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    Any ideas?

    Effects pedal.
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    Any ideas?

    OK. It's working now. Apparently, a certain new pedal on my pedal board does not play well with others. The pedal was working well but then changed overnight with nothing changing on my part. The pedal is now gone. I have had problems with this brand before. Seems I would learn? Thanks...
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    Any ideas?

    I have an XL+ run through two Atomic CLRs. It has never left my house. This morning I plugged into it and all the highs were gone. So, I turned it off and then back on. Now no sound whatsoever. It does make a thump when you change channels. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your help.
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    Callibrating Expression Pedals?

    Thank you so much for going to the trouble of showing me this. Where else can you get friendly help like this? I will try this tomorrow. Thanks again.
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    Callibrating Expression Pedals?

    I went to the I/O knob and found External Controller 16 and 17 but I couldn't find any way to set a percentage? Earlier the output made a distorted rumble and volume went to zero where it now remains?
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    Callibrating Expression Pedals?

    Everything is backed up. I just tried running it through the laptop and not the MFC. It was working fine and then started distorting and then no sound. I turned it (the XL+) on and off several times and now I have no output.
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    Callibrating Expression Pedals?

    Thanks for the replies. I got the preset problem figured out and fixed. I was panicked for a minute there. Doesn't fix my expression pedal 2 problem though. Maybe I should just keep trying like I did with pedal 1 and it will eventually work?
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    Callibrating Expression Pedals?

    No headphones. I tried disconnecting the MFC and tried running through Axe Edit on my laptop. My presets that I spent years tweaking are ruined. If I can't get it back to the point it was at I'm not starting over.
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    Callibrating Expression Pedals?

    I am using two AMT mini expression pedals. They were working fine one day and then they weren't. After changing the cable I kept trying over and over to calibrate pedal 1. Then out of the blue it calibrated after about 20 tries. However, no luck with pedal two. I played the XL+ using the...
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    Callibrating Expression Pedals?

    Tried a brand new TRS cable still in the package. No change. I tried changing to Pedal 3. Same problem. When you press enter and move the pedal from toe to heel it changes the min from 000 to 127 and you can't change it back. The max also reads 127.
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    Callibrating Expression Pedals?

    The expression pedal running from the MFC-101 quit working so I am trying to recalibrate them. I am following the directions in the MFC manual on page 32. When I move the pedal to the heel it enters its own number which I cannot change. When I rock the pedal to the toe it enters a 003 and I...
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    Sorry, I have another question.

    In the manual, under 9.4 Control Parameters it says "OUT 1 VOLUME NONE/PEDAL…/0-127 This controls global OUTPUT 1 volume (after the preset’s output mixer) and is useful to assign when you want to control playback levels without changing any other aspect of the sound. Amplifier input levels are...
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    Strange problem with MFC-101 and XL+

    OK, I worked all day on this, swapping around cables etc. Turns out that it is not the XLR cable or the PedalSnake. For years I have played the FX II and the XL+ using AX Edit on my laptop since I am constantly tweaking and it is easier to tweak on AXE Edit than the front panel. I just...
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    Strange problem with MFC-101 and XL+

    Well duh!! I've had this thing for years but I don't think I have ever set it for FASlink. I'll set it tomorrow and see what happens. THANKS!!!
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    Strange problem with MFC-101 and XL+

    I am running a PedalSnake between the MFC-101 and the XL+. The PedalSnake is MIDI but I use connectors that convert it to XLR and use Faslink. Sounds great. I decided to try running an XLR cable using Faslink rather than the PedalSnake because the Pedalsnake is more bulky with four cables...
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    Try this preset with your Variax

    For some reason I couldn't log into AxeChange so I'll post it here. After seeing Steve Howe (at the R&R Hall of Fame ceremony last year) use a Variax 700 to play the intro to Roundabout I had to get one (after selling three previously). If he could get a great sound from it I should be able...
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    Will this hurt my XL+?

    If I gig with my XL+ sitting on top of two Atomic CLRs can the vibration of the CLRs hurt the XL+ (e.g. shake a component loose)?
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    I'm asking for help

    I was never satisfied with the way my XL+ sounded until I got FRFR speakers. I started with the Atomic ones that had tubes and later changed to the Atomic CLRs. Now it sounds great. Try someones FRFR speakers before you buy and see how it sounds then.
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    Summer Breeze Presets?

