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  1. Chiguete

    Where are the Hiwatt cabs?

    What are the cab numbers for the Hiwatt cabs in the Axe-FX3 and the FM3?
  2. Chiguete

    Wish Wet/Dry stereo input on single amp block

    Could there be a way one day to input a stereo Wet/Dry signal in just one amp block? I know this is done using two separate amp blocks in an AXE-FX II and III with the added flexibillity of having different amps or different values of settings in the amps but if one would just wan't to use the...
  3. Chiguete

    [not possible] Expand CPU limit thru USB

    Could there be a way to plug in something thru USB and expand the units CPU limit and unlock some of the potential that only the AXEIII has (like 2 amps, more effects available, etc)?
  4. Chiguete

    Is there a way to test if your AX8 is working correctly?

    I ask because I bought it used years ago and I allways had in the back of my head the question if my unit is at 100% because to this day I can't say Im 100% happy with how it sounds. Back when I bought it I didn't know anyone locally that had one to compare both of them with the same patch but I...
  5. Chiguete

    Wish Authentic values for the settings on digital rack preamps

    So preamps like the Marshall JMP-1 don't go from 1-10 in their settings, it goes from "minus" values to "plus" values and skippin numbers, so since in the editor you have the "AUTHENTIC" page to display the correct knobs that originally came in amps (for example, the Plexis dont have master...
  6. Chiguete

    What settings you use on the Plexi 2204?

    Interested on what settings you guys use on the Plaxi 2204 since it's quite different than the other Plexis? BTW looking for a classic early 80's tone.
  7. Chiguete

    Wish Marshall Club And Country 4140

    This has been talked before but I just went down the rabbit hole on this quarente and I just can't recreate the tone from Moving Pictures and I think it's because that amp not being available on the Fractal units... Yeha you can come close but it's such a particular amp design that trying do it...
  8. Chiguete

    Why not much love for the EVM12L speaker?

    With bands like Maiden and Priest in the first half of the 80s using those speakers and even Zakk and Bonamasa also having used them im surprised they aren't many IRs of those speakers? If the description of them is correct then they are a very important part when trying to recreate those tones.
  9. Chiguete

    FM3 + FC12 I thinks that's what I will go with

    So most of the people go for the FC6 when they think of their FM3 rig (I haven't seen someone post a FM3 + FC12 rig) but I just realized that the FC12 is the best option for me, and here is why: I will upgrade from the AX8 and as the name says it has 8 switches, as it stands sometimes I...
  10. Chiguete

    I'm on the waiting list... but want the FM3 with headphone jack

    So what will happend if I get the email that I can buy the FM3 but I want the second version that will have the headphone jack instead of the initial version?
  11. Chiguete

    FM3 audio interface vs AXE-FX III

    This is a simple question, does the audio interface on the FM3 do the same (has the same features) as in the Axe-FX III? Since I don't have an Axe-FX III it's a little confusing when reading the FM3 feature list and that is why I'm asking this question. Also is this layout correct: 1) Guitar...
  12. Chiguete

    Self lubricating guitar nut

    Besides the Graphtech options anyone else makes one? Just wondering because that is the last thing I would need to add on a guitar to cover all the points that I might have string binding.
  13. Chiguete

    EVH volume pot

    Anyone have experience with them? Do you like them? Also, what other great pot would you recommend?
  14. Chiguete

    Last saturdays show: Tom Sawyer Live

    This is me playing las saturday in a bike show Tom Sawyer with my AX8... it's ok to be a rockstar for a night jeje.
  15. Chiguete

    Wilkinson WVS1302P tremolo with Locking Saddles

    I think no one has talked about this here yet... I can't wait for them to be back in stock so I can get one! https://reverb.com/item/23457425-wilkinson-wvs1302p-chrome-full-assembly-with-locking-saddles
  16. Chiguete

    Pros using DBX rack compressors but we don't use them in our patches?

