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  1. vondano

    Progressive rock-jazz-metal thing

    HEY! Been a year since i posted any new music on my soundcloud page, BUT here ya go :D using 5153 50 watt with an ownhammer cab (mesa one) a little post processing but not much have a good listen! Nic
  2. vondano

    ezmix2 vs axe-fx2 take a listen!

    so, i am working on a new song and i just bought ezmix 2 for fun (was 29$ on sweetwater) i think i prefer my ez mix damnit! not sayin it is better than the axe-fx, i LOVE my axe-fx, just sayin i may suck at mixing ;-( anyway, here's the comparison! so on the 2nd one, bass and guitar...
  3. vondano

    #RiffsAndBeards2 HEADBANG! recto2 org mod +Owhammer v3

    i usually dont go into these online contest, but this one is really friendly and for everyone! cab is ownhammer v3 mesa mordern mix IR (raw003)
  4. vondano

    Recto org i Awesome Pt.2 full song and preset included! YAY!

    my new favorite amp! i now love my rythm sound!! all guitars are recto 2 org modern this was the most fun song to make! i usually take months to do a song and this one was composed, recorded and mix in 4 days! I hope you guys enjoy it! oh.. here is the preset, of course :D
  5. vondano

    Recto ORG modern is AWESOME!

    EDIT: FULL SONG AND PRESET HERE: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-recordings/97229-recto-org-i-awesome-pt-2-full-song-preset-included-yay.html good god! I was not much of a recto guy, now i just tried this thing!!! this is just a rough mix of a song ill be working on next so dont...
  6. vondano

    vai talks about axe-fx

    not sure someone posted this already https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6byu0R277t0 always cool to see steve talks gear
  7. vondano

    This rocks so much! Fw18 markIIc+ /ownhammer mesa mordern mix

    https://soundcloud.com/vondano/automating-evolution i am getting close to the sound i am after! the hard part, for me, is not to get a great guitar sound, its to mix it in a full song. This is my latest attempt at this! any pointer will be welcomed! ...i could not stop myself from doing a...
  8. vondano

    axe edit fw18 ETA?

    hey! any ETA for axe edit supporting FW18??? or does this one already do?
  9. vondano

    mesa mark iv rock/metal rythm and solo sound! CK cab pack 7!

    i've being tryin to get a good mesa mark iv sound guitar starts at 45 sec... solo is at 3:10 i think i nailed the solo sound, rythm still need some work mix also thanx for cheking! Nico p.s. i can share preset if someone wants them, my axe-fx is off right now...
  10. vondano

    electro-rock-metal-progressive stuff

    I used a violet prestige Ibanez RGD 2127fx with car-expensive Lundgren "the One" Pickups! there is like 100 damn synths and fx tracks on this, i am trying hard to improve my mixing and mastering skills, so any helpful tips will be greatly welcomed! This song would need some vocals, but...
  11. vondano

    200 amp in a box, the 20 minutes mix chanllenge!

    (Edit: Preset in post #4) So, long story short, a friend of mine (home recordist like me) swear only by amp and challenged me to record something with the axe 2 saying is tube amp setup was WAY easier to dial in and axe fx sound So fake bla bla bla...(i know right...) so, 20 minutes later, i...
  12. vondano

    FW 16 factory banks?

    hey! do we have those yet? the updated factory presets for FW 16? i just found out the axe manage for presets is MUCH better (than the one from 3 years ago... DUH!) and i have a day off on friday... i have some cleaning to do around the axe fx presets :D
  13. vondano

    cablab vs ownhammer free soft?

    OwnHammer.com - aomDSP i never tried any of them... what is the difference? at 1st sight, this seems like a free cab lab?
  14. vondano

    So I finaly kinda made an EP... all axe-fx 2

    Hi guys After all those years of guitar, i finally made a collection of some of my song arrange into some-kind of an EP. I hope you guys enjoy this, This is music I made in the last years, Nico Asleep | Vondano p.s. its free!
  15. vondano

    i love my Axe-FX II! (IbanezUV77bk)

    I got my good'ole UV77bk for this one, it goes from smooth to heavy, the range of sound we can get from the axe-fxII is just incredible! I think this song is a good example, I hope you enjoy this! i had a blast making this! The solo part is super fun to play! Nico
  16. vondano

    Vondano woundrous introduction to an EP

    HI! this tune wil be the introduction to maybe some EP i plan on releasing someday :P Bass and guitar are all axe-fx II (FW 15.02) recorded with my trusty DC800 direct via USB in my mancave! I hope you enjoy this, nico
  17. vondano

    VIDEOCLIP! at last!

