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  1. getlostinsound

    Best way to rack an FM3?

    Yeah, I’d probably use a shelf with the mounting method of your choice (Velcro, etc)
  2. getlostinsound

    Best way to rack an FM3?

    Will it stay in the rack during the gig, or will you take it out and put it on the floor?
  3. getlostinsound

    Fletcher Munson Curve

    You may be better off using a parametric EQ. The make-up gain from the compressor is probably causing the feedback.
  4. getlostinsound

    question for non-hp version owners

    You can always use a splitter to get more copies of the same output.
  5. getlostinsound

    How use pedal effects, EFX Loop style, with the Axe FX III

    Do you have the output 4 knob on the front of the unit turned all the way up?
  6. getlostinsound

    Wish: Looper Progress Bar

    Plus one! The TC Helicon VoiceLive line does this well.
  7. getlostinsound

    Looper Axe-Fx III

    I’ve never tried using expression pedals to act as a momentary switches, but I would do what @flcmcya suggested above and just use a 2-button switch.
  8. getlostinsound


    My understanding of summing any two signals that originated from the same source is that there is always a possibility of phase cancellation, depending on what effects are used in each of the two chains. Even a simple EQ shifts phase, by nature. I could be wrong, but here’s how I think about...
  9. getlostinsound

    Stereo-In Effects coming soon??

    How would you use these effects differently if they allowed separate processing of the separate left and right incoming signals? Would you want separate controls/parameters for each input? If so, wouldn’t it be kind of like using two separate blocks?
  10. getlostinsound

    Global EQ adjustment

    It’s possible, but more likely that either: (A) You are accustomed to hearing a certain curve in your guitar tone, and are able to recreate that more easily with the global EQ or (B) your monitoring/mixing room has certain room nodes that make any mixes or tones sound a certain way, and you are...
  11. getlostinsound

    FM3 as home studio centerpiece?

    I’ve used the II, III, and FM3 as my interface at different times, and have always preferred a separate interface, something with a built-in DSP mixer.
  12. getlostinsound

    Wish Pickups simulation

    Definitely useful features! Both of these things can currently be done with impulse responses using the cab block or IR player block. The only thing you lack is the IRs themselves (you have to either make them with the tonematch block or find them online). Is your wish for a block that would...
  13. getlostinsound

    Fractal Audio FX8 and Simplifier (DSM & Humboldt)

    I don’t have direct experience with either of these products but have used pretty much all of the other Fractal products in various routing situations. If it were me, I’d run The Simplifier as if it were a single amp/cab unit in the middle of my FX8 block chain, then send the final signal back...
  14. getlostinsound

    Keyboards! Decisions Decisions (Yamaha vs Komplete Kontrol)

    I had a MOX8 (the predecessor to your keyboard) and rarely used the internal sounds, so I sold it for an Arturia Keylab mkII. I went from an 88 to a 61, mainly because I also have an acoustic piano.
  15. getlostinsound

    Can i use Spdif for fxloop?

    Yes, I think you’re right. I found that older thread (where Cliff said “I’ll think about it”) after my first post, and I’m not sure there have been any updates on the issue since then.
  16. getlostinsound

    Can i use Spdif for fxloop?

    One doesn’t! If both cables are connected, you can either set the Axe as master and Torpedo a slave, or vice versa. Whichever device is set to master ignores the clock on the incoming digital audio signal and instead uses its own clock. The slave device stops or ignores its own clock and syncs...
  17. getlostinsound

    Can i use Spdif for fxloop?

