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  1. flying_walrus

    Fractal bot defaults to backing up presets & cabs & layouts & settings before upgrading.

    The number of recent posts from users who don’t have backups of their axe and lost something when upgrading makes me think that fractal bit should default to performing a backup of user data when updating the firmware. There should be a setting to disable this so that people can opt out
  2. flying_walrus

    Wish more controls for power amp trem (particularly phase)

    it would be nice to have more fine control over the tremolo in the amp block, particularly, it would be nice to be able to control the phase. i know this isn’t accurate to the amps we‘re modeling, but neither are half the controls we already have :)
  3. flying_walrus

    Rick Beato on string gauge

    and... go
  4. flying_walrus

    "I'm pretty enamored with my fractal rig"

    2:45 into this video...
  5. flying_walrus

    Petrucci & Myung

    Just saw DT last night in San Jose, and they sounded amazing*. for the first time ever, Petrucci didn't have cabs on stage. He's used off-stage isolated cabs for years, but usually has (empty?) amps and cabs on stage. *It took several songs for LaBrie's voice to warm up, but by the time they...
  6. flying_walrus

    Wish output compressor on/off switch

    would like an on/off control for the output compressor, so that fracpad can have a global on/off switch
  7. flying_walrus


    it’s NGD, and I can’t wait to go to pick this baby up from fed ex after work:
  8. flying_walrus

    Axe-Edit and Catalina?

    the 20011 macbook pro ive been running my rig with is finally showing its age, so it’s time to retire it and start using my 2016 one. only thing is, i’m running the Catalina beta on it. Does anyone have any experience with axeEdit under 10.15?
  9. flying_walrus

    Brand new Morningstar MC6 mk II firmware

    just downloaded the new beta firmware from morningstar, with a new feature to send a CC message on heel down and toe down. James and company continue to deliver.
  10. flying_walrus

    Wish Ability to assign fx level to global mix for parallel fx

    am running a plex delay in parallel on my main clean patch, so the mix has to stay at 100%, but i'd still like to be able to use the global fx mix knob to adjust it
  11. flying_walrus

    ISO UltraRes openback EVM 12L IRs

    have just added a pair of open back 1x12s to my rig, and am looking for UltraRes IRs of them. the redwire one in the legacy cab section is nice, but would like UltraRes...
  12. flying_walrus

    Implemented Ability to add Global Reverb Mix and Effects Mix to Perform pages

    would like the ability to add the global reverb and effects mix to the perform pages
  13. flying_walrus

    Wish Manage Cabs should know when irs have been saved

    yes, it takes too long to scan every user cab every time you launch Manage Cabs, but it should be possible to mark a bank as updated when an ir is saved so Manage Cabs knows to refresh its list. maybe version numbers or timestamps?
  14. flying_walrus

    Wish Version mismatch pop up

    if axe-edit checked the version of the DSP firmware at launch and displayed a pop-up to the effect of “you are using a newer version of DSP firmware than this version of axe-edit supports. That shiny new amp model is going to be missing some knobs in the axe-edit UI” it would greatly cut down on...
  15. flying_walrus

    Manual errata

    while researching tone matching and IR capture, i discovered that under the section for IR capture the manual repeatedly says you have to use out 2 left, but the hardware supports either out 2 L or out 4L (which is a good thing for plugging into devices that don’t support XLR inputs)
  16. flying_walrus

    Wish Big red “export preset to forum” button

    a lot of guitarists aren’t super computer savvy, and seem to have trouble exporting presets and uploading them to the forum when asking for help. It might help if there was a more obvious way to do this from within axe-edit. I propose a menu item in the preset menu that exports the current...
  17. flying_walrus

    Wish Rockman models

    after playing with @2112’s rockman tone match, i think we need this model added to the unit
  18. flying_walrus

    Wish Named global blocks

    would be useful to have named global blocks, so i don’t have to remember where i put the ubershal vs the mark IIc
  19. flying_walrus

    Wish Separate low/high cuts for each voice in Pitch block

    i'd like to have separate controls for each voice in the pitch shift & harmony modes of the pitch block. this would be useful for things like 12 string simulations, but my use case is controlling how many high and low octaves i send to an electro-harmonic c9 pedal: on low notes i like to send...
  20. flying_walrus

    Wish FAS IIC model

    would love to hear what cliff could to to a IIc with some second order filters...
  21. flying_walrus

    Wish Global “Output Mode”

    since i switch back and forth between frfr and matrix + cabs frequently it would be very convenient to be able to do this globally instead of having to change it separately in each channel in each preset
  22. flying_walrus

    send/return fail. what am i doing wrong?

    coming from AX8 land i've always lusted after the send/return blocks, but am having trouble making them work on my shiny new III. every time i insert them in a preset there's no audio out. i've attached a sample preset to illustrate my problem. Thanks for helping!
  23. flying_walrus

    Manual errata

    in the AxeFX manual Page 153, first line: "use an expression pedal or a witch" should be "switch"
  24. flying_walrus

    Multiplexer quesion

    my axe III is making it's way to me, so I'm reading through the manual trying to wrap my head around the new blocks. If I run 2 amp blocks into a multiplexer block, set the bypass to "thru" on the multiplexer, and then bypass it... does it just mix both amps at full volume (thus doubling my...
  25. flying_walrus

    MorningStar MC6 mkII Preorders

    Preorders for version 2 of the MC6 are open. am very excited about the new features and editor https://www.morningstarfx.com/mc6-mkii
  26. flying_walrus

    Wish engl Artist Edition

    i can get close by switching the tubes in the savage model to el34, but would like the real thing
  27. flying_walrus

    new MC6 coming soon...