    So when most of the big time pro guitarists had big old school racks they probably had a DBX rack compressor in them BUT when must of us do presets we might not put a compressor in there... specially if it's a distorted tone that we want! So what's the deal, did they only used those rack units...
  17. Chiguete

    Bill Lawrence L-500 Lead noise/output question

    First off, for the guys that are Bill Lawrence pickups experts can you confirm with these pictures if this is one of the original L-500 Lead pickups that latter changed the name to the XL-500? So I'm having a noise problem with this pickup. I thought it was the vol pot that was bad but...
  18. Chiguete

    Proximity effect values range compared to real life results

    I know that it all deppends on each IR but what do you guys think is an approximate range that the Proximity Effect value best represents normal micing situations? For example in a normal SM57 place 1 inch from the speaker in the edge of the center cone I would think that if I where to put 8 in...
  19. Chiguete

    Pickup recomendation for a maple neck thru with alder wings guitar

    So long story short I've had a Kramer Sagemaster Custom for more that 15 years and it was my first top level guitar. When I boght it it didn't came with the original pickups in it's HSS form: SD JB and 2 Vitage Saggered, it had a Dimarzio Air Zone, HS-3 and a SD Hot Rails. All was good in my...
  20. Chiguete

    Do you guys think modellers change your approach to choosing a guitar pickup?

    So the reason why I'm starting this thread is because I'm asking in another thread https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/pickup-recomendation-for-a-maple-neck-thru-with-alder-wings-guitar.149917/ recomendations for a pickup based on the type of guitar construction and wood, but part of that...
  21. Chiguete

    Custom-built cab for Celestion F12-X200

    So in another thread for the Celestion F12-X200 I posted a few pics of a cab that a luthier friend of mine is building for me using the design that Dr. Decibel posted to best use the new Celestion speaker. Since I don't have one of those speakers yet I'm using for now a Scumback H75-LD that I...
  22. Chiguete

    Stereo cab panning to center to combine two IRs

    When I try to combine two IRs using a stereo cab and panning them to center I hear the tone get darker/lower... is this normal? Should I add a couple of dB in the level ok the block? If so, is there a specific value to add in the level? Or is it just that combining 2 IRs in a stereo cab just...
  23. Chiguete

    Factory cab 103 vs 184? Greenback thoughts

    So what is the best Greenback factory IR in the AX8? F103 or F184? Other?
  24. Chiguete

    How to clean your AX8?

    So I was wondering how do you guys clean your AX8s? In the streets in front of my house they where doing some piping repairs for the last months and it was DUST NIGHTMARE here and with the end of the year I kind of want to see my AX8 to look again like it was brand new (had it or 2 years now)...
  25. Chiguete

    To build a cab for the new Celestion F12-X200?

    Anyone here plans on building a custom cab when they get their hands on the new Celestion F12-X200 ? If so,anything special to take in consideration on the design of the cab? I just don't get used to playing thru my monitors and the other day I watched this video and I think it makes sense...
  26. Chiguete

    Drive block EQ question

    Just curious, is the added EQ section on the Drive block before or after the actual simulated pedal?
  27. Chiguete

    Getting rid of mic coloring, will it be possible someday?

    Will there ever be a way to get rid of the coloring that a mic makes to the overall tone of an IR? Maybe this is over simplifying it but maybe an EQ curve that cut/boots on what a type of mic adds?
  28. Chiguete

    Amplifier module recomendation for the new Celestion speaker

    So with the new Celestion F12-X200 coming out soon what would be an idel amp module for it? I know modules like this are used in amplified cabs allready https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-ppa800dsp-2-way-plate-amplifier-800w-2-channel-with-dsp-and-bluetooth--300-798 but they have one...
  29. Chiguete

    Sonarworks studio and headphones calibration software

    Does anyone use the Sonarworks software? Seams like a good idea to calibrate the sound out of your monitors and on your headphones.
  30. Chiguete

    New floorboard amp option: Hotone Loudster

    Check it out http://www.hotoneaudio.com/products/Nano_Legacy_Floor/Nano_Legacy_Floor/2018/0606/278.html , who is going to test it out first :) Loudster portable floor power amp Loudster is a compact power amp specially designed for guitarists. This portable 75-watt power amp puts out a huge...
  31. Chiguete

    Drive control range for pedals on the Drive Block

    So today looking at @2112 the new video showing his new recording preset and when he goes on discribing what he did he mentions that he uses the new AXEIII boost option to let you sellect the type of boost to use and level and I had to stop right there... now I allready had this question in my...
  32. Chiguete

