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    New Guitar

    I think the Steve Vai “Bad Horsie” video had an influence. I’d like to have a guitar that is a little more shred-specific. I once owned a nice USA Wolfgang It definitely inspired me to fine tune some VH licks but I just never bonded with the scale. I’d like to get something that is...
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    Is internet connection essential for recording?

    I built a nice studio / rehearsal space above my shop. The internet connection is spotty at best - It’s too far from the house. I’ve hesitated to commit to putting my recording desk out there due to lack of internet. Whaddya think? Do I need to be connected to get things to work correctly...
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    Family Feud

    Can't we all just get along?.... https://guitar.com/news/gibson-sued-by-heritage/
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    Racking The Axe-Fx

    This is a pretty cool solution for transport - much cooler than the plastic rack I’ve been using...
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    Fender’s New Tone Master Deluxe and Twin Reverb

    My curiosity is piqued. The Twin was always my go to amp before massive stage volume became an issue. The reviews are universally stellar. Has anyone played one or, better yet, done a head-to-head against the Fractal model?
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    Anyone else a McIntosh (Big Blue Meters] Geek?

    We moved to a new home this summer. One of my requirements was an area where I could set up my hi-if stuff and have some fun. Hi-fi is a lot like playing guitar. I swap speakers, amps, turntables, cartridges, tonearms, replace crossovers, capacitors, etc., in search of the ultimate tone...
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    Mel Bay - Black Friday Pricing

    40% off on everything including print and ebooks at MelBay.com with code word THANKS - it's active now. If you ever wanted to expand the guitar repertoire, learn hammer dulcimer, banjo, etc.,.. Happy Thanksgiving! *I am not affiliated with Mel Bay
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    Is This The End Of Solid State?

    Check out the weapon used to chase the trespasser... DENVER (AP) — Denver Broncos backup quarterback Chad Kelly has been arrested on suspicion of criminal trespass. According to the Englewood Police Department, Kelly was taken in custody early Tuesday. It's not clear if he has an attorney to...
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    Blondie or Toto?

    They're both playing nearby on the same night at different venues. Blondie is a free show at a local festival (New West Fest in Fort Collins). It's 10 minutes from the house by bicycle. Toto is $39 (I have tickets) and approximately one hour and fifteen away at a venue that I've never been...
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    Toto in Denver on Aug 12, 2018

    Tickets went on sale today for Toto at the very nice Hudson Gardens outdoor venue in Littleton for $29 / $39. Seems like a smokin' deal to me. I scored 4 tix.
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    Have you checked out Vulfpeck yet?

    These guys are doing some cool stuff https://g.co/kgs/3yEvZH
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    Electro- Harmonix C9 Organ Pedal

    Just did my first rehearsal using the C9. We're doing a very basic, low volume, acoustic guitar, fretless bass and cajon / conga thing. I didn't announce that I had added the C9 to my pedalboard before we started playing. My band mates thought I had recorded an organ backing track. It's...
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    Where are the Bank Presets for Latest Firmware?

    I'm on the original Axe FXII. I just installed FW 9.04 (from FW 19.00!!) and was going to install the latest bank presets but when I click the download tab it appears to contain FX8 presets. Is this a known issue? Where can I find the latest presets for AFii Mark 1? Thanks!
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    Graham Maby - Joe Jackson's bassist

    I've been listening to recently acquired vinyl reissues of the "Look Sharp" and "I'm The Man" albums. They sound great, mainly because of the huge, extremely catchy bass lines. How come no one talks about Joe's bass player, Graham Maby, when they talk bass players? The guy's an absolute...
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    A Great Story

    We played a show to approximately 550 people at a local (national distribution)brewery last week. We caught the crowd's attention early and kept it the whole show. Both the bass player and I use the Axe FX II and go DI to front of house. Our mix is easily managed and since our stage...
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    MFC Ethernet MIDI Question

    I'm thinking of changing over to Cat 6 ethernet cable from 7 pin MIDI for my MFC due to the abundance of good ethernet cable and the difficulty finding 7 pin midi cable. Couple questions: 1. If I go ethernet, will my AXE FX MIDI THRU port still work to send data / program changes to...
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    Video - Guitar and Bass Both Using Axe FX II

    Hey All - Our bass player has started using the Axe Fx DI - mostly the Ampeg amp and cab sims with some compression. We're getting huge bass tones and super clean mixes. Here's a video from sound check today. TribU2 Sound Check Labor Day Party - YouTube It works as well with bass...
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    Only Getting 4 Scenes Per Song - Need 5!?!

    Hmmm... I guess I never went to 5 before because I just found out my '5" button won't change scenes. Can I please get a quick bit of advice how I can set up 5-8 buttons to to get my full 8 scenes? Thanks in advance!
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    Anyone using two Axe FX Live?

    So... I have a great amp / cabinet tone using the Matrix GT1000 to an Avatar 2x12 Alnico Blue. I keep power amp emulation on, cabinet emulation off. I'm pretty happy with this rig. I use it when we need to be mic'ed up - festivals, fairs and such. I also have a great FOH tone going...
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    Tips for More Chime AC30TB FW15.03?

    I loaded up FW 15.03 yesterday and while I like it much better than the overdriven version in 14.02, I'm having trouble finding that crisp, edge-of-break-up-chime that the AC30TB is known for. I can get the crisp. I can get the chime. I just can't seem to get them at the same time. Any...
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    Speaker Efficiency in IR's?

    BITD, I tended to swap out my speakers pretty often (largely based on my attraction to nothing more than that company's ad copy, I suppose). One of the first things I always noticed after the swap was how much the speaker selection affected the amplifier's volume and the level at which I...
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    Not digging AC30TB in v12.03... Suggestions?

    I upgraded from 10.0X to 12.03 on Thursday and have spent the last couple of days trying to redial my presets. My main amp was the AC30TB model but the new default preset for that amp clips the AFX output meter and clips the input of our rehearsal board (Allen & Heath GLD-80) unless I cut the...
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    Before I ask for an RA number....

    Just got my II yesterday and started setting up some of my old presets from my Ultra. Everything was going fine and I definitely heard an improvement in the amps and drive blocks that I like to use. I was stoked at the thought of going direct to the PA. I decided to A/B a preset with my...
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