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  1. sundance_kiddsg

    RIP Walter Becker (Steely Dan)

    was just belting out deacon blues in my car a few days ago... RIP Mr Becker...
  2. sundance_kiddsg

    Allan Holdsworth. RIP. One of a Kind.

    my introduction to Mr Holdsworth was the metal fatigue album that came out around the time I picked up the electric guitar. He has been an inspiration to many. sad to hear of his passing. r.i.p.
  3. sundance_kiddsg

    After 15 years of playing...

    just saw this thread... as it turned out, i have been watching this video from ted greene over and over lately: the handout he used in the video can be found here: http://tedgreene.com/images/lessons/chords/SessionWithTheStars-TedGreeneHandout_Sheets.pdf
  4. sundance_kiddsg

    wow...(pat martino content)

    being only a cursory fan of jazz, i have only one album by pat martino (el hombre) and have only listened to it a couple of times. but recently i chanced upon the following two videos which had me downloading them into my iphone and watching them over and over again. all i can say is i will soon...
  5. sundance_kiddsg

    so matt got a little mention....

    sorry if this has been posted..
  6. sundance_kiddsg

    Rogue one

    just watched it a couple of days ago... really liked it!
  7. sundance_kiddsg

    New FAS Video w. Larry Mitchell + Free Presets!

    as mentioned by the rest already... great video! thanks guys!
  8. sundance_kiddsg

    R.I.P. Rick Parfitt

    ya got that right... damn :-( r.i.p.
  9. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.02 Firmware Released

    nice christmas present, fas! feliz navidad!
  10. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.01 Public Beta

    wow! there're certainly a lot of lively discussion in this fw thread and in the spin-off threads as well. i can only speak for myself here on the touchy topic of possibly this being the last update for the mki/ii. i got my mk ii unit sometime in mid 2012 and fell head over heels with it as it...
  11. sundance_kiddsg

    Line 6 G10

    ya mean like this? this was the first thing i did when i got the g10 a couple of days ago.. the g10 will fit nicely in the strat jack but also didn't like the idea of it sticking out from the les paul type jack. am doing exactly what you described: securing the g10 end to my strap with a velcro...
  12. sundance_kiddsg

    Best floyed trem?

    just from the pic, it looks like you need to raise the pivot posts and tighten the trem claw to level the floyd's baseplate with the top of the body. check to see if the bottom of the baseplate is catching anything in the cavity, thus preventing it from returning to zero. +1 on gotoh but they...
  13. sundance_kiddsg

    Amp Modeling Timeline

    i had an ibanez va3 which came out in the mid 90s I think. http://www.amptone.com/ibanezva3.htm
  14. sundance_kiddsg

    John Petrucci fans pay attention!

    awesome mikko! thanks for the update and making it available!
  15. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 3.01 Firmware Release

    i've read of others encountering this in previous fw updates. i myself have not experienced this until the last 2 updates (q3.00 and q3.01). but retrying the update worked the second time around for both occasions.
  16. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 3.01 Firmware Release

    sometimes we say that just to be nice..
  17. sundance_kiddsg

    Whose line is it?

    how do i go about asking a question in this game?
  18. sundance_kiddsg

    Will there be a very Merry Christmas Firmware 1.07 release?

    until placebo v1.1 comes along, that is...
  19. sundance_kiddsg

    Star Wars - The Force Awakens - No Spoilers!

    being from the original trilogy camp and disappointed with the prequel trilogy, i was having high expectations for episode vii, given that this was a chance for redemption. i must say that i thoroughly enjoyed the movie. although the story could have been better, i am now filled with a new hope...
  20. sundance_kiddsg

    Star Wars - The Force Awakens - No Spoilers!

    watching it in a couple of hours. hopefully it lives up to expectations.. thanks for not giving anything away!
  21. sundance_kiddsg

    well it only took me 26 years...

    thanks guys! i have to say that my silhouette plays better. also, as i have been playing my ibanez at10p for some time now, the sm's neck felt a bit shallower than what i'd like. still, i'm gonna get used to this i'm sure.. true, he hardly ever plays the term version, except with deep...
  22. sundance_kiddsg

    well it only took me 26 years...

