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  1. catscanman82

    FM3 Issue

    I need some help. When I try to scroll through the patches with VALUE knob or use the arrow my FM3 freezes up. IT also happens when I use FM3 Edit. I am using FM3 FW 1.02. Can anyone give me any suggestions on what it is and what I need to do. I did re download the 1.02 FW , presets and I did a...
  2. catscanman82


    Anyone using the FM3 with a tube amp via 4cm. I have a tube amp I like and was wondering if there were any issues and how are you liking it. Thanks in advance.
  3. catscanman82

    FS Adam Audio A7X Powered Studio Monitors (Pair)

    FOR SALE are a Pair Adam Audio A7X Powered Studio Monitors that are in perfect condition. Email with any questions https://www.ebay.com/itm/192675308428
  4. catscanman82

    Recommendation on a 2 x 12 Cabinet For AX8

    I need a recommendation on a 2x12 cab to go with my AX8. I have a Seymour Duncan 170 Powerstage that I use with a 1x12 with Celestion V30. I really like how it sounds but am I missing something by not having a 2x12 and how much better is it. Also is there speaker recommendations that can be...
  5. catscanman82

    4 Cable Method Question

    Can someone give me some direction in setting up my Splawn Supersport head and 1x12 cab with the AX8 using the 4 cable method. I need help in setting up levels with loop volume and certain parameters if there is any. It sounds good but I think I am missing something because when I use the amp...
  6. catscanman82

    Splawn Supersport and Channel Switching

    Can I set up my Splawn Supersport to channel switch with the FX8 and how would I do this. Thanks for your help.
  7. catscanman82

    Connection of AX8 with 4cm and Studio Monitors

    What is the best way to connect my AX8 so I can switch off between 4cm with my amp and studio monitors. Thanks
  8. catscanman82


    I am looking into a power amp/cab for my AX8. I need some direction on what size cab (1x12 or 2 x12) and what type of power amp. It will be for playing at home and with some friends once in a while. Was looking at the Quilter 101 Mini Guitar Amplifier Head which I notice a lot of people use...
  9. catscanman82

    Boost from Amp

    i have a new Badger 18 with the built in boost mode and wondering if I can control it from the FX8 and if I can how to set it up. Thanks for the help in advance.
  10. catscanman82

    FX8 and Suhr Badger

    Thinking of getting an FX8 and is anyone using theirs with a Suhr Badger. Any issues with a 4 cm. Thanks in advance.
  11. catscanman82

    New Friedman Cab

    Just saw this on the Friedman site: http://friedmanamplification.com/monitors/asc-12
  12. catscanman82


    Received an a e-mail that the Atomic CLR Neo was available so I said why not and decided to buy one for my AX8 stemming from the positive reviews from this forum and others. Well, now I know what everyone is talking about. Right out of the box I did not have to make any changes to any of the...
  13. catscanman82

    Downdload Factory Presets Question

    I wanted to reset my factory presets including the ones I downloaded from 17.1 on. When I Download the factory presets and turn off the AX8 and turn it back on the presets I downloaded from 17.1 on are still there and have not cleared. I did reinstall the updated firmware and reset the...
  14. catscanman82

    Connecting Studio Monitors to AX8

    Bought a pair of studio monitors for my house and Is there any specific settings that I have to make or change anything in the global menu. If this was asked before could anyone provide the link.Thanks for your help in advance.
  15. catscanman82

    Need some help with settings

    New to Fractal AX8. Need advice on which cables do people suggest to use from AX8 to my preSonius E5 studio monitors. Thanks for your help . There are a lot of different kinds and I just want to buy the right ones.
  16. catscanman82

    Fractal AX8 for Home Use

    Just wondering if the AX8 if ok for playing at home.New to modeling so I am thinking of purchasing one with a small speaker instead of having a head and cab.Please educate me and thank you for your input.
  17. catscanman82

    FRFR Speaker?

    Thinking about getting an AX8 for home use and new to amp modeling world . I know nothing about speaker specs,makes, types and so on. Can anyone recommend a speaker to use that is reasonably priced and sounds good with AX8. Thanks for your help in advance
  18. catscanman82

    Invites for FX8 Mark II

    Just wondering if invites have going out for FX8 Mark II? If they haven't when would be an esimated time that they would. Thanks in advance.
  19. catscanman82

    Purchase FX8 or AX8

    I am on the waiting list for an FX8 but there is no wait for AX8. With people who have experience with both what would be the best thing to do. I would use it in the 4cm plus maybe play around with amp and cab models. All insight would be appreciated and thanks in advance.
  20. catscanman82

    FX8 and Splawn Amps

    I have a Splawn Super Sport 22 watt Head and 1x12 cab. I was wondering if anyone is using an FX8 with this or any other Splawn amp combination and how is working out. Thanks in advance.
  21. catscanman82

    Which Amp with FX8

    Looking for suggestions on a low wattage amp that matches well with the FX8. With a loop for 4 CM would be great. Thanks for your help in advance.
  22. catscanman82

    Delay and Reverb in Front of Amp

    Can anyone share their settings when putting their Delay and Reverb in front of the amp along with how effects chain. I know it is better in the loop but seems a lot of people like the way it sounds in front. thanks for the help
  23. catscanman82

    Question on 4 Cable Method

    Is their any internal adjustments made to get the best sound on the 4 cable method. Want to make sure I am on the right track. Thanks in advance.
  24. catscanman82


    I have a question on the effects loop of a JVM 215c AND 4 CM. Would you use the serial/parallel loop or serial loop and what settings would you change on the FX 8 and JVM. I appreciate everyone's help. LC
  25. catscanman82

    Reinstall Presets on FX8

    I thought I was deleting my presets that I made but I deleted all the presets on my FX8 by mistake.Can someone guide me on how to reinstall them back on to my FX8.Thanks for the help.
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