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  1. aens

    So the unexpected happened...

    If you have never heard about Johan Segeborn, you definitely don’t watch enough guitar gear videos on Youtube. He must’ve spent a fortune on guitar gear owning (or at least has access to) every possible Marshall amp head and cabinet there is and has made loads of videos playing and comparing...
  2. aens

    Backstreet Boys - "I Want It That Way" (80's Metal Cover)

    Dude, you didn't even mention the vocals!! You did a great job with the recording and all, but the vocals are spectacular!! This is from a guy living in Finland, also known as the promised land of metal. Only a few singers in Finnish metal bands are on par with your voice.
  3. aens

    Studio One 5 released

    Now My PreSonus seems to be working again. Still can't find where to upgrade my Studio One 4. I mean, I understand that launch is a big thing and the servers must be on their knees. But if you post an email saying you can upgrade NOW to the Studio One 5 for free and don't provide a working link...
  4. aens

    Studio One 5 released

    It can just be me or my computer, but Studio One seemed to run better compared to Cubase. Would've bought Cubase because I prefer the GUI over S1, but S1 was also 5 times cheaper with 5 times more usable features. EDIT: comparing Studio One Artist to Cubase Artist.
  5. aens

    Studio One 5 released

    Only if your paying customers remember to come back to buy the upgrade once their servers start running again ;)
  6. aens

    Studio One 5 released

    I did. And looks like they did as well: https://www.presonus.com/you-broke-the-internet
  7. aens

    Studio One 5 released

    Their online shop seems to be down also. Not a great way to launch a new product when you can't sell it.
  8. aens

    Studio One 5 released

    "Biggest update in 25 years": https://www.presonus.com/products/Studio-One Nice marketing there. PreSonus sent me an email that said I can upgrade my Studio One 4 to 5 for free since I've purchased it after 1st of April 2020. Had to buy another DAW since Logic Pro still doesn't support the...
  9. aens

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.05

    For the USB recording bug people: check that you have the correct sample rate in your DAW for FM3 (48 kHz 24-bit). Some of that warble and much worse happened to me when I was recording in wrong sample rate. It got better after using the correct sample rate. Been recording straight to audio...
  10. aens

    FM3 Session Preset

    Thanks a million @Moke! This just saved me a lot of cpu.
  11. aens

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    This is my new dual wield FM3 + FC6 setup. j/k, the unit on left is going to be returned because of something fishy inside. Waiting for my two Temple Audio DUO 17's and 34 soft bag to arrive. Gonna make two separate pedalboards, so I can bring the FM3 board for smaller shows. For bigger...
  12. aens

    Feedback Simulator

    Any chance someone could post screenshots for the feedback simulator pitch block? Trying to make this work with FM3. I couldn't export it as a block with Fractool. I also can't view the controllers attached to pitch volume etc. It also says Dual Chromatic as pitch type in Fractool. Which one...
  13. aens

    July deals on Cubase

    I had to choose between Cubase and Studio One, since Logic still doesn’t support Softube Console 1 integration. I preferred the GUI on Cubase over S1, but since the comp feature is missing from the Artist version I ended up buying the Studio One. It was also five times cheaper and seemed to run...
  14. aens

    First outdoors show with FM3

    When Cliff talked about the possible heating issues with competing products, I didn’t think it would be this much of an issue. It’s a real thing it seems. I would like to see how the Neural DSP Quad Cortex survives under hot circumstances. I really hope they’ve thought about this through...
  15. aens

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.11

    Sorry if this has been asked already, but has there been any changes to the new bullhorn feature? I didn’t manage to test it with the firmware before this one...
  16. aens

    First outdoors show with FM3

    Maybe use it inside a freezer just to be sure 🤔
  17. aens

    First outdoors show with FM3

    FYI I sent a support ticket to G66 an hour ago. Sussi already answered me that they’re sending me a new unit tomorrow. Amazing service as always.
  18. aens

