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  1. venen

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.04

    Dear, it seems to me that there is an error when I pass from one preset to another in fc 12, jump from a 3 even if preset + 1 and preset -1 are set
  2. venen

    Coming soon...

    gang style?
  3. venen

    Has the Ax lll shipped yet?

  4. venen

    Using MFC101 with Axe Fx 2 and Kemper together.

    I have the same problem, with the mfc 101 I can not switch from amp to kemper when switching scenes. However with the AX8 you can do it without problems since you can assign a midi to each scene. I hope someone can clarify in detail or with some video as changing scenes with the mfc 101 you can...
  5. venen

    ax8 control with MFC 101

    Hello friends, I wanted to know if there is any way to control the ax8 with MFC101 in order to be synchronized at the same time the axe fx and ax8 changing presets and scenes at the same time via midi, thanks
  6. venen

    UPDATE: Issue when changing patches in Axe-Edit

    I too pass the same problem. After the last update freezes both the axe edit and the test when changing presets
  7. venen

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    Hi all, from Argentina here' mine:
  8. venen

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    Hello friends from Argentina with my wife design these labels, hope you like
  9. venen


    yek I understood, thanks.
  10. venen


    thanks for the reply yek, so you see not my question he understood what I wanted to know is not where it changes from normal to ultra res, but if it brings makes the axe, if these were already ultra res as those purchased "cab pack 3, 5 "etc. Did not know that already reported the ax edit in...
  11. venen


    Hello Friends, I wanted to know if the irs 159 coming from XL were manufactured in ultra res or normal res. Thank you.
  12. venen

    V10 Update

  13. venen

    What you need to know if you are going to play live! Don't make the same mistake!

    Friends, I had understood that you have to climb the media and the EQ horizontal figure would remain as a form of pyramid. Is that right? because they understood what the frowning and I'm unclear whether the media have to rise or fall. Sorry for my English, I'm from Argentina and I'm using the...
  14. venen


    Hello friends, I wanted to appeal to their experiences to tell me if it is necessary to buy a conditioner such intention "furman". Is the ax does not come with fuses for protection in case of peak retention?? I have the ax, engl power and Voodoo Lab GCX and cost me dearly to all that I burn and...
  15. venen


    maybe I did not express well, I already use the cab simulation off. That's why I get the feeling that all amps sound the same. I wanted to know if there is any other parameter or eq to allow all the amps do not sound as identical. (apologies for the bad translation, I'm using the google...
  16. venen


    Hi, I have a query, I use an axe and a box pontencia 4x12 with celestion v30. How do I use the cab sim off, sometimes I get the feeling that passes through different amps and all sound alike to me. My query is whether I have to play something, add an eq, or some parameter to differentiate the...
  17. venen

    Modern Metal Settings and firmware 5?

    thanks for the reply. I then try to lower the master volume all the high gain presets and see if they are better.
  18. venen

    Modern Metal Settings and firmware 5?

    I have the same problem, clean presets are beautiful, but with hi gain presets as Bogner, CAE JCM800 or left me a little saturated and dirty type fuzz sound and not how to improve
  19. venen

    Plexi in v5

    Hi Friends, I updated the ax and a couple of days I was trying to take full advantage of the new features. I have to make a distinction between presets and presets clean or high gain distortion hi. The dynamics in the clean presets such as fenders, Plexis, etc. to really wonder. Just adjust the...
  20. venen

    randall amp?

    Hi, I've always liked the sound of randall amplifiers, there is a possibility that can be added to any model of this fx axe in the next updates???
  21. venen

    some like Mark Tremonti messa tone?

    Hello friends, Greetings from Argentina, I love the sound mesa but can not find a clear tone or style that uses alterbridge Mark Tremonti. If anyone has any similar or mesa tone that sounds clear and powerful preset please let me go where I am is so wrong with the EQ. Use the ax fx 2, thank you...
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