wolfenstein98k

    Stryper tone

    Big boost on 800-1000 heading into the amp block.
  28. Wolfenstein98k

    Mesa model question

    How much are you cutting in the GEQ? How much gain are you using?
  29. Wolfenstein98k

    Mesa model question

    There's lots already written on this - do a search. But tl;dr is that the Marks put the BMT knobs BEFORE the gain, rather than after. This means that your settings on those knobs are more akin to boost settings in front of an amp, and the GEQ settings are more akin to traditional, post-gain...
  30. Wolfenstein98k

    Axe-Fx II Drives question

    Don't even think of trying anything before the SDD Preamp. It's the "sparkle" drive, for sure. Here's Yek's tip for chime: "Add the SDD Preamp (Drive block). Set Drive at 1.50. Done."
  31. Wolfenstein98k

    Your go-to "Dialing in" tips

    About time to bump this thread again, methinks... Anyone found any new tips they swear by? For me, I've been having a great time just using the straight amp and cab again, stripping it right back. But the FAS Boost keeps worming its way into my presets, both high gain and otherwise...
  32. Wolfenstein98k

    HELP - can't get a decent HIGH GAIN tone

    Isn't the volume control after the input to the pickup, rather than before it? I'm showing my ignorance here, but I thought that was the case - that the volume knob controls the output of the guitar, not the input of the pickup.
  33. Wolfenstein98k

    HELP - can't get a decent HIGH GAIN tone

    Well, EMG batteries are meant to last 3000 hours (aka 125 days) of use according to them. Even if we round down to 110 days to be generous, there's only 150 days in five months anyway. I highly doubt he's playing 17.5 hours a day every day since March. We could say he's running two pickups...
  34. Wolfenstein98k

    HELP - can't get a decent HIGH GAIN tone

    No, in the sense that they're not putting out a signal that's that much hotter than passive, at least a hot passive. But what we're dealing with is internal clipping, not clipping down the chain - the problem is the headroom of the components within the pickup, so the output isn't relevant...
  35. Wolfenstein98k

    HELP - can't get a decent HIGH GAIN tone

    I'd recommend not lowering the EMGs, and instead using a different pickup entirely if you don't like the preamp/op-amp clipping they naturally impart. That IS what EMGs are, and once you're losing its magic in order to avoid its magic, you may as well try a different set. My understanding is...
  36. Wolfenstein98k

    To All High Gainers: Noise. Noise. Noise

    There's a reason actives are overwhelmingly common in high gain (beyond the tone). The preamp allows a lower noise pickup, caeteris paribus. Actives will always be quieter than passive, because they're "weaker" in the area that actually picks up the noise, such that the boost from the preamp...
  37. Wolfenstein98k

    Does the Axe-Fx III djent?

    Love the sound, and the tune. On the 4-string and the tuning you wanted: Is that inspired by Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit? I remember finding out it was all over their second and third album, and being totally bummed that I couldn't really recreate it with a 6-string reasonably... his tuning was...
  38. Wolfenstein98k

    "Breakin' the Law" - Axe-Fx III Style

    Dude, this sounds great. I'd listen to your music!! One bit of constructive criticism (if I had to) - there's a bit of a fuzzy build-up down in the lower-mids, when everything is rocking out. I'm not sure if it's the bass tone itself or maybe just some crossover, but that's legitimately the...
  39. Wolfenstein98k

    To All High Gainers: Noise. Noise. Noise

    Your active pickups should be - if anything - less noisy. They don't use mains power so they shouldn't be introducing any hum, and their low-wind-plus-preamp design means they tend to put through less interference than passive pickups. If you're happier passive then more power to you, but...
  40. Wolfenstein98k

    Price Increases Possible

    The part I've marked bold is the perfect encapsulation of the economics of tariffs. However in Trump's case he's made it clear they're a means not an ends, and whispers are that the Chinese Govt are going to give up the bluff soon... so we'll see how long it lasts. I would put money on it being...
  41. Wolfenstein98k

    Price Increases Possible

    No, it'll make them more expensive to build in China and import. COMPARATIVELY cheaper, yes - but that's not the same as objectively cheaper.
  42. Wolfenstein98k

    Filter setting for high end hiss?

    If this is a hiss that your Gate is cutting out when you aren't playing / turn your volume off, then it's an exogenous noise rather than an endogenous noise (aka it's a noise coming from pickups or other electromagnetic interference). You don't want to tackle this with EQ in the box, you want...
  43. Wolfenstein98k

    Filter setting for high end hiss?