    First outdoors show with FM3

    That was just the outside temperature I checked from a weather report after the show. It was way hotter on stage where the sun was shining directly from a cloudless sky. Unfortunately I didn’t know about the FM3 internal temperature meter until now and I don’t possess a heat gun. There’s been...
  19. aens

    First outdoors show with FM3

    I’m running 1.04. Or that’s what G66 was supposed to put inside my unit when they sent it a week ago. Have to triple check this just to be sure.
  20. aens

    First outdoors show with FM3

    Oh no, I didn’t know the FM3 has a temperature meter! I should’ve checked that at least in the sound check... my unit was really hot during the direct sunlight exposure, but not that hot I couldn’t touch it. I’m running the latest firmware. I knew about the CPU running hotter on high resource...
  21. aens

    First outdoors show with FM3

    I've had my FM3 for 6 days only and I had a chance to take it to an outdoors (!!!) show. 500 pax show (sold out with current corona limits). I worked as guitar tech and backliner for a Finnish neo garage rock duo called Ursus Factory. Their guitarist is by far my favourite guitar player from the...
  22. aens

    Matching real pedals: EHX Small Stone v2 phaser, DOD FX75-B flanger, Ibanez DDL delay, JHS Bonsai (TS808)

    Unfortunately no. Axe FX II is missing the latest phaser and flanger updates. You can try one of these phaser blocks I've made for Axe FX II. I can't check which one of these is the correct one because I've sold mine. One of them should be a 8-stage Stereo Phaser and it's really close to the...
  23. aens

    Matching real pedals: EHX Small Stone v2 phaser, DOD FX75-B flanger, Ibanez DDL delay, JHS Bonsai (TS808)

    Posting this to the Axe FX III forums since these blocks should work with III as well. These are a few real life pedals that I really like. I've matched some of these before, but because of the new phaser and flanger updates I had to rematch them. After the phaser and flanger updates the...
  24. aens

    Thanx to G66

    Best customer service in Europe. I've gotten chocolate, a t-shirt and a cap I just got with my latest FM3 order. Hats off.
  25. aens

    Matching real pedals: EHX Small Stone v2 phaser, DOD FX75-B flanger, Ibanez DDL delay, JHS Bonsai (TS808)

    Could be. I wasn’t trying to replicate that Us and Them tone as it’s most probably a slow Univibe that’s going on in there. Although you can play it with the Small Stone but leave the Color Switch off.
  26. aens

    Matching real pedals: EHX Small Stone v2 phaser, DOD FX75-B flanger, Ibanez DDL delay, JHS Bonsai (TS808)

    These are a few real life pedals that I really like. I've matched some of these before, but because of the new phaser and flanger updates I had to rematch them. After the phaser and flanger updates the results are much better than before! Blocks included. Don't be afraid to give some feedback...
  27. aens

    I'm getting into Fuzz pedals.....school me

    I mostly use Marshalls, so I think these are the best fuzzes that work with those amps. These tips work with every amp, so don’t worry. Face Fuzz: think of Hendrix. Drive 5-10, level 7-10. One way to set a fuzz face is to lower your guitar volume almost all the way with the pedal on. Then dial...
  28. aens

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

    Time zone: Fractal Audio. I swear these firmware Fridays come sooner then they used to. Enjoy your weekend!
  29. aens

    Post Here if You've Received A G66 FM3 Invite!

    Just got an invite!!! On waitlist since April 24th.
  30. aens

    Apple unveils biggest update to Logic since the launch of Logic Pro X

    Still no integrated support for Softube Console 1 😢
  31. aens

    FX-303 - Synth Tracking is Insane in fw12.08

    I haven’t played with the synth block for ages, but I MUST do that asap because these clips sound out of this world good. Wow. You’re a wizard Matt. Don’t even need to mention Cliff. Edit: patch, pretty please? Not that experienced with synth patches. Yet, but soon might be 😍
  32. aens

    Marshall 1960BV Cab Pack (Free)

    @2112 thanks for sharing! Do you remember what year the speakers are made? Trying to keep my Marshall cab impulses in order 😬
  33. aens

    External SSD

    Just bought myself a T5 last week. Works like a charm.
  34. aens

    Gigs canceled due to COVID-19?

