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    Wish Ability to go to a mono mode where the XLR (L and R) outputs could become Out 1 and Out 2 respectively.

    I (like a lot of people) don't run stereo for live use, and therefore I would like the option of XLR outputs for both Out 1 and Out 2. That way I can have a XLR output for Out 2.
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    Wish Ability to change external switch functions per layout

    I would like the option to change the function of my external switches based on the layout I am on. So in essence with my FM3 I would have 5 fully functional switches (except for the LED's and scribble strips on the external switches of course). For example: if I was on my preset layout I could...
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    Wish: Ability to change external switch functions per layout

    I would like the option to change the function of my external switches based on the layout I am on. So in essence with my FM3 I would have 5 fully functional switches (except for the LED's and scribble strips of course). Maybe it could be done using switches on the other view? Or maybe some...
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    Ability to change external switch functions per layout

    I would like the option to change the function of my external switches based on the layout I am on. So in essence with my FC6 I would have 8 fully functional switches (except for the LED's and scribble strips of course). Maybe it could be done using switches on the other view? (I realize that if...
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    Ability to choose default front display

    Is there any setting that will cause the prefered page (e.g. the Perform Screen) to automatically load on the front panel whenever turning on the AxeIII?
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    FS For sale: Axe-Fx II Mark I and MFC-101 Mark I in excellent condition

    For sale: Axe II Mark I bought new by me in 2012. I have never had any problems with it. I upgraded the internal fan (for quieter operation) with one supplied by Fractal when it was a couple months old. Will include original fan. Boot RAM chip installed (but never used) and a spare one included...
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    IR Capture and technique question

    I have never been completely happy with any of the IR's I have tried. I have tended towards 2-12 cabs because the 4-12's all sound too "distant" to me. So I decided to capture my own cab. I have tried a lot of Celestion speakers (in real life) and this one is the one I like the best. I also...
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    Easy way to rebuild a corrupted preset?

    Is there an easy way to rebuild a corrupted preset?
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    MFC inadvertently goes into Install Firmware mode

    I was at a gig, when I went to switch to the preset for the first song my MFC went into Install Firmware mode. So it was locked up. I cycled power to it and no difference. I finished the set by changing presets on the AxeII directly and between sets switched to my backup AX8. I took it home...
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    Separate A and B in Amp Block when saving to library

    When I save an Amp Block to the Library (so I can recall it in another preset), I get both Amp A and Amp B. I want to be able to save just Amp A (or Amp B) individually. So if I want to copy Amp A from one preset to another (and save it in the Library), I don't want to overwrite Amp B in the...
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    Scene 1/2 toggle doesn't work if you hold down the switch

    If you have "Press/Hold for X/Y" enabled (for your switches), but if you have a switch configured to toggle between Scene 1 & 2: if you hold down the switch too long, it does not toggle scenes (because it is probably looking to switch an X/Y state of a block). This may not be a "bug" but it is...
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    Ability to have the Bank Style as None (as you can with the MFC)

    Would like the option of the AX8 operating like the MFC when the MFC Bank Style is set to None. This means that when you have Function Buttons assigned to Bank Up and Bank Down: when you use a Function Button to move to a different Bank, no Preset is loaded until you select one (using a...
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    AX8 Edit ability to swap presets

    Yes, I know there are work-arounds; but being able to swap two presets directly would be really nice.
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    Sound check story

    So I was at my P&W gig practice and they had a professional sound guy there to EQ all the channel's for a good mix. We just updated to a new mixer (high end digital) and they wanted to get everything sounding right. So he started with each and every drum, and then the set as a whole (spending...
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    Issue with behavior of Delay blocks - Workaround?

    If I have a Delay block with a long tail on, and then bypass the block; then when I switch the block back on the delay is still ringing. I would like them to stop as soon as I bypass the block, so when I turn the block back on it is like the block has just been turned on (no previous delays...
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    Anybody using Motor Drive?

