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    Any ideas?

    I have an XL+ run through two Atomic CLRs. It has never left my house. This morning I plugged into it and all the highs were gone. So, I turned it off and then back on. Now no sound whatsoever. It does make a thump when you change channels. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your help.
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    Callibrating Expression Pedals?

    The expression pedal running from the MFC-101 quit working so I am trying to recalibrate them. I am following the directions in the MFC manual on page 32. When I move the pedal to the heel it enters its own number which I cannot change. When I rock the pedal to the toe it enters a 003 and I...
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    Sorry, I have another question.

    In the manual, under 9.4 Control Parameters it says "OUT 1 VOLUME NONE/PEDAL…/0-127 This controls global OUTPUT 1 volume (after the preset’s output mixer) and is useful to assign when you want to control playback levels without changing any other aspect of the sound. Amplifier input levels are...
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    Strange problem with MFC-101 and XL+

    I am running a PedalSnake between the MFC-101 and the XL+. The PedalSnake is MIDI but I use connectors that convert it to XLR and use Faslink. Sounds great. I decided to try running an XLR cable using Faslink rather than the PedalSnake because the Pedalsnake is more bulky with four cables...
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    Try this preset with your Variax

    For some reason I couldn't log into AxeChange so I'll post it here. After seeing Steve Howe (at the R&R Hall of Fame ceremony last year) use a Variax 700 to play the intro to Roundabout I had to get one (after selling three previously). If he could get a great sound from it I should be able...
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    Will this hurt my XL+?

    If I gig with my XL+ sitting on top of two Atomic CLRs can the vibration of the CLRs hurt the XL+ (e.g. shake a component loose)?
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    Can't Eliminate the Buzz

    I love this preset but it buzzes very loudly. Anyone know how to stop it and still keep the preset sound?
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    Dumb Question?

    I know this is a dumb question but would someone please tell me the page in the manual that describes how to change the offset display from 0 to 1? I had no trouble finding it when I had a Mark II but now I have a new XL+ and I can't seem to find it.
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    Cello Preset?

    Some time ago someone on the Fractal staff posted a fabulous Cello preset. It sounded so real you could hear the bow hit the strings. I can't seem to find it now. Can anyone direct me to it or post the preset. Thanks.
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    Question about XL+ and Q8

    I bought a "blemished" XL+ that of course has Q8. I did this as an update from my Mark II. I don't like Q8 so I installed Q5.0 because I already have a bunch of presets in Q5 that I really like. Now all the preset banks are empty! Does this mean I have no choice but to use Q8 on the XL+?
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    Anybody have repair experience with Atomic Reactor?

    Any Fractal users ever have to get an Atomic Reactor FRFR amp repaired? Mine made a noise like a cable with short in it and then quit (although, the power and standby lights are still on) with a slight smell of sonething burning. I know they are discontinued. I have emailed Atomic twice but...
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    Changing the order of scenes?

    Is there a way to change the order of scenes, e.g. Scene 1 becomes Scene 2 and Scene 2 becomes Scene 1?
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    Show Me the Way

    Does anyone have a preset for the talkbox parts for Show Me the Way and Rocky Mountain Way? I've tried the existing posted presets which sound great for Man in the Box and It's My Life but, to me, are too bassy and don't have enough range for the Frampton stuff. I've been amazed at how helpful...
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    Notes change when using Synth presets

    Whenever using any synth preset there are a couple of notes that sound correctly and then change to another note. This makes using the preset impossible unless I am able to completely avoid those notes. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.
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    Ticking Clock sound on Presets?

    OK, all of a sudden I have the distinct sound of a clicking clock on many presets. What gives?
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    Frampton Show Me the Way

    Anyone have a preset for Peter Frampton's Show Me the Way including a talk box sound?
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    One side died? Getting output from only one side.

    Well, I was playing my FXII through two Atomic Reactors sounding great. Out of the blue, one side dies. One output is live, nothing out of the other. I tried changing cables but there is no problem with the cables or the Reactors, it is the FXII. Any ideas?
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    Problem with Axe-Edit and Fractal-Bot Update

    OK, I installed the update for Axe-Edit and Fractal-Bot. The usual icon was not posted on the desktop. Yes, I checked the box that asks if you lwant an icon. Every time I want to use one of them, I have to re-install. Something is definitely wrong. Help please. Thanks.
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    How Do I Go From 18.03 back to 17.4?

    I don't like 18.03 so I loaded 17.4 back into the machine using Fractal Bot. This wiped out most of my presets! They came back when I re-installed 18.03. How to I get back to 17.4 and not lose my presets?
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    Jessica (Allman Bros)

    Thanks to a response by Simeon I am finally getting a handle on custom scales. I took a Boys are Back preset of his and altered it, looking for the harmony sound found in Jessica by the Allman Brothers. I think it sounds fairly close to the opening harmony. It doesn't work for the entire song...
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    Still having problems with half step down

    Earlier, there was a thread from a user having trouble using pitch to sound a half step down. I posted to the thread with the same problem. Simeon and Yek were kind enough to respond with questions, which I answered, but I think the thread got lost after a lot of new threads. One responder...
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    EV-1 question

    OK, will the new EV-1 expression pedal double as a volume pedal and expression pedal (e.g. wah) simultaneous or only in at a time depending on your settings?
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    Anybody out there using an FXII with a Bose L1?

    Are there any Bose L1 users out there? I play in a small combo with mostly small venue gigs. Everyone in the band owns their own L1 and it works great for us. However, I cannot get the FXII to sound as good as my ancient Line 6 Flextone II through the Bose. I have tried countless presets and...
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    New posted presets will not load onto AXE-EDIT?

    For some reason most of the presets posted on the Axe-Change in the last month will load onto my desktop but not into Axe-Edit. All I get is a blank screen. I'm using the latest update and these presets are listed as FXII not XL. Thanks for any suggestions.
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    I need a little help please

    A few of the presets I have dowloaded sound great before they are saved. After I save them there is no sound? What's up with that. Also, some of my favorite reset preset downloads no longer have any sound after I updated to 16.
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    How do you drop your pitch a half or whole step?

    OK, I'm inserting a pitch block on the grid, setting it to detune, detune down 2 and setting mix to 100%. I'm still in the same key. What am I leaving out?
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    How do I add someone's posted block?

    I've read all the posts and WIKI online about downloading posted blocks but I still can't figure it out. I'm supposed to have a folder to download it to. Where is it?
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    How do I download someone's posted block?

    I've read all the posts and WIKI online about downloading posted blocks but I still can't figure it out. I'm supposed to have a folder to download it to. Where is it?
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