    to shed that "i'm not worthy" feeling. don't get me wrong, i'm no closer to being able to play like him than 27 years ago (sadly) became aware of steve morse in 89 and ever since i saw his music man on the oct 89 issue of guitar player magazine, i have always pined for one but never felt i...
  23. sundance_kiddsg

    Expression pedals: How many is too many?

    it's never too many...:D #1 direct to exp jack on axe fx for wah #2 whammy or pitch related effect #3 and #4 delay levels (my delay blocks are in parallel) #5 reverb level (my reverb block is in parallel) #3-5 are simply mixers to bringing in the amount of ambience
  24. sundance_kiddsg

    Third gig with the AX8. Awesome!

    +1 when the ax8 was first announced, i'd never considered getting one since i'm perfectly happy with my axe fx 2. not so sure i am able to resist the temptation at the moment...
  25. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    the first proper tube amp i ever played through was a frightfully clean silver face twin. nice to see it added in the latest update.
  26. sundance_kiddsg

    ngd: old wolfgang

    ah i see... you were referring to the back of the neck. that makes sense now.
  27. sundance_kiddsg

    ngd: old wolfgang

    found my chrome selector switch tip. my transformation is complete...
  28. sundance_kiddsg

    My interview with Troy Grady of "Cracking the Code"

    i'm a regular subscriber of his stuff and recently acquired the steve morse analysis. good read, thanks!:encouragement:
  29. sundance_kiddsg

    ngd: old wolfgang

    am currently going through a van halen phase (again) and decided to get the ax40d. the only thing that held me back was determining if i could replace the bridge with a gotoh. i had a tough time finding the answer so to help future owners wanting to do a swap, am reporting here that the gotoh...
  30. sundance_kiddsg

    Ready for the Amp Show

    dunno why but i really want this, even though the axe fx is all i need...
  31. sundance_kiddsg

    Brown Sound Effects Video

    having just scored a peavey wolfgang recently, your videos couldn't have been more timely!:encouragement: looking forward to more...
  32. sundance_kiddsg

    ngd: old wolfgang

    thanks guys! the guitar does play very well... buttery is a good description. @kg md, the peavey fretboard is a fixed 15" unlike the fender evh wolfgang, which has a compound radius. i had a chance to give it a thorough once over this weekend and to my dismay noticed that the truss rod...
  33. sundance_kiddsg

    ngd: old wolfgang

    came into some unexpected money and thought i'd buy myself a belated birthday present. had wanted to get a evh wolfgang special but when this came into my sight for less money, i knew the 97 usa peavey was a no brainer when compared the chinese evh. so here's my new toy: thanks for looking
  34. sundance_kiddsg

    How to dial up the Brown Sound in ten minutes

    thanks for sharing your thought process!:encouragement: i love videos like these.. looking forward to part 2...
  35. sundance_kiddsg

    Can someone un fuck my preset? V2.0 QUANTUM FUCKUP

    careful, i think he's trying to take over mark day's throne...
  36. sundance_kiddsg

    electric piano tones from ehx

    this looks and sounds interesting...
  37. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx 2: Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Tone Video Tutorial

    thanks, tyler ,for taking time out to walk us through your thought process. really enjoyed watching that :encouragement:
  38. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    thanks, chris, for making the video available. just sat through the entire thing in one go. great first crack at the new fw. hope you made it to your gig in time. :encouragement:
  39. sundance_kiddsg

    FW20b Jmpre-1 DEMO

    sounds great! keep'em comin'!
  40. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx 2: The Sky is Crying - Stevie Ray Vaughan (FW20)

    that's just eerily stevie-like...
  41. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    there was a problem with 20b, you should be using 20b1...
  42. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    they should run a contest... you get the spot, you get a t-shirt or sumthin..
  43. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    my d**k got knocked off around fw13... i have no more d**ks left....
  44. sundance_kiddsg

    cab lab license issue after PC upgrades

    i made the same mistake sometime ago after having to swap out my motherboard. wrote to fractal support with my problem and purchase details and got a new activation code...
  45. sundance_kiddsg