    I saw Seals and Crofts in 1973. The sitar-type sound you are referring to was done by Dash Crofts on a mandolin. Obviously, through some kind of effect pedal.
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    Metallica “One” Clean sound

    I don't even like Metallica but that was extremely helpful. THANKS!!
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    Isolated guitar track

    What about bsbackingtracks.com?
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    AX8 Video Tutorial: Allman's "Jessica" -- global Custom Harmony scales

    A Steely Dan package with Bodhisattva, Reeling in the Years would be worth purchasing. And Your Bird Can Sing (Beatles) would also be one worth paying for!
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    Isolated guitar track

    What about karaoke-version.com. When you get to their site click on Custom Backing Tracks. You have to pay for them but they allow you to remove any instrument or voice from the track very easily. Also, they use real instruments not MIDI. I like them a lot.
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    Axe-Fx II XL vs HELIX

    I saw Pete Anderson at the Dallas Guitar show a few weeks ago. He talked about how he still uses the Line6 bean-shaped unit. I gigged for years with a Line6 Flextone II and the accompanying pedalboard. I found only one amp simulation that I thought sounded good but I could add in the onboard...
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    Bad Company harmony Patch

    By choice I'm still using Q8.2. Do you think you could post a screenshot of the pitch blocks. Thanks.
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    Can't Eliminate the Buzz

    Thanks for the suggestions but none of them worked. BUT, I found a post-it note from long ago that said to set the high cut at 10K to eliminate fizz. I set the speaker high cut at 10K and it worked. Hope this will help someone else.
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    Can't Eliminate the Buzz

    Thanks for the great suggestions. I'll try them.
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    Can't Eliminate the Buzz

    It only buzzes when you strike the strings. The fatter the string the louder the buzz. No buzz when I am not playing. It almost sounds like a sizzle. I tried it with an Atomic CLR and an Atomic Reactor. It's too loud to ignore. Thanks for any ideas you may have.
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    Can't Eliminate the Buzz

    I love this preset but it buzzes very loudly. Anyone know how to stop it and still keep the preset sound?
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    Dumb Question?

    Thanks. I also found it at the bottom of page 150 of the manual.
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    Dumb Question?

    I know this is a dumb question but would someone please tell me the page in the manual that describes how to change the offset display from 0 to 1? I had no trouble finding it when I had a Mark II but now I have a new XL+ and I can't seem to find it.
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    Cello Preset?

    Perfect!! Thanks!!
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    Cello Preset?

    Some time ago someone on the Fractal staff posted a fabulous Cello preset. It sounded so real you could hear the bow hit the strings. I can't seem to find it now. Can anyone direct me to it or post the preset. Thanks.
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    Video Tutorial: Using Custom Harmony for Allman Brother's "Jessica"

    WOW!! I've had a Fractal for 3 years and until you posted this I never knew how to set up global scales. I am forever grateful!!!
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    Strange Wah/Formant/Shimmer/Arppegiator Preset

    Can you pass that on to us?
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    Detuning with the Pitch Block working poorly?

    I have the same problem at times. I know it is because I am doing something wrong but I'm not sure what it is. So, I just copy the pitch block from one of the available presets that is already dropped a semitone and it works great.
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    Question about XL+ and Q8

    I bought a "blemished" XL+ that of course has Q8. I did this as an update from my Mark II. I don't like Q8 so I installed Q5.0 because I already have a bunch of presets in Q5 that I really like. Now all the preset banks are empty! Does this mean I have no choice but to use Q8 on the XL+?
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    Anybody have repair experience with Atomic Reactor?

    Any Fractal users ever have to get an Atomic Reactor FRFR amp repaired? Mine made a noise like a cable with short in it and then quit (although, the power and standby lights are still on) with a slight smell of sonething burning. I know they are discontinued. I have emailed Atomic twice but...
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    What Fractal gear is Sonny Landreth using?

    I saw Sonny two weekends ago. It looked like he had the small Demeter head on stage.
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    Bedroom Players Vs. "Pros" & the Blanket complaint

    Every few firmware updates my presets sound like an amp with a blanket over it, like the tone control is rolled back all the way. When that happens I go back to the previous update. Then I wait a few revisions before I update again. Then my presets sound good again. You might try an earlier...
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    Part II: Smilefan's Axe II Patch Thread

    Peter Framton's "Show me the way"
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    Firmware sound

    OK, I've tried loading Quantum 3.3 multiple times and then going back to 2.4. No doubt about it, with 2.4 my sound is more bright and crisp. It's a shame cause it keeps me from using Moke's presets which are Q3.2.
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    Firmware sound

    I have had similar problems twice. Updating from FW17 to 18 changed everything and I had to go back to FW17. Quantum 1.0 fixed it and sounded great through Q2.4. When I updated to Q3 it sounded as if I had a blanket over my speakers. Had to go back to 2.4 to get a good sound. Weird?
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    Video - Moke's Axe-Fx ll Preset Tour and Demo/Tutorial - Part #3

    Absolutely amazing! Your videos really show what the unit can do in capable hands.
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    Changing the order of scenes?