    I'm booking a venue with max 200 capacity in Helsinki, Finland. I also work as a booking agent and have 10 shows booked this month with max capacity of 200 or so. No cancelations so far. Bigger shows coming in April and in the summer... Few bigger shows got canceled this morning due to the USA...
  35. aens

    Fractal Audio FM3 vs AX8 | Raw Amp Comparison

    I exagerrated on the ”AX8 sounds like Pod” part. I’ve had an AX8 and I think it was wonderful. Still, with these settings - whatever they might be - the difference is drastic when you compare the two. I’m having a hard time believing things have still been improving this much over the years. But...
  36. aens

    SXSW Canceled.......

    I’m really glad I’m not organizing any festivals or shows with international acts at the moment. If there’s gonna be more cancelations, many people will lose their jobs. At least for a while.
  37. aens

    Fractal Audio FM3 vs AX8 | Raw Amp Comparison

    Wow! Wasn’t expecting that much of a difference! I’ve seen some Axe FX III vs AX8 videos and honestly I don’t remember thinking the difference wasn’t that bad. But now... some of the AX8 models sound like you were plugged in a L6 Pod. Lack of bass and body, scooped mids, shrill highs...
  38. aens

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    I'm so tempted to do a simple board like that... having a hard time trying to convince myself I don’t need 20 different fuzz pedals... LOL @ the Reckless Love shirt!! Didn't know they've played in Australia until now...
  39. aens

    ToneQuest - Let's Dial it in - Joe Satriani's Extremist era tone + FREE preset

    No problem! If you feel like there's some people who don't care about the backgrounds and only want to hear the final tone, maybe you can add a button to skip to the end to see the result and how to download the preset :cool:
  40. aens

    ToneQuest - Let's Dial it in - Joe Satriani's Extremist era tone + FREE preset

    Of course. I went off rails with my comment anyway 😅 I don’t think the video is too long or you go into details too much. It’s fine as it is. If I’m interested in a tone, at least I like to hear a short background story how you or the player might’ve got the tone. Explaining the details helps...
  41. aens

    ToneQuest - Let's Dial it in - Joe Satriani's Extremist era tone + FREE preset

    Great video! Somehow that tone reminded me of John Petrucci’s early tones. He’s a known Mesa Boogie user, but I think he played a Marshall on Metropolis part 1. Uses a lot of chorus, delay and I think he used a Tube Screamer in the early days (mid-boost, so it’s close to the cocked wah thing)...
  42. aens

    Rammstein - Europe Stadium Tour (Time Lapse)

    I’m guessing the have two stages in Europe. No clue about USA. This was quite a show, top 3 I’ve ever seen. Had to run to get some earplugs after two songs. First kick drum felt like you were punched in your chest.
  43. aens

    Creating Failure guitar sounds with the AxeFX III

    Huge Failure fan here and I love your Youtube series. Thank you so much for this @Ken Andrews
  44. aens

    What's the most unique pedal you own/use?

    Death by Audio Fuzz War zvex Fat Fuzz Factory DOD FX75B flanger Trying to match the FX75B with my AFX III flanger but it’s not close enough so far. That’s a really nice flanger.
  45. aens

    [request] Opeth - Ghost of Perdition - Solo Lead (stems inside)

    Live Mikael uses a JCM 900 with 1960 cab (G12T75) and Fredrik uses JVM with V30’s. Start from there.
  46. aens

    Some photos of when I was on tour with The Dead

    Love these pictures and stories! Keep it coming! I’ve never toured internationally, but worked a lot in music festivals and concerts. I’ve been asked to but declined a few times. Some day maybe. My gf works as local concert producer. Just got a Motorhead crew shirt from her. She was about to...
  47. aens

    List of every Marshall cabinet speaker IR

    Did some research and I think I got it now. 1984 to around 1986. Whiteback, vented. UK made. Basically identical to G12-65 soundwise. 1986-1989. Whiteback, non-vented. UK made. No difference or minimal difference in sound compared to vented model. 1989 to around 1995. Some say this is not...
  48. aens