    Problem with Windows 10?

    i came here to ask if upgrading to windows 10 (had a prompt to upgrade) will mess up my cablab 3. good to know. thanks
  46. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    i had myself one of those.. i later moved on to a gibson...
  47. sundance_kiddsg

    advice needed for 2 volume 1 tone on 3 pickup guitar

    thanks, zwiebelchen, i can almost understand the briggs wiring, not so much the dimarzio one.. since they are the same, am inclined to go with the dimarzio scheme as it seemed more official (if there's such a thing) and my pickups are all dimarzios...
  48. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    wow...the giving never stops!!:encouragement: thanks fractal!!
  49. sundance_kiddsg

    advice needed for 2 volume 1 tone on 3 pickup guitar

    hi all, i'm hopeless at understanding wiring diagrams and as such simply follow the wiring diagrams to the t. i'm thinking of re-wiring my ibanez at10p (the low end andy timmons) to get 2 volumes (1 for the neck+middle and 1 for the bridge) and 1 master tone. on searching the intrawebs, i...
  50. sundance_kiddsg

    AXE FX II - Tuner Offsets

    my recently acquired washburn n24 came with the bfts. what i did was to set the intonation using EvenKnudsen's second set of offset. this need to be done only once. after that i set my axe fx 2's tuner offset to EvenKnudsen's first set of offset. whenever i need to tune my n24, i will turn...
  51. sundance_kiddsg

    Troy Grady, "What is Stringhopping?"

    i'm a regular subscriber of troy's stuff. very insightful imho
  52. sundance_kiddsg

    Thank you Chris@AxeFxTutorials

    nice gesture from the folks at fractal! happy for you chris! i've definitely benefited from your help when i first got my mfc some years back...
  53. sundance_kiddsg

    1500 bucks, you say, Line6?

    had my share of line6 stuff, from the 4-series stompers to the pod hd, before my fractal days, that is. although i have no reason to look at another modeler/multi-fx processor, the latest helix at the office video did very well to stir up my interest. very nicely done and not over-the-top with...
  54. sundance_kiddsg

    Amanda Peterson (Cindy Mancini) RIP

    oh no.... am a child of the 80s and loved the genre my other favorite "some kind of wonderful" also came out in 1987. i had such a thing for mary stuart masterson too. this is one memory that ends with a heartbreak r.i.p. cindy
  55. sundance_kiddsg

    can't decide between jackson and ibanez

    after a couple of weeks with the sdx, the only other tweaking was sanding off a bit under the nut to bring the string height at the nut down a smidgen. must say it really is a bang-for-the-buck guitar. was so impressed with it, i had wanted to get another just for an Eb tuning ala evh. ended...
  56. sundance_kiddsg

    New family member... help name her!

    she is adorable! shirley (as in dirty shirley or shirley shirley mo firley.. ) debbie (as in harry) gaga (as in lady) or name her "stay"..."come here, stay, come here, stay!"
  57. sundance_kiddsg

    Sammy Speaks out

    it breaks my heart to see my favorite band that i grew to love in the 80s reduced to this state. even though i'm roth era fan, i tend to side with sammy since mike's departure.
  58. sundance_kiddsg

    can't decide between jackson and ibanez

    true dat!:encouragement:
  59. sundance_kiddsg

    can't decide between jackson and ibanez

    a little late but it's here... a short review: pros - great feeling neck - rolled fretboard edge - nicely finished fret ends cons - weak single coils and nondescript humbucker (replaced with dimarzio virtual vintage, injector and virtual paf) - pinging at nut when tuning (before...
  60. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Public Beta #3

    it would seem sunday is the new friday.. thanks!
  61. sundance_kiddsg

    Post a picture of your Guitar Family

    real estate is scarce for me... so my babies are packed like sardines
  62. sundance_kiddsg

    can't decide between jackson and ibanez

    ermm.. well this is sort of embarrassing.:oops after all the advice, this came home with me i guess when in doubt, go nuno...
  63. sundance_kiddsg

