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    Covid empties guitar stocks?

    Another huge shortage in ammo. Can’t find anything in the most popular gauge / caliber.
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    What is your favorite beer?

    O’Dells 90 Shilling. This post has inspired me to open one as it feels like it’s 100 degrees F right now.
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    Testosterone Replacement Therapy - What dose does your doc prescribe?

    He thought 200 mg of t-cypionate every two weeks sounded about right but it's been 6 years since he stopped so he wasn't exactly sure. He said that he laid off for a bit after the arrhythmia incidents ceased but his blood pressure remained elevated so he gave it up.
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    Testosterone Replacement Therapy - What dose does your doc prescribe?

    I found this on a medical site; practiceupdate.com. BACKGROUND Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common cardiac dysrhythmia associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Several small studies have reported that low serum total testosterone (TT) levels were associated with a higher...
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    Testosterone Replacement Therapy - What dose does your doc prescribe?

    I'm fairly certain that my friend's arrythmia was likely caused by doctor prescribed TRT. I think he would agree. I don't know what dosage he was doing or how often it was administered but, if you'd like, I'd be happy to ask him. He definitely added some muscle, got leaner, etc., I've...
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    Testosterone Replacement Therapy - What dose does your doc prescribe?

    A couple of things to add: When I was a soldier stationed in DC circa 1980’s, steroid use was practically encouraged in our unit. I’m not saying the Army issued it but, if you wanted a cycle of Dianabol, Equipoise, Boldanon, etc., it was always available. A warrant officer friend who I...
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    First person to choose this as their band name gets the reward...

    Hmmm.. I never thought I’d miss the band name debate thing but here we are.
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    Sustainer guitars anyone?

    I have the Fernandes Strat style sustainer - a very nice guitar. I bought the EOB Strat but sold it shortly after. The Fernandes is a better guitar for me.
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    If a guy's standing there, facing you...

    I trained for bio-containment against nuclear, chemical and biological (viruses) attacks in the US Army. I wore a 30 lb charcoal suit, a gas mask, a hood, 5 lb rubber gloves and heavy rubber boots. We went through an elaborate decontamination process in a sealable chamber. But I'm sure...
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    Any Kemper Experts Here?

    I have nothing useful to add other than that audio sample made me laugh out loud. Something HAS TO be wrong.
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    Am I the only one who loves the Roland Cube series amps?

    I’m a little embarrassed by how much Roland stuff I have - Cube 80, Bass Cube, Micro Cubes, Cube Street, BA 330 battery powered PA, Nextone amp, Katana Artist, Blues Cube, a keyboard amp... Some of this stuff is going on 20 years old, maybe more. The bang for the buck cannot he denied. I have...
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    2021 FORD BRONCO

    I've done the White Rim 4X in my Tundra TRD Pro. Most of the Bronco line is even more capable provided the turbo / twin turbo can withstand the dust.
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    2021 FORD BRONCO

    Meh... needs a roof rack.
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    2021 FORD BRONCO

    I just put my $100 down on the WildKat version.
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    Les Paul with bolt on neck, Yay or Ney

    I have a '77 Ibanez Deluxe 59'er bolt on that still plays and sounds great. It's been years since it's seen regular use but I don't think I've never had to adjust the neck. I don't think I'd take it apart and put it in my luggage but I'd certainly gig with it tonight, if called in to action.
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    Led Zep Cover

    The credits - who did what.
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    Stolen Gear

    <insert Adderall advertisement here> 😂
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    Led Zep Cover

    Great mix, video editing and performances. The only thing missing is the credit roll.
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    Adam Jones Signature Gibson LP

    I like signature models. To do them right, someone with the skills has to put the time in. If someone wants to build one and someone wants to buy one, good for them. I briefly owned a Ronnie Montrose CC (I bought it to sell). Probably the nicest LP I’ve ever played.
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    Why do people criticize guitar covers or band covers?

