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    FM3 Now Shipping

    Or the facts are simply worse than the sum of the speculation we can come up with. Thats my experience, however much I love their products.
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    New mega zip file of ambient Presets and Blocks to download

    Fantastic Simeon, thank you so much. Donated.
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    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Here is mine. Never been happier with sound, size and control.
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    Volume decrease after updating to firmware v7

    I had the same. Downgaded to 6.04 and back up to 7.0 and now things are back to normal, I think.
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    From Axe-Fx III Grid to Computer Back to Grid

    This is where I was lost: The signal from the AFX Output 2 block is available in stereo on USB Inputs 3&4. Once I routed sound out here and back in via Input USB it worked. Thank you!
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    From Axe-Fx III Grid to Computer Back to Grid

    Hello, I run Ableton Live on my computer and would like to route audio from the grid to my computer for looping, then back to the Axe-Fx III for Plex delay or Reverb. Is this possible? Thanks for any help!
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    Axe-Fx III hung after 1.09 update: any startup options?

    Same happened to me after updating to 1.08, it had to be returned to the factory. Don’t know if it was the update or a general problem.
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    New Reverbs and Plex Delay - What´s New?

    Hehe, I appreciate the Executive Summary. Hope more samples are coming, but it may be only me though. Thanks.
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    New Reverbs and Plex Delay - What´s New?

    Hello, Is there anything you can say to describe what is new and different with the new reverbs and plex delays? Really curious to know, as this personally would be one of my primary reasons to upgrade apart from the power to run more in a given preset. Thanks.
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    A little taste of the new Tri-Chorus clean.

    Thank you to both of you! Better reverbs and that tri-chorus sound would be my primary motivation to buy a III, as I was planning to buy both an Eventide H8000 or H9000 and a TERC, so please understand I really hope for Fractal to deliver as posted/marketed. It would save me personally a lot of...
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    A little taste of the new Tri-Chorus clean.

    I think you understand I am not talking about settings, but *that* tri-chorus sound that any chorus fanatic would not compare to any other chorus?
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    A little taste of the new Tri-Chorus clean.

    Its a great chorus sound, but does it really sound like a tri-chorus, as e.g. this one? To me, the TERC sounds wider, maybe even less modulation, but there is more stereo imaging - or phasing going on? Im listening on a headset btw. I should add, I really want the III to duplicate the...
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    Is it me or is the Axe fx 3 aesthetically unpleasing?

    I think it looks really good. Except for the logo, screams for attention like an old Nokia phone.
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    Changes in III Reverb?

    Hello, Could you please say a few words about what the changes/improvements are in the III´s reverb algorithms? Personally, this would be my primary motivation to upgrade from my XL+. I was going to buy an Eventide H8000 or H9000, but hoping to avoid this now. Thanks!
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    AxeFX III: What's Missing?

    Seems to be a fantastic product that was given a lot of thought. If I have understood it right, you can now place the USB interface on the grid to send the signal to a computer for eg. effects which is fantastic news for me, using computer plugins for special effects. The only thing...
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    Can the AX8 Send a Midi Note On Preset Change?

    I would like the AX8 to change a few parameters in Ableton Live when changing presets, thats why. Thanks!
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    Just discovered something quite cool

    That would be great, Simeon. I have been trying to get this to work for a long time to be able to use MainStage´s looper pre Axe Fx Multi delay, reverb etc., but no success so far.
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    Problem with getting midi over USB into Mainstage 3 to work

    Unfortunately I have not been successful at getting midi to work through USB to control MainStage. Works great through a couple of other midi interfaces I have tried, now using a Roland UM-ONE.
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    Just discovered something quite cool

    Simeon, Can you get any effects to work post the FXL in the grid? The FXL seems to bypass any post FXL blocks and go right to OUT 1. I have only tested with the headphone out though. Thanks, Dan
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    Anyone wish for a better looper?

    Twice the loop time, another looper block and a looper mode IA switch to switch between the two looper blocks would be fantastic.
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    AX-8 Price

    Fantastic, count me in.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    I would love a little tutorial with the sonic and feel effects and interdependencies for the most important parameters in the AMP block, as it is by far the most important one. Thank you so much for Quantum, it is just fantastic.
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    Problem with getting midi over USB into Mainstage 3 to work

    I´m trying to use the MFC and Axe-Fx II to change presets, start/stop looping etc. in Mainstage over USB. OSX sees the Axe-Fx and I have no problems with audio, but not seeing any midi activity in Mainstage whatsoever. I have tried USB adapter mode on/off, send realtime sysex on/off etc...
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    FX8 Effects Loop Out/Return Via USB?