    Universe Seven on Vimeo https://soundcloud.com/vondano SO! My english suck :D but this is a videoclip (kinda) of a song i did a while ago, a friend did the video, we are no pros, the point was to have a souvenir and have fun! I hope you guys enjoy! All guitars and bass are AXE FX 2 (you...
  18. vondano

    mic type: Null vs none?

    ok, sorry if i missed that, null clearly has more bass than none... which one am i suppose to use with IR including a mic (like the ultra res ones...) and what is null or none? what is the point of both!? thanks for any infos! p.s. sorry for awful english... not my main language!
  19. vondano

    1st bass test in a mix!

    hi! this is far far from done, but id like some input on the bass tone in the mix! I got a bass now! Ibanez BTB776 (got it for 650$CND used, in great shape, so i think i got a good deal!) so i tought i'd share a little mix test i am working on... if things goes well, this should...
  20. vondano

    FW12,4 FAS6160 meat!

    so! Let me know what you think of the guitard sounds and the mix in general! thanx for checking! I really like the sound of the new firmware! FW12,4 FTW! fas6160 into 2 cabs (orange and bogner i think) Nico
  21. vondano

    sooo many IR... how do guys choose???

    im not complaining at all! I love having all those choices! But help me! I cant find a way to compare and decide!!! after listening to 3 or 4, i kinda get confused and cant choose anymore! i got the stock IR, the messiah IR, the OH public beta IR, the silent underground IR, and I...
  22. vondano

    help me choose! A B or C??? metal guitar mix!

    SO! http://strawpoll.me/1018029 I cant choose wich i like more... (i think it may be C) A is FAS 6160 Left and Right, B is recto orange Left and Right C is FAS 6160 R, and recto L any help pls??? they could also all suck... ;-( thanx nico
  23. vondano

    I think this is my best mix yet!

    HEY! i posted this a while ago when i was just starting this thing... i think it turned out cool (it was called "the grey lines" at first...) per usual, all kinda music genre mixed, the bass is my guitar downpitched with the axefx2, I hope you enjoy! thanx for cheking! Nico
  24. vondano

    kinda heavy electro prog rock-metal stuff!

    hey! so this is still a work in progress, i wanna mix something quite heavy with electro stuff... this thing is far from finished, but i tought i'd share anyway!
  25. vondano

    this thing will end up being a video clip! Funky techno heavy stuff

    HEY! being working on this for a while, lack of time made sure things didnt move too fast ;-) now a guy wanna make a video with this, so i guess ill say "sure dude" take a listen and let me know: -hows the song? -hows the sound? -any input? thanx for cheking guys! (and...
  26. vondano

    Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest) cover

    this song just makes me happy https://soundcloud.com/vondano/dragon-warrior-nes-tribute tought i'd share...
  27. vondano

    Funky-metal-techno thing?

    hey! so, i wanted to do something different, so there you go! bass is my guitar downpitched into axe-fx 2, just a clip for fun! thanx for checkin it out!! Nico
  28. vondano

    downpitched guitar trying to sound like a bass...

    meh.. not much, just a small bit i did to manke an impression of a bassist friend... tought i might as well share it here too! thanx! the last part is with distortion...
  29. vondano

    all axe music.. 36 min totals.

    there you go, a collection of thing i recorded in the past years, all axe fx (I and II) mostly progressive music, some real smooth, some fast and furious. "stay a while and listen" nico
  30. vondano

    fw10 fas modern prog metal!

    ok, i posted this bit a while ago (fw9) it's updated with fw10 love!! https://soundcloud.com/vondano/inner-stare so! Carvin DC800 into ts808---fas modern---trusty german cab with sm57-peq---sonar 8.5-ears. thanx for checking! Nico ps. how do you make the soundcloud...
  31. vondano

    my best hi gain tone ever i'd say!