    Yes, you can use any digital I/O gear in a loop with the Axe FX iii, as long as it supports 48kHz. @Zedhed what you mentioned is partially correct. If you are only sending digital audio one way, then yes - you have to use the “sending” device as the clock source (master). If you are both sending...
  18. getlostinsound

    TC Electronics Mimiq and Mission Engineering Gemini 2

    You may be right. I don’t own one, but I was looking into getting one a while back and read this: https://community.musictribe.com/t5/Effects-and-Signal-Processors/Stereo-inputs-on-mimiq/td-p/280489
  19. getlostinsound

    TC Electronics Mimiq and Mission Engineering Gemini 2

    One thing to keep in mind if you are already running stereo: the Mimiq sums the incoming stereo signal to mono, then creates its own stereo field. This means that when engaged, any other stereo FX you are running would be summed, then altered.
  20. getlostinsound

    Help on building a dual wireless setup for a zero-cable rig

    Yeah, the headstock tuner that @kelso1 and @dpeterson mentioned is the cheapest and smallest option if you’re ok with it. That’s probably what I’d do. If that won’t fly, a separate rack with a wireless and a tuner seems like overkill, since you’re trying to consolidate gear. Technically, there...
  21. getlostinsound

    Help on building a dual wireless setup for a zero-cable rig

    I have some ideas, but I have some questions first: Are you currently muting your guitar from the Axe FX front panel when you tune? If so, how do you plan to mute with the new setup? What model Axe-FX are you using? Would you compromise for a “one cable” rig instead of zero? If not, would you...
  22. getlostinsound

    Is there a decent acoustic patch for use with an actual acoustic guitar?

    Chris is right - it will sound like your DI signal without any FX, but if you think of what they might do in a studio session for an acoustic guitar, you’ll almost always find compression, EQ, and reverb. The one thing that would be missing from what you’d find in a studio is having your guitar...
  23. getlostinsound

    Plugging my Axe-Fx II XL+ Into a Smart Plug: Safe or Not?

    No? It’ll be fine, as long as it isn’t a “dimmable“ smart plug. If it’s a regular on/off plug, it’s the same as using a power strip with a switch, or for that matter, the main on/off switch on the Axe FX.
  24. getlostinsound

    Axe-Fx III and Headphones

    Wow. I’ve been using the Sennheiser HD 660s for a week or two now, and can’t believe the difference it makes, especially in the low end. My Axe FX iii rig stays at work (church), so in past weeks I’ve been dialing in tones on my FM3 at home (on studio monitors, in a treated room) and then...
  25. getlostinsound

    Challenging Quest: "Lo-Fi Intro"

    It sounds like a low pass filter (filter block) slowly being raised, while at the same time slowly sweeping with a wah (wah block) or "peaking" EQ filter (parametric EQ block). I'm not at my Axe FX right now, but I would map a single expression pedal to those parameters in those blocks, see how...
  26. getlostinsound

    Wish Global Looper

    Agreed. I’d only be for this if there were both a global looper and a per-preset looper block.
  27. getlostinsound

    smallest exp pedal to MIDI with full sized DIN connector?

    Yes, he mentioned that he wanted to use an existing volume pedal, so I just wanted to make sure he was aware of another possibility.
  28. getlostinsound

    smallest exp pedal to MIDI with full sized DIN connector?

    Another method: you can use an “insert cable” or “stereo split y-cable” (stereo 1/4” plug that splits the stereo signal into two mono 1/4” plugs) to use any passive volume pedal as an expression pedal.
  29. getlostinsound

    Gain Enhancer and reverb questions

    Yeah, I prefer a touch of “always on” room reverb, to give the sound some space, but it’s mainly just for my own in-ear pleasure. Plus, my bands and my church all use M32 or X32-series consoles, so the Axe FX blows them out of the water as far as reverb quality. If I were doing big-name shows...
  30. getlostinsound

    Best way to record a video?

    Yep, that’s what I’d do. Use your best camera (phone?) for the video. Export a WAV or AIFF from GarageBand, instead of an MP3. It will be higher quality. Then sync the garageband audio file with the camera audio, then make sure to turn down the camera audio.
  31. getlostinsound

    FAS Reverb/Catalina Compatibility

    Mine works fine, but I have to do real-time exports from my DAW (Studio One v4). For some reason the reverbs aren’t applied when I do an “offline mixdown.
  32. getlostinsound

    Clean install or Migrate: old mac > new Mac?