    Wish Dedicated Pickup Tone Match block

    I was wondering if there is a way for Fractal to do a dedicated pickup tone match block to compete with what Line 6 do in their Varias guitar models? I know users have done similar things on their own but this will be something from factory.
  33. Chiguete

    Marshall on 10 tone

    So I'm playing around with the new 2204 model and I wasn't quite getting the tone I wanted. I was after a classic Marshall tone with some balls to the tone and not weak sounding. After playing with the knobs if said to myself why not just put everything on 10 and see how it sounds like... WOW...
  34. Chiguete

    Presets CPU% before and after the 10.00 firmware

    Hey so I know that the new patches use less CPU% than before, but have you guys compare the values before and after the update? Would be cool to see just how much the values have come down for everyone.
  35. Chiguete

    Plexi 2204 Bright Switch question

    Do you turn ON or OFF the Bright Switch on the new Plexi 2204? BTW the default value is OFF yes?
  36. Chiguete

    JOYO JW-02 wireless system

    https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/27510-joyo-audio-announces-jw-02-wireless-system Have you guys seen this?
  37. Chiguete

    DB Meter app for Android phone

    Guys what is a good DB Meter app for an Android phone? I've downloaded on to check the level coming out my monitors but I'm not sure how acurate is it. Thanks.
  38. Chiguete

    Changing Output Scenes levels thru the front panel?

    Sorry if this is a silly question but con you change the Output Scenes levels thru the front panel? The other day I was in a rehersal and I wanted to change values in there and I just couldn't find them... So is there a way to go there without going thru the Axe Edit? Thanks.
  39. Chiguete

    Fractal should do their own artist Rig Rundowns!

    I was looking at a thread talking about Phil Collen and that all of them are using Axe-FX III and someone mentioned about looking at a Rig Rundown and that they where still using their old gear... well that was an old video that probably in a few months will get updated but I was thinking that...
  40. Chiguete

    Having trouble getting a good AC/DC tone

    Im having a real pain in the ass time trying to get a close AC/DC tone! Any tips? I was trying to do it without a drive pedal and either I don't get the gain that I want or it has too much ice pick highs (JCM800 #34)... thats why I can't wait for Fractal to incluye the JMP 2003 :) Anyway what...
  41. Chiguete

    Video about Speaker Resonance that blew my mind!

    Guys check this video out specially from 5:20, he says that if the IRs are recorded using a tube amp then the IR has allready the coloring of that amp and that meens that you should bring down to 0 the Speaker Resonance in order to not double color the tone! Do you guys do this???? Also, do you...
  42. Chiguete

    AX8 thru a Line 6 Spider IV 150hd amp

    Im to be rehearsing sometimes at a place that they have a Line 6 amp that suprised me in that it doesn't have an fx look so I searched around and what some people said that the way to go around the preamp part of the amp was to connect thru the CD Input, now my question is: would you guys only...
  43. Chiguete

    Cab Block delay settings

    Do you guys change the Delay settings on the Cab Block? I saw this video that he recommends using small 0.030ms-0.060ms to one of the cabs used in order to get a more realistic sound. Also I just looked up on the Fractal Wiki page and they recomend it too: Delay This is a "micro delay" for...
  44. Chiguete

    Class D amps

    Ok so do you guys use small Class D amps to power your cabs? Show your solutions and info of what you got and where you got them! :)
  45. Chiguete

    Noise goes away when touching the AX8 with my hand

    Ok so today I was messing around with my AX8 and noticed that if I touch the chrome switches or the handle the noise that you hear on the background on high gain settings would go away... actually it made things more quieter than even when you touch the strings! So what's the deal with that and...
  46. Chiguete

    Very interesting tone day for me!

    So today I started the day wanting to try out the 1987X Jump amp and I was happy I was abble to get a similar but angrier (in a nice way) tone out of it than my 1959 Jump amp preset (btw I have to test that one out with a Plexi model some other day)... anyway after I got that good tone with my...
  47. Chiguete

    Late 70's Marshall JMP Master Model 50w Mk2. Lead

    So what would be the cosest amp available to this and what is maybe needed to be changed in the advance parameters to make it more like it? In the Fractals they jump from the early Plexi models to the JCM800 but many say those models just before the JCM800 where the best Marshalls ever...
  48. Chiguete

    JCM800 tricks to make it sound better

    So what tricks have you guys picked up thru time to make your JCM800 sound better both for crunch and lead tones? Thanks.
  49. Chiguete

    Boss CE-2 "mix" question

    Since the original Boss CE-2 doesn't have a MIX knob, should one use this chorus at 100%?
  50. Chiguete

    Pre-cut frets with compound radius?