    Hello, Will it be possible to use the effects loop out and back through USB, like in the Axe-Fx? Thinking about using the FX8 as a controller and effects unit with computer-based sims. Thanks.
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 16.03 Released

    THIS is what I have been hoping for. Thank you so much for your hard, hard work, Cliff.
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    15.03 Improved Reverb Block - How Much?

    A few years ago I purchased an Eventide H8000FW and it got me completely spoiled vs. huge, ambient reverbs. Just a few weeks before 15.03 I sold my Axe-Fx II and now I am curious about the extent of the improvement that came with 15.03. Any ambient reverb fans who could help trying to...
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    Can't help but wonder what Cliff has up his sleeve with 14.0x :)

    Having bought an Eventide H8000FW purely for the amazing reverbs it offer, I really wish Cliff would spend some quality time on the reverb. I would buy two new units and a backup MFC the day the reverbs were just a bit closer to Eventide quality. Yes, I have spent a lot of time trying to get...
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    Alternate Preset Midi Channel

    I´m using the MFC to control a few midi devices, one on channel 1, the other on channel 5. System midi channel is set to 1. Would like to use the Alternate preset to swap presets on the device on channel 5, but it seems that the Alternate preset feature either uses the system midi channel (1) or...
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    Any Musicman Luke III owner here?

    Contratulations, fantastic guitars! I have both the HH and HSS versions in olive green. My favourite guitars except for the Transition pickups that I personally simply dislike. Too dark for my taste. Very surprised by them, had expected to like them being a Luke nut ever since I heard Childs...
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    Journey vs. Toto

    Funny how different perspectives can be. To me, Jorney and Schon are not even close. Toto, with Paich, Porcaro/Phillips and Luke are in a different league as musicians. As band popularity goes, I can understand its closer though. As guitar players, again there is no contest, Luke is the better...
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    Tube vs Modeler - last nights experience.

    Wow, I did not know the Metal Zones reputation, but ignorance is bliss I guess. It is my go-to tool on any modeller to give my lead tone a character, all it takes is to tame the highs. The best sound I have ever gotten out of the Axe II is the Metal Zone sim into the Dizzy 4 into Ownhammer V2...
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    Ok... Les Paul guys... school me.

    IMHO, with Les Pauls you have to try at least 20 to find that one. "When you do, you will know". I still remember the resonance and feel in my first one, stupid I sold it. I am also a strat/superstrat player btw and I would recommend trying a 56 Gold Top (or similar) with P-90s. Not a strat, but...
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    OwnHammer Speaker Cabinets Public Beta (free stuff inside)

    Kevin, Just bought the Tier 3 wav and wondered what it is that I actually bought, think I got it now, thanks. Starting on your website I got confused about what was the "old" stuff and whats the "V2" stuff. Maybe you should adopt Scotts free marketing consulting and mark all the new/coming...
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    OwnHammer Beta Cab IR Comparison Clips

    Kevin, My apologies if I have missed this elsewhere; are you planning any Celestion Blue or P10Q IRs for this new generation? Really looking forward to the release - and an opportunity to pay for it! Regards, Dan
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    LF+ JR+ - Need a basic guide

    Thanks for letting us know what we dont need and whats not possible, good to have that corrected. :-)
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    LF+ JR+ - Need a basic guide

    I just got the Jr+ myself and I agree the manual is (and the editor for that matter) all built around features and functions, not the process/steps one needs to go through. I wish the manual: 1. gave an overall introduction to its capabilities so one can chose the right mode and variations...
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    QSC K10 vs. RCF ... Should I upgrade?

    I had the K10 and frankly disliked it, harsh and brittle like I found the Verve before it. Agree with bkrodgers.
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    whats going to be in 6.03?

    If I may suggest for the new reverb block, a bit more modulation for more of a swirly, ambient sound would be fantastic. Thank you any way.
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    The Wait List is over!

    That information should bring the waitlist right back.
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    Atomic Amps - "Coincident Linear Reference" Designed by Jay Mitchell

    I have the NX-10 but I had the fortune of trying the L-Acoustics 108P ($6K for the pair here) and it feels like if having kissed Pamela Anderson (yes, I´m getting old). You get used to what you got, but damn. So, I am excited about the CLR.
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    Niklas, That´s really surprising, I really like his sound on the Lukather & Carlton DVD a lot. Very muscular and musical at the same time. One of my favourite sounds of his. Dan Ove
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    Sizzle ? ^^

    I wish we could agree that sizzle is a term for good stuff for those that like it and fizz is the bad stuff. ;-)
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    6.0 vs 5.07

    I wonder if the problem is not 6.0, but simply a missing document, by Cliff, that explains what´s changed and how it works (now). I mean, with all the effort that went into 6.0 and all the parameters there are (that most of us cannot begin to comprehend) - how should we best approach it?
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    Syncing looper with drum machine

    I would love to get rid of my Boss loopers, but want to be able to jam with some kind of rythm track. Anyone have any ideas for ways to sync or set a fixed time to have some kind of rythm synchronization? Would it be feasible to set a given temp on the Axe and the rythm machine, then use MFC...
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    My first experience with 6.0 tone matching tonight = no joy.