    I found this to be a very useful parameter (running about 2.5) and am really missing it on my AX8. I find myself wondering if there is a way to simulate the effect with other paramers (that are available on the AX8).
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    Difference in tone between the AxeII and the AX8

    I was porting all of the presets I use from my AxeII to my AX8 and I started comparing the basic tone and found them to be quite different. I used the conversion utility and thought maybe some parameters didn't make the conversion. I found all of the parameters in every tab to match (except the...
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    Reverb CPU usage solution?

    I wonder if Cliff could give us the option of choosing Low Res for the Reverbs instead of just High and Normal. This might allow us to create some of those highly ambient presets that require more effects than the CPU in the AX8 can handle. If he could do the same with a few other high demand...
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    Bug? Plexi 1970 Treble Drive static noise when adjusting

    When adjusting the Treble Drive on the new Plexi 1970 using the front panel I get a mild static kind of popping as I move through the range.
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    Atomic CLR NEO upgrade address

    Can anyone tell me the address to send my CLR Active Wedge to for the NEO upgrade? I paid for the upgrade, but they provide no address to send the CLR to. I emailed Tom but haven't heard back yet and I want to send it out ASAP (today - the earlier the better).
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    Anybody else a fan of Cab #60 - 4x12 FAS GB M160?

    I have been searching for an IR that had the sound of a 4x12 but also had the directness and treble response of a 1x12 or 2x12. I have been using several of the widely used 4x12 cabs (TV's, Basketweave TV etc.) (Friedman BE model - classic rock tones) and liked them except they seemed distant...
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    Muse Uprising keyboard part on guitar/Axe

    I need to do the keyboard part for the intro (and first chorus) of Muse's Uprising. Any ideas where I can start, or a factory preset that will get me in the ballpark? I don't need to match it exactly, just get as close as possible with a guitar. I've never done any synth type sounds so not sure...
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    Set of events that frequently cause no output from Axe II

    I have an Axe II. I am using a Mission expression pedal plugged into Expression Pedal Input #2. I use it to control the output volume of the Axe. Here is the sequence of actions: Turn on the Axe (pedal all the way up) Go directly to Tuning mode (hey, you gotta tune before playing right?) Exit...
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    Bug? Spinning dial thru User Cabs

    When spinning the data dial to the User Cab I want, the parameter selected (being edited) changes to one of the others on the screen and starts editing it.
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    Auto Whammy

    Okay, I need to simulate the guitar effect at the beginning of Comfortably Numb. I figured I would use the Whammy effect in the Poly mode, but since I don't use the whammy effect any other time I do not want to dedicate an expression pedal to that effect. Is there any way that I could use a time...
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    Reverb Block deletes when dragging and dropping

    AE 3.01: Many times when I try to drag the Reverb block somewhere else on the grid, it just deletes itself when I drop it. It seems more likely to happen if dragging on a diagonal or a long ways away from its original location. Haven't had any other type of block do this.
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    FW 11.0b thump when changing preset

    I have a Hot Cat preset that is nothing special. Gain is pretty low and using two IR's. Since I upgraded to 11.0b it thumps when I change from it to another patch. But not to just any patch, just to certain ones. But going from a different patch to that same patch doesn't cause a thump. Anyone...
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    CLR !!!!!!!!!!! Axe II and FOH Unbelievable!

    Just got them. I can not believe how good they sound. Axe II: Crystal clear and musical. Nothing I have heard comes close to this for FRFR. Balanced! Wide dispersion. Incredible smoothness on the highs. FOH paired with Sub: Unbelievably loud, unbelievably smooth and unbelievably clear...
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    Effect Bypass default state "stubborn" and hard to change

    I have a MFC and a Mission expression pedal with a toe switch. I set up the toe switch to toggle the expression pedal back and forth between Volume and Wah. This worked great, but when the MFC wasn't plugged into the Axe, the Wah defaulted to the on state (instead of Bypass). Bakerman advised me...
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    New IR's?

    Okay, maybe I just missed them before, but when did the new 4-12 IR's get added to the end of the list (the Kalthallen ones). I really like them. They seem to have a lot more midrange punch and clarity than the other 4-12 IR's.
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