    List of every Marshall cabinet speaker IR

    Some people say the early UK made (whitebacks?) are almost exactly same speakers as G12-65’s. That’s why they sound close. No clue when they changed the design the first time, but some 90’s speakers still have the white sticker. Did the 92 anniversary cab not have the whiteback speakers or were...
  49. aens

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.03

    I wish we had a button to wake Leon up to make a video each time new firmware appears. Have to wait till tomorrow eve to try this out. Blergh. Must be an awesome update again. Haven't spent much time with my AFX III lately so I'm still on FW 11. I know I'm in for a real treat.
  50. aens

    List of every Marshall cabinet speaker IR

    Original post updated: Added G12T75 87 2551BV 4x12 (ML) Mars Hair Metal Yesss! Another 80's cab with G12T75. Same cabinet that Choptones already had made an impulse of. Gonna A-B both and test these against my real 80's 2x12 1966A with same speakers. Also gonna test these against the G12T75 92...
  51. aens

    Tape Delay & Looper Fun

    That. Was. Amazing.
  52. aens

    Rick Beato on string gauge

    Using the Pyramid 10-38 set now (Jimi Hendrix gauge). Think I'm gonna stick on that.
  53. aens

    Wish Chorus block tone controls

    +1 Would be nice to emulate the bass boost on MXR Stereo Chorus. I think it's similar than what we have in the flanger block now as the focus switch.
  54. aens

    Wish A few wishes about Delays

    Here's an old Binson Echorec emulation I made. Edited from @simeon's preset IIRC. Can convert it to an Axe FX III version if someone wants it.
  55. aens

    Spring Reverb

    Try these: increase mix increase amount of springs use high cut (go as low as you like, 1-2k works for vintage sounds) and crank the mix up increase gain in amp or drive block to make the reverb more compressed
  56. aens

    Spring Reverb

    What is "that spring sound" you're referring to? Is the reverb too bright? Use high cut. Is it ringing too much? Lower the amount of springs. Is it too long? Lower the time. There is no such a thing as perfect spring reverb. It will sound different with each amp and you have to craft it right...
  57. aens

    Firmware 12 Beta Overview

    That face when you started stacking delay and reverb! Priceless!
  58. aens

    ToneQuest - S02E01 - Preset breakdown for "Still got the blues" by Gary Moore + Free preset

    Interesting approach! I think you nailed the tone. But... didn’t he play the song with a Les Paul? jk Few things I’ve never tried: bring down the master volume on a JTM. Was it really different with master on 10? Must’ve had a lot more bass. overdo mids in a Marshall amp. I think it sounded great.
  59. aens

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #5 (Beta_4)

    I prefer Firmware 12 over Windows 10. YMMV.
  60. aens

    Good TV shows “worth watching”

    I'm really picky on tv shows, but these are the few that made their way to the list: Beforeigners Black Mirror Game of Thrones Parks and Recreation Sorjonen The Witcher I Think You Should Leave (best comedy I've seen in a while)
  61. aens

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #5 (Beta_4)

    Would be nice to have faster rate in phasers too. Some phasers exceed the rate of the Axe FX block.
  62. aens

    Wish A few wishes about Delays

    Definitely +1 for these.
  63. aens

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #5 (Beta_4)

    This is more interesting than the whole NAMM for me. No point just standing there when you can get stuff done instead :cool:
  64. aens

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #5 (Beta_4)

    OMG! Are you doing a version of EHX Small stone? Last time I checked mine (V2) was really close to the 8-stage stereo (or what was it called again...) mode with a few tweaks. No idea if it's that much different from the other phasers, but a mono version of that model would be nice if that's...
  65. aens

    Wish Reverse Reverb Block

    +1 Tried to match a Multitap Delay block to my Alesis Microverb 2 the other day but I just couldn't get it to sound the same. There's something in the volume increcement and ring I just couldn't get from the Multitap block.
  66. aens

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #5 (Beta_4)

    What an update! I just tweaked and played for 8 hours straight. New flangers are amazing! I’ve never owned a real Electric Mistress, but I can understand now why it’s so popular. Crank up all the controls and it’s pure magic. Min and max delay time is a keeper. I just emulated a Dod FX75B...
  67. aens

    Vendor Poll - What cabs do you want?