    can't decide between jackson and ibanez

    [ot start] we all tend to emulate our heroes so as guitarists so it's only normal we try and use the same gear as our favorite players. we also seek the same tones: just see how people get all excited when eddie's tones are discussed. for myself, i am such a huge steve morse fan that till now...
  64. sundance_kiddsg

    can't decide between jackson and ibanez

    thanks guys, appreciated the views! based on the promptings, am definitely leaning towards the jackson. :lol thanks! but not a deal breaker for me as several of my strats need their necks removed for relief adjustments. have to admit, this probably is the reason i am drawn to the js ;) i...
  65. sundance_kiddsg

    can't decide between jackson and ibanez

    yes i did get to try both on the day i went down to the shops intending to get the jackson. feel wise and $$ wise, the jackson was the obvious choice. the neck felt great and the strat shaped body felt very familiar, being a strat player. but can't get over the cool factor the ibanez exudes...
  66. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Public Beta

    hmmmm.. i've finally experienced what some others have been describing: that the update stops abruptly because the axe fx went into update mode. had a brief scare when i saw the error message on my laptop, but thank goodness restarting the process went on without a hitch. never had that...
  67. sundance_kiddsg

    can't decide between jackson and ibanez

    thanks for giving something to think about guys... both of these are now from indonesia. i have no qualms since my indonesian adndy timmons at10p is close to flawless, and on first inspection, both of these seemed to have no visible quality issues. the neck on the jackson, with its compound...
  68. sundance_kiddsg

    can't decide between jackson and ibanez

    am looking to get an inexpensive superstrat. was ready to spring for a jackson adrian smith sdx when i realised that ibanez had recently released a cheaper version of satriani's 24-fret signature: js140. have been a big fan of joe for many years now so the js140 is very enticing despite the...
  69. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Public Beta

    sorry you had to work on a sunday night on our account... many thanks!
  70. sundance_kiddsg

    Apparently B.B.King has died

    R I P B B, you will be missed...:cry
  71. sundance_kiddsg

    Firmware forecast?

    my ears are mostly shot so many a times i can't pick out subtle changes introduced by the new firmware. but all's good nonetheless, knowing the fas team is always striving for greater heights. hence i foresee myself giving the guys a thumbs up when the next update rolls round the corner.
  72. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.08 Released

    sometimes it's the other way for me. like i'd dialed in what i thought was a good tone one day and the next day it won't sound that great. by the way i am still struggling to get a likable tone from the IIc+ without having to engage the fat and bright switches. i downloaded a couple of...
  73. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.08 Released

    really? then i'm stumped. i can't seem to get that higher gain chug without them on. guess i'll download one of the shared patches to see what i'm doing wrong...
  74. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.08 Released

    thanks for the suggested settings.. have never played through an actual mesa before so was quite unfamiliar about the amp. when i first tried your settings, i couldn't get the high gain tones i am hearing from others. re-reading all the posts on the amp made me realize that the fat and brt...
  75. sundance_kiddsg

    Chewie...we're home....

    star wars episode 4 has also been somewhat of a bittersweet memory for me.. i recall i was 10 then and a lot of my friends in school had the merchandise: wallets, cards, figurines, and would always bring them to class to show off. my parents weren't well off and i couldn't bring myself to ask...
  76. sundance_kiddsg

    Chewie...we're home....

    oooh..peed a little..:encouragement:
  77. sundance_kiddsg

    Boss SY-300

    +1 the form factor is quite appealing... amazing that they manage to make it small than a tuner BOSS - TU-1000 | Stage Tuner:mrgreen
  78. sundance_kiddsg

    Thoughts on expression pedals

    did somebody say fv500? posted this a couple of days ago after getting the fifth one. i've never really thought too much into this as other than the wah and whammy, i use my pedals like faders... so i am curious as to what you are using the spring loaded expression to control (i am...
  79. sundance_kiddsg

    Flanger sweep timing consistency like Van Halen?

    true dat, but that's how us evh fanboys get our kicks;) boggles the mind, doesn't it, that we are still fascinated with a song more than three decades old..
  80. sundance_kiddsg