    Thanks so much!!!
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    Changing the order of scenes?

    Awesome! Thanks!!
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    Changing the order of scenes?

    Is there a way to change the order of scenes, e.g. Scene 1 becomes Scene 2 and Scene 2 becomes Scene 1?
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    Show Me the Way

    Thanks! I'll give this a shot.
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    Show Me the Way

    Does anyone have a preset for the talkbox parts for Show Me the Way and Rocky Mountain Way? I've tried the existing posted presets which sound great for Man in the Box and It's My Life but, to me, are too bassy and don't have enough range for the Frampton stuff. I've been amazed at how helpful...
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    Harmonizer in the Axe FX 2

  51. T

    Harmonizer in the Axe FX 2

    This works great!! Solo for Can't Get Enough of Your Love?
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    Notes change when using Synth presets

    No fret buzz.
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    Notes change when using Synth presets

    For example, if I use Yek's flute preset to play the flute solo in Colour My World whenever I hit a G note on the fourth string it sounds the G for a second and then switches to another note. If I play the same note on the fourth string it holds for a second longer then changes. Same thing...
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    Notes change when using Synth presets

    Whenever using any synth preset there are a couple of notes that sound correctly and then change to another note. This makes using the preset impossible unless I am able to completely avoid those notes. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.
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    Yek's preset collection (Q9.04, Axe-Fx II XL)

    When is someone with a Mark II and an XL going to be entrepreneurial and start downloading the XL presets, looking at the screenshots for each block and then entering the same data into a Mark II (thereby creating a similar Mark II preset) for fun and profit? If you charged $10 a month and had...
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    Ticking Clock sound on Presets?

    OK, all of a sudden I have the distinct sound of a clicking clock on many presets. What gives?
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    How to dial up the Brown Sound in ten minutes

    I'm sure this is another dumb question from me, but, I am trying to follow 5150's video and my Axe-Edit screens do not match his. My parameter knobs are different and the pages are different. For example, when I click on amp there is no tone page seen in 5150's video. I'm on Quantum 1. Is he...
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    Chef's Kee Marcello lead...

    I don't see it? Where?
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    Frampton Show Me the Way

    Anyone have a preset for Peter Frampton's Show Me the Way including a talk box sound?
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    Clicks and Pops

    Mine sometimes makes a thumping noise, both through headphones and through powered amp. I think the thumps are in sync with the preset delay. It doesn't do it for every preset. Just a few.
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    One side died? Getting output from only one side.

    I want it to be stereo with one channel to the left and one to the right. It was doing that but suddenly stopped. Now no sound is coming from the left output jack only the right. I'm not much of a tweaker so I'm not very good at explaining the problem.
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    One side died? Getting output from only one side.

    So, for the Output Levels knobs on the front panel, Output Level 2 controls only the FX send and not Output Level 1 controlling volume to left side and Output Level 2 controlling volume to the right side? Output Level 1 knob should control volume to both Atomic Reactors?
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    One side died? Getting output from only one side.

    The Output 1 clip light comes on when I have to Output level 1 turned off zero so wouldn't the outclip light come on when I have Output level to higher than zero?
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    One side died? Getting output from only one side.

    Same thing with headphones. Only output 1 is working. The output 2 clip light does not come on.
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    One side died? Getting output from only one side.

    Well, I was playing my FXII through two Atomic Reactors sounding great. Out of the blue, one side dies. One output is live, nothing out of the other. I tried changing cables but there is no problem with the cables or the Reactors, it is the FXII. Any ideas?
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    Anybody out there using an FXII with a Bose L1?

    OK, I finally got this figured out. I read on a Eleven Rack forum that running straight into the base of the Bose L1, not running through the tone match mixer is an FRFR amp. I tried this and it works great. Gives me the exact sound I get from an Atomic Reactor cab.
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    Acoustic Guitar Tone Match - Source included

    This is dated 2013 so I assume it is too late to ask for the preset? I think it sounds great!
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    Burgs triptik preset

    OK, I figured it out. I refreshed and found it. Usually I don't have to refresh to see the new amps.
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    Burgs triptik preset

    OK, this is my second stupid question in as many days. I have downloaded firmware 19 twice and I do not see a 5F8 Tweed. All I see is a 5F1 Tweed.
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    Problem with Axe-Edit and Fractal-Bot Update

    Duh! Senior moment (I'm 63). Went to programs and dragged icon to the desktop. I knew to do that I was just not thinking. In the past the icons have automatically appeared on the desktop. Stay tuned for more stupid questions. Thanks for the help Stratman.
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    Problem with Axe-Edit and Fractal-Bot Update

    OK, I installed the update for Axe-Edit and Fractal-Bot. The usual icon was not posted on the desktop. Yes, I checked the box that asks if you lwant an icon. Every time I want to use one of them, I have to re-install. Something is definitely wrong. Help please. Thanks.
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    At U2 now.. Where is Edge hiding the Axe's??