    80’s is actually quite well captured, but not focused by many IR vendors. The only cabs I know that are not captured from that era are early 1965A/B’s with G10-L35 (brown tolex) and late G12-T75’s. Then there’s some not that popular H100’s and other H speakers that people don’t seem to care that...
  68. aens

    Vendor Poll - What cabs do you want?

    I posted a thread a while ago containing every single Marshall IR I could find. Here are a few that are not that common: Any Marshall speaker made before 1968 60’s G12-M20 70’s G12-M25 (creamback) 70's graybacks Late 70’s G12-65 (before JCM 800 era) Mid 80’s G10-L35 (with faded tolex, I got...
  69. aens

    Wish feature request - virtual pedalboard

    Good suggestion. Just a visual image of expression pedals and switches with controllable values. You can count me in.
  70. aens

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #4 (Beta_3)

    Wow! Amazing update on the flangers. I just bought a 90's DOD Flanger (FX75-B). Can't wait to match it.
  71. aens

    Marshall JCM 900's and 2000's - Why are these never emulated in modelers?

    Just took a glimpse at Opeth's tech rider and if they have local backline Åkerfeldt wants to use a JCM900. Some people still use them it seems. Maybe that's the reason he doesn't use an Axe FX? :rolleyes:
  72. aens

    What's your next rig upgrade going to be?

    Axe FX IV.
  73. aens

    Wish Sync global blocks from cloud service (Axe-Change, Dropbox etc.)

    This is not what you're supposed to do before a show and it's definitely not a must. You wouldn't load a new presets before show without testing either would you? EDIT: and even with a bad connection, it's not many lines of code to download. One .blk file equals 329 bytes.
  74. aens

    What's connected in front of your Axe-Fx III?

    Guitar Evidence Audio guitar cable zvex Fat Fuzz Factory Fulltone Octafuzz Death by Audio Fuzz War Fulltone Clyde wah JAM Pedals Fuzz Phrase MXR La Machine JHS Bonsai Guitar cable Axe FX III I'm seriously thinking about dropping some of these. I bought the Bonsai to see how good the Axe III...
  75. aens

    Wish Sync global blocks from cloud service (Axe-Change, Dropbox etc.)

    I got this idea while thinking about all the massive editing and jumping between my Axe FX III and FM3 when I get one. Sigh, I'm already tweaking too much... While it's not possible to share presets between Axe FX III and FM3, would it be possible to have an option to make Axe Edit sync global...
  76. aens

    Speaker impedance curves: Which speakers?

    I guess we will never know... :rolleyes:
  77. aens

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs

    There was some irony in there ;) EDIT: what I like about Fractal Audio is that you provide data and graphs about the technology behind the product – free of charge. It's really educational and I've learned a lot. I feel like some competitors are bloating about their products without much proof...
  78. aens

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs

    If a sound is made and crafted suitable for the mix, it can be good. You can get even the worst sounds to work in a mix. Is it authentic? Maybe not. Depends on what you're looking for. Not to mention every manufacturer claims that their product has the best sound quality.
  79. aens

    List of every Marshall cabinet speaker IR

    I suppose those both packs have the same speakers. I think Ownhammer did also two separate packs from the pre-rola speakers. Both are included in my list.
  80. aens

    List of every Marshall cabinet speaker IR

    @ML SOUND LAB do you have any clue which year or era are these cabinets or speakers from? These must be made before 71 if considered pre-rola. You don't know the exact years do you? G12M2575 -71 (ML) Brit PR G12M2555 -71 (ML) Brit PR G12H3075 -71 (ML) Brit PR G12H3055 -71 (ML) Brit PR This cab...
  81. aens