    Another vote for a clean install. I also do this every year or two, even with the same computer. It’s kind of like moving — it takes time and effort, but it’s a great opportunity to clear out the crap you don’t use, and when you’re done you know exactly where everything is.
  33. getlostinsound

    Axe-Fx III and Headphones

    I just bought a pair of HD660s, after finding that the 600 model was discontinued. I haven‘t spent more than a couple of hours with them, but liked what I heard so far. I plan to spend several hours with them, playing and dialing in tones, tomorrow and Wednesday. I’ll report back.
  34. getlostinsound

    I wish Fractal Allows Me to Overwrite All Factory IRs

    I think having factory cabs stay in place is appropriate. I’m picturing the secondhand market that doesn’t frequent the forums. Consider how often the question “Why do all my presets sound like crap?” gets asked, and someone responds “Try turning global cab modeling on”. Right now you can...
  35. getlostinsound

    Is it possible to combine 2 amp signals into mono and keep the sound?

    If you’ve never actually heard the tone you are looking for from this patch in mono, how can you be sure that the stereo sound isn’t part of what you like about the tone?
  36. getlostinsound

    Looking for USB powered soundcard recommendations for my Axe-Fx 2?

    What’s the budget? RME Babyface line would be my top choice for what you are looking for. Extremely flexible routing, transparent audio quality, and I have never once had a driver issue with an RME device. @Bigtim is right though. Your current audio interface does have two inputs and two...
  37. getlostinsound

    Reamped Guitars — Boxy.

    Are you monitoring the guitar through the Axe FX and through your DAW at the same time? Did you mute the DI track after reamping?
  38. getlostinsound

    axe edit for axe fx ultra / mac OS Catalina update impossible

    VMWare Fusion with an instance of Windows in compatibility mode?
  39. getlostinsound

    Recommended lights for Skype/Zoom/etc?

    I also had to adjust the lighting in my home office when I started working from home a few weeks ago. I used a couple of "warm white" smart bulbs and some cheap clamps from the hardware store. It offers a ton of flexibility and cost less than $50. Here's the tour: https://youtu.be/GFzGzPyCzKU
  40. getlostinsound

    How to route computer audio to AX3's Input USB Block (Input 5/6)? (Remove Noise)

    There was just a thread about this a couple of days ago. I don’t believe the OP found a solution other than hard-patching, like you did. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/computer-usb-system-audio-processed-through-the-grid.160808/
  41. getlostinsound

    All of the sudden the tuner is off by almost 3/4 step?

    Are you using SPDIF/AES output, or analog outs?
  42. getlostinsound

    Looper help

    Make sure quantize is off, unless you are specifically trying to sync the loop to the Axe’s tempo.
  43. getlostinsound

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    Personally, I don’t see a need for profiling. I’ve been in the modeling world for 10+ years, and am getting better tones now than I ever did with my amps.
  44. getlostinsound

    FAS-FX Reverb only works when exported from DAW in Real Time

    I'm still running into this. I'm using FAS-FX weekly, if not daily, and I always have to bounce the mix in real time. If I don't, the reverb will cut out about 30 seconds into the song. Anyone else?
  45. getlostinsound

    Computer USB system audio processed through the grid?

    I could be wrong - maybe it isn't possible. I'm going off experience with other audio interfaces in Windows, but I am using a Mac with my Axe FX III, so I haven't tried this. I'll try messing around with my FM3 with a Windows machine a little later today and see what I find.
  46. getlostinsound

    Computer USB system audio processed through the grid?

    EDIT: Ah, try this: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/210312005-Using-a-Native-Instruments-Audio-Interface-as-System-Output-Windows-
  47. getlostinsound

    Computer USB system audio processed through the grid?

    It's on page 20 of the manual. Here's the screen shot. You need to set your computer's default audio output channels to 7 and 8, instead of 1 and 2. If you're on a Mac, it's in the "Audio MIDI setup" app. On PC, it's in System > Sound, and you can even change the audio output on a per-app basis...
  48. getlostinsound

    So this is interesting spam.