    I'm in the camp that if you're a bar band doing covers, you play them exactly like the original. I always work out the note-for-note solos and embellishments. I consider bands that don't to be lazy. Arrangement changes and extended jams are okay as long as you've already hit on all the...
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    How many care if the Theaters close permently?

    I think a lot of us may have left the main demographic that is desired by movie theaters. They used to make for a good date night but these days I'm probably a candidate for their early bird show time -- the one where they turn the volume up a little louder.
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    New to Gemini 2 and interested in your experience

    You can rest assured that I would have tried both ways. Since it's an FRFR solution, I would have first tried with cab and power amp modeling set to on. Based on my experience, you will struggle moving your presets from a 5 inch monitor driver to a 10" or 12" cabinet. You'll definitely...
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    Uncut Gems

    Watching it now. This is stressful.
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    59 Burst into Dumble ODS

    I wish Bias Excursion was a setting on my news feed.
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    Why isn't the metric system the only system taught?

    They would have to reprint all of Miles Davis album covers. "Kilometers Davis" just doesn't have the same ring to it.
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    59 Burst into Dumble ODS

    That tone might be worth the $600K it would cost. It would sure save me a lot of time...😜
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    Mac peeps - What do?

    4 years on a MacBook? ... you might have 2-3 years left before your iOS is no longer supported.
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    New Guitar

    I think the Steve Vai “Bad Horsie” video had an influence. I’d like to have a guitar that is a little more shred-specific. I once owned a nice USA Wolfgang It definitely inspired me to fine tune some VH licks but I just never bonded with the scale. I’d like to get something that is...
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    Paypal question and your thoughts

    Unless there is some kind of further escalation, I think PayPal generally takes its cues from the decisions made by Reverb / EBay when there is a dispute. It sounds like you’ll win the Reverb argument. Good luck!
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    Paypal question and your thoughts

    I'm not sure I follow but it sounds like there are several factors in your favor. It also seems that the case is still under review by Reverb. Based on my experience, Reverb will side with you. If so, you shouldn't have to worry about PayPal. Of course, you don't have to accept PayPal but...
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    Venmo Rip Off - Rant

    There’s nothing wrong with Venmo. It’s a convenient, easy to use, instant cash transfer app. I use it almost daily.
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    Anyone familiar with Gibson ES-137 Classic or Custom?

    I own a Classic Silver ES 137. It’s an excellent guitar - versatile, good looking, well made. It’s one of the best values out there. In the hand, you’d think they cost twice as much as they do.
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    I'm moving.

    Count your blessings, but at a slower tempo.
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    Selling gear in the age of COVID

    If you’re new to Reverb, you’ll wait for your money until the buyer receives the gear and approves the fund xfer. It’s kind of a hassle. eBay and PayPal are still the easiest way to go but there are ZERO seller protections on eBay. I’ve found lots of communication is key to avoiding...
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    Reverb.com can be good for a laugh at times

    I put it in my cart with a Fender Mustang. I’ll probably just get the Mustang.
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    Billy Idol - Mony Mony

    Backing track in the wrong key?
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    Get an MRI. If the results show you’re a good candidate for a laminectomy, do it. I had it done in 2008 after trying to manage it for 6 months with chiropractic, massage, muscle relaxers, etc., My chiropractor, of course, was imploring me to wait. I shouldn’t have waited. 8 weeks to the...
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    So this is interesting spam.

    I got the same one. I just replied, "Nice try - but this isn't even the computer I use for porn!"
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    If you were to buy a Taylor acoustic

    I haven’t kept up on the model numbers in forever but I was an early Taylor fanboy. For traditional bluegrass dread it’s 810. For modern performer OM, it’s 914CE. I’d probably skip the expression system and install a nice magnetic pup.
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    fingernail bed separation

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    Is internet connection essential for recording?

    Thanks all! I’m hoping Waves doesn’t shut me for not updating.
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    Is internet connection essential for recording?

