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    WTB AXE III Wanted

    Who's selling?
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    FS AX8- Sold!

    When you can have the FM3 at $999, at what pricepoint will the AX8 stabilize?
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    12 String Preset

    Thanks for this. I like it.
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    Vendor Bay Area Metal Giants Vol.1 & 2 out now! (METALLICA presets) XL+ & AX8

    Jon, any plans to do presets for the other Bay area Metal Giants, -Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, etc?
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    Hi, would you take $350 for the MFC?

    Hi, would you take $350 for the MFC?
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    Metallica tonematches/patches extravaganza v3.0! (FW15.03)

    Guitarjon, your presets are the reason I purchased the AXE II. I already have the Kemper but I'm a huge Metallica fan. People do sell profiles and presets on the Kemper forum and it's good for the whole community. If you don't make these presets many of us are doomed to remain perpetually in...
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    Singtall presets

    Thanks for the offerings, Singtall. I used a lot of your patches while playing the 11R. Glad to see you making the leap to the II and look forward to seeing you work your magic with this box!
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    "Since I got my Axe-Fx II..."

    I no longer have the excuse of shitty tone. Now, I have to learn my instrument better.
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    Do you have a guitar that you miss?

    Yes, I bought my first Gibson LP in 1992. I was young and in the military. I had to put it in lay-away and make payments! It was a Cherry Sunburst. It was my dream guitar back then. I sold it in 1997 because I thought I was going to quit playing, and for a long while I did. Now that I have...
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    New Megadeth

    Agreed. Megadeth hasn't put out a decent record since Youthanasia.
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    Megadeth "Rust In Peace" Tone Match

    Thanks for this preset. I love playing this tune too!
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    So Long.......

    That would be a dilemna. I would sell a kidney, blood, and/or sperm before selling my AXE again!
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    Artists you would like to see using Fractal

    Easy... Zakk Wylde, but that's never going to happen. Next, Metallica.... This could happen in theory, especially with Kirk Hammett who keeps up with technology. But I bet it would be for effects only has he is currently woring on a new amp with Friedman and Randall amps.
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    FW 10 Release - is there a way to be notified?

    FW updates are treated with the same fanfare that is usually received by new gear releases. AXE II is opium for the masses.
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    AXE-FX II Rack is Finished.... (I think)

    Nice! I thought that first picture was photoshopped when I first glanced at it because of the lettering on AXE EDIT. Interesting.
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    So quiet...

    About as quiet as a mouse pissing on cotton?
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    How Long Before MFC's Available?

    Coming from the Kemper camp who is without an FC, I was looking forward to having that issue resolved when I came over to the darkside..... damn the luck, so far!
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    Update to 9 or wait for 10?

    I might be the only member on the forum not quite looking forward to V10. Guys, question from a newb here.... When a new upgrade is released, what does one have to do to old presets to make them compatible? Or rebuild from scratch? Thanks for any answers in advance.
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    FW 10.0

    Every Modeler/Processor/Profiler forum has it's share of impatient members. Fractal is about to unleash a masterpiece(it sounds like) and there's a bit of negativity about the wait. I wonder if anyone ever told Picasso to hurry up!
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    Looking presets for Metallica "To Live Is To Die"

    Check Silentundergroundstudios, they did a nice job getting the tone for Blackened, would probably work with the Heavy Stuff on To Live is to Die.
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    Questions From A Prospective AXE User

    Okay, thanks very much guys for your very informative answers.
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    Questions From A Prospective AXE User

    Greeting and salutations. I'm intrigued with the AXE FX after much research. I currently am a user of the Randall Modular Tubes Systems model amps. I intend to continue using these amps, because I love the tones I'm getting from the pro-modded modules. I have a few questions is some of you...
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