    I thought of that Black Mirror episode as soon as I saw this thread! 😂
  49. getlostinsound

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Here's the current home office/studio, used for recording, mixing, video post, and teaching online guitar lessons: ...and here's the office where the Axe FX III lives, the stage at my church, which seems to have become a broadcast studio these last few weeks...? I never thought I'd be a TV...
  50. getlostinsound

    New to Fractal, got an FM3 on the way, first question...

    I’m reminded of this scene 🤔
  51. getlostinsound

    Wish Ethernet connection!

    The closest thing you’ll get is setting up a Dante network in your studio, and adding a Dante input/output module for the Axe FX. This would get you audio to and from other devices on the network. You could use a stereo AES/EBU input/output device or a multi-channel analog I/O device if you want...
  52. getlostinsound

    How do you live loop like this?

    This is cool, and I don't doubt she can do this live on the fly in some way, but this is a music video, not a filming of a live event. @USMC_Trev is right - the vocal consistency on the recording is a dead giveaway.
  53. getlostinsound

    Camcorder\video camera with audio inputs for mixer or ext mics

    FXP is Mac only, unfortunately.
  54. getlostinsound

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    Waitlist Confirmation Received 4/23/19 9:20PM CST Invitation Received 4/3/20 11:51AM CST Saw Email and got excited 4/3/20 11:56AM CST Put off the order while finishing another project 11:57-11:59AM CST Forgot about the email because the world is different now and lots of things are happening...
  55. getlostinsound

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    Sweet! I got my waitlist confirmation at 9:20pm CST, so it looks like I’m close.
  56. getlostinsound

    ANY button gets you out of Tuner

    I’m a 1-preset-per-instrument guy, and I really appreciate being able to change scenes and FX while tuning/ muted.
  57. getlostinsound

    FAS-FX Reverb only works when exported from DAW in Real Time

    I had a new experience today when working on a session in Presonus Studio One v4. I’ve used S1 for several years, since v1. I had a few tracks sending to a reverb bus with an FAS-FX VST plugin on it. I got the mix sounding good, so I exported (mixed down) to a stereo WAV file (standard practice...
  58. getlostinsound

    Pretty Cool to See, but also.....

    Yeah, it makes a great backup! I just used it in a recording session this week, actually, because the Axe FX III was across town, and I wasn't in the mood for a drive. It'll probably go for sale eventually, but not until the FM3 arrives :)
  59. getlostinsound

    Pretty Cool to See, but also.....

    Agreed. Having AxeFX III/FM3 beats having nothing. Every time.
  60. getlostinsound

    Good guitar teachers via Zoom?

    There is a forum for that right here!
  61. getlostinsound

    External SSD

    I don’t have experience with many different SSD brands, but I’ve replaced about 4 different internal drives with Samsung SSDs based on their consistently high customer reviews. I had great results every time.
  62. getlostinsound

    full control over the dynamics for supper light picking?

    Yep, compressors! Play around with them a LOT to get familiar with how they affect your sensitivity and tone Once you get familiar with compressors and how they affect it, you may find that you prefer different compression settings for light picking and heavy picking (I know I do). I made a...
  63. getlostinsound

    Calling all Mesa Mark owners

    Hi, I’m not a Mesa owner anymore, but this sounds interesting. It may help if you describe what the intended use of this database would be once all of the recordings are made and uploaded.
  64. getlostinsound

    Welcome back old friend

    Nice! I’ve got my Axe FX III across town and was just weighing driving to get it tomorrow vs getting my Ultra out of the garage for a recording session tomorrow.
  65. getlostinsound

    Ax II xL + or ax8 ?

    What do you want/need? If you buy, the Axe FX, will you need a foot controller? Do you plan on using two amps or more than two cabs at once? Do you expect to use long and/or complicated effects chains? Would you prefer an all-in-one more portable option, or would you prefer the extra horsepower...
  66. getlostinsound

    Sounds better direct than playback through Logic?