    Another fiasco. If you don´t understand, why not ask for help rather than saying WE need something better?
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    short video JVM sim rcf monitor.....

    Great stuff. What PUs do you have in your Axcess?
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    Budget coaxial active cabs-new contestant

    Sean, Do you think the cabs and power amps would be good enough to warrant a quality speaker upgrade? This may in sum be cheaper still than a brand name monitor, at least in certain parts of the world.
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    RCF NX12-SMA

    My apologies for derailing a bit here; anyone tried the RCF NX10-SMA?
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    AER AG8 Anyone?

    A few weeks back I tried my Axe II with a L-Acoustics 108P and it sounded just glorious. However, at almost 10K for the pair in Norway, its just too much. Yesterday I bought an AER Compact 60/2 for my acoustic guitar. Just as an experiment, today I connected the Axe to it and there it was again...
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    New secret product from line6??

    Just guessing here; HD HW platform refurbished with amp profiling.
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    So that's what you were calling fizz...

    Ohh - too much work lately. Sorry for not getting this before now.
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    So that's what you were calling fizz...

    And it just struck me - and this while the competition is trying its best to get rid of fizz ... Fractal changes the came (again). Just glorious!
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    So that's what you were calling fizz...

    Ahhh, god ... I grew up with a ca. 78 Fender Deluxe and I think this is what I´ve been missing. That hair, fur, fizz, fuzzy sound that that amp had when cracked with an "Ice Cube" (used reverb circuitry tubes to add gain) and I´ve been missing ever since. I can´t wait to try it out tomorrow...
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    Super quick new Tape delay demo

    This is making my Timeline-GAS fade fast. With the Looper enhancements, I´m hoping I can say goodbye to my Boss looper too. Thanks!
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    Harmony Central LOL

    Are we doing the same here as we are laughing at?
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    What's with all the haters?

    To some people their gear is part of their ego-defense or provides a sense of safety (against the percieved technological complexity of the Axe). Technological fear strikes wider and deeper than it might appear. Some people prefer looking for problems because it gives them immediate...
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    Are coaxial cabs better, and why..?

    Ketil, I live in Norway too and just ordered the RCF from Thomann in Germany. 943 Euros plus MVA, far better than the almost 3K Euro the Norwegian distributor would like to rip from you. Dan
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    The EUs AFX2s are HERE! Cliff! Everyone!

    I think FAS has a simply fantastic product and product support. As a marketing guy I think the marketing strategy and communication around product availability just saddens me. With all the goodwill the company has through product and support, I think complete honesty and open dialogue on...
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    Strongly Considering an Axe-FX 2. Sell it to me

    Buy a Recto. Want better cleans, buy a Twin, carry that too. GAS for a Marshall sound, buy that too. Get back pain. Buy some pedals. Sell some pedals, buy some more pedals. Sell the Recto, buy a Mark V. A year later, you have forgotten that the Recto was fizzy as heck, buy a new one, realize it...
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    EV ZXA1

    Great review, matches my experience. I would just add that the ZXA1s have an immediacy, snappyness and punch that I did not hear the same in the 112s. An 8" speaker is probably quicker to move than a 12", maybe. Two of them in front of me and I´m swimming in greatness and I´ve still got headroom.
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    First practice with the II

    So I used the II for the first band practice tonight. Its the first time I have plugged anything guitar into the places JBL EON 515 and gotten anything but ugly. In fact the sounds were great, altough missing a bit of midrange presence and bark due to the 15" speakers. However the feel ...
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    Freddie is back in another body

    Wow - that went right down my spine. He should make sure he had his phone on and with him at all times.
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    The EUs AFX2s are HERE! Cliff! Everyone!

    You are sitting on an airport, flight delayed. No information why or when ... When customers feel let down, good information can be the only fix. Used well it can even create a net positive overall experience.
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    The EUs AFX2s are HERE! Cliff! Everyone!

    All FAS need to do to stop this thread is to state customers in different geographical regions have been treated fairly on a first come, first served basis.
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    We Lost a Long Time Moderator?