    Gravity Picks

    having tried v-picks, gravity and chicken picks, i like chicken picks best. v-picks have that annoying pick chirp that drove me bonkers after a while... gravity to a lessor extent... but ymmv
  81. sundance_kiddsg

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    how many is too many? added on more expression pedal to my setup... from right: - wah (via axe fx pedal input) - effects (eg whammy) - delay mix - multi-delay mix - reverb mix
  82. sundance_kiddsg

    nasty naisily Recording tone.

    kudos to yek, for keeping his cool! then again maybe that's the way they talk...
  83. sundance_kiddsg

    Flanger sweep timing consistency like Van Halen?

    now that the lfo bypass reset has been added in the latest few, can anyone shed some light on what the settings ought to be to get that swirl in the unchained intro? where the sweep is downwards in the first instance and upwards in the next on the low e (technically low Db) chug?
  84. sundance_kiddsg

    Van Halen on Kimmel

    that was informative... the slowed down portion of the video seems to show quite a bit of flex in ed's plectrum. i would've thought he uses a fairly thick (or at least a stiffer) pick...
  85. sundance_kiddsg

    Van Halen on Kimmel

    amen to that! as much as i don't think that's likely, that would really be awesome! i agree that both hagar and cherone are better singers, but van halen has always been to me a fun, devil-may-care rock and roll band. when sammy joined, the music and lyrics became serious and when gary...
  86. sundance_kiddsg

    thump when switching between amps with different tube types [NOT A BUG]

    ah so that's why i was hearing the thump/pop as well when playing with the beta. i thought the issue was resolved in the new fw but it turned out i had redone all the presets using only the long plate..
  87. sundance_kiddsg

    AXFXII v18 - Dynamics, harmonics and exploding tubes? Pictorial/Tutorial Added!!!

    looking forward to it! thanks for sharing.:encouragement:
  88. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.04 Released

    hmmm...was logging on to complain that the 18.04 public beta that had loud pops between presets (as experienced by some users) and saw this.. hopefully the issue is gone in this one. thanks!
  89. sundance_kiddsg

    Ave Edit is making me lol...

    i was thinking the same thing...
  90. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.04 Public Beta

    wow these guys don't seem to rest at all...
  91. sundance_kiddsg

    New 18.00 Public Beta

    looks like somebody's been in the pool... ;)
  92. sundance_kiddsg

    Cab-Lab 3 Launched!

    got my activation code! proceeded without a hitch..can't wait to play around with the new cl3. thanks to the fas team for the relentless progress!:encouragement:
  93. sundance_kiddsg

    Cab-Lab 3 Launched!

    same deal here. been several hours without receiving the code...
  94. sundance_kiddsg

    Cab-Lab 3 Launched!

    anyone care to help me out here? i've purchased and downloaded the bundle. i've also created an ilok account and downloaded the ilok licence manager. when i launch the cablab standalone, it asks for an 8-part activation code. is this the ilok code that will be sent by FAS "within one...
  95. sundance_kiddsg

    Fw18... news?

    name dropper... i gave a call to ed to see if he'd mind dropping off his '59 slp at your office too.. and then i woke up
  96. sundance_kiddsg

    Watch as this 14 yr. old girl effortlessly plays Eruption...!!

    how about these kids then?
  97. sundance_kiddsg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    odd... i read it the same way you did: that there is going to be a 18 beta version 2 cliff replied to the post "time to update" so i naturally read it to mean: "you don't have to update the current 18 beta cos there's going to be a 18 beta v2 coming up"..
  98. sundance_kiddsg

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    alrightee then!:encouragement:
  99. sundance_kiddsg

    Why do some people like to be so negative?

    i take it this came from the other thread in the main discussion. for what it's worth, it shouldn't be a surprise that different people respond to different events differently. that's what makes us unique, not necessarily negative (unless negative means opposite of how one thinks the other...
  100. sundance_kiddsg

    STRATOCASTERS most bang for your buck

    i've tried the classic vibe and would definitely recommend. the yamaha pacifica is not a bad alternative either as mentioned by someone else here.
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