    Does someone make pre-cut frets with compound radius or to change to a different radius with just changing frets? It's a wild question that I'm just throwing out there since I might have to change the frets of a strat that I recently bought.
  51. Chiguete

    Zero Glide Nut System

    Who here uses is or has tested it?
  52. Chiguete

    Need small amp to build guitar speaker monitor like VAI uses

    So this has been talked before but I wan't to know how many of you hear yourself with a guitar speaker in a monitor like VAI does? And what small amp would you use to build your own cab? In other old threads people have talked about using the t.amp PM40C...
  53. Chiguete

    Fractal units not cutting thru vs regular amps in rehersal

    So here is something that crossed my mind the other day in rehersal: do Fractal units (and other modelling units) not cutting thru in a band rehersal vs amps that are not mic'd? Ok for a live scenario where everyone has a mic on their cab then if you are not cutting thru it must be an EQ...
  54. Chiguete

    JCM800 with our without bright switch

    JCM800 with our without bright switch ON for it to behave like factory?
  55. Chiguete

    Beedrom vs Live settings examples

    So there has allways been talk about how to set the amp ad home and when playing in a loud band but almost never showing the actual settings... so this time I want you guys to write or show the same patch with the settings used at home and the settings used live.
  56. Chiguete

    Synth sounds in the intro of Iron Maidens MOONCHILD

    So can someone help me out with this? Next month I will be opening up for an Iron Maiden tribute band and me and some friends will be perfoming a couple of songs that they are not thinking on playing, one of them is Moonchild. So can anyone help me with the synth sounds with delay in the intro...
  57. Chiguete

    Does the AX8 filter dirty AC power or not?

    I was wondering if the AX8 filter dirty AC power or not? I meen have you guys noticed any diference in noise using something like a Furman Power Conditioner to filter out the noise comming from the AC power or not?
  58. Chiguete

    Good volume for Youtube videos of Fractal straight to DAW

    Hi all, I have a quick question that I don't know if it has been covered here before or not but how do you guys bring back up the level of your recording Fractal gear straight to the DAW? What I meen by this is that for optimal recording levels the input in that DAW should be at around -18db so...
  59. Chiguete

    IR's to cut or no to cut (Lo/High freqs)

    So the other day I was wondering weather is necesary to cut the Low and High freqs on the IR's when playing alone... here was my thought: if and IR is a acurate response of a speaker/cab in all freqs then that will meen that it will also "cut" or "boost" what naturally the speaker/cab do so if...
  60. Chiguete

    Best JCM800 preset out there???

    Ok so I'm wondering whats the go to JCM800 preset that most of you say "yeha that sounds great"? I want to check it out and compare to one I'm doing.
  61. Chiguete

    OUTPUT COMP settings

    So this is something that I'm just starting to learn but what are your go to settings for the OUTPUT COMP? If you use different settings for clean or distortion sounds please let me know... I think that on a patch that I'm using the JCM800 #34 I have it set too hight and it's starting to sound...
  62. Chiguete

    Anyone use special USB cable?

    So today I was having a little hiss/noise from time to time and it was even happening after turn all the way down the DAW so I was thinking that maybe there is something going on with the USB cable? I will try tomorow to record the noise, but my question is, do you guys run normal USB cables...
  63. Chiguete

    polishing your preset tones

    So what would be the tips you guys would use to polish your tones inside the AX8 instead of adding things in a DAW or live... for example COMPRESSION tips. What I'm talking about is that in the studio they add compression to the recorded guitars to polish things up and not to give an actual...
  64. Chiguete

    no love for the Celestion G12-65???

    So how come there are only 2 IRs on the units for the Celestion G12-65??? There is only: 029 2x12 G12-65 FAR-FIELD (JM) — Far-field IR of a Celestion G12-65. 020 2x12 DOUBLE AMP KSM313 — Keith Urban's '59 high-power Fender Twin cabinet with two Two-Rock TR-1265 speakers (similar to G12-65)...
  65. Chiguete

    frustrated trying to match the tones from songs...