    I built a nice studio / rehearsal space above my shop. The internet connection is spotty at best - It’s too far from the house. I’ve hesitated to commit to putting my recording desk out there due to lack of internet. Whaddya think? Do I need to be connected to get things to work correctly...
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    Annoying email situation

    While we’re on the subject, I want everyone to know that we’re sanitizing daily and adhering to the Governor’s stay at home order. I’ll update again later. 😜
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    Does anyone want to make their audio cables "fancy, noble, valuable" ?

    This is what you want: cable elevators. https://www.musicdirect.com/accessories/Cable-Elevators-8PK?gclid=Cj0KCQjwj7v0BRDOARIsAGh37iolny-ojq5LhEECSQRbjOa5mhQrLON2EJWehqPKhi31t00BCYtLKYgaAiZNEALw_wcB
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    Alnico vs Ceramic - Which do you prefer?

    This post reminded me of Taylor’s ill-fated Solidbody Custom line of electric guitars. They were nice enough guitars. They played well but they were doomed by using neodymium magnet pickups. “Shrill” would be a compliment. They sounded horrible. Taylor also made it hard to swap to a more...
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    What is the best Powered FRFR Cabinets to buy ?

    Any decent powered PA cabinet. They're all just horn loaded boxes. You can adjust for taste on the AFIII.
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    2018 - Real amps vs Axe-Fx III vs Kemper Profiler

    I own more than a dozen low watt tube amps - 64 blackface, Princeton brown face, Deluxe tweeds, AC15’s, Marshall SV & SC, etc., along with a Katana Artist, Boss Nextone, Roland Blues Cube and even a new Tone Master Twin Reverb. iMHO, tube amps always sound better when compared head to head...
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    Tiger King...

    Supposedly, from some folks I know that were local to OKC area, Joe Exotic had a starter husband who was involved in a murder investigation. I could research it but, it’s like the least weird thing about him so, why bother.
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    John Prine - COVID-19 Victim

    I once lived in the town next to where John lived and delivered mail just outside Chicago. In that area, having a personal interaction with John was like knowing Sinatra in Vegas, especially amongst the music crowd. I recall one story, from a reputable local source, that John actually penned...
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    What about an unofficial FAS metal band? Recording through DAW and upload to other members for editing until completely mixed

    I’m not sure “lick-a-thon” is the branding FAS is associating with right now.
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    R.I.P. Curly Neal

    I wish more people shared Curly’s view: “...that’s why when I look at what has changed in this country, I don’t lament what is still wrong. I think about how much has been accomplished.” I remember being a kid and thinking that he had to be the greatest basketball player in the world. I think...
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    USA & International Stay-at-home / shelter-in-place orders: please post

    I’d like to visit there as soon as I get my passport renewed. 😛
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    USA & International Stay-at-home / shelter-in-place orders: please post

    Denver and Boulder, CO lockdown today at 5 pm. They’re sending us checks, cancelling work and leaving pot shops and liquor stores open. It took 30 years but my prayers have finally been answered!
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    Terrible Chicago Music Exchange/Reverb Guitar

    Given the timing and the lockdown status of essential jobs only in Illinois, I’d bet they rushed it out the door rather than have you wait several weeks. But yes, from the pictures, it looks like several bad decisions were made.
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    Terrible Chicago Music Exchange/Reverb Guitar

    if you can’t do your own setups, you probably shouldn’t be buying online unless you’ve budgeted for a pro setup. I’ve bought several dozens of guitars online. I just bought a new LP Special from Gibson direct from the manufacturer. Lo and behold, it needed a setup. 90% of the guitars I buy...
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    Retirement balance with the current market?

    Is Walmart pretty flexible with scheduling?
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    Tom Brady

    After a CTE scan doctors recommended he move to a city that shared his initials.
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    Rhetorical Question About the Avengers

    Too much CGI. I can’t tell the movies apart anymore.
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    Family Feud

    Can't we all just get along?.... https://guitar.com/news/gibson-sued-by-heritage/
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    New Suhr has "dead" notes :(

    Sell it to John Mayer because Dead notes.
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    Gigs canceled due to COVID-19?

