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  1. loconnor

    Scroll wheel problem

    Hi Guys, The scroll wheel on my standard is no longer accurate. It was tolerable for a while but now it takes that long to scroll through to a value that i forget what i was trying to do. I assume the standards/ultras will eventually get this problem over time, but can anyone advise me on...
  2. loconnor

    Help with Reamping

    Hi all, i'm becoming more and more interested in reamping. However, i could do with having a few things cleared up before i make any purchases. Firstly, i'm aware that reamping allows you to change the sound of your guitar at anytime, but can you make changes to your guitar sound while you...
  3. loconnor

    Deep control in the amp block

    Hi everyone, Can someone tell me where this 'deep' control is on the amp block. Ive just updated from 9.02 to 10.02, have they taken it off and i have just missed it? Cheers Lewis
  4. loconnor

    Recording Axe-FX in FL Studio

    Hi everyone, I normally record to a tascam 8 track and have just started thinking about recording direct into FL Studio now that i have purchased a midi interface (for using Axe-Edit). I use ASIO4ALL and can see that FL Studio is aware of my midi device (come up as 'midilink' i believe) but...
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