    So how do you guys try to figure out to the tone of a song that has been double tracked? Do you open it up in the DAW and try to match the left or right side? Or try do come up with a tone that gets close to the combined double track recording?
  66. Chiguete

    Specifically intended to be used in mixes in the box...

    What does that meen exactly?
  67. Chiguete

    what Marshall stock cabs are close miked?

    So one thing that I would like fractal to say is how are the cabs that come in the units miked? Some say FULL but most don't say nothing. Anyone knows? I'm hoping to find one with a SM57 close miked Greenback... maybe they don't have any so one buys there cab packs! lol.
  68. Chiguete

    Gate threshold controlled by signal envelope

    So I thought this coudn't be done but I'm seeing now that there could be a way to do it but I can't figure it out so I need the help of you guys. My idea is simple: to have the threshould of the gate move depending on how much signal comes from the pickups so one can clear up with the volume...
  69. Chiguete

    Enhancer block

    Do you leave it on all the time? the same live as at home/studio?
  70. Chiguete

    Gate threshold controlled by signal envelope

    Is there a way that Fractal link the Noise Gate threshold to an envelope so that it can control how it works depending on the signal coming out of the guitar? What I'm talking about works so you can roll the volume down of the guitar in order to get clean tones but not have your signal squished...
  71. Chiguete

    Can't get a good chorus sound with distortion

    So I've never had much success in getting a good chorus with distortion. I'm basically looking for 2 types of tones: a) a subtle chorus like maiden used in Somewhere In Time b) a more obvious chorus concentrating on the higher pitch detune like the one on You Got Another Thing Comin where the...
  72. Chiguete

    AX8 + TC Electronics Mimiq

    Who uses them together and what are your feedback both in the studio/home or live?
  73. Chiguete

    Axe FX + TC Electronics Mimiq

    Who uses them together and what are your feedback both in the studio/home or live?
  74. Chiguete

    spring loaded expression pedal options

    Who makes spring loaded expression pedal options besides Mission?
  75. Chiguete

    Moog EP-3 "standard/other" switch to use with the AX8

    Hi there, I bought from a friend a Moog EP-3 and so far so good, but I was wondering what does the Standard/Other switch do and whats the best position to be use with the AX8? Thanks.
  76. Chiguete

    PowerWire cable vs Redeemer belt pack

    Even tho the PowerWire cable http://rmtonetech.com/cb0-clean-boost/ has been around for 5-6 years (just search for it on Youtube to find Guitar World reviews about it) it looks like it had a re-launch on this years NAMM and people are talking about it, but has anyone checked the Redeemer...
  77. Chiguete

    Judas Priest cab choices

    What would be a good choice for 70's-80's Judas Priest tones and would you change it for newer tones (Painkiller and newer)?
  78. Chiguete

    artist amp/effects guide

    Someone posted a picture guide of a BUNCH of artist and the gear they used compared with whats on the fractal units, can someone please post the link to that? Thanks.
  79. Chiguete

    Do factory cabs just don't do it for most?

    I was thinking today that if Fractal makes the most awesome sounding amp simulation tones out there why is it there isn't that much love for their factory cabs? I would think they would dedicate enough time and money to make that as awesome as the amp tones... so technicly there woldn't be need...
  80. Chiguete

    Front ported monitors (Presonus E5) placed in the corner...

    So I'm waiting for my new monitors to get here but I'm going crazy where to place them, seems like to do everything in the corner will be a nice fit for my room but overall everyone says that is not a good option... but what if the monitors are front ported? Still bad, its ok, will work? What do...
  81. Chiguete

    Architect needed to design my bedroom/studio

    Lol I just would like the opinions on someone on how to turn my small 11'x11' bedroom in to a nice looking bedroom/studio. Details by pm but on the studio part I will just have the simple setup of monitors, interface and AX8 but I need help to maximize space for my bedroom... Murphy bed maybe?)...
  82. Chiguete

    AX8 + JBL Control 29AV High Output Indoor/Outdoor Monitor Speaker???