    A couple of things to check: 1. Are you sure that you’re hearing them at exactly the same volume? When picking a preferred tone, people will almost always “prefer” the louder one. Make sure you’re listening to the playback at the same level as the live guitar. 2. Are you playing in stereo? If...
  67. getlostinsound

    From Line 6 Helix, upgrade to Ultra or II?

    Yep, that was the reason that pushed me to upgrade. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that the II was many firmware versions ahead of the Ultra and was still receiving updates didn’t hurt either! The II doesn’t have that much more DSP processing power than the Ultra (at least my presets used a...
  68. getlostinsound

    From Line 6 Helix, upgrade to Ultra or II?

    If you plan on doing editing with your computer and can afford it, definitely go with the II. The ultra requires a separate MIDI/USB interface to use Axe-Edit, and the latest version of Axe-Edit is indefinitely in “beta”. The II has a USB port, which allows easy editing of presets and recording...
  69. getlostinsound

    Guitar and bass simultaneously?

    Sure. Just keep in mind you only have one amp block and one cab block. A couple of possibilities: guitar signal chain with amp and cab blocks, bass signal chain with compressor, eq, other effects guitar signal chain with amp block, physical output running to real power amp and cab, bass signal...
  70. getlostinsound

    My tone is too perfect?

    It really is a weird thing to get used to hearing and playing high-quality modelers if you’ve spent most of your life playing in, running sound for, and listening to live bands! It’s the same principle when switching to using in-ear monitors (from speakers). But once you start getting...
  71. getlostinsound

    Send Midi messages from FC12 to Ableton

    Ableton can use CC’s, too.
  72. getlostinsound

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Yeah, I got on right of those too. Pretty nice. You can’t adjust the angle or length of the boom though, and I keep finding myself wanting my pedals a little further away. It’s more of a reach with my leg, but it falls better in my line of sight when a little further out.
  73. getlostinsound

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    You trying to scare Santa away?
  74. getlostinsound

    Amps as Drives? Awesome!

    The video was talking about using an amp block AS a drive. No drive block needed!
  75. getlostinsound

    Question: 4 amps in parallel, all on all the time... possible?

    I like this idea. It seems a lot simpler and is currently feasible. What stereo pedals are you running in front of the Axe FX? @boyce89976, can you run your pedalboard, or at least your stereo FX, in a separate loop after the amp blocks?
  76. getlostinsound

    Looking for tips on how to get more accurate with the Looper

    I’m sure a quick Google search on any of these product manuals would let you know. My two primary looping devices are Axe FX and Ableton Live, both of which can be synced via MIDI.
  77. getlostinsound

    Saving the life of my old Macbook

    I’m using a 2007 MacBook Pro to control a Behringer X32 and multitrack record/playback rehearsals and live events. I swapped the HDD for an SSD and maxed out the RAM a few years ago (6GB, I think?). It’s not my main computer, but it works like a dream for what I’m using it for.
  78. getlostinsound

    Looking for tips on how to get more accurate with the Looper

    You’re right about the clocks needing to be sync’d. There are plenty of drum machines and hardware loopers that can sync via MIDI though: Boss RC-300, Pigtronix Infinity, TC Ditto X4, EHX 45000, Boomerang, Beat Buddy, Roland TR-8S, Axe FX II, AX8, Axe FX III...
  79. getlostinsound

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    What makes you say that?
  80. getlostinsound

    Question: 4 amps in parallel, all on all the time... possible?

    Are you running any stereo effects before hitting the amp blocks? If not, you won’t be able to hear stereo unless you have different settings on each amp. For example, if you have a mono FX chain that is split into 2 Fender amp blocks panned L/R, you would need different settings on the amps for...
  81. getlostinsound

    Question: 4 amps in parallel, all on all the time... possible?