    Didn't I see 4 units in the Edge's rack on the Tonight Show?
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    AX8 - Any Updates?

    Thanks for the response. I would really like to know for sure what the AX8 can do so I can start selling off some other gear to buy one in October. It seems that presets should be interchangeable if they contain the same effects, only one amp, and fit in th 4X8 grid.
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    AX8 - Any Updates?

    Can we use Axe-Edit with it? Will our current presets work on it provided it fits the space format of the AX8?
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    Mark Knopfler - "Sultans of Swing" 1st - Tab and Preset

    Can you please give us non-XL owners the settings. This is the best Sultans sound I have ever heard!!
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    How Do I Go From 18.03 back to 17.4?

    Thanks guys. I had all the good stuff backed up so I'll try that.
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    How Do I Go From 18.03 back to 17.4?

    I don't like 18.03 so I loaded 17.4 back into the machine using Fractal Bot. This wiped out most of my presets! They came back when I re-installed 18.03. How to I get back to 17.4 and not lose my presets?
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    Let's take a simple poll : Does G3 (V18) has that extra AMP mojo over G2 (V17)

    Sounds fuzzy After downloading 18 my presets sound kinda fuzzy?
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    Digitech GSP-2101 presets converted to Axe II

    Apparently others are able to download presets but I don't see anything to download. Is there something weird about my computer?
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    Adding Cab "air" for some ZZ Top Sizzle

    I think it sounds awesome Tyler. Could you please post the patch on your website?
  81. T

    12 String Patch - it takes a village

    Please post your preset on the exchange so that we can take a look at it. Thanks.
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    12 String Effect/Patch

    Search name tonyi in AXE Change.
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    Anyone have a harmonice patch?

    Buy a G harmonica and play the part yourself. It is so simple and only a few notes. Really! You could learn the harmonica part faster than you could program a patch.
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    Jessica (Allman Bros)

    Not an XL.
  85. T

    Jessica (Allman Bros)

    Thanks to a response by Simeon I am finally getting a handle on custom scales. I took a Boys are Back preset of his and altered it, looking for the harmony sound found in Jessica by the Allman Brothers. I think it sounds fairly close to the opening harmony. It doesn't work for the entire song...
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    [Fremen] presets V15.02 uploaded

    Super!! Thanks again!
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    [Fremen] presets V15.02 uploaded

    So the 5 and the 6 refer to the custom scales and not a 5th and a 6th harmony? I assumed the custom scales were already programmed into the preset. I'll try it. Thank you so much!!!
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    [Fremen] presets V15.02 uploaded

    Problem with Fremen preset On an earlier Youtube video you played Major Penta Harmonies and it sounded wonderful. When I try to use the preset it doesn't work. The pitch block says 5 for one harmony and 6 for the other so shouldn't those be high harmonies. Instead I get bass harmonies. I...
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    Blank presets fro AxeChange??

    The same thing happens to me. I assumed it was presets made for an XL but the poster failed to list that it was for an XL.
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    Still having problems with half step down

    Earlier, there was a thread from a user having trouble using pitch to sound a half step down. I posted to the thread with the same problem. Simeon and Yek were kind enough to respond with questions, which I answered, but I think the thread got lost after a lot of new threads. One responder...
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    Downtuning with pitch shifter in FW15.. sound not great

    Anybody had a chance to try this yet?
  92. T

    Downtuning with pitch shifter in FW15.. sound not great

    Here's the preset The preset should be posted?
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    Downtuning with pitch shifter in FW15.. sound not great

    DUH!! I meant to say this was NOT the case with earlier versions!
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    Downtuning with pitch shifter in FW15.. sound not great

    No. Voice 2 level was 100% even though pitch was 0. Turning down to zero almost fixed it completely but I still hear a trace of the standard tuning in the mix. This was the case with earlier versions of the firmware?
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    EV-1 question

    Now I'm really confused. If you can only use it as a volume pedal or an expression pedal why do you need an in and an out. Wouldn't the current expression out do the same thing?
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