    Yeah, your best bet is the high cut in the Cab block if you're using one. Test where you want it, but the louder you're playing the lower you'll want to set it (i.e. playing at bedroom volume might be 12k, but some people playing live with a lot of stage volume will have it down at 7k or even lower)
  44. Wolfenstein98k

    Nevermore Tone Tips?

    This sort of Sneap tone is the classic lineup - 5150 (use the block one), goosed by a Tubescreamer. Feel free to run lower mids on the amp, and don't be too shy on the bass, as the TS will pull out a lot. Run the level of the TS around 9 o'clock.
  45. Wolfenstein98k

    To All High Gainers: Noise. Noise. Noise

    What about the Intelligent setting?
  46. Wolfenstein98k

    Taming Bassy Palm Mutes?

    Sounds like a job for a dynamic EQ - Character, maybe? Is that still around? If not, multiband compression may be your mate.
  47. Wolfenstein98k

    Will US/China Trade Tariffs affect AxeFx Prices?

    Depends how far the costs flow-on. I'd expect it to hit Fractal, because no one wants to cop all of the resulting increase in cost alone.
  48. Wolfenstein98k

    I would like to post a rant

    Yeah we moved past signatures quicksmart. Now the standard is tap & go, with large purchases requiring the pin. It's pretty good overall given the risk of the card being stolen. Banks just reverse fraudulent transactions straight away - and now with smartphones you can put a lock on your card...
  49. Wolfenstein98k

    I would like to post a rant

    Bewildered Australian here... Why don't you guys have two-step authentication? Our banks have it as a pretty normal feature, where any particularly notable transactions can be verified with a text to your mobile. Saves declining and all that, and means the actual sellers get hit a lot less...
  50. Wolfenstein98k

    So unless I missed it in the manual...

    If you had to pick one brand (even better, one model...) that nails it and puts operation first, who would you pick?
  51. Wolfenstein98k

    Instrument Input Level question

    Yeah, just set it to the guitar. If you're going to be switching guitars a lot (i.e. within a gig), just calibrate it to the hottest guitar. Don't overthink it, just tickle those reds. :)
  52. Wolfenstein98k

    Total noob. Plexi model sounds nothing like a Plexi?

    Sorry mate, quoted the wrong post. Have edited it to quote the correct one now.
  53. Wolfenstein98k

    Total noob. Plexi model sounds nothing like a Plexi?

    The Axe can be overwhelming at first but I promise it's worth sticking with it - it's really incredible when you get a handle on it. FYI, almost everything that doesn't work or that sounds underwhelming is simply user error. That'll happen for a while, just keep at it. On the specific question...
  54. Wolfenstein98k

    Total noob. Plexi model sounds nothing like a Plexi?

    I think someone's already said it, but: Only use the Amp LEVEL parameter for actual (playback) volume. On the old amps like Plexis, dime (turn up to full) the Master Volume, and then use the Input Drive for the amount of gain you want. You probably want that at at least half.
  55. Wolfenstein98k

    Late 70's Marshall JMP Master Model 50w Mk2. Lead

    I dare you... But seriously, I know it's a no-go but I think there's a lot of support in the Fractal community for a crowd-funding for amps to go into the Axe... A reserve of untapped capital. Just a hint. ;)
  56. Wolfenstein98k

    AXE -FXII now on Close Out sale status in store! Get one while u can!

    Australian, actually - our country is pretty fantastic, but I'm also a raging Americanophile. So, take your pick :P
  57. Wolfenstein98k

    Why some amps initially sound bad?

    I actually agree with OP here - I don't see why there couldn't be a little tweaking to the default settings, especially for amps where we know that no one would use them at noon settings. Think the Bogner amps - the first thing you do is dime everything, then tweak from there.
  58. Wolfenstein98k

    AXE -FXII now on Close Out sale status in store! Get one while u can!

    This just in: Life isn't fair. Sometimes you don't get as much resale value as you'd like for the world's greatest guitar processor, while living in the greatest time in history, in arguably the greatest country on earth. It's our cross to bear, I suppose. The eternal albatross around our...
  59. Wolfenstein98k

    Third bar on “Axe-FX III” blue light logo dimmer?

    Imagine if the colour of the logo changed based on the input signal - i.e. it went red when you tickled the reds. How great would that look when playing on a dark stage!
  60. Wolfenstein98k

    Mesa Recto vs Fractal

    To give more useful information: You want the listening environment to be identical. Your ears aren't identical. You can't accurately juxtapose a sound between your left and right ears.
  61. Wolfenstein98k

    Post Axe-Fx III Launch ... Amp Model Requests

    Can't you simulate this with the tube options within the Axe?
  62. Wolfenstein98k

    If you like the Rectos...