    No sheesh needed. You said (Jay has said): "I can get any sound I want from my Axe-Fx Standard using firmware 3.15, and it's your problem if you can't." Could you please find the thread where Jay stated that second part of your sentence? He has stated multiple times that he is able...
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    We Lost a Long Time Moderator?

    This is just the kind of representation of facts I think Jay helped reduce here. Grossly unfair - IMHO.
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    My First Recording with Axe-Fx II

    Here is my attempt at Paul Gilberts Cannot Tell a Lie using my Luke into the Axe-Fx II on a slight modification preset #36 FAS Lead 2, German 4x12 with some depth added, lowered sag and some room in the cab block. Please excuse the poor playing, I have only been to a studio twice in my life so...
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    We Lost a Long Time Moderator?

    Very well put, completely agree.
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    We Lost a Long Time Moderator?

    I learned a lot from Jay and miss his contributions, a great loss. I even think every internet forum can use a contributor like him to have more bias toward knowledge, facts and science vs. the all-too-common unsubstantiated personal opinion or snake oil presented as facts and science.
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    Plexi Treble!

    Only had the II for 2 days so a complete newbie, had the Ultra for 2 years though. Just got lost for 30 minutes fiddling in the Plexi Treble preset, what a fantastic sim! You can go from pristine, round, punchy, bellike (?) clean, to Hendrix and SRV to all-out Marshall just by the touch or...
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    High-end Sizzle

    I´m looking to get a high-end sizzle in the Ultra that I get in a few amps I have/had including a Marshall Class 5 (EL84), Deluxe Reverb (6V6) and yesterday I tried an Egnater Rebel 30 that had it too. Hard to describe but its a warm, slightly fuzzy sound almost like playing the neck pickup...
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    AxeFX II Clips Master List

    Could this little thing be your Plexi? Sounds like one to me. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii/37052-my-axe-fx-ii-all-one-patch-pro-jr.html
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    The sale of Axe-FX units on E-bay is crazy!!!!

    Gosh drama again. Probably less than 1% of the installed base - or thereabout. The actual frenzy is in this neighborhood.
  74. N

    G66 has opened its waiting list

    At least we have money to spend. ;-)
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    Anyone running there Axe through a 1x12 tube combo

    I am fortunate to have a couple of different setups that I use, one is with a 57 Tweed Deluxe and a Marshall Class 5 in stereo. Used to be two Class 5s but after I got the Deluxe the Class 5s are out as the Deluxe is just so full, fat and sweet. Using the Axe to push or "saturate" the Deluxe...
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    Mass Exodus dumping of Axe-Fx on eBay today. :)

    20 Ultras on eBay right now as far as I can see. Is that mass exodus in correlation to the installed base? I´m guessing it is less than 1% of the installed base. A spike, maybe. Mass exodus, probably not.
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    Give Cliff and everyone at Fractal Audio a break!!!!!

    Assume, as you do, as soon as the new product is announced, there will be an economic devaluation of the old. Had it been 4 weeks ago, it just would not have been you, but someone else. So, say this is your business. What would you do?
  78. N

    Give Cliff and everyone at Fractal Audio a break!!!!!

    Can people who complain please maybe tell us if the world should stop to satisfy your own personal financial situation? Is that what you would want Cliff to do? Or, do you have something a bit more altruistic in mind? Forever thankful for what you are doing from a happy Ultra user, Cliff.
  79. N

    Countdown 0.5...

    What if it is not the time to sell our Ultras or Standards, but anything, and I really do mean anything that contain vacuum tubes? Is 2011 going to be the year the tube amp died? Maybe the tube amp market is about to crash. One could argue it is about time.
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    Electro-Voice Live X 112P arrived today (unboxing inside!)

    Tried them just now ... So I just tried the 112P and it made me think I have seen the light again. I had previous success with EVs ZXA1 but sold them because I needed a bit more volume. Then tried the K10 and to me it was cold and harsh. At the band practice place they only have the JBL EON 515...
  81. N

    11Rack. So glad I have the Axe-FX

    Unless you think Cliff works for free, the ironic fact is that you already paid for it when you bought the unit. Avid users don´t have to pay in advance. Not complaining, just pointing out a fact.
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    8" speaker FRFR. need options, opinions

    I would recommend the EV ZXa1 highly. It has great punch and a very pleasing top end. It also had a nice little thump at moderate volume. I was in need of a bit more volume and having read a lot of good stuff about the K-10 I bought them instead. To me, that was a big mistake, the K-10 did have...
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    More "throaty" sound using Marsha

    Hello, I´m looking to achieve a more throaty sound similar to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1281cGuczAM I´m guessing a PEQ should get me close but anyone with any insight into what frequencies and Qs to use? Thanks in advance for any help! Dan
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    EV ZXA1's good for apartment volume?

