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  1. Ozgur Turkekul

    Axe Fx Ultra - Best "Budget" Amp Modeler in 2020? :)

    Hi guys, I've been using Axe Fx Ultra for 7 years, after buying AX8 and Axe Fx III soundwise I feel Ultra still has a great sound. I still use it for my youtube videos and I think it's a budget option for today. So what are your thoughts? Cheers
  2. Ozgur Turkekul

    Skype/Discord Guitar Lessons

    Hi there, I am Ozz, I own a humble recording studio in Turkey and I'm teaching guitar for almost 20 years to different types of students like blues, rock, metal, fusion, shred guitar... I teach online for the last 3 years and having great progress from my students, Please check my students'...
  3. Ozgur Turkekul

    Ozz's Guitar Talk with Leon Todd

    Hi guys, I am starting a new concept for my YouTube channel: Ozz’s Guitar Talks. We are making some guitar talks with some amazing people. My first guest is Leon Todd (I'm sure you all know him. That was nice an hour chat, we talked about Leon Todd's career, daily life, sponsorships, Ragdoll...
  4. Ozgur Turkekul

    Can I use my Guitar and a dynamic Microphone together w/USB connection???

    Hey guys, I stuck at my home without an Interface :( I am using my laptop with my Axe Fx 3 via USB connection and I get my desktop sound and my guitar together without any problem. For my online lessons, I would like to use my dynamic microphone SM7B but couldn't figure that out. I used Input 1...
  5. Ozgur Turkekul

    Paul Gilbert - Scarified Live in Studio

    Hey guys, This is our 3rd Live in Studio video Scarified. I used AX8 on that recording \m/ We put a lot of effort in these videos. So please don't forget to share, like & comment. Hope you like it. Thanks
  6. Ozgur Turkekul

    Presonus Studio One 4 Problem

    Hi guys, I'm seeting up my new laptop but having a problem with Studio one. I'm using Axe Fx as an audio interface but Studio one failed to open and record tracks :( Anybody has similar issues with Studio one???
  7. Ozgur Turkekul

    Axe Fx 3 Unboxing & Factory Presets

    Hey guys, Finally I recieved my Axe Fx III and make an unboxing video :) I played Factory presets with my Suhr Modern Plus Curly Fireburst guitar. I own Axe Fx Ultra and AX8 but still I am really suprised how great is the Axe Fx 3. Great job guys Cheers
  8. Ozgur Turkekul

    Paul Gilbert - Technical Difficulties (Live in Studio) w/Ax8

    Hey guys, We recorded Technical Difficulties in my studio and I used AX8 for my guitar sound. That was great to record drums without any other instruments leaking and mixing session was way easier :) Hope you like it \m/
  9. Ozgur Turkekul

    Joe Satriani - Satch Boogie (Live in Studio) w/AX8

    Hey guys, We recorded Satch Boogie in my studio and I used AX8 for my guitar sound. That was great to record drums without any other instruments leaking and mixing session was way easier :) Hope you like it
  10. Ozgur Turkekul

    Ultra over Ax8?

    Hey guys, I own a AX8 but still love my solo and gain tones of Axe Fx Ultra more than AX8. Anybody agree with me? Cheers
  11. Ozgur Turkekul

    First AX8 Recording went well :)

    Hi guys, This is my first recording with Fractal Audio AX8 I used JVM amp and Marshall cab combination. I really enjoyed this toy. Dialing tone and recording was very very easy. What do you think about guitar sound? Cheers
  12. Ozgur Turkekul

    Upgrading from Ultra?

    Hey guys, I'm still loving my ultra but just ordered an AX8 :) This is one of my recordings with my ultra. What do you think, is it really worth it? and you advice me to sell or keep my ultra??? Cheers
  13. Ozgur Turkekul

    Axe Fx Ultra Buttons

    Hi guys, I'm using Axe Fx Ultra for years and my dude just bought one but there is a little differences between two Ultra. When I'm pushing the buttons I can hear the "click" sound but his Ultra buttons don't give any sound like that. So what you thing about this, I think the owner take out...
  14. Ozgur Turkekul

    Ozgur's Axe Fx Ultra Recordings

    Hi guys I'll share my Axe Fx Ultra vidoes or recordings under this topic. Don't hesitate to give me some advice or ask any question... My first video "was" Dream Theater - Fatal Tragedy...
  15. Ozgur Turkekul

    Dream Theater - Fatal Tragedy Solo - Axe Fx Ultra

    Hi guys, I just bought an Axe Fx Ultra and loved that. You can see my first video with my Axe fx below. Please give your comments about my playing and guitar tone. Thnx
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