    I support that, but I leave it at Post. Pull down that middle slider. Really low bass, low mids, high treble on the BMT knobs.
  63. Wolfenstein98k

    12 year old with AX8 playing Petrucci!!!

    What's the main difference between the that and what you replaced it with?
  64. Wolfenstein98k

    If you like the Rectos...

    That makes sense. It sounds like a mix between a good, full-bodied JVM and a Recto.
  65. Wolfenstein98k

    If you like the Rectos...

    Try the FAS Modern III! I can't remember what it's based on, but the damn thing rips. And like the other FAS amps, doesn't need any tweaks from stock (I'm looking at you, Mesa Mark series...) Give it a burl. It's not as hyper-modern as the first Modern, and packs more of a wallop!
  66. Wolfenstein98k

    Earth's Magnetic Poles May Flip

    Fair, fair. Sorry for the brashness of my comment... consider it just a reassurance. Things are very stable, and even the most unstable and dangerous actor (DPRK) is currently playing well and being relatively cooperative. Things are going well, and those worries should be let go of as quickly...
  67. Wolfenstein98k

    Earth's Magnetic Poles May Flip

    There is no risk of WWIII, and even less by the day. You seriously shouldn't worry. :)
  68. Wolfenstein98k

    U.S & European version - Different?

    Unit will work wherever it's plugged in, it's international plug n' play.
  69. Wolfenstein98k

    Things about the III you may have missed

    Yep. Some of the pics show exactly that. And you can use the "push" to engage a switch, like the Fat switch for instance.
  70. Wolfenstein98k

    Will the Axe FX 2 XL+ still receive updates?

    It's in their long-term interests to support it for a while yet, and that's the standard practice in the tech industry. It's in their short-term interests to switch full steam to the 3. I expect they will support it for a while, but they obviously need to make sure the launch of the 3 takes...
  71. Wolfenstein98k

    Things about the III you may have missed

    Yeah, pre-EQ PEQ within the Amp block is awesome. That can't be understated. Now with a single block you get to have that sneaky '80s 800Hz chirpy boost. Hair metal for days!
  72. Wolfenstein98k

    Axe-Fx III Dimensions and Weight

    For comparison to the Axe-Fx II XL+. AXE-FX II (2): Width: 19.00in (483mm) Height: 3.5in (88mm) Depth: 14.25in (362mm) including front handles and rear jacks Weight: 14.75 lbs (6.7 kg) AXE-FX III (3): Width: 19.00in (482.6mm) Height: 5.16in (131.1mm) Depth: 11.530in (292.87mm) including front...
  73. Wolfenstein98k

    Anyone else super excited for the III?

    How long will you wait before it's released? Because the XL was the uber 2, and then it was soon surpassed by the XL+ due to unforeseen circumstances. If you waited a little while after the XL+ came out, y'know, just incase there's an XL++ ( ;) )... then the 3 gets announced. I'm not saying...
  74. Wolfenstein98k

    What is the base sampling rate?

    Who has? And yes, that's why 48Khz provides a safety buffer due to the filtering necessary - and again, this is why using a single rate and optimising your filters for it (rather than a changeable rate AT THE HARDWARE LEVEL) is the optimum solution. There is no content above the real cut-off of...
  75. Wolfenstein98k

    Axe-Fx II is hundreds of dollars cheaper than my Axe-Fx II. :)

    I think you meant to write "Axe-Fx III" at the start of your headline. :)
  76. Wolfenstein98k

    What is the base sampling rate?

    Yeah, I get that. But should we limit everyone's presets so that we know they'll work at 384Khz, which takes a lot more processing power than 48Khz?
  77. Wolfenstein98k

    So What's New on the III? ...(Axe-Fx II vs III)

    Good Lord it's like having multiple Axe-Fx IIs within a single preset. Well I have no real need for that, but damnit I'm buying one.
  78. Wolfenstein98k

    What is the base sampling rate?

    Who would convert something into analog just to change the sample rate within a project? That's a horrible way to do it (although it would achieve the desired outcome). Again: Hardware is necessarily limited. It doesn't work as efficiently at different rates. If you allowed everyone to choose...
  79. Wolfenstein98k

    So What's New on the III? ...(Axe-Fx II vs III)

    I acknowledge that, but X/Y had gaps. I just want to check that this is as it sounds - four amp blocks (or eight if you use two actual blocks), within a preset, that change seamlessly. If that actually works, and actually is the case, then that's a total killer.
  80. Wolfenstein98k

    No Powered version?

    If there was a single power-amp which worked objectively perfectly with modelers existed, there wouldn't be a market for modeler power-amps. Note that there's heaps and heaps of modeler power-amps.
  81. Wolfenstein98k

    What is the base sampling rate?