    I bet one or two of these would go nicely with an Axe mark 3... https://www.morningstarfx.com/single-post/2018/02/20/MC6-Production-Update
  28. flying_walrus


    anyone using the III for wdw? is it as easy to set up as it looks?
  29. flying_walrus

    Bug? looper "once" behavior different with external midi

    if i hit "play" on the looper, then hit "once" while it's still playing, it will continue playing the loop and then stop after the current iteration. sending CC 30 during playback causes it to restart the loop, play through it once, and then stop. firmware: 8.02 thanks! ben
  30. flying_walrus

    Wish tempo per scene

    would like to be able to set the tempo per scene. this would eliminate one of the main things i have to use outboard equipment for
  31. flying_walrus

    Logic or MainStage midi tutorial?

    I'd like to use Logic or MainStage to send midi to the ax8, and am struggling with the interface*. can anyone recommend a good tutorial? * the logic interface, not the fractal one. I want to send "cc 28:127" at beat 1, measure 1, and it wants me to draw curves.
  32. flying_walrus

    closed-back Altec IRs?

    Can anyone recommend a source for closed-back Altec 417 IRs? the Santiago IRs are great, but are open back, and can't reproduce the low notes on my 7 string thanks!
  33. flying_walrus

    Wish output 2 and input 2 blocks

    on the Axe FX and Aax8 currently there's one "FX Loop" block for something that very few of us are using as an fx loop. on the AxeFX this is OK because you can use the feedback send/return blocks to route the output of the fx loop block where you need it, but these blocks are missing on the...
  34. flying_walrus

    Wish cleaner way to auto engage on pedal position

    background: am using a graphic EQ after a wah block to simulate the EQ on a dunlop 95 wah. I'd like to use pedal position to control the EQ bypass state, but there's no way to set up a square wave at 5% in the modifier screen, so i'm working around this by assigning the modifier to balance and...
  35. flying_walrus

    someone should tell Vai that M@ isn't Cliff...

    nice rig tho :)
  36. flying_walrus

    Wish two compressors in AX8

    ive been using two compressors in my FX8 for the dallas rangemaster emulation recommended by Cliff, but am tired of the crappy speaker sims in my mesa amps, and have just purchased an AX8. since there's only one compressor available, i can't get this effect any more. another solution would be...
  37. flying_walrus

    amp speaker page help

    my AX8 is in the mail, and I want to start by recreating my existing rig before selling my amps. can anyone help me with the correct values for the amp speaker page to simulate an EVM12L in a Thiele cab? It looks like I should use cliff's "Rumble" IRs... is there anything else I should keep...
  38. flying_walrus

    any issues with fx8-edit and macOS Sierra?

    has anyone noticed any issues running fx8-edit on the new macOS Sierra?
  39. flying_walrus

    EMG sim preset

    This preset is a combination of a couple of suggestions by Cliff, repurposed to simulate EMGs with passive PUs. I find it really effective for Accept songs, with the addition of some chorus or Phaser, depending on the decade of the original song. the first thing in the chain is a pair of...
  40. flying_walrus

    bestronics pedalboard patch panel review

    I've been slowly building a pedalboard around my fx8, and tonight i received the latest component: a custom patch panel from best-tronics. here are a couple preliminary pics, i'll install it on my pedaltrain tomorrow and upload more (my wife & neighbors would object to power tools at 4:00 am )...
  41. flying_walrus

    small number of original FX8s for $1099

    fractal has posted to twitter that they have a small number of original FX8 mk1s for $1099 http://shop.fractalaudio.com/FX8_Closeout_p/fas-007-x11-c29-m67.htm
  42. flying_walrus

    Echo into Distortion preset

    watching Pete Thorn's excellent video about running echo before distortion : I'm struck by how awesome it sounds how many different boxes pete's stringing together to get this sound: a line 6 helix for the flanger an echoplex pedal for the delay a kemper for the amp sound i thought i'd...
  43. flying_walrus

    Reproducing Petrucci's Wah

    as a huge fan of Dream Theater* and John Petrucci's playing, I decided to see if i could reproduce his custom Crybaby Wah with my FX8. looking at the Dunlop web site, i find that they include a picture of his preferred settings in the manual for the JP95. so i started out with a "Cry Babe"...
  44. flying_walrus