    Virtually every tour will be cancelled as local laws are enacted all over the US banning large crowds. It’s just too risky to bear the expense and then be cancelled after you’re on the road.
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    SXSW Canceled.......

    2 of the 4 conferences I planned to attend this year have been cancelled. I don’t think it’s panic just erring on the side of extreme caution. And my deductible is $6000... 🤫
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    Please recommend me a pickup

    Gibson and Seymour Duncan make reliably good humbuckers of every flavor at a fair price point. Pickups are just magnets, copper wire and sometimes wax. I gave up on the boutique stuff as fairy dust. The trick to pickups is finding one that mates well with your guitar. Trial and error every time.
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    Such an obvious idea, you have to wonder, what took so long

    My first serious foray in to a programmable pedalboard was the TC Nova system (which, I suppose, was the launching pad for ultimately going Fractal). I used the Nova for a few years. It’s interesting TC omitted any kind of drive option in the Plethora X5. Even though they present the lack...
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    How do you recycle used strings?

    I have a buddy, former Telluride Troubadour Winner, whose wife uses his strings to make merch - earrings, necklaces, bracelets - they sell at his shows. I recently went to the trash can and looped a few lengths of old string together to jump my tractor battery to my boat trailer so the surge...
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    What's the most unique pedal you own/use?

    Based on the common theme in this post, it’s time for an “EHX 9” page in the next FAS firmware update.
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    What's the most unique pedal you own/use?

    EHX B9 Organ Machine - nothing else like it.
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    Some photos of when I was on tour with The Dead

    Did you work for Clair, Baron VG?
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    Nice Pool!

    I could definitely hang with Brian.
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    New band for old-timers/Zeppelin fans: Greta van Fleet

    I tried. I just can’t. It’s just too obvious. I think it’s because we were doing the same thing in high school in Detroit in the 70’s. Every song we “wrote” was a blatant rip off of Zeppelin or Rush. I don’t know why exactly but I can’t connect. Listening to them actually bothers me. I...
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    So pumped!

    Clear your calendar.
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    So my wife’s hairdresser’s friends, are in a New York restaurant...

    One step up and two steps back.
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    Remember: Be Kind

    I’m thinking about signing up for FM3 but I heard it was announced a while ago. Should I wait for FM4? 😜
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    Axe-Fx III pricing - What is going on?

    Keep in mind that each Kemper, Helix, etc., unit sold includes a significant margin of profit for the retailer. Fractal sells direct to consumer. I think it’s apparent that the quality and durability of Fractal products wouldn’t be possible if there was a retail middle man. $1999 in...
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    Axe-Fx III pricing - What is going on?

    The cost of technology always goes down over time. I’m surprised this is an issue. Fractal has some inventory to move so they lowered the price AFIII is a mature unit now with lots of competition.
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    Good TV shows “worth watching”

    Not sure if it’s been mentioned but “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is a classic.
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    Racking The Axe-Fx

    I just realized it’s not deep enough at only 12.5 inches - the Axe FX II is 14.25” deep. That probably negates the helpful kickstand feature. Oh well. I’ll leave the post up anyway.
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    Racking The Axe-Fx

    This is a pretty cool solution for transport - much cooler than the plastic rack I’ve been using...
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    DLR content... Sad

    I watched the whole thing - twice. I’ve never heard myself in a live performance outside of my IEM’s but this is what I imagine I sound like. 😳
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    DLR content... Sad

    In 2020, what are we supposed to expect from a vocalist from the 1970’s? For perspective, his heyday was over 40 years ago.
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    Best way to connect the Axe to a real amp

    No. Same setup. I used to run mine direct to an AC30 and a Tweed Twin simultaneously . Sounded great.
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    Well now........,

    Living in Colorado, I think I better get used to rooting for the Chiefs. It’s gonna be a while, I think.
  83. A