    How are you controlling for placebo there? Are you doing A/B/X, double-blind? Placebo is incredibly powerful, and if not fully controlled for, it can convince you of anything. There's still a giant market for acupuncture and chiropractic and all that other pseudoscience. Never underestimate it.
  82. Wolfenstein98k

    What is the base sampling rate?

    1) You can't hear the difference, with modern sampling and converters and roll-offs. 2) That doesn't mean the difference doesn't matter. But, remember that it's always better to resample something with software after the fact, than try to get a single set of converters to work well at multiple...
  83. Wolfenstein98k

    So What's New on the III? ...(Axe-Fx II vs III)

    Amp block has four channels, channels switch instantly... Can you switch amp models by channel? E.g. One Amp block in preset. Channel 1 = USA Clean, Channel 2 = USA Rhythm, Channel 3 = USA Lead. Therefore you can switch between amp models instantly, which you could never achieve with the...
  84. Wolfenstein98k

    How do you boost signal for solos?

    End of the chain, mid boost that cuts out below 80Hz hard.
  85. Wolfenstein98k

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.04 Firmware Release

    Cool, thanks! I kept forgetting to set CF Hardness as per your suggestion. :D
  86. Wolfenstein98k

    5 band (Mark) EQ type...but not on a Mesa Mark amp

    I wouldn't use the V for different amps - that would be too scooped. It works for the Mark series because of the unique BMT placement.
  87. Wolfenstein98k

    Tone Talk - Rectifier and Soldano

    It doesn't sound much like a Recto though... What's the big difference? Just gain?
  88. Wolfenstein98k

    How everyone prefer to use saturation switch?

    Oh definitely. I was just responding specifically to OP and the comment I'd quoted, which appeared to be saying that they couldn't get any more gain from the Input Drive parameter, but wanted more gain, and were turning to Saturation. I wouldn't turn to Saturation first, for exactly the reason...
  89. Wolfenstein98k

    How everyone prefer to use saturation switch?

    Consider using the Input Trim. It adds pure gain/volume, without any EQ (which you correctly identified happens with Input Drive). Saves a block.
  90. Wolfenstein98k

    Issues dialing in good metal guitar tone

    1) Use low-cut before the amp, either through a drive pedal or the Cut switch. If it sounds too anaemic, add some back in with the post-gain EQ within the amp block. 2) Boost mids before the gain - this is why a drive pedal works so well. 3) Less gain. 4) Lower the Master Volume knob. Compensate...
  91. Wolfenstein98k

    'Vespertine' a progressive MKIIC++ song

    Man I'd love to do vocals over this, I can hear so much melody (as well as screaming) that would work. Really dig it.
  92. Wolfenstein98k

    low res freq question

    I tune it to the fundamental or the fifth of the key I'm playing in - so in E, it's 82.4Hz or 123.47Hz, whichever sounds better with the IR I'm playing with. https://pages.mtu.edu/~suits/notefreqs.html
  93. Wolfenstein98k

    Did anyone try the "Mikko N' Fortus - Impulses for Destruction" Cab Pack?

    Try standing further away from the cab or turning away from it ;)
  94. Wolfenstein98k

    Gibby blows off NAMM.

    Brands like Fender aren't paying the list price. NAMM would need their presence almost as much as the inverse.
  95. Wolfenstein98k

    Prepare for your computer to slow down with your next OS update

    FAS Software Solutions is the next venture, then?
  96. Wolfenstein98k

    Windows 10?

    Swings and roundabouts. Seems lean, but the constant upgrade system gives me the shits.
  97. Wolfenstein98k

    My mandatory advanced parameter tweaks

    My tip: Tune the Speaker Resonance to the root (or fifth) of the key you're in, whichever is closer to around 80Hz. For the typical guitarist who plays in E and is tuned to E standard, that's 82.4Hz. Whenever I'm jamming Metallica and stuff like that, I whack it there and don't think twice...
  98. Wolfenstein98k

    Blocks routing question

    It's digital, there's no degradation. But it'll also boost the volume which is misperceived as sounding "better"
  99. Wolfenstein98k

    "Cabinet modeling", activated or deactivated?

    Whenever you are playing through a real cab, you do not need cab modelling. Wherever you are not playing through a real cab, you do need cab modelling. Cab modelling imitates a cab. You need it on when you are playing through something that isn't a cab, like headphones or FOH or an FRFR speaker.
  100. Wolfenstein98k

    Natural Harmonics 2nd fret issue

    There's a strong F# harmonic at the second fret on the low E - Marilyn Manson's "Rock is Dead" relies on that for the main riff, it forms an integral part. As to "what [you] are missing" - the answer seems to be "Gain". :P
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