    Wish "Ignore block a" setting in scenes

    ... A feature allowing a scene to be set to ignore a particular block or blocks. This would allow me to select scene 1, turn on a chorus block, and then have the chorus stay on in scene 2
  45. flying_walrus

    looper balance with 7cm fx8 rig

    with different sounds in my right and left preamps, i'm trying to record something in stereo with the looper, then play back only the left side, so i can solo over it with the other side (and then switch for the second solo.) i've got the looper set in the post-in position, and i'm using a...
  46. flying_walrus

    Bug? initializing or clearing preset does not reset controllers or relays

    if I initialize or clear a preset using fx8-edit, the old scene controllers and relay settings remain in place
  47. flying_walrus

    replacing FX8 & EV1 rubber feet for pedal board mounting

    I found this thread describing how to replace the feet on the AX-8 with proper length screws to not interfere with the delicate internals. do the same 3.5x6 mm screws work for the FX8 and EV1?
  48. flying_walrus

    Wish auto pause option in fx8-edit

    this might be a good idea in all the *-edit software, but i only have an fx8, so posting here. the *-edit software is designed with the assumption that the user will remember to pause it when they want to use the device, and will then un-pause the software when they want to tweak settings...
  49. flying_walrus

    Wish chording of footswitches

    I'd like to be able to assign lesser used functions to chords of switches - for example, 5&6 could be looper record, 6&7 could be play, Etc
  50. flying_walrus

    Morningstar MC-6 quick review

    after a couple of days dancing with the post office about whether i had to go to them or whether it was on the truck for delivery, I finally have hands on my MC-6 today! Mine is a transitional model; the older MC-6 built into the newer MC-6+ chassis. it's missing the MIDI in and expression...
  51. flying_walrus

    how to simulate long cable

    is there an easy way to simulate a long (hendrixy) cable? would changing the input impedance do this?
  52. flying_walrus

    Wish global labels for relay functions

    it can be hard to remember which relay is hooked to which function on our amps. it would be great to be able to label the relays based on what they do. I imagine a global page where we can set "relay 1 tip" to arbitrary text like "amp 1 lead" or "mark V eq" and then the per preset relay page...
  53. flying_walrus

    footswitch LEDs don't track fx state

    in photo 1, I'm in scene 6, which has the phaser bypassed. the LCD and LED for footswitch 1 are off in photo 2, I've turned the phaser on, by stepping on footswitch 1. the LCD highlights the phaser, and the LED on footswitch 1 lights in photo 3, I've stepped on the scene 6 footswitch...
  54. flying_walrus

    Wish update numbers on fx-edit knobs when they're attached to controllers

    while dialing in tones, it's convenient to connect controllers (e.g. pedal 1) to the parameters of an effect and then alter them while playing, but there's no way to see what the actual value you've set. it would be cpu intensive to do this while the value is changing, but maybe after you...
  55. flying_walrus

    FX-8 midi help

    i picked up a 6 switch midi pedal to use with my FX-8, and am having no luck getting the FX-8 to respond to it. I've tried 2 different midi cables, I've plugged my laptop into it via USB and verified at its sending what I programmed it to send*, I've verified hat the FX-8 is on channel 1... and...
  56. flying_walrus

    Wish (fw 3) scene pedal should revert to that scene...

    ... even if you're already in it. for example - if scene 5 has the phaser and flanger blocks off, but i use IA switches to turn them on, i should be able to hit the "scene 5" switch and turn them both off I"m an idiot - this already works with "scene revert"
  57. flying_walrus

    Wish compander mode for compressor block

    as discussed in this thread: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/solo-dallas-replica-ac-dc-angus-gp-editors-choice.105586/#post-1263581 putting two compressor blocks in series, both set to dynamics mode, one with dynamics at -1 and the other at +1 make a great dallas rangemaster effect...
  58. flying_walrus

    Wish Dual clutch preset switching

    modern automotive transmissions often employ two clutches, one attached to odd gears and one to even gears. the effect is that both first and second gears are engaged at the same time (or both second and third, etc) so that up-shifting consists of engaging one clutch while simultaneously...
  59. flying_walrus

    Wish choose input (L/R) for parametric EQ block

    for complicated reasons* I need to be able to apply a parametric EQ to only the left input in the post loop *i'm trying to build a 4cm stereo/dual-preamp rig with a mark V 25 on the left and a rectoverb 25 on the right, and mesa puts the Graphic EQ after the fx loop in the mark series, so i...
  60. flying_walrus

    Wish pan control for input 2

    can we have a scene controllable pan control for input 2? we already have "L only, L+R, stereo" options, but if we had a pan control we could more easily switch between/blend multiple preamps. even just "R only" would greatly simplify my setup thanks!
  61. flying_walrus

    External control of the pitch shifter scale?

    Is it possible to change the scale in the pitch shifter block using midi? I see a listing for bypassing the pitch block, but not the scale Thanks
  62. flying_walrus

    metronome bug when looping with half

    i accidentally stepped on the "half" switch when looping today, while playing back a loop with the metronome on, and when i disabled it the metronome was playing at twice the speed. (actual sequence: metronome on record loop hit play accidentally hit half hit half again to disable it) the...
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