    https://soundcloud.com/vondano/soon-to-be working on that mix/composition... i think i got a nice rythm tone any input on tone/mix/mastering would be greatly appreciated! nico
  32. vondano

    FUN to play stuff!!!!! FAS modern into redwirez v30 mesa IR

    Ten thousand times by vondano on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free did it with a carvin DC800 and axe-fx into sonar 8.5 some part are quite complicated (to me at least) but its fun to play! thanx for checking it out! let me know if you have any idea to...
  33. vondano

    a collection of axe fx songs! (I and II)

    vondano's sets on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free so! being a bit of time since made some new stuff so i tough i'd make a little playlist for you guys! take a listen and comment! (im always trying to improve, so you can go hard on me!) axe-fx I and II were...
  34. vondano

    safe going from fw 5 directly to 6???

    hi! as title sais, is it safe goin from fw 5.0 directly to 6 without doing the other fw upgrade??? (yeah i know 6 aint out yet, but this question is mainly for FAS guys) thanx a lot for any answers! sorry for my awful english, nico
  35. vondano

    axe-fx 2, carvin dc800, prog metal stuff!

    SoundClick artist: vondano - having fun recording at home some stuff that'll end up to be "Elliptic" material... or http://soundcloud.com/vondano/blue-22 hope you enjoy! I just got my new carvin guitar, so ima giver her the mix test! i like it so far! thanx for cheking! nico
  36. vondano

    Framus Cobra?

    anybody did this amp? what amp do we have in the black box that would sound similar? any idea about this amp? cab to match? thanx! Nico
  37. vondano

    expander/gate bypass mode....

    Hi! I dont know if this is a bug, but I have no bypass option for this block... the only thing listed for bypass mode is 40000hz and it wont move or change... maybe take a look! ty! sorry about my bad english, have a good day!
  38. vondano

    usb 4x4

    so? is it done? I see some driver dating 16 november on the fractal site.. are those the ones? do i need to unistall old driver?
  39. vondano

    speaker drive on high gain...

    do you use it?
  40. vondano

    Dragon warrior (nes)1-2-3 music (metal remix)...das metal+8 strings content!

    vondano's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free or SoundClick artist: vondano - having fun recording at home some stuff that'll end up to be "Elliptic" material... anybody remember those video game? I wish somebody better than me would do those, but I...
  41. vondano

    vsti laggin vs midi with axe 2...

    I use sonar (8,5 PE) and a lot of vsti (like omnisphere) I use a Keyrig49 (usb midi keyboard) and since i started using the axe 2 for audio interface, there is about 1 second latency before earing sound comming from the vsti when i press a key on the keyrig, I see the midi input flashing...
  42. vondano

    vondano awesome FAS modern song! chek it out!

    SoundClick artist: vondano - having fun recording at home some stuff that'll end up to be "Elliptic" material... hey guys! I think this one is my best one (production wise) FAS modern, double track, with my shecter 8 strings with 808 pickups (not my favorite guitar but I broke a string...
  43. vondano

    help me decide my high gain between those two clip!

    i cant make my mind, one is the recto, the other is FAS modern... clip 1: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=441370&songID=11110395 clip 2: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=441370&songID=11110396 thanx a bunch! nico edit: fixed link!
  44. vondano

    vondano recto red and FAS modern metal try.. yay!

    SoundClick artist: vondano - having fun recording at home some stuff that'll end up to be "Elliptic" material... HEY! I think I got a better drum sound, recto new red left and FAS modern right, i used some ebow preset I found here for one part, and a clean patch i made up fast...
  45. vondano

    6160 rock-metal-prog... go go go!

    Axe-fx 2 6160 by vondano on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free take a listen and give me some feedback so I can make it better! thanx guys! nico
  46. vondano

    cliff take a look pls! shipping related question... important pls!

    Your order number is #711 ok, i just placed my order using the ups store in Ogdensburg... they will relay it to me in canada i just wanted to let you know, i added their address has a secondary adress to a credit card (my friends one, using its name and all so he will receive it...
  47. vondano

    should i buy an axe-fx 2 on ebay???

    im in canada, last news from cliff is " My recommendation is to use a forwarding service." wich means to me " dont count on canadian shipping soon... so... do i try to setup something with the ups store? wich means: 1- calling them to see if they can receive my unit and ship it from there to...
  48. vondano

    Replenish v2... with shiver lead solo...

