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    RSS feeds for updates

    For people that use RSS, here are some updated feeds (some are new / some old, reworked due to FAS website changes). firmware and presets: feed43.com/fractal_audio_downloads.xml Fractal Audio Systems Firmware and Preset Downloads usb drivers: feed43.com/fractal_audio_drivers.xml...
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    "Feedback Return" bypass

    The "Feedback Return" effect has a Bypass Mode and can be bypassed via the effect bypass button, but I don't see a "Feedback Return Byp" (or similar item) in the IO | CTRL list for MIDI controlled bypass. Am I missing it in the CTRL list? If not, how can I assign a cc to control bypass...
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    How to find old threads in new forum?

    I've got this list of old forum urls that was a sort of reference library. It doesn't look like topic ids were retained when the old forum threads were imported into the new forum - so the list is near useless. Anyone have a table that shows the mapping between old and new topic/thread ids...
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    mTroll: Open source PC-based MIDI controller

    mTroll is a software-based MIDI controller that I run on a little ASUS eee pc netbook. It can be used with a DIY foot controlled input but that is optional. I've added native Axe-Fx support to it. More info at http://www.creepingfog.com/mTroll/. mTroll is written in C++ and uses Qt for the...
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