    List of every Marshall cabinet speaker IR

    Forgot about that. It's now added!
  82. aens

    List of every Marshall cabinet speaker IR

    Thanks! I bought both. Original post updated with a few Dr. Bonkers and ChopTones IR's.
  83. aens

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.01

    If it's the JTM 4x10, it can be from the 60's (???) or 90's (goldbacks, re-issue). If it's just Marshall 4x10, it can be the one made in the 80's (G10L-35). https://reverb.com/fi/p/marshall-model-1961-jtm45-mk-iv-2-channel-35-watt-4x10-guitar-combo-1964-1966?ended_listing=1232583...
  84. aens

    Wish A few wishes about Flanger and Chorus

    +1 Give this man the tools he needs to create his beloved flanger!
  85. aens

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.01

    Now we just need an ir of this. Haven't seen one yet. Don't think it's similar with the 80's Marshall 4x10.
  86. aens

    (Video) A little melodic ambient vibe

    Dude, you have to stop giving me reasons to buy more cab packs o_O Having the Fractal stuff around for seven years, this is totally what I relate to:
  87. aens

    A Moment of Appreciation

    +1 We are so spoiled.
  88. aens

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00 Public Beta 1

    Is it possible to tweak the Cabinet Resonance in a real amp or is it virtual only?
  89. aens

    List of every Marshall cabinet speaker IR

    I finally had some spare time yesterday and prepared the 70's and 80's pack to my Axe FX in 20 minutes only. At the moment I very much prefer the 80's speakers over the 70's speakers. 1968 4x12 G12M20 greenbacks and 8x10 G10L80 from Valhalla.ir also sound amazing. I also finally managed to get...
  90. aens

    Neutral FULL range IR's cabs? also What amp do you audition IR's with? (high gain)

    You may be overthinking this. Pick one or several amps that are associated with the genre you're playing (e.g. Fender with blues, Marshall with rock, Peavey with metal). Find a cabinet or a speaker that comes stock with the real amp or if you happen to like a particular speaker (e.g. greenbacks...
  91. aens

    List of every Marshall cabinet speaker IR

    I admit it: I'm really addicted to Marshall cabinets. I'd want to buy every possible Marshall cabinet there is. But I'm glad there's a much cheaper way to own and try them. And the best thing is you can find many ready in Axe FX III factory IR's! I'm currently listing every different Marshall...
  92. aens

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 10.02

    I totally lost track of time yesterday with 10.01 and ended up playing at my rehearsal place till 2AM. But who cares, it's only sleep. I haven't touched guitar for 2 weeks but I sound way better than ever. Thanks for the update!
  93. aens

    V2-JCM1980 by Valhallir.at - Free IR included!

    That's nice to hear! Most of the previous G12-65 impulses you released had some really nasty frequencies with JCM 800. I finally ended up changing it to the G12-T75 from your collection. Are you gonna redo the JCM1981 G12-65 impulse pack? It's not available anymore in your web shop.
  94. aens

    V2-JCM1980 by Valhallir.at - Free IR included!

    Nice, thank you so much! I'm all about the Marshall cabinets of this era.
  95. aens

    Where the Axe FX II can't compete with real amps....

    Good post. This is exactly how I feel with the Kemper. I've never tried the Profiler because I don't care about the design. I already have a better product. Now when I think about it, I've never heard any band sound astonishingly good with them. Or had "the moment" when I've thought that the...
  96. aens

    Vintage Guitar Reader's Choice Poll Nominations

    Been there, done that.
  97. aens

    How to get warm round high end

    I like how many people have suggested all these different things, but I also feel how the OP is overwhelmed with all these different suggestions. I'm still not sure if OP is understanding what's causing the shrill highs between the two power amps. Let's start from the beginning. Matrix power...
  98. aens

    Real Marshall JCM 800 2203 vs. JCM 800 2204 model

    I forgot to export the preset today, but took screenshots. Original post edited with exact settings I ended up using. Enjoy. I also changed the cab to valhall.ir T75Anni. "Based on measurements of a Marshall™1960 from 1992, loaded with Celestion™G12T75’s". It's not the same speaker they sell...
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