    So I'm still searching on what monitors to get abd today I was looking on local advertising sites and someone is selling a pair of JBL Control 29AV High Output Indoor/Outdoor Monitor Speaker For Mid-Sized Applications for US$400 and I'm kind of intrigued by them. Look them up...
  83. Chiguete

    Do monitors size matter if adding a sub?

    So I've been doing much research on what monitors to get and I was wondering, if you plan to add a sub anyway does the monitor size matter? I meen 5 inch monitors will have less bass response than an 8 inch monitor (some more than others) and a good idea is to add a sub to fill in the bass space...
  84. Chiguete


    This is how I'm spending my new year celebrations!!!
  85. Chiguete

    Proximity effect questions

    1) What are your normal settings for this for the normal response of close miking a cab? 2) When the setting is at 0 how far is is supposed to be? and how to much closer does it get by each .cent? Thanks. 3 days in to owning an AX8 and I'm starting to figure out how this thing works lol.
  86. Chiguete

    S/PDIF Out newbie question

    Newbie question: Is the S/PDIF Out always on or do I need to select something so signal goes out from it?
  87. Chiguete

    what presets to try the first time with an AX8

    What are the go-to presets to test for the first time an AX8 and see what it's capable of? Hopefully this weekend I will get mine and I want to see what it can do straight of the bat :)
  88. Chiguete

    buying PA speakers vs CLR speakers or other high cost monitors

    I have a question for all, how about buying PA speakers vs CLR or other high cost monitors? Now hear me out, the reason why I'm getting an AX8 is because a) it will be an easier way to carry GREAT tone around instead of moving my rack and 4x12, b) that tone will be more consistent because...
  89. Chiguete

    Roland BA-55 Portable PA

    Has anyone use this with their Fractal units? What caught my eye was that they are stereo. https://www.roland.com/global/products/ba-55/features/
  90. Chiguete

    small stage stereo monitor

    For the average player that plays ever so often on small stages and wishes to buy a small stereo monitor to hear themself out and not relying on the PA of the venue and to play at home what are his options? Does that even exist?
  91. Chiguete

    Lexicon R1 controller with Axe-FX II

    Does anyone use or has tried a Lexicon R1 controller with an Axe-FX II?
  92. Chiguete

    AX8 + external midi controller

    Does anyone use their AX8 switches for effects and an external 4-5 botton midi controller to change presets? That will be almost having the same layout as the MFC-101.
  93. Chiguete

    new products from Fractal?

    Sometime ago Fractal said that they where developing more products beside the AX8, so are there any news about them? I'm really looking at getting an AX8 this holiday season but not having a build in audio interface is in the back of my head because then I cant do reamping, tone matching and...
  94. Chiguete

    AX8 with audio interface

    I'm sorry Fractal but I definitely think that the AX8 needs an audio interface built in so it can have build in reamping features, tone match and more! I understand that you want to make a product for a different target of people but in my case I want to pass from my old rig that was the rack...
  95. Chiguete

    Black Friday special?

    Does Fractal do Black Friday specials??? If they do I might wait for to get mine then.
  96. Chiguete

    Global EQ for live playing

    Is there a Global EQ function to have turn on and compensate the EQ when playing live?
  97. Chiguete

    Doubling effect like the TC Electronic Mimiq

    Ok so don't bash me because I don't know this allready (don't own the AX8 yet because of some unexpected payments this month) but does the AX8 have a doubling effect that works like the TC Electronic Mimiq so you can have different ways that you do the doubling? Thanks all.
  98. Chiguete

    Pink Noise hand meter + block

    Ok so this will would be something that would work for the AX8 and Axe-FX: If you would make a Pink Noise hand meter that you would use to measure how the PA of the venue you are playing changes the signal coming out of the units then you could insert that info in to the AX8 of Axe-FX as a...
  99. Chiguete

    Noise gate linked to the volume expression pedal

    Has anyone ever linked the noise gate to work together with the expression pedal working the volume? What I'm talking about is that when you set up the noise gate to an amp that has a lot of gain when you roll down the volume the gain cleans up but the noise gate cuts off the notes, so I was...
  100. Chiguete

    AX8 SPDIF stereo recording question

    Is the SPDIF output on the AX8 stereo so you can get both L&R main outputs? Sorry for this silly question that I'm making but just want to make sure before buying the unit because my old Fastrack interface has one of the input channels not working correctly.
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