    No relation. 😜
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    New Axe

    Petrucci, right? Those are intriguing to me. Please follow up with your review.
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    2020 AxeFxTutorials update

    Chris, you helped me often and I donated to your site several times. Allow me to help you. I’ve had two back surgeries - laminectomies for ruptured discs. The first one was very similar to your injury. The second was sciatica caused by overuse from cycling. I’m 56 years old now. I still...
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    I Have My Window Open

    I have only met one actual climate expert in my life. Dr William Gray was my neighbor here in Fort Collins, CO. He was professor emeritus of atmospheric science at CSU. We struck up a neighborly friendship as we had both spent time in Detroit, Washington, DC, the military and, of course...
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    I Have My Window Open

    The weather decides the clothes you are wearing today. The climate dictates the clothes in your closet.
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    Neural Quad Cortex, four amps?

    All things being equal, the wall wart is a deal breaker.
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    Fancy displays on products- Yay or Nay?

    Based on the webpage, it’s still on pre-order status. It appears that several prototypes are in rotation being shipped around for review. That particular page has 17.7K subscribers, all guitarists. That’s how you punch up pre-order revenues. This “pre-order” economy is weird to me. BITD...
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    Fancy displays on products- Yay or Nay?

    I’m pretty sure the FM3 doesn’t actually exist either. 😂At least according to my email inbox. But on a more serious note, unless a product intended for wide distribution has undergone an actual production run of some significant quantity, it really doesn’t exist. A few handmade prototypes...
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    Fancy displays on products- Yay or Nay?

    I guess I should have clarified. There may be some prototypes floating around but, unless someone actually has one to test and review, it’s probably in Fractal Forum’s best interest to monitor and limit discussions to what is actually known and can be verified independently. This isn’t a...
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    Fancy displays on products- Yay or Nay?

    The Quad Cortex is currently etherware. I think it’s smart to limit discussion on a potential competing product that doesn’t actually exist.
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    Tinnitus sufferers: ever find anything that helps?

    I started taking a zinc citrate supplement a few days ago. It seems to be helping. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/12544035/
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    Good TV shows “worth watching”

    Schitt’s Creek - sitcom mostly Canadians. Letterkenny - irreverent, weird, offbeat but frequently hilarious Canadian sitcom The Deuce - 3 season NYC based drama about the start of the porn industry. Interesting. Great cast. Fleabag - short, award winning, English sitcom. Really good...
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    RIP Neil Peart

    I grew up in Canada - Hamilton, Ontario, the same town where Neil was born and just down the road from YYZ. I saw Rush for the first time in a high school gymnasium. Then I saw them at a town ice rink a year later. There were maybe 250 people there, maybe less. There was a noticeable...
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    Opinion on a recent guitar purchase, neck joint cracks

    Agreed on all points. The original issue involved the guitar being a limited release AND permanently out of stock. The buyer was wondering if he should return it or take the very slight payout. I was of the ilk that if that’s the only guitar of its kind that is available, I would probably...
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    Opinion on a recent guitar purchase, neck joint cracks

    Perspective: It’s not EBMM’s fault that wood expands and contracts with heat, cold and humidity. The original guitar was shipped by a big box store. Where a lot of manufacturers won’t ship in extreme weather, the big box stores aren’t known to be too particular. Probably because they’ll...
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    vulfpeck live from MSG

    I’ve seen them at Red Rocks a couple of times. Great band but that Joe Dart is a special talent. His chiropractor bills must be massive. His head never stops. 😜
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    Help Me Buy a Bass?

    Fender Jazz or P Bass. Classic tones. Excellent resale.
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    Opinion on a recent guitar purchase, neck joint cracks

    Finish cracks in winter are pretty common. Not sure where your located but that I’m sure that recent east coast deep freeze delayed a lot of guitars from shipping. I think that if you like the guitar and it’s just normal checking, take the $100 and call it a day.
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