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    Why set Cab low and high cutoffs?

    What is the reason for setting the low and high cutoffs for the cab block, if the selected IR is accurately representing the speaker behavior? If the speaker is delivering the curve frequency response it's supposed to, isn't that already burned in?
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    External vs Internal footswitches

    Can an external footswitch do anything that one of the 8 numbered footswitches cannot do? I'm thinking yes, as they can be a controller, but maybe there is always an equivalent setting for the 8 footswitches? Thanks.
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    Wish AX8-EDIT - "Axe-Manage: Scenes"

    It would be nice to go into a tool (like there is for Presets and Cabs) to manage the Scenes within the current Preset. This is a big deal, mostly, when I realize in my 5-scene preset I really want to add a Scene 1 and shift the others up to 2 thru 6. Drag and drop, copy, paste, etc.
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    Lows Disappear When Summing to Mono with Mixed-Res Stereo Cab Block

    Recently, I was in a different venue where I had to run mono instead of my normal stereo setup. All my presets are built with stereo in mind, and I didn't want to think through if I'd lose any musical info by just using the LEFT out, so I set it to sum to mono. As I played, I noticed the tone...
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    Random Deluxe Reverb settings seen in Grand Ol Opry Dressing Room

    Not sure who used it last, or who put the tape on there, but I'm always interested in seeing this kind of thing. This was in one of the dressing rooms at the Grand Ol Opry.
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    Eric Johnson's Setup

    A pic from his concert last night. Ok, maybe I tweaked it a bit. :)
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    Wish "Created" and "Last Updated" Timestamps on each Preset (AX8Edit)

    It would be very handy to see, in AXE8Edit, for each preset (ok, why not for each scene?) a: - timestamp of creation - timestamp of last edit I end up making copies of presets and editing them, and eventually I have 2 or 3 of them with the same name, and I don't know which one I last touched...
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    Is the compressor block mono?

    I don't see a balance knob so I assume it is mono, not stereo, right?
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    AX8 FW 9.02 - 9.03 Comparison - 8 amps

    I compare 8 amps - at FW 9.02 versus 9.03. Nothing's been done to the amps or cabs beyond loading them into the presets. Somehow the 9.03 video didn't get recorded, but yes, it's 9.03... this is not a trick comparison. Playing is sloppy, but that's not the point. :-)
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    I hold Cliff to an amazingly high standard

    After the firmware has been loaded in, I turn off the AX8 and wait EXACTLY 5 seconds before turning it back on. :-)
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    Why is there a limit on number of each block type?

    I've always been curious... why are you limited to 2 drives, and 2 Vol/Pan blocks, etc... for E.G? Why doesn't the FW just let you add whatever number of whatever types of blocks you want until you hit CPU limits? Is there something intrinsic in the physics or software that requires this...
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    Why isn't there an "Amp in the room" IR?

    You know... you play through a FRFR, and it sounds like an amp in the room. Sometimes you just need to expose your ignorance with a question. So, tell me why that doesn't even make sense.
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    FX Loop Balancing

    Hey guys. I have one outboard effects pedal - a Strymon BigSky. I'm setting it up in the FX Loop. I understand that I need to set the mix to 100% with the FX Loop block running in parallel - I'm getting good results from that. My question is, how to manage the AX8 physical knob settings for Out...
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    Wish Programming Language

    A programming language so a player can implement mods to a preset. It would intercept events such as FS and pedal activity, and be able to effect the sound by making mods such as adjusting attributes of amps, effects, etc. This is crazy talk, isn't it?
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    The AX8 is Helping Me Play Better

    I don't think I would have ever started going through AC/DC guitar lessons on Youtube... but as soon as I found the "Hell's Glockenspiels" patch on my AX8, I had to learn at least one song. And even if I never get into a band that does those songs, I'm a better guitar player for it. Having the...
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    Is this footswitch useful with the AX8 ?

    (My AX8 arrives tomorrow, so I can't try this out yet). I have a footswitch that generates a number of switch closures in a burst. It is part of a mod on a delay unit for cycling through 9 presets. So, it can generate a burst of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, or 8 closures. (With the delay unit, there were 9...
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