    I had them until today and I would agree, they are much more than can be utilized in an apartment. I also have a pair of KRK Rokit 8s that are also too much ... The thing to look out for - if going down the studio monitor path - is that when I use my KRKs to create presets i end up with WAY too...
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    CAE RS-10

    Yes, power through the Axe works. I also use an IA for tap-tempo. Worked at first try, took me forever on the LF.
  86. N

    CAE RS-10

    As a matter of fact I got the RS-10 Mk-II today and I found it refreshingly simple to set up and use. 1) Assign presets to the buttons. 2) Assign controller # to the buttons in/for IA mode. 3) Turn off effects/functions on the Axe. 4) Turn on desired functions for a given preset. And done...
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    Has anyone in Europe got the MFC yet ........

    Got this form G66 on 10/10: We will contact you with an order confirmation and payment details when we get the next shipment. That should be beginning of November. Sold my LF Jr. based on that information. Today I learn I will be without a pedal for probably a few more months. How stupid...
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    First impression of the HD 500

    Personally, I much prefer the reverb in the GT-10 because I like a brighter reverb sound than what I could find in the HD500 (even with tone at 100%). The compressors i tried sounded ok, though I did not spend much time with them. Just concluded I liked them, my focus was really on finding good...
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    First impression of the HD 500

    I don´t have extensive experience with Redirez but have tested about a dozen or so on the Axe. I would say the difference is almost night and day - at least for the selection I tried. Most HD500s sims appeared to me to be hyped. As an example I have never experienced the Royer 121 to be fizzy...
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    Standard or Wedge Atomic FR?

    Hello, I´m planning to buy two of either. For those of you who have used both, are there any sound differences to speak of? For situations where the wedge need to be used behind me, I guess I can put it on its side like Dweezil Zappa does. Thanks for any input!
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    new line6 pod hd500 ? anyone hear about this

    What was your good intent with that post?
  92. N

    new line6 pod hd500 ? anyone hear about this

    In fairness, you can find Axe-Fx clips that sound no better too. Comparing direct and mic´ed recordings is a bit of apples and oranges if you ask me. And if you listen to the original (that holy grail Marshall), you will find it has more fizz than any modern modeller - in capable hands.
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    Thank you to GreenTea re. Liquid Foot Jr. Tips

    A big thank you to GreenTea/http://voes.be/liquidfoot/jr/ for the documentation and 1:1 help getting the Jr. to work switching between 8P/8S modes and much more. http://voes.be/liquidfoot/jr/ is a fantastic resource for LF tips & tricks. Thanks again very much!
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    tried the QSCk12 live and did NOT like it:urgent help needed

    Re: tried the QSCk12 live and did NOT like it:urgent help ne What do the same patch sound like through your FOH? Or, through what did you dial in your presets?
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    Electrovoice ZXA1 First Impression

    Out of curiosity, two quick questions: 1-) How is the dispersion on the ZXA1? Are these coax speakers? 2-) What did you not like about the Verve? 1. Don´t know relative to dispersion as I was standing right in front of them all the time. I´m not kinda expecting it is not too great, but will...
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    Electrovoice ZXA1 First Impression

    I used my new EV ZXA1s in a band rehearsal last night and I was incredibly pleased, and to some extent surprised, with the sounds. Clean sounds were incredibly punchy, sparkling and organic, crunch sounds were twangy (low gain) and ballsy and the lead sounds were smooth, powerful and...
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    To pull the trigger or not? Should I sell my tube gear?

    I have so far kept my Marshall Vintage Modern as an insurance premium in the case of doubt-based GAS striking. If it hits, then all I need to do is to fire up the VM and avoid buying anything tube (yet again). With the latest Marshall/Marsha sims I have started thinking I'll just sell it.
  98. N

    What 1987X mod is?

    These new Marshalls are quickly becoming my favourites even though I have never been a Marshall guy due to my dislike of EL34 brittleness. Tried the Marsha with a Fat Rat and a bit of EQ in front and default or Brownface tonestack - holy smokes what a great sound! And the same for the 1987x...
  99. N

    Anyone who can help on Dr. Z Monza sound?

    I love the sound of this amp, anyone with any advice on how to approximate it in the Axe? Not thinking about the feedback, but the tone. It has EL84 in the powersection that I think is a big part of it as I have a Marshall Class 5 that is up the same street, also EL84...
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