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  1. xarkon

    Guide to designing delays

    I just finished reading the article "Designer Delays" in the May 2012 issue of Sound on Sound. While it's probably beginner-level material for those experienced in using the different Axe delay blocks, I found it interesting enough to bookmark for experimentation. It's written from the...
  2. xarkon

    For us old guys...

    ...who are still wedded to paper... Could we have a new, updated manual? Pretty please? :)
  3. xarkon

    Updated user manual?

    With all the goodies added in 16 and 17, are there any plans for an update to the user manual? Yes, already know about the wiki, release notes, etc. Sometimes a manual is just the nicest resource to have. Dave
  4. xarkon

    Another reason to support advancements in modeling...

    Svetlana ended audio tube production: Sveltana Wing-C tubes out of production Mods, feel free to move topic to the Lounge if this isn't appropriate here. Dave
  5. xarkon

    No Marshall Major...so, let's build our own...

    Not seen any response from Cliff re modeling the Major, but there are now some great tools in the firmware to come close. So: 1. Create a new patch with a Plexi 100. You can use either high, low, or jumped to taste; the Major has both normal and bright inputs. 2. Set power tube type to...
  6. xarkon

    So, V14...

    ...can we get some hints as to what awesomeness awaits us? (in addition to a fourth-order network filter solution: Audio crossover - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
  7. xarkon

    Finding the sweet spot (aka thank you Fractal for matching tapers)

    One of my key patches is the Mk IV clean (known as Rhythm 1 on the real amp). It was OK before. V 6 made it better - I set master to 5, set gain to 5, sounds pretty good. Something still isn't right. Looked over at the real amp (a Boogie Mk IV compact combo with EVM speaker). Rhy 1 gain...
  8. xarkon

    Prog-rock band Renaissance asking fans for support to finance the next album

    First saw this band open for Yes - probably 1977 or 1978, I think. Saw them a total of five times; one of my favorite bands ever because of their mix of classical, jazz, and rock. While they're not the same without Jon Camp (the bassist during their peak periods), the guitarist and singer...
  9. xarkon

    Spontaneous reboot?

    Had my Axe II for about six weeks now. Twice, I've had a situation where the screen suddenly blanks out and the unit spontaneously reboots. Anyone else experience this? I'm wondering if power is the culprit; but don't have problems with other computer gear on the same circuit. All are...
  10. xarkon

    Ableton and Axe...monitoring latency

    FIXED: Ableton and Axe...monitoring latency Sorry for the dumb question... So, I can remove the echo in Ableton monitoring by disabling software monitoring for the track. But if I try to record against a click, then review the track, there is an obvious lag from the beat to my playing...
  11. xarkon

    Modeling the Mesa Lone Star Special

    I have one, and love it - but really would rather move over to the Axe for a lot of different reasons. Any tips on approaching the sound of this amp? I have the 1x12 version. I am starting with an Top Boost but can't seem to quite get there in sound, and I suspect that the Mesa is architected...
  12. xarkon

    question on using external looper

    In the non-Axe world, one of the annoyances of trying to use a looper is that the looper output goes through your amp setup - and if that changes, so does the looper sound. E.g. if you have the looper in front of the amp, play something through the clean channel, then switch to the lead channel...
  13. xarkon

    Marshall 8x10 cabinet

    Any suggestions on how to model the model 1966 Marshall 8x10 lead cabinet? (This is NOT the Marshall 8x10 bass cabinet.) Thanks, Dave
  14. xarkon

    Getting natural feedback

    Spent a lot more time playing with the new toy tonight. I have to say that I am really impressed with the way it sounds. In fact, after playing the Axe for a couple hours, plugged into my Mesa LSS - and thought - wow, this doesn't sound as good. (Of course, comparing apples to oranges in amp...
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