    How badly do you want to be able to do this? It is possible, but you would need two Axe FX units! It isn’t that crazy, considering the number of people who gig stereo tube amps...
  82. getlostinsound

    Can you play bass with no thumb on fretting hand?

    He should talk to an occupational therapist who is also a CHT (certified hand therapist). This would be right up their alley. Also, talk to a prosthetist.
  83. getlostinsound

    Article: FM3 Footswitch Designs and Concepts (Work In Progress, Video Soon)

    Yep! That last one should be view 4. Must’ve been a copy/paste error. And yes, any time you switch presets, you’d be going to the unboosted scene.
  84. getlostinsound

    Article: FM3 Footswitch Designs and Concepts (Work In Progress, Video Soon)

    Are these the only 2 presets you use? I think this workflow would work. Not only can you gain extra switches while on your “boost” scenes (could be different FX for clean and dirty boosts, too), but you also free up a switch by using switch 1 to toggle between your clean and dirty presets. View...
  85. getlostinsound

    Mix Feedback - OCD Help

    Agreed. The presence and volume of the guitars on the first one make it seem more “Alive”. What is a mixing/mastering “profile”? Do you mean a template, where you use the same gear & settings for every track?
  86. getlostinsound

    Relative tuner setting

    Yes, it’s possible with both the II and the III.
  87. getlostinsound

    5-pin XLR output for guitar

    Hi all, I'm using a Tele-style guitar that has three separate outputs. The first is the typical magnetic pickup system, the second is the piezo pickup in the bridge, and the third is a pickup that has an "octave down" output for the lowest two strings. I process all three signals signals...
  88. getlostinsound

    Jimmy Eat World uses 5 Axe-FX III

    Good read! I’ve seen these guys several times live, including at least once since they switched to using Axe FX. Great show, great sound . That could just be more about the switch to not having live cabs on stage.
  89. getlostinsound

    Keyboards in your studio?

    Keylab 88 for control Omnisphere for synth Keyscape for piano/e.p. Mainstage for B3/leslie
  90. getlostinsound

    Gif or Jif?

    I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced “poing”
  91. getlostinsound

    Gif or Jif?

    bitmap is king
  92. getlostinsound

    Article: FM3 Footswitch Designs and Concepts (Work In Progress, Video Soon)

    Good stuff! I didn’t know about smart bypass, or that Steve Vai allegedly brought about scenes on the Axe FX :cool:
  93. getlostinsound

    FM3 audio interface vs AXE-FX III

    It’s not exactly the same as the USB audio capability on the Axe FX III, but it can easily do everything you mentioned.
  94. getlostinsound

    Question about using a looping function within axe edit

    You can arm and record both of these tracks so that you have a stereo "wet" track, and a mono "dry" track for later reamping: To record the stereo wet signal, use a stereo track in Reaper (Axe FX inputs 1/2). To record the mono dry signal, use another mono track in Reaper (Axe FX input 5 or 6)...
  95. getlostinsound

    Seeking advice with “home use” wireless setup

    Are you talking about the ground/shield wire on the audio cable, or the ground wire on your power cable?
  96. getlostinsound

    Live Looping Rig (Ableton / Axe FX III)

    Yep, but it’s USB input level (not output), since were talking about the USB level coming back IN from the Axe FX. From the front panel go to Setup > I/O > page over to USB/AES > adjust USB input level, depending on what USB channels you’re using from Ableton. Using USB output 1/2 in Ableton...
  97. getlostinsound

    Only Use 1 Amp Block At A Time?

    I’d love to see that video. Do you have a link?
  98. getlostinsound

    Wiring stereo humbuster outs to single TRS stereo in on Gemini2

    Use balanced cable from both outputs all the way to the connector of the stereo input. The stereo connector will be a little cramped! Left Output TIP goes to Stereo Input TIP Left Output RING and SLEEVE go to Stereo Input SLEEVE Right Output TIP goes to stereo input RING Right Output RING and...
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