    SoundClick artist: vondano - having fun recording at home some stuff that'll end up to be "Elliptic" material... wow! i love the shiver lead boosted by a bb drive... got this VAIesque feal to it take a listen! let me know how i can make the mix better! p.s. the first part is FAS...
  49. vondano

    8 string metal-prog tune...

    SoundClick artist: vondano - having fun recording at home some stuff that'll end up to be "Elliptic" material... this one aint finished yet due to lack of free time these days but I tought i'd post it anyway... it still need lots of keyboard tracks and eq tricks but let me know what you think...
  50. vondano

    grooving-prog-weird sounding tune!

    http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=441370 the song is First Autumn, just having fun with some patch i made... i love the sound of the bass, which is my 8 strings guitar in the axe-fx too
  51. vondano

    prog metal shit... axe +sd2.0

    http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_so ... D=10041821 hey! just tought i'd share my new fun test with the axe-fx! hope you enjoy it, and hope you all have a good christmas time! any mixing tips or comments are welcome! c-ya! nic
  52. vondano

    a mix test...the metal way

    http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_so ... ID=9846264 i'm looking to improve my mix, any comment are welcomed! done with a 8 strings guitar and metal foundry for drum... the bass is my guitar in the axe thanx! Nico
  53. vondano

    Rock beat's Paper

    http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_so ... ID=9498443 done with a 8 strings guitar and the axe machine... the mix aint finished yet... it's getting a bit out of hand...
  54. vondano

    8 Strings Attack! longer, new version!

    EDIT..new version, much longer...more finished... take a listen, some cool stuff in there... ok, much better than my first test...I used EZ DFH for this one and the recto new sim instead of the MK II c+... http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_so ... ID=8913477"...
  55. vondano

    8 strings first tone test... METAL!

    http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_so ... ID=8903059 I just got an 8 strings guitars as a backup for my 7 strings universe... so i tought i'd share my first test... this is nothing super serious... not the best takes, but I think the solo'll end up cool when it's done... anyway, if you...
  56. vondano

    metal song IIc+...

    www.myspace.com/ellipticmind listen to powertrip, I need help again with the general mix and guitar sound... the rythm sound is a bit thin yet it has plenty of mids and bass.. not sure what to do...maybe i should try a different sim i think the usb interface I use for recording the axe-fx...
  57. vondano

    help me finish mixing that metal song...

    the song is kindov complicated so I'm not sure anymore where i'm heading... anyway... I think they may be too much high fizz in the main guitar sound (axe-fx, IIc+ model)...and I think it could use 2-3 db more of overall volume... any critique/help would be appreciated...
  58. vondano

    Lot's of axe-fx songs...

    hi all! i've had my Axe standard for about 4 months now so I had time recording some future songs of my progressive band... some of them are smooth, some are prog metal, one is groovy... we mostly do anything we like in music and i'm the composer guy... I realy am a big effects fan so you can...
  59. vondano

    rock-high gain sound...

    http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default ... dID=441370 chek the first one to the top...(buche 2.1) this is my first recording using the axe-fx, i went direct into sonar 6 PE I realy like my rythm sound (based on the Mark 2c+) i have to rework a bit my solo sound... the weird intro is guitar...
  60. vondano

    axe-fx with headphone....

    ok, just ordered my standard so i'm getting ready to receive it in the next couple of days, i plan on using it with a mesa 2:90 and a mesa cab live but I also plan to make some studio patch to use DI i would realy like to be able to monitor myself through headphone. I plan on using output 2...
  61. vondano

    midi question...

    from the manual: " From a MIDI standpoint these presets are arranged in 3 banks of 128 each. To recall presets above 127 your MIDI device must be capable of transmitting a MIDI Bank Select Coarse controller message (controller #0). The value of this message selects the bank (0 - 2). Subsequent...
  62. vondano

    simple question...

    i'm about to pull the trigger on a standard and was wondering how you guy monitor yourselves at home? here is what I mean, I plan on using it in my mesa 2:90 and mesa 4x12 cab live and at rehearsals, but I don't know yet how i will ear it at home for recording needs... the other gear i was...
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